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From Hive to Rebellion, and other journeys of note

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Hey all,


So I know I'm not quite the most novice beginner as I'm almost a year into my fitness journey, but I don't yet feel comfortable saying I'm experienced with all of this either. I ultimately started because I was wildly unhappy with how I looked in my graduation photos and I didn't want to be the fat kid in the PhD program I was starting. As I was starting out, I used a whole bunch of bodyweight circuits from over at Darebee, and I saw a good loss of belly bulge and moderate increases in strength, and since I've moved on to dumbbell work and building strength through iron. Recently, however, I've become interested in changing my approach to include sandbags and distance while maintaining and improving strength.

In terms of nerd-dom, I used to be an avid gamer, and I still go pretty hard with board games and (to a lesser extent) DnD. Recently, I've shifted to a major science nerd, and I love studying the body and it's functions, so... Health nerd, I guess?


Anyway, my goals are growth in strength and endurance while maintaining balance in my life. I think that throws my best fit to the Ranger guild, but I may flirt the line of Warriors and Druids as well. I really don't have a solid epic quest yet, but I have some ideas, and I'd love any input others have.


Glad to join the Rebellion.

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Welcome aboard! I'm in the warrior guild if you have any questions about what we are all about. :D 

We do a wide variety of strength work from dumbbells, barbells, to mixed methods including sled pushes and sandbags etc. We are motley crew of powerlifters, strongman competitors, olympic lifters, body builders, and folks just in general interested in building their strength. No strength tool left unturned! 

Jǫrð, Delvian Nomad - Level 12 { Battle Log }

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