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Jason's Quest.

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Every moment I have that is not being spent on work, sleep, self-care/tidying, family/friends, or life

knocking... Is my free time, and these are dangerous, passionate, burning desires.

What I want to experience and include in my life. 












9_1_2023 VISION.


* 1 - Live an exciting life in the present with loved people, food, places, experiences, and events

* 2 - Establish your daily energy ritual of meditation, affection, breakfast, chinese, working out, and guitar

* 3 - Establish your daily cooldown ritual of cooking, loved people and bed prep, meditation

* 4 - Make plans to travel to Taiwan with Kel by end of year

* 5 - Understand Emergency Home costs/Maintenance before moving





"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

-Helen Keller

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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July 2017.


-This month, I want to tidy up my house, my to do list, and all the books in my house. Declutter, I want to do fewer things well rather than more things in a rush. Instead of overscheduling and shooting high so you can achieve more, don't even waste time on things you don't need, only focus on things that will directly affect your goals, and get rid of everything else. If you need it, the universe will give it to you just when you need it. That means not wasting time on preparing in general for the unknown on things that MIGHT come up, but rather spend all your time and energy preparing for the relevant tasks that WILL come up. Time not spent preparing for things you can anticipate is wasted time and distractions. This month I need to evaluate all the clutter in my house, my computer and my life and erase distractions (physical or digital) that do not contribute directly to my life goals. Then in future months I can work on my life goals. First have to get rid of all the shit.

-Also, I bought tickets to berlin next month! So the rest of this month is just to prepare, almost no time for exploratory stuff, need to clean and organize my shit, and do this rational stuff of finding a property management company and set up meetings and decisions... and then do these things for my babe... hmm. 



-Threw away my daily calendar about history, I don't even need it and it just takes up time that I could be spending directly on my tasks. Distraction.

-Thought about switching to google play music instead of itunes so I don't need to do all this redownloading and downloading new songs thing, just suscribe monthly and get free youtube red, and upload your songs and add new ones to that. Sooo much better, maybe I won't even need my laptop for anything anymore :)

-Sold some possessions on ebay, packaged and mailed, thinking about donating or getting rid of more books and the like....

-Picked up a looot of shifts this month, so I could get next months life-changing trip to Berlin, and thought abotu simplifying with friends or scheduling and showing more love

-Signed an agreement with a property management company to handle our property once my parents move back to Taiwan

-Spoon concert with Steve, and Game of Thrones sessions B)

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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August 2017.


-I am thinking about reorganizing my goals for my life to include love and my babe and what I want to achieve, because my goals are no longer my priorities... will need time to do this, and time to prepare and reflect on my Berlin trip.... On top of that still want to declutter and get rid of almost all of my shit. Books, lists.... want to have less lists and schedules less so I can do and feel more, every day <3

-As a side note, need to finish all decluttering and donating of clothes/books, only keep things in your house that you love and you use regularly by the end of the month, because.... thats when my mom and dad may move in for 2 months x_x Ugh about the privacy, but maybe its important because thats the last time I will be able to see htem regularly before they move to Taiwan and I see them at most once a year... So super important to get all my things decluttered and organized this month!!

-Will also have to clean out parent's old home and destory nostalgia, maybe take some pictures and peace out... Help my parents declutter and throw away a lottttt of stuff



-Sold my CVS stock (net loss) and completely changed my car's brake pads, rotors, tires. $1500 T_T

-Bought a filing system, printed records, labeled and organized and commited myself to keeping records of major things

-Backed up iphone, finally! Also understood and backed up photos onto google photos. :)

-Worked on Property Management, signed tenant sheet and information.

-changed my diet, no processed foods, less shit, more vegetables and whole food, still meat. 

-Updated my epic goals, what I want know and to cut out the fat

-cleaned out flat, threw out/minimized, organized my record box, sorted through many books and donated them

-cleaned out old house, new tenant, and new contract with old tenant, transfered all bills to me...  fuck haha. but atleast theres less things ot think about. hmmm. 

-Now everything is in my house, like all the best parts of their house into my house and then throwing out and integrating. 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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September 2017.


-Parents are in the house now! Adjust to my sisters, and tell them all about my girlfriend. These next two months I will need to completely clean out my sisters and parents things. It's like I have to grab the bull by the horns and deal with/declutter my parents old house, my old possessions, my families possessions, and my past self and integrate it into mine. Understand myself better and how I was growing up... With that said I need to clean and organize my house still, by decluttering my old clothes, integrating and simplifying my insurances, think about signing up for dance classes, organizing old photos of my family by year and book to clean it up, and to donate and recycle what we can from organizing all the memories and possessions from the old house, asap.



-Cleaned the fuck out of the old house, moved, recycled, trashed, donated so much. 

-Reorganized my quest, updated it with new priorities now that I know for sure that I want to live with her together here in America... Burning desires and discipline. 

-Jury Duty! What a curveball, I ended up having to become a juror for 1-2 weeks. Life changing in observing the process of the law, all the formalities and efficiency over quality and thoroughness. Makes me think about discipline and hard work. Having the discipline to sit down and do hard and unappealing work, for appealing and beautiful results. Courtroom discipline. Once you know what it feels like you can't help but admire it and be afraid of it a little. Use that emotional memory for working on things you want to get done. Courtroom discipline..... hmmm. Being a leader, debating and facing issues and uncertainties head on between people.

-Set up automatic investments of HSA to Schwab S+P 500 fund

-Learned about the different 5 different languages of love, how to apply these to your daily activities

-Bought travel tickets (Berlin!) for end of next month, new hardcase luggage, travel supplies

-Redid goals with what i've learned about life balance between work, play, and sleep. I made a plan of my days, and emergencies, and how to be happy and get the things i want to include in my life included, so super happy about that. will constantly update and revise and update. Such a great update!

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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October 2017.


-About one more month I go abroad to visit my babe again, and then after that week my parents will be leaving for Taiwan for the foreseeable future... So got to get ready for both! This whole month I want to refine my work/play/sleep life balance, and my plans for implementing the things I want into my daily life balancing all of them and not experiencing burnout (vegetable days). Do less things you dont want to that don't bring value to life, and do more things and fill your life with pleasing and fulfiling activities. So, this month I want to balance sleep, work, babe, friends/family, sprituality, working out at the dojo, working out with yoga at home, playing (guitar/books/movies), my research work, my work for babe to make her life easier, and my time resolving urgent tasks and monthly to-dos. Let's go. 



-got my ipad, optimized for play and watching videos for exercise or learning and guitar, plus books downstairs to read. Can watch movies here curled up on couch =)

-organized phone browser and gneo notes, cleaned it out

-ordered care package for babe and more from amazon.de

-reorganized to-dos into projects, minis, and real short stuff, due dates

-finished donating, talked to property managment company

-decided to take better care of myself. This means saline nasal spray, anti inflammation diet, spending time cooking and buying good things for myself. I am sick of being sick and it wastes so much energy and time, I'd rather spend the time on prevention than on helping me when i get sick and wasting health and energy.

-Organized my bookshelf into higher priority, pleasure reading/easy reads, and lower priority that won't help me right away

-Read about astrology and anti-inflammation diet, got some ideas

-started Rosetta Stone Chinese, and submitted 23andme DNA for analysis :)

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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November 2017.


-VIsited my babe <3 Then the next night my parents went away to Taiwan... Wow. Huge changes. Okay, time to get my apartment back, organize my things, prioritize things important to me, and get ready for the next phase. Realized that the best thing i can do is save money, which means working more hours for more money. How lucky I am that I don't need an extra job, I can just pick up hours at other stores for more money! I will be doing that a lot, and my new philosophy is that any thing I buy from amazon or for trips or for big purchases or gifts all have to come from picking up shifts. This way my base wage can pay for bills and real estate and retirement. Also, dont want to spend money on anything unnecessary, think about joy and don't go out just to go out and buy things. Be careful with your money! I need all this money. 

