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Korranation gives back

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Hey rebels!


Long time lurker, a fellow rebel, and self-proclaimed meme lord and gif master here; Korranation!



I love to fill my challenges with over saturated sarcasm, gifs, images, memes, struggles, and quips about my family. They've even got their own nicknames:

  • mini-me = my sister
  • Lilith/ Azula = my stepsister
  • Maleficent/ Kuvira = my stepmom
  • Fatherlord = my dad
  • Iroh = my grandpa
  • Doge/ pupper/ Naga = my dog



A little FYI about my biblo and a debrief of my current year: 


I've been here since almost the dawn of time (in rebellion time) back when challenge missions/ quests were assigned archaic D&D stats based on the type and a max of 15 points allotted to each. And boy wasn't it just the best Debbie Downer opportunity for those lucky rebels that has a bad challenge. 



Since then I'd make my challenges to go with my time spent behind the metaphorical prison bars in the cesspool that is the American higher education system. During those challenges, I learned much about myself both online and in college. Them most interesting being how comical and easy it is to hide ones crippling paranoia and anxiety with a dash of sarcasm and a relatable image. After a few years of being on and off with the challenges, I scraped together enough hours to get a college degree. 



From there I spent the next six months homes away in my parents equivalent of a basement where parents throw their belongings and degenerate offspring. From there I virtually hitting the pavement in desperation to find the ever elusive adulting job. Aka the career. 


After weeks of no success, I admitted defeat and asked for assistance from the Fatherlord. He sent me from one quest to the next with each more daunting than the last. After much trial and tribulation, I acquired an interview for an entry level job. I set to work beforehand to unlock the secret illuminate code to find the hidden meaning behind the job description and company culture. After some time I came to a realization. If I could pretend I was part of the herd, they'd have no choice but to accept me. From then on I concocted operation chameleon. 



Once the time came I was ready. I mimicked their clothing style and their nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expression, tone, and inflection. I told them exactly what they wanted to hear. I told them what they needed to hear. And I asked them questions about what they didn't know they wanted and needed to hear. When all was said and done they welcomed me with open arms. 



The next two weeks was another scramble of preparation. I went the same day I accepted the offer and gave my two weeks to my beloved pet job. Everyone was shocked. They thought I would live there externally with the rest. I thrived in the crowded and crazy atmosphere of the weekend rush. And I knew I would miss it, but sacrifices must be made to achieve the next step towards true enlightenment that is adulthood. 



With my limited funds and what was left of my abundance of time, I religiously went to my favorite business wear thrift store hybrid to get battle ready and find the latest sheeple clothing. 


For the next three weeks, I learned the essentials of the department's my admin assistant title would be adhering to and getting certifications for basic company software usage. Little by little I earned good rep from my coworkers and now I do basic IT work like setting up Outlook on a computer, budgeting, filing, clerical work, supply orders, organizing, you know... general assistant stuff. Everyone keeps saying I wear a lot of hats, but I have yet to see one in in the building. And I work at a non-profit so that's also a plus.Hence the giving back title of the challenge. 



And with a new schedule comes a new set of challenges and quests. So I'll keep thing simple again. My motto is if you think the task is too easy then it's just right. 


Quest 1: water with every meal or 100oz per day (whichever comes first)


Quest 2: get t least +7 hours sleep


Quest3: +10,000 steps per day


Level Up Challenge 1: Duolingo x4 per week


Level Up Challenge2: Complete at least one NFA quest per week


I'm starting fresh with the academy quests too. That's mainly because I somehow got removed from the academy after subscribing from Rising Heroes, but you gotta look at it like a glass half full.


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Race: Amazonian Ogre Princess | Class: Ranger | Profession: SuperHero | Affiliation: Doodlie and Pancake for Life

Respawn Challenge Arcs: 2021 | 2022


I am not saying I am Wonder Woman. I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman together in the same room.


Original Spawn Challenges 2014 - 2020: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789, 10, 11, 12 , 131415, 1617181920, 21, 2223242526272829303132, 33, 3435, 36??

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Starting weight = 290.4 (2014); Current weight = 241.2; Total pounds lost: 49.2

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Following whatever you choose to do.



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Who am I? -- My NF Character

Current Challenge: WolfDreamer Returns (For Real This Time)

Past Challenges: 


Winter is ComingWolfen Strengthens His Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wolfen Becomes One of the PeopleWolfen Strengthens His ChakrasWolfen Welcomes Summer and Gets Primal, Soulcon and Spartan, Wolfen Develops Mental ToughnessWolfen Joins the Wander SocietySoulcon, Spartan, School, and Stranger ThingsWolfen Becomes a Warrior EliteWolfen Goes Here and There and Back AgainWolfen Becomes a Soulcon Warrior EliteWolfen Returns to His RootsWolfen Wanders in Soul, Spirit, and BodyWolfen Owns the DayWolfen Searches for His Wild Heart, Wolfen Runs for His LifeWolfen Hits the TrailsWolfen Becomes an Explorer and Joins the ResistanceWolfen Goes Back to the SourceWolfen Begins the Hero's JourneyWolfDreamer Returns to the People,  WolfDreamer Pushes BackWolfDreamer PrioritizesBurpees, Books, and BrainworkBurpees, Books, Brainwork, and BodyworkWolfDreamer Masters the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Continues to Master the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Returns to SpartaWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Continues His Middle Earth AdventureWolfDreamer and the FallWolfDreamer Forges His Own PathWolfDreamer Has HopeWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Reads Harder, Breathes Harder, and Journals MoreWolfDreamer Embraces His Wild PoetThe Mad Poet Becomes SupernaturalWolfDreamer, The Mad Poet, Becomes SuperhumanWolfDreamer ElevatesWolfDreamer Becomes IronBornWolfDreamer Wakes the White WolfThe Mad Poet Recovers by Keeping it SimpleWolfDreamer Clears His Mind to Find His Wild HeartWolfDreamer ResetsWolfDreamer Strives to Become an Eminently Qualified Peaceful WarriorWolfDreamer Springs Forward

I'd rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it, than live a thousand years watching my digestion and being afraid of the wet.” -- Jack London

“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.” -- Leo Tolstoy

"I feel love rising in my chest again
Rising like a burning sun into the day..." -- Gungor, "Hurricane"

"...wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17b


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On 5/22/2017 at 9:25 PM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Image result for tank


On 5/22/2017 at 9:28 PM, LadyShello said:


On 5/24/2017 at 5:12 PM, Wolfen said:

Following whatever you choose to do.




