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The 28 Day Man


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I have not been terribly overweight during my life, but recently, bad enough for me to get serious about it. I was 225 lbs, 5'-9" in December 2009. That was my all time high. Even after my lifetime of fitness and healthy living, I had already resigned myself in December 2009, to be heavy for the rest of my life. I still can't believe that I sort of gave up.

I began committing myself to regular strength workouts and 4 4 mile works per work. The weight came off very slowly - 220 pounds by Feb 20, 2010. Then I decided after reading stuff on other forums that diet was important. I was totally blindsided by this because I did not need a diet!

So I started eating healthy. I will give more details on the menu later this month. Now I am at 210 pounds and want to get to 200 pounds by my birthday March 24.

So the plan this month:

- Healthy diet (details coming) - This is the most challenging.

- 4 strengths workouts per work

- 4 - 4 mile walks per week.


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