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Return to Running Program?

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Does anyone have a good plan for returning to running after an injury?


I have been down with a stress fracture for the past month. Going for an MRI tomorrow to tell if it's healed yet. Once I am cleared to run again I need to ease back into training for the fall marathons, without reinjury. Has anyone done a "return to running" plan that worked well for them?

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I know Jeff Galloway's book has a "program"/recomendations for returning from injury. its been a while since i read it but if i remember correctly, he actually came up with his walk run method when recovering from a serious injury himself. I believe its something like start out alking for 5-10 minutes then if no pain, start 15s/45s run walk intervals, stopping and walking the scheduled distance if you feel pain.


Like i said its been a while since i read his book so you might check it out and double check my information but i hope this helps. 

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