-Thinking about waking up earlier for my shifts, some time inbetween waking up and going to work so I can meditate, relax, and get ready for the day instead of jumping from bed to work and sacrificing. This means sleeping by 10/11 everyday, stop after 10 pm...



-Figured out financial priorities, and picking up more shifts

-Got rid of microsoft onedrive and onenote, moved all to zoho notebook and google drive/photos

-Applied for a new refinanced student loan package, 5% rate on student loans with autopay! Means i'll finish paying off all my student loans in... 2030 xD Well, gotta live for the moment too and also put money in retirement accounts for more than 5% increase

-Started cooking for myself! Chicken with salad and fruit shakes. 

-Watched 90 day fiance and saw problems and love.... makes me think that love is worth it, but you have to find the right love and relationship and situation. Love is the most important thing in life. 

-Reading daily horoscopes about life and emotions and human ideas, gain some crazy insight for myself and about the world and how things work...

-Buying tickets for Berlin again in december!

-switched my xfinity account to just basic internet again, saving $25 a month

-switched my clean choice energy to a lower rate, and got a reimbursement for last two months

-organized my cables and wires box, upstairs bedroom clothes and free room

-changed metlife to payroll deduction and company discount, saving a few hundred dollars a year. 

-reorganized all my to-dos to HIGH priority, MID priority, LOW priority and changed my philosophy to do the big stuff first and med and then low stuff only if I was ahead of schedule or had extra time. Because missing the low stuff doesnt matter too much, while I can't say the same for mid and high stuff. It's all about taking the bull by the horns and knowing its not a big deal, I have enough power and ability and talent to handle it. So lets get rid of it and think less

-put up iris photo, cleaned house

-spent money on black friday$$ for value clothes shopping / red shoes :)

-Played "Death Road to Canada" with my friends

-Started my new diet with daily smoothies (fruit/veggies), quinoa+a little chicken+veggies, and salad. Try to eat and prepare everyday and wash dishes every night, it only takes like 5 minutes! Awesome. Gonna be so healthy...

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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December 2017. 


-Looks like things are slowing down! She is getting her German citizenship first and we will figure it out first. No need to rush into Seattle, she can visit me in Boston and live with me there, and we can visit new places together and decide where to move together. Denver looks great too. 

-Last month before the New Year, clean up a lot of your to-dos, while maintaining with diet and exercise and playing too, in addition to my work after work.

-Continue my healthy diet, continue to cut out more wheat, sugar, cheese, dairy, and less and less meat. As always no processed foods or unhealthy stuff. My diet is working so far! 

-Get ready for my friend Jon's wedding, and also my week long visit to babe in Berlin. 



-Experienced a bachelors party!

-Visited babe again, got sick, saw the partying side of Berlin

-Redefined our relationship, grow even closer together

-work on not only physical minimalism, but to embrace chaos in my life and not worry so much about order and plans, because preparing for things I don't need to prepare means more lists means more pressure and psychic pain when I don't do them to focus on my relationship or something else. Only should have a few very important things to prepare for, less lists and internet lists! Get rid and declutter and simplify!

-learned about emotional storm, restarted zen center activities

-Worked on organizing photos into albums for parents, and kids, organized all that shit and put it into one large container

-Watched teenager movies like Jumanji, Breakfast Club, and Fast Times at Ridgemont, can see so much more know with knowledge than before... same movie, different message and understanding. 

-Finally cleared and saved Art Of Charm summaries

-Organized the shit out of my music library

-Watched "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" (legendary film) and "Good Dick" (fcked up romance), "Sin City"

-New Years Party! Got even closer to my girl





Level 30. Adventure Knight. 

str 55.3 dex 46.3 sta 56.7 con 57.2 wis 74.5 cha 63.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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January 2018. 


-New year new mood! New goal for the next year, is to just live together with my babe :D

-Also get more organized! get that to-do list down!!



-Purchased plane tickets to Berlin later this month and Taipei next month!

-Reorganized to-dos, lowered their priorities. Basically, I don't want my goals to get in the way of living in the moment and creating pressure and negative feedback and forcing me to sacrifice my well being and higher priorites for. They are now bonus work, when I'm done taking care of myself and doing the most important things in my life. As with books or movies, they are things that I will probably always have a list for, so no point in prioritizing them to finish because the task will never be finished and I will have sacrificed too much. This work, these books and movies, have much to teach me and can expand my existence but they are just bonuses, I already have enough existence as it is to satisfy me, when I have filled myself I will go looking for more self-growth food, but I will no longer prioritize it over taking care of myself and my needs and living in the moment.

-Bought a 60% mechanical keyboard with blue switches.... Love fucking typing on it! Makes journaling and writing til I don't have anything more to write much easier and will bring a whole new level of self-examination and feelings

-Sorted and read through old school essays, drawings, journals, and projects, sorted them out and placed together with organized photos for an old, big memory box.

-Started FABULOUS, an iphone app where i build my habits. starting with morning and evening rituals, building the daily habits and small changes necessary to make any change in my world :D so fucking cool, also bought tea cup, traveling toiletry case, pill caddy, and water bottle so i can do my rituals even when traveling to friends places or out of country

-Realized my favorite thing to do with friends is not videogames or going out, but just talking and being real and open.... wow.

-Secret santa in January! xD Got 2 pairs of crazy socks, a marth amiibo, and a chrome guitar slide :D

-Completed "an unexpected journey - feel energized" where I learned to establish an achievable morning and night rituals consistently, making sure I got water, exercise, and food at the beginning of the day to create a reservoir of energy for the rest of the day. Adding celebrations for every habit to rewire your brain to reward good things for yourself! Next journey is "A Fabulous Night" where i learn how to manufacture a great night's sleep :D

-set up shaving routine every 3 weeks just like laundry routine, and bought water bottle and pill bottle

-VIsited babe in Berlin again, zoo date, hanging out, eating, watching movies, going out... so cool

-Big week, friends visiting Tuesday, Arty Concert on Friday night, Superbowl on sunday, last class of BJJ maybe? Then getting ready for Taiwan trip in 2 weeks

-Read "Wonder" and "Your Illustrated Guide to becoming one with the universe"





Level 31. Adventure Knight. 

str 57.3 dex 48.3 sta 58.7 con 59.2 wis 76.5 cha 65.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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February 2018. 


-Ok, great work last month narrowing down those to-do's, until I only have extra time after rituals and work/babe/sleep/eat to do whatever I want and feel that day! Can't wait to live so free :)

-In Taiwan from 2/12-2/21! Get ready for family time and psychological training haha

-Prep work for taxes! File for yourself and your parents



-Organized kitchen, cleaned, minimized :)

-Cleaned up closet, organized finances, bought new blackout curtains for better sleep

-Got ditched after making plans with a friend for superbowl... then led me to have a burning desire to have life travel companions and friends who inspire me and where we can all travel together on the same path... yay universe, love ya, nothing ever happens without a reason...

-Started to use Instagram more, connect with groups and people that inspire me and connect myself with the universe

-Signed up for voice lessons every monday, got more to learn and to perform :)

-Read "Love yourself like your life depends on it" by Kamal Ravikant

-Went to Taiwan! reconnected with my sistersn  felt love towards my parents and family. Went better than i would have ever thought it had... happy.

-Also broke up with my girfriend after I got back as well, so huge change in this month. Too much distance over too long a period of time. Makes sense. Felt sad, but really grateful for how much we both changed and grew during this experience. So glad and grateful, and excited for the future. 

