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21 hours ago, Taddea Zhaan said:


I can't even with egg whites. Unless it is a sunny side up egg fried in bacon grease or butter, then I can even. 


Do you separate the eggs yourself or buy the cartons of egg whites? 


I got the carton of egg whites... I hate feeling like I am wasting the best most tasty part of a whole egg.  


I don't plan on going full on egg white like this plans premise, because really I agree with you 100%.  But I will say my normal egg bake wasn't much different tasting than when I use 8 eggs instead of the 4 eggs and 2 cups egg whites.  


There will definitely be a happy medium to find because I don't know that I can do fried egg whites with veggies and not be depressed about it.

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Yesterday went very well, though cardio and fish didn't happen but that was more my job's fault than my own.  I didn't get home until 2 hours later than usual, and got out late enough as to where I didn't have the energy to grocery shop.  Instead of grabbing pizza rolls, or takeout I immediately took out a thick cut smoked pork chop from the freezer and threw it in water to thaw.


Dinner ended up being 6oz of pork chop, 1/2 cup white rice, and 1 cup broccoli with a pinch of shredded cheddar on top.  I didn't get my last shake in because I can't seem to bring myself to scarf that down right before bed yet....  But halo top ice cream and 2 beers (not at the same time) made their way in to the mix.


Totals: 1494 calories, a bit low on protein and fat was quite low for the day.  Carbs were within reason especially since MFP had my beer's calories but not carb content, ect.  Also, Dayblazer is very tasty stuff fyi.


My workout yesterday was canceled due to being a late night at work so I am making that up today.  Meals for today are basically the same as Monday since they were prepped.

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Tuesdays workout... Food is still going well and the scale is slowly but surely showing it. Yesterday was a rest day, still not able to pull off cardio, but I did plenty of walking while doing chores do that's something.e6d2afc4fa4edad0bdfa372430a99e8f.jpg


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Yesterday's workout...8fabd6b7005ae07444fce2cbcd963baf.jpg


Food has been alright but I've had a bit too much wine lately so I'm restricted to weekends and a glass of it's been a particularly rough day.


I bought into a 6 month habit forming based plan for nutrition which starts Monday that may help my consistency issues.


Also work was evil and blocked basically everything on the wifi that isn't our email so I've been on here less due to having to use up my own data. I may just stick to a battle log after this go since I can only browse the forums at home.




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I am still alive, and can manage cardio again finally!


Our AC died Sunday, and with being in FL that really sucked. We now have it back up and running, but I created a whole plan of grill pack dinners and I've kind of fallen in love with them. Less dishes, I tend to create good portions, and it's pretty easy to make some tasty food, so I may keep this up :)


Yesterday's workout...



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