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Okay so maybe the last challenge wasn't a good return, so I guess you could call this my "Re-return"! 


So I am going to do a similar challenge, 


1. Lift at the gym four days a week(1 week pass allowed)


2. 5/7 days eating prepared meals and not eating out. 


3. Only making essential purchases. I've got loads of books to read and a full netflix list of movies to watch so I need not buy any books or movies! 


These are my goals for the month and hopefully you'll see a pretty rocking progress picture soon 


That's neat, and so are you

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Alright! For Zero Week I have been doing okay but I'm excited to start full throttle tomorrow.

Tracking: Monday(Yes) Tuesday(Yes) Wednesday(yes) Thursday(yes)

Exercise: Monday(No) Tuesday(No) Wednesday(No) Thursday(yes)

Money: Monday(no) Tuesday(yes) Wednesday(yes) Thursday(yes)

SUBGOAL( Also I added a subgoal it's not drinking caffeine this month)

So far this week it's just all no's.

That's neat, and so are you

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Ok! So Monday(day two) not so great, yesterday i was at applebees so i ate food there and i cleaned my apartment before work so didnt have time to hit the gym. I did not go today either and woke up late so i didnt get a chance to cook, still have five days left so this week can still be a winner, im still going to do beginner bodyweight workout tonight though. Also bombed caffeine. Yesterday was a diet mountain dew and today was a monster, yikes!


Week 1

Meal prep(0/5)





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That's neat, and so are you

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Is that eggs, chicken and broccoli? Looks good!

I'm inspired by your challenge to include more pictures in mine of actual things I'm doing, not just gifs. Though I do love gifs. 

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