-Started GreenChef, which will deliver 3 meals for me every 2/3 weeks. It's a bit expensive at $99 a month, but the cost is not only healthy organice Paleo food, but also time shopping and time searching recipes and also tuition for cooking classes. So it's not bad at all. Definitely something I need to try as I focus on loving myself and showing it through good food and exercise. 

-Watched "The Broken Circle Breakdown," "What's With Wheat," "The Truth about Alcohol," "Meyerowitz Diaries"

-Got back on track by reflecitng on all DailyOM newsletters, really want to reflect and connect with the universe daily as part of my process of growth

-Bought and valued my new blackout curtains, and completed journey of eating healthier. Next on my "Fabulous" journey is making exercise a daily habit

-Started using instagram much more, stories and everything. It actually makes traveling more fun by sharing and enjoying the moment trying to take good photos. 

-Bought probiotics and a dysbiosis agent with herbs to clean out my gut. Daily supplement regimen is 1) allergy 2) multivitamin 3) probiotic 4) dysbiosis (for 1-2 months)

-Finished taxes! what a bitch xD

-Completed Fabulous Journey "Celebrating Healthy Eating"





Level 32. Adventure Knight. 

str 59.3 dex 50.3 sta 60.7 con 61.2 wis 78.5 cha 67.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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March 2018.

After the breakup, reach out to the universe and use your energy to improve yourself and grow.



-Try cooking as much as possible using GreenChef Paleo! Get good.

-Find and start taking more classes: Swim/Dancing/Yoga/Krav Maga

-Start exercising more, dive into courses you bought and can buy

-Clean up rest of my to-do list (small now) and hit some of that bonus work!

-1 week off last week of March! Use that time to reflect and clean up



-Updated Credit card loan payoff strategy, increased credit limits, revised auto payments, prepared for August when financial situations change.

-Managed, revised accounts and zoho notebook for streamlining and easier access

-Changed weekly contributions to cover home repair/maintenance, water bill, car repairs/maintenance in savings account. Will deposit most of my tax return next month into my savings account.

-figured out my work out routine. every morning is basic workout/yoga workout, afternoons are classes or nerdfitness workouts with rings/handstands. Classes can be jiujitsu, krav maga, swimming. everyday workout atleast once, most days work out twice. dont let excuses or barriers get in the way, tired/no time/sad. Barriers are there to stop people who dont really want it that bad.

-Reworked and reimagined handstand/front lever workout journey, will start workouts for both now! 

-Researched krav maga classes for 2 intro classes, and also found my ymca has swimming classes every Thursday at the end of next month! :D Finally time to learn this shiet

-Completed "Fabulous" Journey "Start an Exercise Habit"

-Watched "Yoga:Architecture for Peace" and "Coraline" and "Shape of Water" 

-Talked with Scott, discussed plan for next tenant cycle and home improvements

-Played last game of solo Slay the Spire, how addicitng, and how fitting that I missed my singing class because I was obsessed. For me, my life is better without playing video games, I am much healthier.

-Downloaded youtube videos I want to add to Google Music, cleaned out a lot of my playlists.

-Modified my Afternoon ritual, to what would be ideal and also accomplish my goals on a day to day basis, and made it optional, because 7/21 days I am working the whole day/night and won't have an afternoon. Filled it with deep work, reflections, reading, naps, exercising again, cooking, and watching a movie.

-Finished DailyOM 21 Day Yoga for Men course - understood importance of daily warmup/cool down, and experienced some yoga poses, importance for balance and flexibility

-Start Nerdfitness Yoga, testing yoruself on different poses and going through the 7 session series. 

-Start Fabulous Journey - "Build an Iron Self-discipline" 

-Read about differences in Organic Food, and the "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15" which foods you definitely need to buy organic and which ones you may not have to. I think I'm going to mainly buy organic anyway, especially for meat and apples and pears and berries and spinach/kale/leafy greens, and may not have to for avocadoes, mangoes, onions, cauliflower, etc. 

-Thought about preparing emergency kits because of the 4 noreasters that hit the past month, flashlight/battery, food/water, blanket and books/entertainment and local shelters for emergencies. Also pack car with items for emergencies

-Watched a raw food/vegan documentary... Although I think eliminating processed foods is essential, I was doing that anyway with a whole, plant based diet with chicken. And you have the raw salad/smoothie and the cooked kale/quinoa, the best of both roads. Balance, and a little of both is best I think.

-Watched some movies with asian americans in them, i found out i really like slice of life movies too. "The Motel (2005)," "Better Luck Tomorrow," and "Sunset Stories"

-Cooked more, Tarragon-Roasted Cod, Fennel-Crusted Salmon, Barbeque Pork Sausages, Orange-Dijon Chicken, thanks to GreenChef :D

-sold first half of my pokemon cards on trollandtoad.com, I got some serious cash o_o like 3x my higher expectations fck i love money

-Looked into swimming with some youtube vids, prepared for next month :D

-Organized my website bookmarks, deleted a lot of unnecessary things and just kept hte important things. Read more about reading more and video game addiction.





Level 33. Adventure Knight. 

str 61.3 dex 52.3 sta 62.7 con 63.2 wis 80.5 cha 69.1 

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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April 2018.

Grow yourself, and realized its time to find a new job and move back to the city for more people like me and to feed my growing appetite for extroversion. 



-Swimming Lessons at the Y! Can sign up starting 4/9

-Singing Recital on 4/28, my bday! Practice songs and maybe guitar solo song too

-Keep cooking on GreenChef weekly, maybe switch to another service to try for a bit

-Finish NerdFitness Yoga course and complete all quests, start AsanaRebel or do NF Rings/Handstands

-Sign up for dance classes? Or make a plan to

-Get a membership to the Y, start weightlifting again training according to the book, visualize muscles

-Keep reflecting, doing daily habits, and do some bonus work also

-Look for a new Job!!!!



-Working on my iron will, realized I want to have inordinate focus on work in the morning/afternoon, and relax the rest of the day and do no goals or anything after 4 or 5 pm on most days. Then i can sleep when I want and wake up with energy. 

-Practiced for my singing recital on my birthday, and picked a song to practice... Although "Calling (Lose my Mind)" would be cool, I'll do "Almost Mine" by Dawn and Hawkes <3

-Got a real wake up call from the universe that I need a new job... either transfer or just get an entirely new pharmacy job... maybe its good to expand my resume and skills anyway, because it gives me more leverage and job opportunities. And I am starting to believe that my career should be the thing I am passionate about... Still have to catch up and experience more, but something to start thinking about...

-Read "Taipei" by Tao Lin, and "Rule of Thumb" by Tom Parker

-Watched "Cooked" on Netflix, learned more about cooking, how it used to be a tradition, breadmaking, cheese/fermented foods (Earth). Watched a milk documentary about how we've been lied to that milk is good for you, it actually causes all sorts of diseases and allergies. 

-Watched Samurai Jack season 5, what a nostalgia trip. Also watched Clone wars, the cartoon one. This one wasn't as good. Finished Black Mirror, and Aggretsuko. 

-Finished selling all my old pokemon cards! Just keep the ones that are your favorites or won't sell for nostalgia ^_^

-Massively revamped my playlists, deleting some and adding to my Work playlist, over 450 songs :D

-Signed up for the ymca, swim classes, worked out, and looked over all the different classes i could take there... exciting

-CPR recertification! And now actually feel a little confident on what to do with a coughing/unresponsive child/adult/infant. 

-Set up my job searching strategy, registered on career websites.

-Worked out in the YMCA gym according to my book, the arms and the shoulders. First yoga class!

