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Autoimmune Diet

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Does anyone have any experience with an autoimmune diet? Its pretty much a very strict paleo elimination diet. I haven't been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but I have multiple allergies that are out of control. I was going to put myself on the autoimmune diet until I can get my eczema and other symptoms cleared up. My main question was about eggs. The diet calls to eliminate eggs initially and add them back in once all symptoms are clear. I haven't reacted to eggs before and my blood work shows no immune reaction to them. I was thinking about keeping them in since that is pretty much my breakfast every morning and I have no past issues. I'm trying to figure out if this is ok or if I should go ahead and cut them out to start with.

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Though one. Since you are stating that you had no problems with eggs before. I think it is better to be safe than sorry  and you should cut them. You could always consult your physician, and see if it you really need to cut the eggs. I am pretty sure one of the Nerdy Docs here, will have a proper answer. 

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