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Toshimi comes back


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Really wanted to find a theme for this time, but just cant find anything that seems to fit. 



More news on my knee:



Well good new is, they didn't make me feel like i was crazy (which tend to happen because they normally can't figure out why i have pain). No answers yet, but we at least have a path forward. Likely culprit is my knee cap and the cartilage being worn down. They had shaved/smoothed the cartilage on the back of my kneecap during a surgery a number of years ago. Doctor I saw yesterday said it was common at the time, but they don't do it anymore (yay?). Bursitis is still an issue, and super tender ligaments behind and on the inside of the knee... not sure what is going on with those, but maybe w'ell find out soon?


If it is what he thinks, there are some newer treatments than when I had my surgery. Some new stem cell and/or rich platelet treatments that he's had some good results with. (the guy I saw specializes in non surgical treatment). So far he doesn't think it's bad enough to warrant another surgery, if it was that bad he said normally it shows on the x rays


next step is an MRI with some special contrast, date TBD. 


Things I cant do right now? Running, jumping, squats, and pretty much any repetitive weight baring movement. (so our normal warm ups at kung fu, any stance work) Still deciding if I"m going back to classes at the end of the month. Seriously considering it, but it's going to be hard to limit myself. 


Things i can do: He didn't tell me I couldn't ride the bicycle, but I can only go as long as it doesn't hurt. Which with the last few rides I've done means only about 10 miles, but it's something. Going to try and get my single bike on the trainer and test it out to see how it does. Thinking about trying some swimming, just a matter of finding a place and a time to do it. Also found some upper body weight routines that I can do without impacting my knee. 


Right now it's a little uncertain of if I'll be able to return to Kung Fu, but trying to not focus on that for now. 




Quest 1: headspace app at least 5 days a week. 


Quest 2:Half hour of homework and half hour of reading before any video games/tv/etc during the week. Must do at least 2 hours of studying/reading on the weekends (doesnt have to be per day

              Taking a certification class for work, and Macroeconomics for my AA, 3 weeks left in the first, 4 weeks left in the latter, tired of getting my homework done on the last day. 

             I have a book for my work group I have to read by November (The Highest Calling), our office book club book (Turn this ship around) and a whole stack of other mostly work related but some fun books. 


Quest 3: Drink water! Keep not doing this... easy, yes... seem to do it on a regular basis... far from it.. 


Stuff to get done list: 

  • August budget
  • Get name changed on credit card 
  • Schedule MRI for knee (waiting on doctor office, a little out of my control) 
  • Apply and schedule for TSA precheck 
  • Apply for new passport with married name
  • Come up with "keep house clean" plan
  • Schedule for August Hipcooks assisting class
  • Go through guest room closet
  • Go through stuff in garage (re organize the storage shelves) 
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Well, hey! Welcome back! Good to see you again.


Sorry to hear about your knee issues, though. :( Those are definitely something that you need to do many martial arts, and potentially being benched has got to be a frustrating prospect for you. On the other hand, at least you're seeing to it now and not further down the road when something bad could happen to you.


In the meantime, yes. Drink water. Does a body good. I find that keeping a liter bottle nearby really helps me to drink, and it's getting to the point where I don't even have to think of it anymore - I just reach out and grab.


All in all, this feels like a "Show Up" challenge. Plenty of value in that. But that means you have to keep showing up, then. You can do this!

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Welcome back and hi!


(aside - is your sn from Toshimi vs the Giant Robots? Because now I have that song stuck in my head...)


