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Sugar Anonymous

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It is everywhere.


We cut it out of our diets and we find the magical, unreal healthy energy.


Same with Wheat, and/or processed food.


Here we talk about our wins.


Our loses


But more less, checking in to support each other to stay away from the food that is stealing our energy but constantly in front of us.


1. Just tell us what food your going to not ingest

2. Why?

3. What you want to get out of it

4. What's your plan?


1. Sugar and Grains

2. They make me groggy and moody and help me gain all the weight back because once I start eating, I Cannot stop.

3. I want my positive energetic energy back.

4. With my challenge of waking up early, and that's my only focus, I understand to wake up early, to have time for myself, I need to not eat the stuff. It's ok if the BBQ sauce has some, or I drink kombucha OR bake something where I control the sugar,  But no more adding it into my coffee, eating chocolate covered almonds, having thirds on dessert.  I just need to go 100%


There ya have it.  Will ya join this challenge?

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So I'm kinda new around here and only really been working on my health for a little while, but I am eager to get healthier. I am working towards a mostly Paleo diet, but am following a Teddy Roosevelt approach: "Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are". 


1. I'm currently making a real effort to quit soda and fast junk food. 

2. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and it is my time to make a change.

3. If I can establish this habit now, its just one more step down the trail and it will be like doing the rest of the journey with 20lbs less in my pack, metaphorically (or maybe literally lol).

4. I'm weening myself off of pop (for fear of caffeine withdrawal triggering a migraine). Down to just 1 Mtn Dew in the morning and water the rest of the day, maybe a cup of plain caffeine-fee tea in the evening. I was drinking 3-5 sodas a day + juice etc. Also have cut out fast food for a week now and will stick with it. 


Hardest thing so far was when my little sister brought me a lemon bar from a famous local bakery. I love lemon bars, they're one of my favorite deserts and those are especially delicious. But even worse than just the temptation, I felt bad for not eating the treat that my sister had specially bought for me because she new I liked it. I had 1 bite and that was all I ate! She had me take another bite but I spit it out when she left lol.


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Why is it, we have to insert food into our mouths, we have the knowledge of what certain foods do to our body, but we still insert the wrong foods right into our mouth?

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Hey there,


I hope this thread isn't dead, because I need people. I'm jumping back into the SouthBeach diet, because I've had good results with it before.


So, basically I need to

1.Cut out carbs (breads and pastas I will miss you so!)

2.Cut out sweets (Oi, do I even need to explain this one?)


Both of those being weaknesses of mine. Especially when put together. I'm going to continue to eat fruit, and see if it will work as well as last time with this deviation. 


I just need some buddies to help with encouragement, accountability, and an occasional person to listen to me whine about how much I want what I can't have.


If you're still active....I'm In!





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