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Poor Kitty! hope he feels better and you are less stressed!


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On 7/28/2017 at 3:04 PM, shaar said:

Oh no Raxie I hope kitty is ok!!!  That sounds SO STRESSFUL!! :[  One of my biggest worries is if something like that happens to my pets.. it's so nerve wracking.  Sending you all the good juju and I hope once he's back in his comfy home with you guys that everything goes super smoothly!! <3333

On 7/28/2017 at 6:45 PM, deftona said:

I am sorry to hear about your cat and I hope you get a diagnosis soon. 

On 7/29/2017 at 0:03 PM, darkfoxx said:

Oh Noes .... HUUUUUUUUUUGS!!!!





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On 7/29/2017 at 0:27 PM, obax said:

Sending out positive vibes to your kitty. I know how stressful it can be when a pet gets sick, I hope everything works out and he heals up quick-like!

On 7/31/2017 at 9:32 AM, QuietRiotGrrrl said:

Nooo! Not the cat.  I hope that gets figured out quickly for you.

On 7/31/2017 at 11:19 AM, Starpuck said:

Oh no kitteh. :(  Sorry to hear you're going through that unexpected stress and craziness.   Sounds like you're doing pretty well in trying to keep a handle on it, so props on that.



Also... this is beyond amazing, and entrancing... can't. Stop. watching.


Keeping all the fingers and toes crossed for you and kitto, that you all figure things out.

On 7/31/2017 at 7:10 PM, DJtrippyT said:

Poor Kitty! hope he feels better and you are less stressed!



Thank you everybody <3 As you can probably tell from my lack of updates, kitty issues definitely had an impact on the end of this challenge.  I didn't get nearly as much done the last week and a half as I had wanted.  Kitty details in the spoiler if you're interested.



So this cat is diabetic, and had a seizure.  He had to be rushed to the kitty ER where they assumed it was a hypoglycemic episode, as is quite common in diabetic cats.  After that we were able to bring him home where we quickly realized he was not urinating at all and he was dragging his back leg around like a dead weight.  Brought him back to the vet where he was "unblocked" and put on observation with a catheter.  Apparently this issue is typically caused by an infection, urinary stones, etc, but we were able to rule all of that out.  Additionally, heart disease and a blood clot in his leg and any muscular or bone damage were also ruled out for the leg issue.  Essentially by process of elimination all of the vets we have spoken to (my primary vet, the ER vet, and the internal medicine vet consult) seem to think while it is really rare, it is highly likely at this point that he has a brain tumor and his issues are neurological in nature.  So the seizure was likely not hypoglycemia but neurological, he's unable to urinate because he's not getting the right signals from his brain down there, and he's unable to walk correctly for similar reasons.  So we brought him back home and he becomes extremely lethargic, I get a look at his stitches from his urinary catheter and HOLY MOLY is it infected.  Bring him back to the vet. He gets put on antibiotics and some other stuff to help him go to the bathroom easier as well as some pain meds and oh by the way apparently he scratched his eyeball at some point so he also needs eye ointment.  AHHH THIS CAT.  Anyway, he is home safe now, his infection has calmed down significantly, he is emotionally back to normal, except he is all sad with a cone on his head.  He has a few more days on the antibiotics and then we will bring him for a follow up to make sure his infection is cleared.  Then we will have to schedule a neurological consult to start to talk about where to go from here in terms of the real issue, ie the potential brain tumor.  So 2 weeks, 4 vet visits, 2 of which were ER visits.  Lots of crazy medicine giving.  Very tired and emotionally exhausted Raxie.


TL;DR: Kitty is pulling through, after seeing 3 different vets they seem to think he probably has a brain tumor. He's currently fighting off a really serious infection from a catheter and is on 5 different medications.  As soon as he stabilizes we will have to have a serious talk with a kitty neurologist to see where we go from here, basically figure out an end-of-life plan in terms of what to watch for with the development of a brain tumor and when quality of life may start to be affected. :(


On 7/31/2017 at 9:32 AM, QuietRiotGrrrl said:

Here is a ... special cat/castiel gif for you just because.



Thank you. Seriously, that gif gives me pure joy right now hahah <3

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Challenge Wrap Up



Alrighty.  So due to not really tracking the last week and a half I'm not going to actually score myself because I honestly have no idea what I did.  I know for a fact I meditated a few times -- I definitely tried to make it a priority.  As per usual, cleaning was the first thing to go down the drain when I was stressed so Fly Lady goals were not hit.  I ate out far too much because Mr. Raxie and I were on the road bringing kitty back and forth from the vet until late a lot of nights.  I did try to eat as healthy as possible and when I couldn't at least try to stay within my calories and I think I was fairly sucessful at that.  I've also been doing ROMWOD almost every day - not a part of this challenge but definitely something I absolutely love and am glad I've been sticking with.


This last week I discovered the Bear Complex and have been doing that 5x5 a few times a week with my 45lb bar I have in my apartment and absolutely loving it's efficiency!  I think I'm going to keep working with that this upcoming zero week before I officially get back to SL the first week of the next challenge.


For those who don't know the Bear Cycle is a Clean --> Front Squat --> Push Press --> Back Squat --> Push Press rinse and repeat without stopping or letting go of the bar.  One of my favourite headmasters from camp Jen Sinkler has a great video about it:







So yeah, I did that 5x5 twice this week and feel pretty great about it.  


Also this last week Mr. Raxie and I started taking dance lessons for our first dance at our wedding!! I did ballet for 15 years growing up, and haven't really danced at all since and have NEVER done ballroom, but gosh I love dancing so much.  I'm really enjoying it and Rangerbrain is calling me to maybe start doing group ballroom classes once the wedding is over since every time I'm done with a lesson I just feel SO GREAT.   More on that in my next challenge though.  Kind of a huge change in my goals coming up based on honey moon plans and this rediscovery of my love of dance.  


So anyway, I'm going to give myself a B for this challenge.  I had pretty good numbers starting out, I lost 3 pounds, and I really pushed through the last two weeks despite kitty problems. I feel like were I to add it up I'd probably be in the C range for week 3 and 4 so combined with the first two weeks that probably comes out to about a B- I feel like?  Plus some bonus points for ROMWOD, dance and pushing through hard times.  Not quite my glorious return to NF I had wanted but I'm thrilled to be here again nevertheless.  On to the next!!

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