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Jen Allaway

Help! Seeking active Combat LARP Community

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I'm Jen. I'm a professional game designer/game writer. I've done work on visual novels, adventure games, LARPS, board games, and a bunch of other stuff. After years of glancing at this website, I've finally joined! I've slowly stopped exercising and thinking intelligently about what food I'm putting in my mouth, and in the last year we discovered I'm fighting an auto-immune disease. The good news is it's very treatable and I'm on track to be symptom free, but I'm now in the process of re-evaluating how to approach getting healthier again.  The biggest thing I need to do more of right now is exercise - preferrably 3-4 times a week. 


I honestly hate exercise by myself. I've tried doing things on a treadmill or youtube videos on the internet by myself, and it's rough. I need an activity I can do with a community.  I'm looking for a LARP community in east bay near san francisco that I can join. I'm  open to combat training, dancing, stretches. I just want to do exercise in a community of people, with a purpose. I don't know if in character training sessions are a thing, but that's something I'm totally down for. 


The only down side is that I'm only in the SF bay area for about two months, before I move to the seattle area with my partner, but I want to start building healthy habits and a make LARP community connections now to make that transition easier. 


Thanks so much for any of your insight! 



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