On the knee stuff - sympathies. I've had knee issues (sprained one knee at 15 in a skiing accident that had me off strenuous activity for a year, runner's knee in the same knee 10 yrs later, and then sprained my other knee this year - thankfully very mildly with a grade 1 MCL which I'm currently at about 98% recovery), so I can relate and it sucks. I won't bore you with suggestions cuz I know from experience how when you've got a long-lasting and/or chronic injury/illness everyone and their dog suddenly becomes more of an expert than you and your doctor(s) and it gets tiring to field the 57th recommendation that you try yoga/aromatherapy/homeopathy/dancing nude under the light of the full moon/faith healing/whatever, even if they're well-meaning. Also sympathies on the docs going "Welp, we dunno what's wrong/why you're not responding to treatment so you must be nuts." cuz yeah that is a thing I've run into, too. Especially if you have any kind of marginalized identity (it's super common for Natives and women in my region to get that treatment), doctors seem inclined to write off anything they can't explain as all in the head and/or drug-seeking.


On the water challenge - do you have a large-volume water bottle you can carry around with you? At work, I can't have uncovered drinks (I work in a lab. Nuff said) so I used to get a bit dehydrated by end of day because I don't tend to drink with meals so I'd have coffee in the morning and then nothing until after work. Getting a water bottle and just carrying it around with me lets me sip at it mindlessly throughout the day. Refill at lunch and I've had 4 cups at least by the time I'm ready to head home. YMMV, but for me having water handy and convenient is key to making sure I drink it.

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On 7/6/2017 at 8:53 AM, Kishi said:

All in all, this feels like a "Show Up" challenge. Plenty of value in that. But that means you have to keep showing up, then. You can do this!

100% a show up challenge. Really missed the challenges, but also was getting to the point where i kept setting goals I was not hitting. So maybe this will help?



On 7/7/2017 at 4:16 AM, chemgeek said:

Welcome back and hi!


(aside - is your sn from Toshimi vs the Giant Robots? Because now I have that song stuck in my head...)


It started from the Flaming Lips song Yoshimi battles the pink robots (I think it's the same song?) and Tosh from Torchwood. From what I've been able to find on the googles, depending  on the Kanji used it can mean holy or sacred beauty. Just thought it was a cool name. 


I have a large cup I have at my office, which i try to remember to go through 2-3 a day while at the desk. The big problems are weekends, and there are days I'm not in the office, and although I have a car that says it has 10 cup holders, I've had a very hard time finding water bottles that actually fit in any of them! Which i should just carry around the small one i have, going to go get it out right after this so I dont forget it monday. 


Also just ordered some more tea, For some reason I can drink a lot more tea than just plane water, but had run out of my favorite non caffeinated teas. 


In other news, life just got more interesting. Going to be taking on some more responsibility at work. I'd been doing good the last few weeks of working under 50 hours, but looking like that is not going to happen for awhile. Should be some good changes for the company in the long term, just the short term is going to suck. Trying to get ahead on my homework for next week, since during next weeks transitions are going to be the worst/most stressful. sorry its so vague, i'll more details once some things are worked out and I feel like i can talk about them more. 

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Really enjoying headspace when i get to it. Need to make a consistent time to do it. Might change up the challenge a little, been making a list of stuff that needs to happen (mainly in the adulting area, trying to come up with some sort of incentive for doing so. 


So not sure if I was doing weight watchers last time i was on here, but I'm doing it, it's... well when you dont track points it doesn't really go well. Overall I'm down 5lbs from when I started 4 months ago, but been up and down a lot still. 


Also in the last month I ended up getting a cpap machine, last night was the first time in the almost 3 weeks I've had it I didn't feel like i was fighting it all night. it only woke me up once, which was great. 


Will update with my stuff list by tonight (really big into deadlines and lists right now thanks to reading Checklist Manifesto, and The One Thing, both highly recommended books)

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So far week recap:So the headspace hasnt been great this week. But I've read almost all of my book. Might finish it this weekend. Turn This Ship Around is a great book in general, but also on leadership. I've been drinking more water, but still feel dehydrated (headaches, muscles that are more achy than normal) . Not sure i can really quantify what "more" is. For next week might pick up a case of bottled water. Don't normally like doing that, but might be the little kickstart i need to get on track. 




