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Flagwaver Respawned, Challenge I


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While most people would associate the Destiny Titan with the Warriors, I see them more as the quintessential military trained individuals.  Military training, as some of you know, is all about CrossFit-like conditioning.  Thus, I will be remaining here with my fellow Rangers.

With that said, I’m returning from the dead much as the Destiny Guardians did.  However, my Ghost is my conscience to keep my on the path.  With that said, I plan to start up about where I left off.  So, let’s get started.

0900-1300 – Activity Slot 1
1300-1400 – Afternoon Training
1400-1800 – Activity Slot 2
1800-1900 – Evening Training
1900-2300 – Activity Slot 3

You will notice that I have Activity Slots listed.  Each slot will be taken up with a, you guessed it, different activity.  Rather than focusing on one activity throughout the day, I will instead break things up so I am able to accomplish more.

Time Management

The Cleaning is general housework and cleaning.  The Costuming is costume building.  The Developing is development of my roleplaying game.  The Gaming is playing video games.  The Learning is based around me writing my Thesis.  The Writing is my novel writing.  Each task will be performed at least twice per week with no task happening twice on the same day.

The other section is my Training.  I will be training twice a day.  For the purpose of this Challenge, I’ll be doing 5 weeks of Great Body Guaranteed from Beachbody.com during my Afternoon Training and an hour of walking on the track at my local university for my Evening Training. (listening to audible books).

Physical Training
Train twice a day, once on Sundays, for about an hour each time.

My Afternoon Training involves using the Great Body Guaranteed program from Beachbody.com.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll be doing the Great Stretch, Great Arms, Great Abs, and Great Stretch routines.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I’ll be doing the Great Stretch, Great Thighs, Great Buns, and Great Stretch routines.  For the Great Arms routine, I will be using a pair of 5 pound weights.

My Evening Training includes walking for an hour on my local university track.  To keep my morale up, I’ll be listening to my audible novels.

Dietary Concerns
Eat four small meals a day
Eat fast food no more than five meals a week
Drink only one cup of coffee per day.
Drink no soda or adult beverages.

By my personal clock, eating at 0800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 should be good if my lights out time is 2300 and my stand to is at 0700.  So, I’ll be keeping to this dietary schedule.

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Thank you, both.  I'm planning to keep things going from now until I reach level 20!


Optional Week 0-A quest: Constructing the thing


Before we pilot a robot, we need to have a robot and in order to have a robot, we need to make a robot but before we make a robot, we gotta plan carefully. Hope that makes sense, because it's an allegory about your challenge goals. Take some time to sit back, review your challenge goals and check whether they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related).



The schedule, physical training, and dietary concerns are all very specific.



The schedule and dietary concerns are not really measurable, but the physical training is.  Specifically, it is measurable in terms of body composition.



All three of my sections are definitely achievable.  It will take willpower and discipline, but they are achievable.



All three of my goals are very realistic.  I used to live by my schedule when I was in the military, the physical training is why we are all here, and the dietary concerns are definitely realistic.



The schedule is all about time.  The Physical Training is over-time.  The diet... well, when do I eat.



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