-Cleared youtube playlist! no more videos that I saved for myself hehe

-Paid off my car loan <3 4 months early! now I can use that $336 a month for paying off credit card debt :D

-Picked my employment health benefits, upped hsa contributions to max

-Watched "You and Me and Everyone We Know," "The Future," and the Netflix series "Love Wagon" - social experiments so interesting haha. Also "Dave made a maze"

-Bought plane tickets for next months trip to Portland for 4 days :D

-Changed my meal plan, after next week there will be 2 more weeks of Greenchef, one vegan menu and one omnivore menu just to try a few different things besides paleo. After that, I'll look for new meal services (cheaper and different) on the plane during my vacation next month

-Restarted Rosetta Stone Chinese program, maybe 15-20 min a night on a part of a lesson

-Started 20 pages a day for serious books, want to get through a book every 2-4 weeks :)

-First swimming class :D Learned to float on back/front better, switch between the two, tread water, and feel more comfortable/confident at the deep end. Really happy about this one, it was long overdue

-Sang with my choir at a recital at the church on my bday, 2 of my friends came and we hung out the weekend :D

-28 years old! Feels like I'm close to 30, which makes me feel pressure to achieve things like family and girlfriend and husband and things liek that... but as long as I do things the right way and invest in every day, everything will work out the way its supposed to. So can't worry about that, will jsut do my thing and feel pride in my age and accumulation of knowledge.





Level 34. Adventure Knight. 

str 63.3 dex 54.3 sta 64.7 con 65.2 wis 82.5 cha 71.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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May 2018.

Thanks Sandra, I am grateful and so proud. Moving forward as a better man and human, and work on iron will/discipline and job search, daily growth.



-Continue to take swim classes, and work on muscle groups in the ymca gym. Keep cooking and improving recipes. 

-Keep up with AM/PM habits, daily chinese and reading, daily working on song. New goal is learn a new song on guitar every 2-3 weeks, and finish a book around the same time frame. Play "Almost Mine" to my singing group on 5/7.

-Continue your "Fabulous" quest Build an Iron Will and Self-Discipline, I can really feel it working and can't wait to see how I'll be in a year when I can follow through on everything i want and enter new levels of productivity and achievement. Commit to the habit of hard work to iron your will and self discipline.

-Build a resume and start applying to new jobs by the end of the month!!

-Vacation to see my sister in Portland at the end of the month 5/28-6/1. Prep and see what you want to do!

-Going to the gun range for the first time on 5/12! I think it will be important to be able to defend myself in the modern world to protect what I've built and hold dear. 



-Finally completed organizing my most loved pokemon cards that I did not sell, and stored them in my memory box upstairs. Oh, nostalgia... moving forward ^_^

-Started a tumblr about people and conversations, trying to learn more about myself by letting out my authentic thoughts and feelings, good or bad.

-Performed "Almost Mine" in front of my singing class... made me realize how much I need to practice to not make mistakes while under pressure, so its natural and you can think about other things. Because you don't want to be thinking about your song when you are performing, you want to feel the environment. Also want to learn more songs!

-Deleted the addictive and meaningful video games on my ipad, just saving 4 of them (Death Road to Canada, InfinityBlade2, Sworcery, Soul Knight) for airplane rides when I want to waste time ha. Created the mindbus technique for my 3 greatest temptations, continuing my "Fabulous" journey to develop an iron will/discipline

-Movies: "5 cm per second," "Your Name," "This is the End," "Sex is Zero," "American Pie," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "The Secret," "Rea(L)ove"

-Updated my flexibility challenge, nice to see an overall improvement in most areas. I feel like my body is stronger and healthier than ever before.

-Finished all the NF Yoga videos, the last two were a stretch and my back kinda hurts lol. What improvement, I'm proud. Now I just want to level up the harder poses until I am comfortable, continue to reach for my toes and improve my flexibility, and repeat some of the star videos. 

-Books: "The Immune System Recovery Plan" - The start of my anti-gluten, anti-dairy diet. Still gotta use the recipes in this book "The TB12 method"

-First time going to a gun range o_O Shot a revolver and a glock, and a rifle and a silenced rifle. So much fun hahaha. Awestruck with power. Must do again...

-Did a basic firearm certification course, next is applying for my LTC

-Realized that I never really initiated relationships with people I was interested in (thoughtful and open minded) and vowed to build that life skill

-Took a knife defense class, introduced to FMA (fillipine martial arts)

-Realzied that daily am/pm rituals is self care, in addition to food, sleep, exercise. They are important enough to talk about when you are staying with other people and do it with them

-4 day trip to Portland! People are nice and interesting and talkative. Here while on edibles i realized my life purpose: to show love to everybody

-talked to a few girls and feeling more and more comfortable approaching people, especially now that I am better at understanding signals and listening to the thoughts they radiate out to the universe. 






Level 35. Adventure Knight. 

str 65.3 dex 56.3 sta 66.7 con 67.2 wis 84.5 cha 73.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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June 2018.

-The month I did a bunch of new experiences, read books at the beach, and finally started applying to jobs and taking dance classes. Also, the end of solo video games forever maybe.



-This is the month I want to apply to all the open positions, wherever they are or what my plan is. After that i can improve my interview and resume skills and apply to newly opened positions. 

-Finish your 5 year plan, vision board, goals, all that jazz. Summary of Instructions, whatever form it may. And visualize and feel success.

-Sign up for Krav Maga classes, and sign up for beginning Dance classes next month! (Dance Designs)

-Try new meal prep services, minimize your recipes and start buying ingredients and cooking bigger portions. 

-More swim classes, and work out your body on days. Do pliability exercises and some yoga. 

-Get your LTC gun license, try out some guns with friends at ranges

-sign up for a new 0% interest credit card, transfer balances and try to pay it off



-Finished Unit 4: Shopping in Rosetta Stone, next is Unit 5 (of 20): Travel

-Finished my 7 week swimming class! Sign up for the next round :D So exciting that I went from not being able to float to learning that and a little freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke... I really like this and am feeling my confidence boost. 

-Went to Fenway Park with my little brother for MentoringNight, and learned that he really likes to dance.

-Went to a gun range in NH, a little pricey but got to practice with an AK-47, Beretta M9, 1911 semi-automatic, and a .38 special revolver.

-Tried a 2 hour Aikido class at the Y, interesting principles and wrist locks and throws

-Watched: Atlanta (2 seasons), Coffee and Cigarettes, RWBY (Volume 4/5), Spirited Away, Ibiza

-Read: "The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck," "Strength Training Anatomy," "Where will you be 5 years from today?"

-Signed up for new AMEX 0% balance transfer card, and decreased my IRA automatic withdrawals, gotta balance future with paying down some of my credit card debt now. Right now I'm saving 15% of my paycheck into retirement, which is pretty good. I have to decrease from 20% I was doing earlier, can't pay off my credit card debt that way.  

-Asked my sister for advice on resumes, applied to: Ansible, Tai Tung Pharmacy, Lawrence General Hospital

-Tried Cize Live class, it is my dance class. I still want to call and ask for other dance classes, and take some at home too.

-Ordered a box of Sunbasket. It's more value than GreenChef, but still 90 bucks a week is a lot of money so I think I won't use it  very often. Hmmm.

-Fucking finished my journey "Develop an iron will and self-discipline"!!! This was like a 3 month journey jeez. It took as long as the other 4 combined. I only have really 2 more journeys, though I could do 2 little ones if I wanted to. But dam celebration!! I really feell like i have more of an iron will, that I can do dream work everyday almost.

-Signed up for 8 weeks of improving swimming strokes! Amazing. Can already feel myself improving from one class, improving leg stroking and even breathing and getting more comfortable and relaxed in the water, which leads to more floating and easier everything. I think I can work out after swimming too, especially since there is another class right after. 