So I was supposed to have my MRI yesterday. Got down there they were about to start, then thankfully I realized they didn't have the right orders. (didnt want to pay twice for what the insurance didnt cover). Although the notes from my dr visit said it was supposed to have contrast, somehow that was missing from my actual MRI prescription thingy. Now waiting for the dr's office to correct the mistake so the MRI place can ask my insurance again if they'll cover it... 





One fun thing I've added to my schedule lately is I now am assisting 1-2 cooking classes a month! We went and took a class for my birthday (sushi making!) tomorrow is going to be my second time assisting, and I have another scheduled for the end of the month.  A lot of fun, and the teachers so far I've met are great. I wish it wasn't an hour drive each way to the location or else I'd probably be doing it a lot more. I don't get paid money for it, but for every 3 classes you assist you get 1 class for free. 

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I'd say i was doing a solid 30-40 oz a day, Almost up to 64 oz yesterday, on track to make it today. Ideally I'd like to be closer to 70-80 oz. And I'm counting any non caffeinated, non sugary drinks. So sparkling water, herbal tea, and water. 


Almost had my MRI last friday... turns out the notes from my doctor appoitment, and what actually got wrote on the order were 2 different things. Heard from the doctor today, they have it worked out on their end, but now the MRI place has to hear back from the insurance again (last time that took 2 weeks) 


Looking into doing yoga/pilates for the time being. I thought I found a great yoga place, but in the middle of their yoga class they do HIIT, which with my knee thinking that's probably not the best idea right now. Have a few more places to call to get schedules/prices. Also need to get a hold of the Kung Fu place and let them know I wont be back this month like they were assuming I would be. 



Getting all my school stuff in order for fall, trying to figure out classes. Would like to get my 2 classes done this semester so I just have one next, but it's proving a little more difficult to find classes that work. I think how it's going to end up being is doing Early African American History (1450-1877) and doing criminology. Not super excited about either of them, but its one of the, what do I need verses what works in my schedule. wait listed on a few other classes (Biological anthropology being the main one) If I get into one of the wait listed ones might drop one of the ones I"m in, but at least I'm in something. 


Also found out that I should be good to apply for transfer when the application process when it opens again on Aug 1st. Been talking with the program I'm going into and looks like I"m good to go, will take awhile for mine just because I have 3 schools that i have to get transcripts evaluated from, but would mean I'll start finishing my bachelors Spring of 2018, and will be getting a BA in Organizational Leadership through the online program at Humboldt State. 


As far as the homework stuff going. Haven't started much on the actual homework this week, but feeling almost caught up on the reading. Planning on taking my unit 2 test tonight. A little scared on a few of the topics I semi struggled with in the homework, just glad she includes extra credit assignments most weeks. 


Headspace, yeah, need to get on that more, funny how something that should only be 3-5 mins seems to get left off so often. 



Kinda rambly/complainy so putting it in a spoiler


So I'm coming up on my 4 months with weight watchers, I'm currently down 5 lbs from when I started, of the 25-30 I need to loose. had an "ah ha" moment last night which, although didn't really give any answers, at least gave some insight. Yes i have a number in mind at least to get down to before starting to try and focus more on muscles, and that number largely comes from my doctor and knowing I've been down there before (actually last time I did weight watchers). At the same time I don't really have a reason, which I feel is making it hard. Yeah there's the whole "I should want to so I can be healthy" stuff, but right now, that's just not where I am. And Logically I know that loosing the weight could get me away from the evil C pap machine I currently have, it could make my knees feel better, over all me hurt less. I know I should loose the weight so I'm in a healthy place for when we decide we're ready for kids... 


I'm just struggling trying to get to the point where I have the motivation, It's totally no there now. But trying the fake it till you make it. Goal is to track all week, even if I end up being over (no more than 3 points under) maybe 


Try not, do or do not- Yoda

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Game plan on water for the week: I switched out my 16 oz cup at work for a 30 oz one. Drink one before lunch time, drink another before leaving work. Also trying to take my smaller cup with me when i go out and run errands or am on job sites (Sadly the big cup does not fit in any of my car cup holders). So far today through already through almost a cup and a half. 


