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  2. elizevdmerwe

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Yikes, I think I'll stick to calling it a toasted cheese, or toasted ham and cheese sandwich. I do not want to call the ire of such a passionate person on myself And yes, I first toast the bread in a toaster, then add insides. I don't have an electric grill, except the one in the oven, and I'm not going to use that for two or three sandwiches.
  3. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    Yesterday - Fought with css and logos - Had to work late because of aforementioned struggle - Committed first thing for the project! Wheee! It feels like an exam haha, my brain is so dumb sometimes. - Did not move, barely went outside, my abs are still sore from doing gazillions of arm jumps and drops into cat hangs in parkour. Also my elbows which is a little annoying. Hopefully that will go away as my muscles recover.
  4. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Thursday Update Dear me, was that only Thursday. I continue to be low-key sick. I am getting chestier and more tired and I was a little strange yesterday. This always happens when I am ill - I forget to pay attention to the things I say and I am pretty weird, you should hear my internal monologue. Normally I have the energy to provide a buffer so I can keep pretending I am less weird than I am so I can continue to infiltrate society but when I am sick I get really strange. While explaining to a very much middle aged client yesterday that something was stiff but you can move it if you give it enough power, I said "You just gotta show it who it's daddy is" and later, in a meeting I helped chair I couldn't think of a better word than "clusterfuck" so that's the one I went with. Someone will cotton on soon I am indeed an alien trying to assimilate but hopefully my illness clears up before than happens. You ever think you really really wanna hit up one of your fuckbois and then come to realise what you actually want is a jacket potato? Well that was my life yesterday. I didn't hit up any fuckbois and I didn't have a jacket potato either but it was nice realising my emotional weakness was related to carbohydrates because actually, I feel like a lot of my desires are actually just carb cravings masquerading as something else. Think I want a new job? Eat a sammich! Think that's love? Eat cracker first, then decide. I am genuinely going to try this. I fasted until 3 when I ate the usual sausage salad and yoghurt. As I said I had a late meeting which overran but luckily I just about caught my train. TH was working from home and warmed up an Indian feast I had cooked over the last couple of weeks and frozen different elements of. We have beef and chickpea saag curry, daal, and bombay potatoes. I couldn't eat much of it though, I am not sure why. Bedtime was as early as possible and I passed out immediately. I could really do with some R&R time. Also I am pleased to report I am losing weight nicely. This is mostly in the realm of fiction so far because I am not weighing in, but in an effort to trust the process I have a spreadsheet that works out, from my intake and Fitbit burn, how many pounds I am predicted to have lost so I am just pretending that is my actual weigh in and at the end of the challenge (if I make it that long) (wait, I meant if I make the whole not weighing in thing, I am not expecting this cough to finish me off) I will see how close this is to reality. What a fun, potentially depressing aspect of the challenge, huh?!
  5. deftona

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    But but but as a British person I have no idea why you call it grilled cheese since it goes nowhere near a grill. Is it not made in a frying pan?
  6. Tateman

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Yeah, This is hard to do. I know it all too well, when I do that for the family
  7. Blocky

    Blocky is Knee Deep in the Dead

    Week 0 - Fri Beating the hell out of demons: SSB Squats: lots of 5's at 85kg... by far the best looking squats I've done with this bar. Depth was great. Beltless DL: 160kg x 1 (RPE 8.5), 5's at 130kg. Leg Press and Back extensions. Out thinking the Spidermind: No real progress. Scorecard: Punch the cyberdemon in the nuggets: 1/5 (I'm counting the DL today as pushing past my comfort zone) Look as good as the pig demon: 0/5 (Still eating erratically) Talk to the Imps: 0/5 No progress - I'm probably going to cancel my lesson this week. Just too much to get done. Outhink the spidermind: - Battleplans (study notes): 0/1 (Started printing and organising biology notes.) - Moar battleplans (organise schedule): 0/1 - Study demon biology: 0/1 (close but needs some work).
  8. Emerald Eagle

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    The snack dragon is the worst! But it sounds like you have a solid plan, I love the "do something" idea, good one!
  9. Emerald Eagle

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    Cheetah! How I have missed your challenges. Your Big Why is super powerful, sorry it came with suck a timely reminder. I'm sure you can kick your sprained butt's butt (wait, is that even a thing?).
  10. Jean