-Started Steezy, a dance class compendium with talented and famous dancers, and learning the fundamentals and feeling more comfortable and finding the fun in dance to power me through my fear. 

-renewed AAA coverage






Level 36. Adventure Knight. 

str 67.3 dex 58.3 sta 68.7 con 69.2 wis 86.5 cha 75.1 

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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July 2018.

-Summer transition month where I balance career with knowledge and guitar desires, and some extra physical activities



-Keep applying to jobs as they pop up, within a week from when they pop up, they go fast.

-Get serious about playing guitar, singing, and being in a band and making songs and playing in front of people with emotions

-Visit all the beaches and ponds in barnstable, read a lot of books in nature


-Continue taking dance lessons on Steezy, wednesday dance classes and maybe nia?

-Continue 8 week swimming class, extra swimming and ymca classes, one of each yoga class, meditation class at 7 am before i quit membership



-Watched Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Love Island, Nana (47 episodes), Ferdinand, Bondi Ink Tattoo

-skimmed through "You: Staying Young," "500 essential cult movies"

-Joined Habitica group "Bards of Academia" part of Knights of Academia for a music group. Realized that performing music was my greatest burning desire.

-Haunted history tour with Matheus,, lots of bug bites

-Started subscriptions to Chordify and Ultimate Guitar Pro, I think one or both might be extraneous though, I'll have to see and decide later. hmm. 

-Got a interview offer for Home care 45 min from Boston, but only part time.. not worth it at this time, not ready to leave and look for an apt and look for another job. its toooo risky. 2 part time sounds okay though, and the job thing sounds okay too. But not the right offer yet, showed me I still have a few things to finish around here. 

-Dental cleaning, supposed to be every 6 months. Remember to brush your gum line softly, and floss nightly. Also, I have both resin and mercury fillings (6) and I don't have anything wrong with my gums, just the bone sticks out but no inflammation or anything. It's 175$ per cleaning and an additional $123 for x-rays (once a year)

-Ordered black tanktops, green loafers, gray suede boots, rose gold sunglasses. ended up returning most of them. 

-Listened to my first "song exploder" podcast, its so useful for writing beats that you can listen to songs you dont know either to get an idea of the creative process behind different peoples. Downloaded Fruit loops and ableton live, gotta practice tmr and try to make music with Paul.

-Went to another dance class, even though it was Zumba, and feel soooo much more comfortable after taking some Steezy classes. Amazing.

-Applied to more jobs (8 total) and updated facebook and linkedin accounts for resumes and tidiness.

-Went on a fishing trip with Matheus, caught some fish, learned some fishing techniques. 

-Weekend staycation with Paul, Fil, and Mario. Played fifa and video games, drank, beach, ordered out, and hung out. Then enoch came wknd after

-Read about EWG safe cleaning product ingredients, meat label guidances, and different pfa's and chemicals in products, home guides, water filters, upholstery, lights, mattresses, etc. Less toxins! Threw out chemical products and rearranged furniture, it looks the best yet! Must enjoy the setup while I have it. 

-Had to fix brake calipers, cost $350 T_T

-More AsanaRebel classes, did all the 5 min workouts for intro, the breathe/relax short courses, next up is strength, then flexibility!

-Thin out books in your library, you dont need a lot of the general stuff or the information that would be nice to have, but is unapplicable to your current life or you don't have peopel with whom to make it part of your life

-Completed 'Fabulous' Journey "Pillars of Self-esteem" which is about creating a daily journal habit to reflect on your limiters, reframing your thoughts and interrupting patterns by living in the moment, self-acceptance, self-compassion blocks self-sabotage, be confident in your vulnerability. 

-yoga classes mon/tues!

-Surfing class! Could have had more fun but really fun and interesting and found out I like to know things, it is a real motivating emotion for action for me.






Level 37. Adventure Knight. 

str 69.3 dex 60.3 sta 70.7 con 71.2 wis 88.5 cha 77.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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August 2018.

-Lots of movies watched this month, working on a reading habit, and pierced my ears, signed up for new classes next month. Another few months on the cape. 


-Get ears pierced after swimming classes end, and do ymca meditation/yoga/nia classes til I end my membership by the 24th. 

-Establish a morning routine of dance classes in am habit, short or long depending on whether i have work that day. Also, 25 min yoga workouts.

-Start boxing classes online after completion of all these, though it may be sept.

-Read career books, and skim your library down

-Daily guitar work, I would love to learn how to play better and listen better. "Flume" and "bellyache" this month, "Warm Water"

-phone broke when i went swimming in the ocean with it T_T gotta get a new phone now




-watched: my neighbor totoro, the life aquatic with steve zissou, kiki's delivery service, thor: ragnarok, pokemon: i choose you, pokemon: origins, castle in the sky, bananafish, ready player one, overlord, the tale of princess kaguya, paradise kiss, the brothers bloom, crazy rich asians, isle of dogs

-books: "are you smart enough to work at google," "Lean In: For Graduates"

-lv. 200 on habitica! been using this program for 3.5 years now, really feels it helps me grow

-Getting better at bdays! Enoch, steve, matheus, mom, then sandra in next 2 weeks. 

-got iphone 7+, can try the bigger screen and portrait mode/live photos!

-started 'Fabulous' Journey "Maximize your mental fitness" including taking daily walks and starting a book of errors.

-Tried ymca classes nia dance, yoga flow, bench press reps, meditation, kripalu hatha yoga,

-Visited Joshua, Lovell's, Hamblin's Pond. Millway's Beach. Ugh. My favorite places are Hathaway's Pond, Joshua Pond, and Craigville Beach. Go to these places as often as possible while you still live on the cape!

-Played guitar and "Glamorous Sky" and "After midnight" with my friend paul

-Finished 8 week swimming class! Started learning butterfly and feel much more comfortable with my face under water and surviving in a pool. 

-Went to my friends wedding and met some new people

-got my class a unrestricted ltc!

-Finished 10 classes on Steezy, and 7 days of popping. Not sure about effects on body but intro is fine i think. On to more!

-Went through all my recipes from food kits and took notes, bought bigger oven trays and tupperware for meal prep

-Worked on my daily guitar/reading habit, buy yourself one hour of the day for $50, you are your most important client

-Got my ears pierced! black opal earrings. :o

-Looked into steezy blog, read a lot of articles and more foundations for dancing and visions for the future. 

-another edible trip, more insights into life






Level 38. Adventure Knight. 

str 71.3 dex 62.3 sta 72.7 con 73.2 wis 90.5 cha 79.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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September 2018.

-A month where I really started exercising more, and building my body. Got distracted with a mobile game (of course) but need to learn about addiction and coexistence with video games, sure I can just cut it out and get rid of distractions, but maybe I can still learn something about addiction and myself.. I hung out every weekend and went out a lot, and worked 2 of the weekends so it seems like I realized less, but a lot went into research. 



-Swimming and singing classes start mid september, though I will be missing the first class for both xD

-Be good to your ear, don't touch and let it get infected and take daily care of it

-Maybe start boxing classes mid or end of month? Fightcamp

-Taken any YMCA classes you feel like, do bench press reps while you have access to a gym

-Continue Steezy classes and just do more classes and more experience til you take dance classes in Boston

-Pay yourself $50 an hour per day to your most important client, read and play guitar

-Ask Steve at the beginning of the month about transfer status, and maybe look into more jobs by the end of the month. 

-Meal prep with bigger portion sizes so you can feed yourself for 3 days with 1 cooking session. Finish up SunBasket.

-Netflix: Scarface, Million Dollar Baby, Full Metal Jacket

-Hulu: rodger dodger, there will be blood



-Reorganized my am ritual, pm ritual, and training rituals to be more streamlined and beautiful with the best knowledge I have. Love it, 3 hrs a day is all I need.

