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5 hours ago, The Shogun said:


Sometimes this is good enough, the feeling of seeing your bed made after a long day always makes me feel proud =D

Yes. I'm really proud of the fact that I actually did it on autopilot. I was halfway through before I was like "Oh no!, I'm running late." Finished it anyway. It'll help me stick to cleaning my room this afternoon.

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6 hours ago, Kishi said:

Wait so people go camping and expect electricity? Are they RV'ing? (I'm trying to remember if I've asked this before, and if I have, I apologize).

I don't think you've asked before, but I wouldn't mind if you did. I've been asked the same thing hundreds of times by strangers. A friend is never gonna be a problem.


3 hours ago, Toshimi said:

My guess would be RV, I've known people who think camping is anything less than somewhere without room service. Though personally a tent and some stars is good for me!


24 minutes ago, Treva said:

 or if there are sites with cabins that have electricity, that could do it.  Ah yes, I have heard of this non-room service (glamping?) business. I usually like having flush toilets around, but I'm a diva.  I thought the point of camping was to get away from electronics. .

The guy doing the horn honking and light flashing was actually in a tent. With a window unit AC propped up on a rock in a hole he cut in the tent. But there were also several RV campers out and about that were upset when I got to the tent. I think he had been (self?)elected the spokesperson. 

We have people that will camp in no less than a full water, sewer, and 50 amp electric site. I get told all the time that it's a "Shame" the park doesn't have 50 amp sites on the water and they almost didn't come back. 
But we also have full on cabins, like 2 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, blender, satellite TV, fridge, think basically a house, in the park to rent. They had power. Just 3 areasof the campground didn't. One guy was mad that I had electricity and he didn't. I hated it for them, because it was hot, but none of them accepted my offer to move to a site that had working electricity.  It was a power company problem, not ours, but I gave partial refunds to the people who left.


3 hours ago, Toshimi said:

That sucks that you got woken up. hopefully it wasn't a "since I"m up someone else should be too

The ranger is brand new. He started Sunday. They didn't tell us ahead of time that he was coming and I was out for vacation so he's not really had any park specific training. I've been fixing that today. Plus, he was a little freaked out by the "This dude is AT MY HOUSE and he's mad!" I had to laugh though because he was like "How did he even know where I was or that I worked here?" I pointed to the sign that says "ranger residence" and then said "Plus, the yellow striped vehicle that says 'PARK RANGER' on the side helps" He said "It's 2 a.m. I'm not at my best." 



Just to be clear, I don't discriminate against different kinds of camping. I'll take your money whether you're in a 40' RV with a hot tub or sleeping on a yoga mat under the picnic table. :)

(but I camp in a hammock)

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I finally thought of a good tracking/reward combo!

I've been making my bed, but I just use a blanket. I got rid of most of my bedding when I started moving park to park. I've seen really cool space comforter sets on Wish. Some were less than $20. So I'm going to start tracking tomorrow morning and if I follow my morning routine every day for 30 days, I get to splurge and order a cool bedspread.  Something like this.



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I've kept up with, and enjoyed, my morning routine for three days so far. 10%there lol

Today I did the benchmark workout for this month of RH. I love the workout style for this month. I've been sticking with the academy for the few workouts I've done, but the RH ones this month are all relevant to things I want to be able to do. Handstands, one legged squats, stuff like that. I did better on the benchmarks than I expected. Using chairs, I could lift my feet off the ground and extend them, CLOSE to a full L sit. With my parallettes, I couldn't get my heels off the ground but I was not putting hardly any weight on them. 

It's my Friday tonight and I'm planning on running tomorrow. 

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15 hours ago, Kishi said:

Well, but, hey. 10% closer than you were before, yeah? And it's always good when the training that you get to do aligns with the things you want to be able to do.


Also, total envy for your Friday being yesterday. :D

Yep. And now day 4 is done. 


Trade off for the Friday, the real Friday is usually my Monday. :) If that helps your envy. 

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I didn't run. I wound up having to work part of the day. Then my mom came to visit. 

The main reason I didn't run sort of made me realize why I keep putting it off. 

There are too many people. At my old park, it was huge. I could run and not see about person. Here, I can't do that. And the people that would see me are people that will say something. 

I have thought of a couple of solutions, good ones. There are 2 tracks in town that will work and the free gym has a treadmill. I need to start taking advantage of these things. 

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I'm doing really well with the first two parts of my challenge. I've stuck with my morning routine and since I added the last bit and attached an award to it, I've stuck with it for 8 days. I even stuck with it though I spent the night at mom & dad's last night. I tried to get Mom to do yoga with me but that was a no go. She didn't wanna wake up yet. 

I have also improved my afternoons. I'm getting back on track with my 20 minutes routine. My house is looking better and my brain feels better. 

I've been doing better at working out but not as good as I could. I'm changing that this week even though I'll be on the road 2nd-6th for work, I'm going to end my challenge on point. 

A big part of the challenge for me was just doing it. I've slacked on the last several. I haven't done that with this one and that makes me happy. 

Another thing that makes me happy, y'all, I'm gonna have WiFi in my hotel on the 2nd-6th! Lol 

When I have my current morning routine down and I feel more comfortable with the time for it, I think I'd like to start working on going to bed and waking up earlier. I can control my mornings easier than my evenings. I need to cultivate the discipline to run before work. I've done it before but I was working 11-8. It made me feel SO much better at work.


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Well, in that case, doing even what you have done is a marked improvement over the way things used to be, isn't it? That's terrific, and you should feel happy about this. Congratulations!


Morning routines are pretty powerful things and more easily done the earlier you get up. That'll take some time, for sure, but I'm sure you can manage it. Maybe a thought for next challenge, hm?

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I just did an assisted pull-up. It was with my huge resistance band that's supposed to be up to 125 lbs but it's the closest to a real pull-up I've ever been. I felt awesome. Then I saw myself in the mirror and came down harder than I was pumped up. Ugh. 

But it was still cool. Cause I did it with all the weight I have now. So when I lose some, I'll be even better at it. 

I tried to do another and I couldn't. I was able to do real flexed arm hangs though so that was fun. 

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That hotel wifi I was so excited about? Yeah, it barely works. But have cell phone service, so I'm just gonna use that. 
Anyway, I have mostly healthy breakfasts prepped in my hotel room fridge. I'm trying out prepackaged Quaker overnight oats. I've never done overnight oats and this seemed like a good way to try it out with little investment. There's a Subway where I can get salads for lunch. If I scoot out of my pre-lunch session a tiny bit early, I can easily walk there. There are enough places nearby to eat grilled meat and veggies, that dinner won't be a problem. Except for Saturday night because I'll have dinner with my friends who own a cafe that makes amazing food, drinks, and desserts, and I usually wind up taste testing something new and decadent. But that'll be ok. 
I stuck to my morning routine today even though I woke up in a hotel. :D Go me.

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It's one thing to refuse treats from friends. It's another thing entirely to refuse treats from friends who own a café. That's just not right. You should totally indulge with them.


Glad to see that the morning routine has stuck around! Sounds like one for the win column.

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1. My morning routine has worked out fantastic. Now I need to work on getting up earlier to make it a slower more relaxing experience. 

2. I've gotten better about evenings, but I need to improve more.

3. Working out was hit or miss but better than the last like 6 challenges.


This last week has been rough. A good friend passed away. I had a somewhat sudden, major deadline at work. I won't keep whining, but anyway, I stuck with my morning routine.

I'm going to thinkon next challenge, but I know that waking up earlier and going to bed earlier will be a part of it.

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