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Jason's Quest.

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Every moment I have that is not being spent on work, sleep, girlfriend, self-care/tidying, family/friends, or life

knocking... Is my free time, and these are dangerous, passionate, burning desires.

What I want to do. What I want to get done.

My purpose, my discipline, my

pleasure, and my





"Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success"

-Napoleon Hill




"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which gives happiness"

-Thomas Jefferson





Quest for a connected, satisfying life with my babe together in a new city in the US

-Yep, sounds like a dream. Don't care, we have mutually decided to do this. Done my due diligence. I really like her, and that is an understatement. Right now my babe lives in Germany, and me near Boston. I visited her already in August, and it would be the biggest regret in my life if we didn't try. Lots of obstacles in the way, though. Expected timeline for completion is 1-2 years. In a way, I think it has to be like this for us to clean up our lives and prepare for the best possible future together. So, time to use everything I have learned so far in these 27 years of life to realize my... BURNING DESIRE

-Life needs to be a balance of work, and play. Both fulfilling, both give joy but an absence of either leads to unsatisfaction or unhappiness. They say happiness is tranquility and occupation, which is a balance of time to play and time to work. And time to sleep. Ideally, 8 hours each. After work, you need to play, not vegetate. Goal is 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play, and 8 hours of sleep. 



Action steps:


1) Work

     a. Career (35.5 hrs a week) + pick up shifts to buy luxuries/travel/gifts

     b. Urgent tasks, timed to dos

     c. Organizing to-do's and goals

     d. Big Brother program w/ Matheus every 2-3 weeks.

     e. Official documents and immigration - (Visas, green card, papers, citizenship, aka how to get her here)

     f. Research cities on the west coast to live in (pros/cons), job switch test requirements

            -Then move there in 12 months, and know everything about it

            -Take some responsibility for her enjoying life there, a job, friends, interests, etc.

     g. Learn about being a better property/car owner

     h. Read bookmarked blogs, so i can just read new updates on blogs i value


2) Play

     a. Meditate for 15 minutes

     b. Talk to babe

     c. Grow the body you want through Jiujitsu classes at dojo

     d. Grow the body you want through Yoga (Shred Plan)

     e. Entertainment

                 a. Read books, so I can just read blinkist and book summaries 

                        -Jiujitsu books

                 b. Watch movie list, so I can just keep up with new movies

                        -Watch food documentaries, improve diet

                        -Jiujitsu courses

                 c. Songbook for babe

                        -Look into singing book/cd/links

                        -Learn how to use effects pedals/ebow

     f. Learn more Chinese

     g. Learn some Russian


3) Sleep

     a. 8 hours a night, ideally (1030pm - 630 am)





"You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing"

-Andrew Jackson

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July 2017.

-This month, I want to tidy up my house, my to do list, and all the books in my house. Declutter, I want to do fewer things well rather than more things in a rush. Instead of overscheduling and shooting high so you can achieve more, don't even waste time on things you don't need, only focus on things that will directly affect your goals, and get rid of everything else. If you need it, the universe will give it to you just when you need it. That means not wasting time on preparing in general for the unknown on things that MIGHT come up, but rather spend all your time and energy preparing for the relevant tasks that WILL come up. Time not spent preparing for things you can anticipate is wasted time and distractions. This month I need to evaluate all the clutter in my house, my computer and my life and erase distractions (physical or digital) that do not contribute directly to my life goals. Then in future months I can work on my life goals. First have to get rid of all the shit.

-Also, I bought tickets to berlin next month! So the rest of this month is just to prepare, almost no time for exploratory stuff, need to clean and organize my shit, and do this rational stuff of finding a property management company and set up meetings and decisions... and then do these things for my babe... hmm. 


So far:

-Threw away my daily calendar about history, I don't even need it and it just takes up time that I could be spending directly on my tasks. Distraction.