On 5/29/2017 at 7:21 AM, Edigo said:

hi there ! i'm back in the game and looking forward to following you again 


On 5/29/2017 at 9:18 AM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Where u go?




So I popped off for far too long again. I just couldn't figure out this adult nine to five business thing. It's like you only have four or so hours to do whatever before it's bedtime and by the time dinner is done and everything is sorted out for tomorrow there's not enough time to throw together a post. But hey, excuses excuses. I should try dictating posts on my phone thru tapatalk only using the AI phone robo voice recognition to type. That sounds fun. But you can't add gifs with voice command. Technology only goes so far. 

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So i disappeared from my challenge again. Oops


All this is being slowly and painfully typed on a makeshift keyboard connected to a kindle where the keys are so small that nails are needed to poke an individual key, so my 85 mph typing rants go out the window. I'm just hoping this version of tapatalk is user friendly enough t catch egregious typos and does not put an extra lines between paragraphs.


anyways, I'm going to admit I havent been following my quests either. And theres no good excuse for those.


I could start my morning off a glass of water, but instead I rush thru my morning routine and head off to work.


I could go to bed early, but i stay up to watch a few more minutes of tv with the fam.


I could get my step count in and take the dog for a walk, but i either forget or have evening plans that stretch walkie time to an odd hour where i would e wondering the darkened sidewalks of the neighborhood like a lost ghost. because I'm pale. and the front porch lights accentuate that.


I could be practicing another language, instead I sit at my work desk doing logic puzzles and looking at memes. Heck, with the time I have on my hands being the front desk greeter, I could have written my novel and published it.


I could have done any of the NFA quests, but I make excuses that I should write dwn and post all the available quests so I can have my ducks in a row and other rebels could comment on details of a given quest that could be performed in a way I was not aware of. On a side note, I found out my cousin is in the NFA men's fb group. I guess great minds think alike. He's the one thats BFF's with the main character from Arrow and likes to name drop in the group.


But I digress..


I've been trying to be healthy. I just started doing intermittent fasting this week and I'm not feeling sluggish. Mainly because I'll have one cup of coffee or buckets of herbal tea. I like to follow TLA-Iroh's love of tea.


I've also been meal prepping since I stated my new job. It saves me the hassle of beating up the lunch rush, deciding whst to consume, knowing what I'm putting in my food hole, and giving me extra time to lounge.


The previous days fasting didn't go a planned. I brought some soft peanut butter cookies due to it being national peanut butter cookie day. i somehow ended up eating three before I knew what happened. And for dinner the fatherlord took everyone out for chinese food so we could conserve potential home cooking energy for yelling at a tv screen about sports. Being allergic to sports I kept my distance and put on acrylic nails from afar while keeping an eye on the score and making noises in accordance to the sports watch couch team. During halftime my mini-me and I had to make a rub to the store for batteries for the fatherlord and fun snacks. I got dulce deleche iceceam and inhaled moe than half of my container before I came to.


So there you have it...


My admittance to neglecting my challenge and making many upon many of unhealthy choices. I didn't even cover what I did over the weekend. That's another monster in and of itself.


For I'm respawning. Don't know if this counts for a perkele. And I'm promising to be healthier.


I will:


start the day off with a glass of water and drown myself in the liquid of life during my meals.


go to bed early even though I will look like a narc. probably.


take the dog for a walk as often as possible and jog in place while watching anime until my bracelet hits the mark.


practice spanish at work. its so empty in the lobby half the time that no one will see me mumbling to myself.


Write down NFA's available quests and post them by tomorrow.



Sent from my KFGIWI using Tapatalk



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It makes sense that it took a little time to adjust to a new schedule and that your goals needed to change some.   Hopefully these work out for you.  

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Race: Amazonian Ogre Princess | Class: Ranger | Profession: SuperHero | Affiliation: Doodlie and Pancake for Life

Respawn Challenge Arcs: 2021 | 2022


I am not saying I am Wonder Woman. I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman together in the same room.


Original Spawn Challenges 2014 - 2020: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789, 10, 11, 12 , 131415, 1617181920, 21, 2223242526272829303132, 33, 3435, 36??

Roadmaps: 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

Starting weight = 290.4 (2014); Current weight = 241.2; Total pounds lost: 49.2

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Welcome back.



It makes sense that it took a little time to adjust to a new schedule and that your goals needed to change some.   Hopefully these work out for you.  

Everything seems to be working out for the most part minus the Spanish and water intake. A lot of expense reports and miscellaneous paperwork needed to be done this week so I didn't have time to do much else. I also kept forgetting to bring my canteen with me during lunch, but that ones on me.


I'm thinking about changing my step goal to a workout or calorie goal where I either do a few minutes on the rowing machine after work or my BMR is less than my intake. I've been making way too many bad eating choices at work and there has been way too many birthday cakes. Everyone's so festive, but what are festivities without the festive foods?


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