    CombustibleLemon trying not to combust

    ^This. Also: I may not be the best qualified person to talk about that but I've tried A LOT of things and, nowadays, I tend to have two days in my days: when my energy drops too low and I feel like I can't put in any productive work anymore, I just go home, cut off the phones, turn off any kind of distracting device, get on the sofa (the bed would be too comfortable and I'd stay in for too long), lie down and rest. Sometimes, I sleep, sometimes not. Usually, 2-3 hours later, I wake up and it's a new day with a new energy bar at the ready to use 'till it's time to go to bed in the evening. I sleep very few at night, though, so if this helps me to "power through", it's probably not the healthiest of habits to have.
  11. Emerald Eagle

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Following along! Glad you're back (though it doesn't feel like you were ever gone to me because I was gone too).
  12. Urgan


    Smoked oysters are way underrated IMO. This feel is too real. Teaching myself automated testing by way of Java and Selenium, immediately run into a problem solved that required one line of JS injection to make a hidden field...unhidden in order to give some text for what amounts to form entry. Which would be sweet if I knew JS lol. Took several blind stabs. Between tool quirks and knowledge limits, it's like a darn minefield. But hopefully Python treats you better.
  13. TGP

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Kids are Great for workouts (in limited amounts of time ofc) I remember "baby" pushups (you have her/him sit on your back and add a few pounds to your manly pushups).... my Daughter LOVED them. ha! I should remind her of them (if she even remembers)... she's 19 now! how time goes by anyways. thats a solid win to get family time AND some workout.
  14. Cheetah

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    Ha! I'm far far away from being able to do a guitar video. Food today has been a train wreck, but I'm not letting that stop me from having a good day tomorrow. My sprained butt continues to improve. I think I've probably got at least a week, maybe two before I'm back to 100 percent. I'm too tired to think of anything else to say. I hope you all have a great weekend! Wait... it's not Friday? Crap. ;-)
  15. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Thanks! I got another patch sewn. I need more Silver thread though boo...
  16. Cheetah

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Great work so far; keep it up!
  17. Tanktimus the Encourager

    RedStone Holds the Door

    How very dare you. I hate using ice trays with the fire of a thousand suns. Where I grew up had hard water, so my mother insisted on using filtered water in the ice trays. The kicker, though was that the filter we had didn't filter enough water to fill four ice trays, which is what I was expected to refill. I would always procrastinate about refilling the damn things. We at least had a bucket into which we'd empty them. Some people have ice trays but you're expected to fish out the cubes you need out of the trays themselves, but that's another rant for another time. In my adult life those times I had no icemaker I just made do without ice. When we buy a house our fridge is absolutely going to have an ice maker. We'll just absorb the risk.
  18. Teirin

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Game night so no workout as planned, but also no internet. Caught up with a friend afterwards, and possibly got very arm-wavy and enthused on several topics. Generally noting that my junk food intake plummeted as soon as I started working out again. I do wonder how exactly those are related. There are several possibilities there. Anyway, good night.
  19. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    I wish you much more sleep and good food!
  20. I've clearly overworked myself this week trying to reach my deadlines (it's bearing fruit, though, huge win in the works). Now, I'm tired and I cannot sleep. I'm not trying very hard either so this could be me on survival mode keeping alert at all times, me refusing to be happy and healthy and doing what would actually be helpful in my situation or both. I'm not quite sure. Anyway, the week-end is coming, I'm in need of sleep and it's not going to be a sleepy one: I've volunteered to a local youth-organized festival on Saturday night. Next week-end has Scouts volunteering in it so won't be as relaxing as a four days week-end should be. I've been asking myself: why do I keep taking these volunteering things when, clearly, I need rest and resting, for me, is not seing anybody and quietly minding my business at home without ANY kind of external stimulus? My default answer to that is "because I'm afraid of saying no" though I'd define it more as a "I might need these people later and don't want to turn them off" nowadays but the second one has me genuinely thinking that I'm doing it because I think Scouting is something we need more of, I know the people handling the crew around my old town and how much of themselves they are giving to it and I want to give them a hand. In short, I think there's something grander than me and that my own comfort isn't the be all end all of my life. Now, I'm on record for not taking care of myself like, at all, so being kind to myself and giving myself time to rest is also something worth pursuing. The question is: how sustainable is all of this? Living all by myself would mean skipping life in my view, so not something I'm very enthusiastic about but meeting others drains me and I'm easily drained at this time. I have to try and put some balance in it but I don't feel like I have the energy for it. Yet, if I don't have it now, I may very well never do. Beastmode? Give me a day to be a weak-minded sod and I'll decide on this one. Edit: Passives! Could be that I have already opened my door to these activities, as in: I'm taking the time once to ponder whether a thing/cause/whatever is something I value and want to put some of my life in. Then, when the choice is done, I answer the call when it comes for those things I value. I'm doing it for other kinds of decisions, could be I'm doing it here without having noticed it earlier. It would be a good means to protect my ideals from temporary circumstances such as "being tired" or "rather lying on my bed", which I really need to get any kind of action done. So, maybe everything is normal and working as intended after all? Edit 2: That would mean that I have no priority setting, only an on-off switch. It seems to match with my experiences so far. When I'm too crowded, I'm taking time to think and turn some switches off (and they stay off until something happens from the outside making me ponder whether I should turn them on again or not). When I'm too bored, I'm searching for switches to turn on. It would explain why I can feel so very related with some friends, then not see them for a month, then not see them at all anymore, yet still feel related but not missing the relationship at all or feeling like there's anything akward in it, then seeing them again and doing so frequently like nothing ever happened. That... explains... things... so... well! I'll have to think on that one again in a few time and see how that holds.
  21. squeakyvalkyrie

