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Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known phrase or saying has to be identified.  For example "mil1ion" = one in a million. 


I was given a copy of a dingbats puzzle sheet by my bf's mum to try and solve but I'm pretty rubbish at this kind of thing so after being stuck for a couple of weeks I thought I'd share them on here and see if all you brainy folk can find the answers.  The number in brackets shows how many words are in the phrase.


One rule: use the spoiler tags for your answers so as not to give anything away to anyone else that wants to try it. :) 


1. RAZOR# (2)

2. CHEDDAR> (2)

3. =PREMIER= (3)

4. NUR 4th (4)

5. INILT (3)

6. 6T4000$? (3)

7. BATS (4)


9. K9£ (2)

10. ERALG (3)

11. O O (2)

12. ISOCKT (5)

13. TNORF (3)

14. TI IT (4)

15. SIOUTDE (2)

16. EVENT BY BY (6)

17. CUOHG (2)

18. DOOG DOOG (5)

19. FORE! (4)

20. WIN EEE (3)

21. NIPS (2)


23. TRKEEPIM (3)

24. H2OLY (2)

25. of EHT (4)


I have posted them all, including the ones we have already solved and I'll post the answers we've come up with though we may well have got a few wrong! ;) 

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Life is far too short to take seriously

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Here's what we got. 


1. Razor sharp

2. Big cheese

3. First in line

4. Run back and forth

5. Nothing in it

6. The $64,000 question

7. Stab in the back

8. Burst in tears

9. Dog pound


11. Oh oh!

12. Put a sock in it

13. Back to front

14. Get back to it (not very happy with this one)

15. Inside out/outside in


17. Bad cough




21. Back spin

22. All well and good

23. Keep in trim

24. Holy water

25. Small of the back


Make Life Rue The Day                             Turning back the clock                                                Recipe book  14


Life is far too short to take seriously

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10. Glare back at

14. Spin it all around

16. Things will happen by and by

18. no idea... something to do with 2 long dogs?

19. no idea again... something golf related? something to the fore?

20. Win with ease

Please note: I've done the London Times crossword a time or two - and I'm rubbish at it...

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- Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

"I came here to drink milk and kick ass. And I've just finished my milk."

- Maurice Moss



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5 hours ago, Tomu-san said:

16. Things will happen by and by


Ive been mulling over variations of this, and I think this^ is the best version. 


5 hours ago, Tomu-san said:

20. Win with ease


YESSSSSS!!!!  Thank you!  


2 hours ago, Frost of the Gloaming said:

I'm wondering if a few of those are going to be lost in translation


You're probably right, even just the difference between where I'm from (Scotland) and where my bf is from (also Scotland) can be enough to have quite different words and expressions.  

Make Life Rue The Day                             Turning back the clock                                                Recipe book  14


Life is far too short to take seriously

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