-Read- Re: Monster manga, Grashros

-Watched: Rodger Dodger, There will be blood, Love and other Cults, Full Metal Jacket

-Signed up for piano lessons next wednesday o_o one more thing off the bucketlist i guess haha cancelled due to too few ppl -__-

-Started daily training sessions, for exercise (25 min yoga, 15 min dance) and guitar (play/experiment and songs x30 min, ear training for 15) and reading for 20 minutes, and one module of chinese a day (5-15 min, can double up if they are short or I am tired)

-Started weekly goals for guitar and reading, by every sunday I will finish a book and visualize it, as well as guitar goals such as songs. 

-Toe Concert at the Brighton Music Hall <3 So fucking amazing, pretty much a spiritual experience haha. 

-First time biking for 25 miles, dam! Proud of myself.

-Finished all AsanaRebel Strength classes, my shoulders and everything feels a LOT stronger, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Boxing next month for sure! and dancing too. 

-Zhu concert :D Amazingggg






Level 39. Adventure Knight. 

str 73.3 dex 64.3 sta 74.7 con 75.2 wis 92.5 cha 81.1 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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October 2018.

-Really kick your training ritual into high gear and be consistent, learn to integrate it with friends and hanging out, a happy balance where your energy can be restored and you can be your best socially! I need to find that balance instead of binging on both. Not too much longer on the cape, take advantage of your training time!! This is the pomodoro month, the month where i kick it into overgear and am productive as fuck. Visualize!! Not just every month, but every week too!  Take Improv classes when I move into the city, in addition to martial arts and dance haha and piano



-Job: Email Steve about job opening and transfer status, begin to start applying to jobs again maybe

-Continue Daily Training Rituals, remember that practice is what separates greatness, training is divine.

-Netflix: Scarface, Million Dollar Baby. Hulu: Mulholland Drive, Huang's World

-Sign up for Fightcamp, start doing workouts. It's time, I can do flexibility Asanarebel and save those for later, just like NF handstands

-Continue Thursday swim classes, bench presses for the next month

-Continue Monday singing classes, prep for them



WEEK 1: 10/1-10/7

-Tuesday night, Wednesday midday (maybe), Thursday midday (maybe), Friday, Saturday, Sunday

-Read and finish Man's manual

-Play with and experiment with your amps and pedals and e-bow

-Get half way done with Unit 6.4, Past and Future for Chinese Rosetta Stone

-Watch Scarface


WEEK 2: 10/8-10/14


-Get in workouts for FightCamp, try trackers and get some routine down, maybe daily?

-Finish "Design Your Life" 

-Finish watching youtube vids about pedals and experimenting with them, and some other youtube topics about singing/guitar

-Work on Unit 7.1/7.2 Chinese

-Watch Million Dollar Baby/Mulholland Drive/The Warriors


WEEK 3: 10/15-10/21

-MON PM, Tues PM, Thurs, Fri AM.

-Long week so less time, plus i slept more and recovered from being sick.

-Bought hair trimmer, boss bc-60 pedal/case/power supply, Dunlop Wah-wah pedal

-Read a little more "Design your Life," start odyssey plans

-Watched more youtube vids, more to watch and ordered that sweet beautiful new gear

-Finish up 7.3 Chinese

-Bought a bunch of Udemy courses because they were soo cheap and only $12. Singing, breakdance, confidence, photography, krav maga, and piano

-Watch Scarface


WEEK 4: 10/22-10/31

-Mon, Tues, Wed PM, Thurs AM, Fri, Sat, Sun

-use that extra time scheduled daily to clean up apt, ideas, decrease brain cluttre and explore ideas, journal, finish small tasks, close tabs

-Read more "Design your Life," hopefully finish this book its been 3 weeks but taking longer because of all the exercises.

-Guitar: Play with new pedalboard and wah pedal, watch more youtube and polish off knowledge base

-Exercise: bench press (>145 lbs [50 each side] (goal 165 [60 each side])), swim, Boxing Day 6 and Day 7,  try taichi class tues 615 pm 

-Chinese: Finish Unit 7: Friends and Social Life

-Bonus Work: Explore udemy courses, finish steezy basics tab, redo recipe shortcut list, Watch Scarface, Huang's World, The Warriors, Million Dollar Baby

-got haircut, spent weekend playing games with Enoch

-Watched: Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon anime





Level 40. Adventure Knight. 

-This was the month where I tried to do a lot of work, but i spent a lot of the time trying to wake up early and misisng out on a lot of sleep (aim for 9 hrs) and then feeling sick and bad and unmotivated. Came upon the idea of only doing 3 things for the day, and doing them well, and then after that if i have time i can do those things too. the first two thigns will mostly just be training and guitar, and the other thing can be bonus work or some concentration of something. 


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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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November 2018.

-Try doing only 3 things a day, and doing them extremely well. Anything after that is bonus work, and is not as important and probably not THAAAT important. SO realize, so you can declutter and spend more time on the thing you care about vs. just having a balance of things that are nice but not that mandatory. 


Ideas for the Month:

-Career: Apply to other CVS locations, mine cvs contacts, and apply to other jobs

-Body: Work on FightCamp Prospect Path, continue swimming classes, bench your own weight+, Tai Chi classes, Steezy Dance courses, pliability, Breakdance/dancing at a club, finish steezy tab exploration

-Guitar: Play with pedalboard, new wah pedal, learn songs "Rocketeer," "Call me Back," "Things are Changin'"

-Sing: Prepare for singing class and solo, udemy courses

-Chinese: Finish Unit 7, maybe finish Unit 8

-Read: Finish Design your life, start negotiation books, finish daily oms

-Netflix: Animal House, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Anna Karenina, Scarface, The Warriors, Huang's world, other anime

-Bonus Work, and udemy courses (photography), recipe card



WEEK 1: 11/1-11/10

-Going to buy ammo and shoot guns at the range with Khanh and Thai

-Sign up for swim classes every thursday @ 540 pm

-FightCamp Day 8 (fri)

-Prepare for singing class and solo, udemy courses

-Apply to other CVS locations, mine cvs contacts, and apply to other jobs

-Watch anime and a movie or two DEATH PARADE, THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SLIME, Columbus, BlackKklansman, Monogatari Season 2, Hanamonogatari

-Udemy Photography

-Finish Daily Om

-Yaeji Concert @ Paradise Rock Club


WEEK 2: 11/11-11/17

-Open Mic on Tuesday!  never mind, got sick. vow to make the next one and prepare two songs for then! Learn some guitar songs "Rocketeer," "Call me Back," "Things are Changin'"

--Tai Chi Class 815 am Fri 11/9

-FightCamp Day 10 (Wed), Day 11 (Thurs), Day 12 (Sat)

-search for and apply for jobs on those other career websites

-udemy photography

-Finish Chinese Unit 7

-Finish "Design Your Life"

-Watch Owarimonogatari, Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-ken, Time of Eve, Animal House

-Went to Kaskade concert with Steve and his friends

-Finished Fabulous Journey "Staying on the Road: Focus and Concentrate More"

-bought a switch, and pokemon lets go eevee!


WEEK 3: 11/18-11/24

-1) Workout: Fightcamp Day 12 (sun), day 13 (tues), day 14 (thurs), go to Yoga Wed 7 am!

-2) Career: apply to all work sites round 1

-3) Guitar: finish call me back

-4) Chinese: work on Unit 8

-5) Read: Finish Design your life

-black friday shopping friday am/noon!

-10 year high school reunion sat @ 7pm, pregame at Karan's @6pm


WEEK 4: 11/25-11/30

-2 Interviews, one to Pembroke Hospital and one to CVS in Lynn. Finished 2nd in Lynn but atleast got some experience and pointers. 

