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RonRoen's Battle Log

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This is my daily log where I post...I guess you guys would already know so..., skipping~

Hopefully, I am able to keep the log going - daily.

Sometimes, I would also put questions so I look forward to your answers, advises, or just a one word cheer - whatever it is - it is welcomed.


I am also a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy, so I would have quests to do.

As there are lots of quests, I would create a (messy) to-do quest list each week.The quests are picked randomly - scrolling through on Sunday nights, taking note on whatever is do-able and interesting. My goal is of course - to lots of them. I would post a picture of it here at the beginning of the week, and also at the end, where (hopefully) it would have red lines all over, crossing the quests that had been done.


So here is my first quest checklist for this week (as this is posted on a Thursday...the list would cover to next week)






questlist 1-1.jpg

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Well, I guess life really is unpredictable. When I have decided to post here on NF, the very next day, my gout acted up. I couldn't walk. And it hurts, so bad. Doctor advised me to get painkillers through IV, so I could walk again, sooner. Didn't want to do it, but the word "sooner" really sounded appealing at the time. I don't want to delay my re-spawn any longer. And well, that was my weekend...




Truthfully, it was very discouraging. To be in his 20s...having to deal with gout. IT IS manageable, however, I was told it is a lifelong disease. I should be somewhere hiking like my friends do, or travel without worry, or eat without much care. What made the condition worse, was that 90% of the time gout will happen in my left leg, which the doctor was already weak due to the (many) unresolved injuries I have incurred over the years. Yeah, I sprained my left leg a lot...I wonder why...I understand its accident and Taekwondo, but it always the left, never the right.


But this time, I decided to not let it wane my resolve for a better life. It is so getting on my "Big Why (for Fitness), which I will post soon.


Today is Monday, and I have somewhat regained mobility of my ankle. I decided to be easy and do the Nerd Fitness Bodyweight 1A and also climb the stairs for 30min.



NF Bodyweight 1A

- Assisted Bodyweight Squat

I think I did go down well...kinda loosen up my stiffen ankles...I think

- Elevated Pushup

- Doorway Bodyweight Row

- Farmer's Walk

no weights added to maintain...a (kinda) proper form - wobbling still due to stiffen ankle.


Cardio: Stair Climb 30min


Quest(s) Done:

Keep A Training Log 1/7

First week of workout 1/7

10 Assisted Squats

10 Wall Pushups

10 Knee Pushups

Veggie Powered 1/7

Commit to a new daily fitness habit for a week 1/7




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On 6/21/2017 at 8:47 AM, Sloth the Enduring said:

Welcome Ron. Nice job getting the activity in when it would be easy not to.

 Hello, thanks for coming by. I thought no one would be reading this log. I was just about to stop logging too. Well I did, for a week.


Not because no one was reading it. It was because after a few days, my ankle swelled up again. Maybe I rushed it. So, I rested.

I feel right now...my legs are functioning normally now. So I will start exercising again tomorrow.


The plan is upper body workouts and light cardio. I am going overseas this Saturday...wouldn't want my ankle to swell up right before the trip.

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From my Fitness and Gout thread,. Posting it here because there are new goals found. I thought I should log it too...here.


On 6/22/2017 at 5:55 AM, PaulG said:

Don't have gout myself, but your questions got me curious.


When the internet's unclear, I gravitate toward sources that tend to be of high quality: for example, this article from the Mayo Clinic on gout and diet.


Most articles seem to agree that losing weight and exercise seem to decrease the severity of gout over time, though they don't recommend weight training like most folks on this site are into. Were I in your shoes, I'd start considering low-impact aerobics, like swimming or cycling. And I'd start looking for a doctor or physiotherapist who can give more specific help on how to work around your ankle.


Exercising with braces isn't ideal, but it's not bad either and plenty of folks do it. It's certainly better than no braces and no exercise.


Thanks for the reply!


Yeah, I am looking into swimming...I am not a good swimmer, I tried...I float...but somehow couldn't move forward. Well, theres my new goal to work towards: to learn how to swim. It is embarrassing...a boy in his 20s and can't swim. Must be all those years of "adolescent stripping-avoiding low self-esteem boy"-years piling up...lol

...and theres another goal to work for: to be confident.


I will try to find a physiotherapist. But really, what would they do? If it is just another paper on "go diet and "go exercise" bill..I really wouldnt want to spend money there.

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