-Thought about switching to google play music instead of itunes so I don't need to do all this redownloading and downloading new songs thing, just suscribe monthly and get free youtube red, and upload your songs and add new ones to that. Sooo much better, maybe I won't even need my laptop for anything anymore :)

-Sold some possessions on ebay, packaged and mailed, thinking about donating or getting rid of more books and the like....

-Picked up a looot of shifts this month, so I could get next months life-changing trip to Berlin, and thought abotu simplifying with friends or scheduling and showing more love

-Signed an agreement with a property management company to handle our property once my parents move back to Taiwan

-Spoon concert with Steve, and Game of Thrones sessions B)

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August 2017.

-I am thinking about reorganizing my goals for my life to include love and my babe and what I want to achieve, because my goals are no longer my priorities... will need time to do this, and time to prepare and reflect on my Berlin trip.... On top of that still want to declutter and get rid of almost all of my shit. Books, lists.... want to have less lists and schedules less so I can do and feel more, every day <3

-As a side note, need to finish all decluttering and donating of clothes/books, only keep things in your house that you love and you use regularly by the end of the month, because.... thats when my mom and dad may move in for 2 months x_x Ugh about the privacy, but maybe its important because thats the last time I will be able to see htem regularly before they move to Taiwan and I see them at most once a year... So super important to get all my things decluttered and organized this month!!

-Will also have to clean out parent's old home and destory nostalgia, maybe take some pictures and peace out... Help my parents declutter and throw away a lottttt of stuff


So far:

-Sold my CVS stock (net loss) and completely changed my car's brake pads, rotors, tires. $1500 T_T

-Bought a filing system, printed records, labeled and organized and commited myself to keeping records of major things

-Backed up iphone, finally! Also understood and backed up photos onto google photos. :)

-Worked on Property Management, signed tenant sheet and information.

-changed my diet, no processed foods, less shit, more vegetables and whole food, still meat. 

-Updated my epic goals, what I want know and to cut out the fat

-cleaned out flat, threw out/minimized, organized my record box, sorted through many books and donated them

-cleaned out old house, new tenant, and new contract with old tenant, transfered all bills to me...  fuck haha. but atleast theres less things ot think about. hmmm. 

-Now everything is in my house, like all the best parts of their house into my house and then throwing out and integrating. 

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September 2017.

-Parents are in the house now! Adjust to my sisters, and tell them all about my girlfriend. These next two months I will need to completely clean out my sisters and parents things. It's like I have to grab the bull by the horns and deal with/declutter my parents old house, my old possessions, my families possessions, and my past self and integrate it into mine. Understand myself better and how I was growing up... With that said I need to clean and organize my house still, by decluttering my old clothes, integrating and simplifying my insurances, think about signing up for dance classes, organizing old photos of my family by year and book to clean it up, and to donate and recycle what we can from organizing all the memories and possessions from the old house, asap.



-Cleaned the fuck out of the old house, moved, recycled, trashed, donated so much. 

-Reorganized my quest, updated it with new priorities now that I know for sure that I want to live with her together here in America... Burning desires and discipline. 

-Jury Duty! What a curveball, I ended up having to become a juror for 1-2 weeks. Life changing in observing the process of the law, all the formalities and efficiency over quality and thoroughness. Makes me think about discipline and hard work. Having the discipline to sit down and do hard and unappealing work, for appealing and beautiful results. Courtroom discipline. Once you know what it feels like you can't help but admire it and be afraid of it a little. Use that emotional memory for working on things you want to get done. Courtroom discipline..... hmmm. Being a leader, debating and facing issues and uncertainties head on between people.

-Set up automatic investments of HSA to Schwab S+P 500 fund

-Learned about the different 5 different languages of love, how to apply these to your daily activities

-Bought travel tickets (Berlin!) for end of next month, new hardcase luggage, travel supplies

-Redid goals with what i've learned about life balance between work, play, and sleep. I made a plan of my days, and emergencies, and how to be happy and get the things i want to include in my life included, so super happy about that. will constantly update and revise and update. Such a great update!