-So much stress! watched Prison School and Buster Scruggs

-Played more pokemon lets go and hollow knight on the switch

-I'm working so much this week that i really didnt work on anything else besides work and sleep and career building and relaxation.





Level 41. Adventure Knight. 

-A pretty balanced month overall, taking new classes and going out with friends and a high school reunion and a good amoutn of media consumed also. Main thing is I leveled up my career skills a little bit. Undergoing the whole process and the details in each point, and getting more experience in interviews and such. Nice Month. 


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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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18 hours ago, Glass said:

-Finish "Design Your Life"


How is the book?

I think about buying it for months now :D

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1 hour ago, Arkania said:


How is the book?

I think about buying it for months now :D


My sister recommended it to me and it really is life changing haha. It forces you to confront your thoughts and ideas and start taking action, and helps you be aware of bias that most of us have that aren't true. its taking a long time to get through because of it though, ive been hacking away at it for over a month.

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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December 2018.

-Well, this is the turn of the year and I hope and visualize being in boston by now, so we will seeeee. I will work hard to make it a reality. GOT A TRANSFER TO CVS IN LECHMERE! I think I do need to go back to the 3 most important things per day model, and then just have extra bonus stuff if i feel like it or have time to do that. but first 3 things first. Career, Exercise, and Guitar. Those are top 3. reading and chinese and bonus work are just bonuses mostly.  


Ideas for the Month:

-Career: Keep applying to jobs, doing interviews, developing those skills and read interview binder and job sources

-Body: Finish up FightCamp Prospect Path, finish swimming classes, bench your own weight+,Steezy Dance courses/Just Dance 2019, pliability, Breakdance/dancing at a club, finish steezy tab exploration, AsanaRebel Flexibility

-Guitar: Play with new pedalboard, learn songs "Rocketeer," "Call me Back," "Things are Changin'"

-Sing: Prepare for singing class and solo, udemy courses

-Chinese: Work on Unit 8

-Read: Finish Design your life, start negotiation books

-Netflix: Finish The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Anna Karenina, Scarface, The Warriors, Prison School, 8 Mile

Hulu: Requiem for a Dream, 

-Bonus Work, and udemy courses (photography)



WEEK 1: 12/1-12/8

-Interview at CVS Brookline on Wednesday at 4 pm, prep for that! apply to more jobs constantly and maybe work on interview skills GOT TRANSFER TO LECHMERE

-Fight camp day 13, 14, 15

-Prep "Call me Back," record and play in time

-Finish ballad of buster scruggs, maybe another movie, Prison School Anime

-Bonus work in cleaning things up and minimizing, return poster thats too wet

-Super Smash for Switch comes out on friday!


WEEK 2: 12/9-12/15

--Bought Xmas Gifts (Beyblades for Matheus, 2x secret santa gifts for Khanh and Alicia)

-Fight camp day 15. 

-"Call me Back" performance on Monday!!

-Organize books, clothes, possessions etc.

-Secret Santa Exchange 1, dinner with friends, and hanging out with Enoch.

Watched Four Christmases


WEEK 3: 12/16-12/22

-Fight Camp 16, 17 Tues

-Last swimming class Thursday, bench press workout (cancel YMCA til 1/14)

-Concert Recital Monday 12/17!

-ask maria about vacation for end of month


WEEK 4: 12/23-12/31

-Matheus Monday? or maybe Wednesday.

-Fight Camp 19, 20, 21, 22

--Played Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Read Design Your Life, Banner Saga 3

-Watched How to Get over a Breakup

-ask landlord about last months rent





Level 42. Adventure Knight. 

-Really happy month because I found out I was going to be able to move to Boston with a much better job and be closer to friends and be closer to the city as well. Finished up swim classes, Fightcamp workouts, a bunch of switch games, my concert recital. 

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"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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Year 2018 Review.


What I accomplished:

-Got a job in Boston

-Sorted out childhood stuff from my old house, sold pokemon cards for $900

-Paid off my car loan

-Ears pierced! Opal ones


Skills I grew:

-Interview and job hiring experiences 

-Fabulous journeys to grow my habits of sleep, meditation, tidying, eating, exercising, deep work. 

-Singing lessons every monday!

-GreenChef cooking testing out lots of different ingredients, starting cooking twice weekly making food in batches

-Swimming! Thank you classes at the Y!

-Yoga: DailyOM 21 Day Yoga for Men, Asana Rebel workouts, Nerdfitness workouts, YMCA classes

-Chinese: Rosetta stone! Finished up to Unit 7

-Firearms: Got my firearms license, learned about guns and had some experiences shooting at the range with friends. 

-Health/Toxins: EWG based cosmetics, chemicals, etc for healthier living. 

-Dance: Steezy classes, Just Dance 2019

-Boxing: FightCamp Prospect path learning 6 kinds of punching and doing up to 10 round workout.

-Guitar: geared up with pedal board and pedals, wah, and ebow, gear videos on youtube


Experiences I had:

-Traveled to Berlin, Taipei, Portland (OR)

-Visited all the beaches and ponds in cape cod. My faves are still craigville beach, Hathaway pond and Joshua Pond

-Broke up with 1 year relationship (Sandra)

-Biked with Paul for 25 miles on the cape cod bike trail

-New skills in Aikido, Tai Chi, Stick Fighting, Cize, Zumba, Pilates classes. Surfing class!!

-Hung out with my little Brother Matheus at a play, haunted history tour, Fenway Park, fishing

-Performance: Singing recital on my bday, "Almost Mine" and "Call me Back" to singing group, December singing recital

-Thai's wedding

-10 year high school reunion

-Concerts: Arty, Toe, Zhu, Yaeji, Kaskade

-Books: Your Illustrated Guide to becoming one with the universe, Love yourself like your life depends on it, The Immune System Recovery Plan, The TB12 method, Where Will you be 5 years from today, Re: Monster manga, Design Your Life, Are you smart enough to work at Google?, Lean In: For Graduates 

-Movies: What's With Wheat, Your Name, The Secret,  Spirited away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, The Tale of Princess Kaguya

-Shows: RWBY, Atlanta, Nana, Bondi Ink Tattoo, Overlord, Paradise Kiss, Huang's World, Death Parade, Monogatari, Prison School 

-Games: Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, Celeste, Night in the Woods, Banner Saga 3, Hollow Knight

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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January 2019.

-Less to-dos! Instead of doing work and doing things you dont like to become someone you want to be, just be yourself and do things that you want to do and get good emotions from, and naturally become that person. So stop trying to curate yourself through painful things and just curate goals and ideas from what your true self enjoys doing, and then get the goals organically from doing those things you enjoy. Stop suffering through, you don't need to cause yourself stress and pressure achieving things that don't really matter that much in the long run. Freedom and spontaneity is important, I want to be able to spend my free time on what i want that day and not feel like i should be doing somethign more important and dampening the present moment. So monthly goals maybe, not weekly ones, the weekly ones will just be celebrations or noting accomplishments, not stuff I have to do because the present moment and enjoying life is more important than suffering to achieve your goals, because that dopamine from checking off a box can be hollow. 


