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(deep breath) Here we go....

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Hello everyone! I am a 35 year old overweight, unhealthy female. I am a mother of three (four if you count the dog...five if you count the husband). I have Celiac disease and Hashimoto's. I have been sick and tired of being sick and tired for years but my health just seems to keep getting worse. I found Nerd Fitness and immediately felt a breath of fresh air! I am a nerd in the sense that I love puzzles and games (board, card, hidden object, trivia, etc) and I have a dorky sense of humor. 

My youngest was born 3/29/17 via c-section and the pregnancy was not an easy one. I ended up with gestational diabetes and hypertension. That experience has really motivated me to find a wellness strategy that works. I'm confident this is it! It won't be easy (lack of sleep with a newborn at home can make things even harder) but it will be worth it!

Can't wait to meet you all and get started on this wonderful journey!

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21 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

Welcome! I love board games and card games too. What are some that you enjoy?

I love the classics like Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and just about anything that gets people together. I grew up playing card games like 500, hearts, peanuts (not sure the official name of that one - it's just what we called it) and any solitaire game I could learn. It might be weird but I love the feel of cards in my hands. I went to Germany with my class the summer after my senior year of high school and on the bus that we would take everywhere I sat behind one of the teachers. I was constantly shuffling a deck of cards and by the end of the trip the teacher told me that anytime she hears someone shuffling a deck of cards she'll think of me.

What about you?

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I tend to play more of the newer games. Pandemic, and Settlers of Cataan are a couple of my favorites. I haven't played Hearts in a while, but growing up it was the game my family always played.

Wisdom- 13.5 Dexterity- 10 Charisma- 11 Strength- 12 Constitution-10 

Elastigirl Just Living Life - January 3 to February 6 New Year Challenge! - Nerd Fitness Rebellion

"The chief goal of living is not to merely stay alive" Mike Rowe

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