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[motherofcatdragons] I'd Rather Be A Mermaid

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In preparation for my upcoming returning to 4 Week Challenge (they were still 6 when I left) I decided to just Get On The Mat today. My goal is to spend 15 minutes on the mat at least three times per week to try to overcome the inertia of being off it for over a year. Yoga, pilates, meditation, or stretching... I just have to Get On The Mat.



sun salutations x 2


single leg stretch x 20

single straight leg stretch x 10

rollup x 3

double leg lift x 5


Warrior Flow

(pyramid, extended triangle, warrior I, warrior II, reverse warrior, extended side-angle, revolved side-angle, prayer twist lunge, warrior III, dancer)


low plank x 30 seconds

high plank x 20 seconds

low side plank (each side) x 20 seconds

high side plank (each side) x ...briefly

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