Ideas for the Month:

-Exercise: Finish up FightCamp (mail back),

Steezy Dance courses/Just Dance 2019/Breakdance/dancing at a club, finish steezy tab exploration,

AsanaRebel Flexibility

-Guitar: Open Mic 2nd Tues of Jan? Learn "Rocketeer" and "Things are Changin'"

-NetflixAnna Karenina, Scarface, The Warriors, 8 Mile, Babel

Hulu: Requiem for a Dream, Italian for Beginners


1) minimize clothes, books, possessions, links, bonus work before move

2) finish fight camp, asana rebel, breakdance/dance, singing

3) details

-find new apt in lechmere/somerville area

-landlord about last months rent and notice

-martin moving in old shit

-map of neighborhood, gym, things to do and eat

-get mail transfer service

-cancel tv and electricity bills, set up ahead for next month

-update billing/mailing address for all your subscriptions services etc



WEEK 1: 1/1-1/5

-Played Walking Dead: Final Season first two episodes, started Diablo 3

-2018 review

-Got my schedule for new store next month!!! FUCKING ECSTATIC!

-finished last fight camp workout!!!


WEEK 2: 1/6-1/12

-Dam, the store got delayed 2 weeks for construction purposes. Renewed old apt til end of feb, start looking for new apartment!

-Played Diablo 3

-Watched youtube vids, Pierre XO, Jubilee vids


WEEK 3: 1/13-1/19

-Watched Roma

-AsanaRebel workouts, Just Dance

-Applied to 15 apartments for a showing

-looked into AthleanX and MAX/Size program, looked into Planet Fitness for a month


WEEK 4: 1/20-1/31

-Went to check out some showings for 6 apartments over the weekend

-AthleanX Max Size Workout!

-Went to gunsmith with Khanh to repair/adjust his guns and accessories

-Secret Santa, hot pot!

-Watched more youtube videos of fearpong, athleanx, etc.

-Thought more abotu apartments, sending thank yous, proceeding with application and lease signing etc.





Level 43. Adventure Knight. 


-Did a lot of work on apartment hunting, finding a good place in a good location for a reasonable price, learning the rental application process and about applying and trying out many thigs and finding out what is a fit and proceeding until something more concrete strikes.

-Played way too much diablo, with friends and by myself looking at 70+ hours this month. insane. much sleep lost, but it brings to mind that it may be okay to play alittle in moderation, but i will probably always feel this desire for video games and it must fit in with my gritty purpose filled life as well. 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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February 2019.

-Go back to January goals of enjoying days and balancing goals and purpose with enjoying life (which is my purpose also). Wake up gritty and go to sleep relaxed

-Recognized and trying to prioritize my video game addiciton

-I have a place! (probably) and a move in date. i just need to list my things for sale, get the boxes, hire moving people (probably) get rid of old stuff before, and then pack things. and prepare for utilities in the new place etc. 



Ideas for the Month:

Exercise: Do AX workout, as much as you can

-Steezy Dance courses/Just Dance 2019/Breakdance/dancing at a club, finish steezy tab exploration

-AsanaRebel Flexibility, finish last workout

-eat every 3 hours or so!

Guitar: I vow to play my guitar and sing more, 7 days in a row? atleast eveyrday or most days this month. Just play around, enjoy your time. vibrate love out. Imagine performing. Learn some songs. 

Read: Conversation book, pharmacy books? Get rid of!

Netflix8 Mile, Babel, Dating Around

Hulu: Requiem for a Dream, thelma and louise

Bonus Work: minimize clothes, books, possessions, links, bonus work before move

-maybe do taxes

-sell old possessions, organize movers, confirm cvs schedule

-switch checking accounts to a local service branch



WEEK 1: 2/1-2/9

-AX Day 3, 4, 5

-Last Asanarebel workout(s)

-total reorganization, powerful reflections for the future, new perspective on video games

-Watched Sorry to Bother You, 8 Mile, Thelma and Louise, Requiem for a Dream


WEEK 2: 2/10-2/16

-Start Living out of boxes

-Listed all my furniture on Cape Cod Virtual Yardsale


-Watched Dating Around


WEEK 3: 2/17-2/23

-Sold all my furniture! Got $275 :D

-Started working on taxes

-AX-10, 11

-Got my lease signed!!! Just need to arrange for keys and moving now. 

-Watched Flavors of Youth, I am Not Your Guru


WEEK 4: 2/24-2/28

-A rush to the end, picking up shifts in Central square and an all-nighter in packing up (50+ boxes!). then the trek to my new apartment in cambridge and then some unpacking. Did a lot of minimizing and throwing away here, got internet, etc. 

-got rid of my sofa for free

-FINISHED TAXES. cost me 700 this year but I'll change to 1 Exemption for next year and hopefully get some back. 

-Moving is pretty much my hobby, my full time after my full time job. So glad this part is over atleast. 





Level 44. Adventure Knight. 

-Whew, what a fucking month. Change in scenery, change in potential, somewhat sad but really exciting as well. and this i sthe dream place almost, i didnt even realize. so many options, all so close, so much life and opportunities and activities and people my age!! i fucking love it so far. I've only lived here a week and i already think its the best decision of my life almost. This month tested me in pressuring for my apartment, in doing one of hte hardest things in my life in coordinating a move and apartment and job all by myself. I can do it, I am strong, but why make it harder when you have other htings you want to do? Its good to know you can rely on yourself if you have to but its better to have friends who can help you so you can save your strength for other things. I can see that is definitely the better way of life. 

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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March 2019.

-I'M FUCKING HERE! I want to hug this city. And its better than I imagined, and im just scratching the tip of it all. There is so much depth and possibilities and here, and I am so so happy and excited thinking about it. It is here I will take my next step and get closer to the life I have imagined and want. This month will be about unpacking and minimizing, settling in and learning about my area, starting classes in things I am interested in, and at the end of the month maybe starting dating apps if necessary.


Ideas for the Month:

Exercise: Do AX workout, as much as you can

-Steezy Dance courses/Just Dance 2019/Breakdance/dancing at a club, finish steezy tab exploration

Guitar: Be a rockstar, train like one

Read: Astrology, Conversation Book

Netflix: The Notebook, Love Death and Robots Hulu: Rent 

Bonus Work: switch checking accounts to a local service branch

-switch gun permit to new location

-minimize clothes

-Dating apps near the end of the month



WEEK 1: 3/1-3/9

-Threw out a bunch of blankets and old shit and storage containers, I still have work to do but so far so good. I can even buy some under the bed sliders for that type of stuff. for storage. hmm. 

-Changed address for work related stuff and financial entities, and credit cards

-Started to look for gyms to work out, Planet Fitness?

-Got my Cambridge Parking Permit and Visitor Pass. 

-Set up utilities, updated Home/Auto Insurance policies

-Minimized clothes, planning to donate or sell

-AX 3.1, 3.2

-Watched GEN-LOCKCould Have Gone All The Way Committee


WEEK 2: 3/10-3/16

-AX 3.3

-Saw my uncle, hung out with family friend, and with friends at my new place

-Watched Captain Marvel, Aquaman

-Planted Marigolds... Fingers crossed!

-Got my birth certificate

-Ski Trip! Went snowboarding with friends and airbnb


WEEK 3: 3/17-3/23

-Tender Concert at Great Scott

-AX 3.4, 3.5

-Vinny's surprise bday party @ Barcelona

-Opened BoA checking account

-Read Secret Language of Astrology

-Watched Love, Death, and Robots


WEEK 4: 3/24-3/31

-Cleaned out other rooms

-connected with old coworkers

-Watched The Dirt

-AX 4.1, 4.2, 4.3





Level 45. Adventure Knight. 

-First month in boston! It passed by so slowly everyday at first and then all of a sudden a month went by. I'm really liking it here, I cleaned and organized my room to my specifications, and really am enjoying having a lot of friends nearby to chill with and do things with. I got situated with my job and living place and some nearby places, and friends, and next I want to expand more and do things that make me feel good and feel fulfilled.

"You have in you the seeds of greatness and the seeds of destruction. The seeds you nurture will prevail. Choose wisely."

"Spring comes, the grass grows by itself" ~Zen proverb

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