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October 2017.

-About one more month I go abroad to visit my babe again, and then after that week my parents will be leaving for Taiwan for the foreseeable future... So got to get ready for both! This whole month I want to refine my work/play/sleep life balance, and my plans for implementing the things I want into my daily life balancing all of them and not experiencing burnout (vegetable days). Do less things you dont want to that don't bring value to life, and do more things and fill your life with pleasing and fulfiling activities. So, this month I want to balance sleep, work, babe, friends/family, sprituality, working out at the dojo, working out with yoga at home, playing (guitar/books/movies), my research work, my work for babe to make her life easier, and my time resolving urgent tasks and monthly to-dos. Let's go. 



-got my ipad, optimized for play and watching videos for exercise or learning and guitar, plus books downstairs to read. Can watch movies here curled up on couch =)

-organized phone browser and gneo notes, cleaned it out

-ordered care package for babe and more from amazon.de

-reorganized to-dos into projects, minis, and real short stuff, due dates

-finished donating, talked to property managment company

-decided to take better care of myself. THis means saline nasal spray, anti inflammation diet, spending time cooking and buying good things for myself. I am sick of being sick and it wastes so much energy and time, I'd rather spend the time on prevention than on helping me when i get sick and wasting health and energy.

-Organized my bookshelf into higher priority, pleasure reading/easy reads, and lower priority that won't help me right away

-Read about astrology and anti-inflammation diet, got some ideas

-started Rosetta Stone Chinese, and submitted 23andme DNA for analysis :)



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November 2017.

-VIsited my babe <3 Then the next night my parents went away to Taiwan... Wow. Huge changes. Okay, time to get my apartment back, organize my things, prioritize things important to me, and get ready for the next phase. Realized that the best thing i can do is save money, which means working more hours for more money. How lucky I am that I don't need an extra job, I can just pick up hours at other stores for more money! I will be doing that a lot, and my new philosophy is that any thing I buy from amazon or for trips or for big purchases or gifts all have to come from picking up shifts. This way my base wage can pay for bills and real estate and retirement. Also, dont want to spend money on anything unnecessary, think about joy and don't go out just to go out and buy things. Be careful with your money! I need all this money. 

-Thinking about waking up earlier for my shifts, some time inbetween waking up and going to work so I can meditate, relax, and get ready for the day instead of jumping from bed to work and sacrificing. This means sleeping by 10/11 everyday, stop after 10 pm...



-Figured out financial priorities, and picking up more shifts

-Got rid of microsoft onedrive and onenote, moved all to zoho notebook and google drive/photos

-Applied for a new refinanced student loan package, 5% rate on student loans with autopay! Means i'll finish paying off all my student loans in... 2030 xD Well, gotta live for the moment too and also put money in retirement accounts for more than 5% increase

-Started cooking for myself! Chicken with salad and fruit shakes. 

-Watched 90 day fiance and saw problems and love.... makes me think that love is worth it, but you have to find the right love and relationship and situation. Love is the most important thing in life. 

-Reading daily horoscopes about life and emotions and human ideas, gain some crazy insight for myself and about the world and how things work...

-Buying tickets for Berlin again in december!

-switched my xfinity account to just basic internet again, saving $25 a month

-switched my clean choice energy to a lower rate, and got a reimbursement for last two months

-organized my cables and wires box, upstairs bedroom clothes and free room

-changed metlife to payroll deduction and company discount, saving a few hundred dollars a year. 

-reorganized all my to-dos to HIGH priority, MID priority, LOW priority and changed my philosophy to do the big stuff first and med and then low stuff only if I was ahead of schedule or had extra time. Because missing the low stuff doesnt matter too much, while I can't say the same for mid and high stuff. It's all about taking the bull by the horns and knowing its not a big deal, I have enough power and ability and talent to handle it. So lets get rid of it and think less



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