Should be done with both my classes this week. 12 homework questions left and a test. No reason to put off the test until next week. A little not happy with the teacher, she hasn't posted our overall grades. I know that on the homework i have a 95%, a 86% on the tests and 4 extra credit assignments, but hot sure how the extra credit works. Either way would be very happy with a B in this class, especially with the content from this last week I struggled with a little more. 


Only 50 pages left in Turn This Ship Around. Should have it finished by this weekend too!

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It's going. Seems like lots of doctor appointments lately, and finding out there's a lot more to come. Had my MRI a few Fridays ago, have my follow up with my orthopedic a week from tomorrow. Same day as the MRI also had a follow up appointment with my GP, and the more I go to her the more I realize I think I've finally found a doctor I really like. She seems to want to know what's going on just as much as I do, and is very much into looking at multiple sides of the issue. Did another round of blood work, everything came back fine (Recheck of thyroid, normal CBC panel, also checked some inflammation factors, and rheumatoid arthritis). Actually excited that she was able to refer me to a nutritionist. I've been wanting to go, but insurance doesn't cover. The office I go to though currently has someone there who is being paid by a grant, which means 0 out of pocket for me! She also is referring me to one of their mental health programs, just with the fact I have struggled with depression from time to time, and once again my knee seems to be keeping me from doing the things I love. Not sure when those appointments start, but its a 6 month program, then transitioning out of it just into some more regular type therapy. 


One of my to do's though is to find some sort of exercise that 1) works in my schedule and 2) I can do with my knee. which turns out is proving harder than I thought. I have a yoga class that I might try this next week, but once I start school on the 23rd, i cant do it, so not sure it's worth going the 2 weeks? Also looking into gyms that have lap pools and/or water aerobics. This is going to be my one thing for this last week of the challenge. I need to do something. 



Last few days I haven't been great about my water intake and it's really hitting me today. Got a cool glass pitcher thingy (not sure how else to describe it) and currently making a batch of some mint lemon tea (mint tea, squeeze of lemon juice) to have today. I drink a lot of it when I'm down teaching cooking classes, so why not do it here to. 



Also LOVING the cooking classes. Yes I eat like crap most the time I do them, but its 1-2 times a month and it's not all horrible food. Last weekend they had a closure on the freeway so I didn't get a chance to eat a head of time, so I might have had a little more dim sum than i should've, but it was good, and worth it. 


not sure what the block is with headspace, just haven't for the most part. Going to try and figure something out soon. 



Still need to finish my test, keep putting it off... tonight is the night... might go to a coffee shop to do it since our AC in our house just does not seem to be keeping up great. Yesterday was the first cool day, with it being only 95 outside. The humidty has been fun to (I live in a desert where we don't often get rain storms/clouds during the summer. We've had clouds all week and off and on sprinklings, its odd, and I want my dry heat back, but i could do without the 100+ they're saying it should be once the clouds are gone)


Hope everyone has a good week

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On 8/3/2017 at 8:42 AM, Toshimi said:

 Did another round of blood work, everything came back fine (Recheck of thyroid, normal CBC panel, also checked some inflammation factors, and rheumatoid arthritis).



So yeah about that... didn't realize I did not have all the results. Tested positive for one of the Ebstein Barr antibodies. Dr does not think I have an active infection, but it can cause chronic fatigue. (yay answers). Follow up appointment on the 25th. 

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2 minutes ago, Toshimi said:



So yeah about that... didn't realize I did not have all the results. Tested positive for one of the Ebstein Barr antibodies. Dr does not think I have an active infection, but it can cause chronic fatigue. (yay answers). Follow up appointment on the 25th. 


Hey, answers are good. Answers mean you can find solutions. Glad to hear that they found that for you - typically, it doesn't go that way.

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