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Go Forth, WritingWeaver 10 (Shadows 1)

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Welcome to the Shadows


Well, finally getting around to getting this up! I am planning to write a story and have it run parallel to my challenges with the hopes that I will be able to focus on just one idea. I have a horrible habit of starting a project, planning, starting it and jumping to planning a new one. I want to finish one, and I will! This is going to be a multi-challenge theme. Also, not sure how much story I should write here, but I will leave that to you. Let me know if I post too much (and suggestions are welcome). 

*My old thread has no title now, I have no idea how to get back into it. So sorry about that. 



We Begin


I almost missed it, a shadow flickered across the school grounds. I tensed as I scanned the school grounds, hoping for another glance of the shadow. I spotted it again, stopped next to the school building across the field, but it was too far away to clearly make out, especially in the falling rain. As I stared, I noticed a second silhouette, this one I could almost make out as a person and I felt unease in the pit of my stomach. It only grew worse as the shadow figure suddenly disappeared. No puff, no flash, just wisped away.


“Emily Hodgson!” The voice shouted, and I jumped, turning to see my teacher staring at me with a disgruntled look on his face. “If my lessons are boring you, feel free to leave.”


The invitation made it clear he was not leaving this decision up to me and I didn’t want to argue with him today. I grabbed my backpack and made my way towards the door, still shaken by what I had just seen.


“Return after class, I’d like to have a chat,” Mr. Larsen added and I nodded as the door closed behind me. I made my way to the library, trying to keep what I just saw fresh in my mind as I walked.


When I reached the university library, I settled in my usual spot and took a deep breath, laying my head against my hands. It wasn’t the first time I seen something like this, but it was the first one running freely across the school grounds. I had no idea what I had been seeing these last few months, they mostly appeared as a fog, but the one thing I knew was common to all the sightings was that this shadow was always clinging to someone. My mind also wandered to the human-like figure I had seen. Was that also a fog apparition or an actual person there to greet the fog creature?


“You look terrible.”


A hand landed on my shoulder, and as I looked up I noticed Connor smiling at me before sitting beside me. I shook my head in response, mumbling for him to shut up before running my hands through my brown hair.


“I was only half joking, I’m worried about you,” he said as I looked at him again and nodded. We had been best friends since kindergarten and I knew he was one of the very few people I could trust completely, though I hadn’t told him yet about the fog creatures. His was the first one I had seen, a blurry figure that looked similar to some kind of bird, and I had freaked out on him, something I still felt guilty about. I glared at it, and buried my face in my arms.




Prepare for the Unknown!


Something isn't right, we need to prepare for anything! 


Training will include:

·         MWF – Rebel Strength Guide lvl 2

·         T OR TH –Zombie Run or similar run (one run a week). Other day will be Yoga.


·         Workouts : 5 –A, 4 -B, 3 -C, 3< - F

·         Paleo (days): 7 –A, 6 –B, 5 –C, 4< - F






Focusing on one thing at a time will help us get some answers to what is going on. 


 Write Everyday!

·         At least 15 minutes of writing every day (Sunday off). No distractions!



Get Out and Have Fun!


Stress and being anti-social will not help in solving anything. We need to get out and find some answers, talk to others to find out what they know. Someone, somewhere must know more about these fog creatures!


 Go out at least once a week!

·         Has to be with friends

·         Don't be such a bloody hermit!

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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You've got this!!

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Level: 15 Race: Human Class: Adventurer (Sailor Senshi/Aes Sedai)

STR: 14    DEX: 12    STA: 16   CON: 28   WIS: 26    CHA: 15 

(unspent points: 6? challenges worth)

Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


My Battle Log|My NF Character Sheet




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I love it! I'm looking forward to following your story as it progresses.


How are you doing so far?

Challenge:   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   31   32   33  

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Well, it's been a few weeks, and I am sorry for the lack of updates. My aunt had a medical emergency and it was super touch and go for several days. Her only kidney started to fail. She's doing much better now, but it was quite a rough time. 


I only worked out twice in the last 2 weeks, but I biked to work everyday. 

  • Get in at least 1 dumbell workout and one (light) running workout this weekend.

Eating has been all over the place. Somedays I forget to eat until supper and sometimes I eat everything in sight. I did have some chips and ice-cream, but the rest of it has been fairy healthy. 

  • Eliminate all junk food
  • Up veggie intake

I have written a LOT these last two weeks, so I am quite proud of that!

  • Continue this success

Have not been out for fun, basically been a hermit for two weeks.

  • Go to the park tomorrow after work and taking ukulele (if it doesn't rain).


So this isn't a super downer post, I am also happy to note that next week I am bringing a new pet into my family. A budgie! I have had them years ago (one at a time), but I was a silly teen and had no idea of care of a bird. Plus, I was kinda afraid of my last one as it was very aggressive. Now that I am older (and hopefully wiser!), I think it is time to try again! I plan on getting at least 4 :) 

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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First of all, glad to hear your aunt is on the mend! Now:


So wait a minute.... your aunt was SICK sick and the only thing you really slacked on was working out? That's totally not a downer post - that's amazing! You did a fantastic job adapting to the circumstances and not letting stress get the better of you! 





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