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I am a gym owner and have been in and around CrossFit since 2008. Over the last 9 years, I have helped empower individuals to redefine their definition of health and fitness. One of my favorite moments is watching women find confidence, beauty and liberation in discovering themselves to be strong and capable in ways they had never before imagined. Over time, something started to happen: a lot of these empowered women began to get pregnant. In the beginning I was happy to refer them to CrossFit MOM and work with the information provided their to create a program that worked for our ladies. It seemed to do a decent job to give our ladies more fitness support and guidance than what they were otherwise getting (which is slim to none!). When I got pregnant the first time March of 2015, I was mortified to discover the site had been discontinued. As I searched around for other resources, it hit me how incredibly scarce information around the training and fitness needs for prenatal and postpartum is. I find this to be unacceptable and something requiring immediate attention from the entire fitness community. I believe the best way to go about this is to first become a solid resource myself.


I have done a lot of online research as to which certifications I should pursue. The research pointed me to BIRTHFIT and I have spent the last year immersing myself in all things prenatal/postpartum.


I am now the SF Regional Director for BIRTHFIT ..... My intention for this thread is to create an ongoing thread for questions/rants/sharing for mommas, mommas to be, and women TTC (that's me!).  Anyone want in?

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Hi! I am currently 9 months postpartum and about 25 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm still taking things easy and allowing my distasis to heal. I would like to try the 12 week post-partum trainer from Jamie Eason sometime, but I'm still trying to get myself into a routine before diving head first into it. I pretty much just plan on using the exercises because I am not a huge fan of supplements other than that which I feel I need for my personal health and I have so many food allergies there is no way I can follow her eating plan. https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-eason-post-pregnancy-trainer.html

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I am in Texas.

My split was 2+ fingers and deep enough you could feel the bottom of the muscle and give me an umbilical hernia. My distasis was above my belly button, which is less common. 

I am lifting 2x week and trying to get a couple days of walking or belly dance in. Sometimes I do bodyweight exercises at work.

My goals are to heal the distasis, get closer to my weight 2 hobbits ago (135, my current goal is 150. I'm at about 155 currently). I want to build strength and muscle. 

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I'm Totally in, 7 months Post Partum here. I am below my pre pregnancy weight, but have basically no muscle tone, so trying to get that back is really where I'm at. And eating healthier, I had MAJOR French fry and buffalo wing cravings while I was Pregnant, and that French Fry habit wont die.


Also can you recommend any Breast Feeding Safe Protein Powders?

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Hello fellow rebels,

I have a confession to make. I though I knew it all. I though even when I was amazing at the diet ( in reality I wasn't).

Lately I've realized I never really followed nerd fitness properly. This is my second pregnancy. I just started. The first pregnancy

I went from 180 to 230. I have been stuck at 220 for the past year. As another pregnancy came along I am worried about gaining another 50 lbs. 

All this to say I am responning. I hope some of you ladies who have had pregnancy can give me advice on nutrition and exercise and what is different. 

Last time I had carte blanche and I abused of that gilt free food option. 

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