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

  22. REPORT: DAY FIVE Morning cardio (bike) -- 350 calories After training cardio (bike) -- 250 calories Training [shoulders] (2 min. rest between sets, except where otherwise noted) barbell OH presses (4 sets ascending) 30x15 50x15 70x10 90x8 barbell push presses (3 sets ascending + burn set) 110x6 120x5 130x4 [burn set] 100x15 DB lateral raises (3 sets ascending) 5x20 10x16 15x12 cable rope facepulls (3x20 ascending) 5x20 10x20 15x20 barbell shrugs (ascending, 60 sec rests) 30x20 60x18 80x15 100x15 120x12 140x10 160x9 barbell power shrugs (ascending to x3 + 75% burn set) 180x7 200x6 220x5 240x3 [burn set] 180x20 DB shrugs (strip sets, no rest) 40x10 35x10 30x8 25x8 20x10 15x10 DIET calories = 1965 fats = 34 g carbs = 116 g proteins = 283 g
  23. CJL

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Updates for Wednesday & Thursday May 22 & 23 Get Healthy: Successful tracking and staying within calorie goals both days. Yay!!! Get Strong: I didn't get any lifting done Wednesday or Thursday, due to a combination of over scheduling after-work activities on Wednesday and getting the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time with my family on the only day of the week without rain. Get Outdoors: I went on a walk around the neighborhood with my wife and daughter while wearing my ruck pack. Having to chase a 2 year old with no fear and limitless energy around the neighborhood while wearing a weighted pack is quite the workout. Get Off the Phone: I am having success with this as well. I just engage my app blocking app before getting out of the car and the phone stays put away until bedtime rolls around.
  24. Harriet

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Our apartment in Berlin has an induction stove. It heats up quicker than the super old electric coil one in my father's home, but obviously not as fast as gas. It's super safe because it cools down quickly, and even if you forgot to turn it off it wouldn't heat up without the right kind of metal on it. I like that part because my cats jump on the stove when I'm not watching. I have no complaints, though I also like real fires.
  25. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    She was right. Less than an hour later, we were all dressed and walking into one of the local pet stores in search of a new pet. We’d been honestly descriptive with the kids, without providing the full details that included an attack on the house. Instead, we told them that while they were physically safe, something had scared them to death. Woody and Rex were devastated at the loss, but took comfort in knowing that they went together and without pain. Within minutes of that, they began furiously debating what new pet they should get. I walked in next to Woody. Woody was not quite six years old. He had a young and pudgy baby face and dirty blond hair ending in a Padawan braid. His face threw people off since he already stood 5 foot 4 inches and weighed a hundred pounds. He was built like a linebacker and was easily the size of a kid twice his age. Either in spite of or because of his size, he was a kind and gentle boy. His green and brown eyes were usually smiling, though he possessed a temper that was easily set off by injustice. Woody had already multi classed with levels in fighter and bard, and with his sense of justice I’d be unsurprised if he took Paladin levels someday. “Hey Woody, I’ve got some business to take care of. Can you take your brother to look at-“ ”Sure!” he said, cutting me off and grabbing Rex’s hand. They immediately took off towards the small pets. Jessie nodded at me and the toddler followed them over. I slipped behind a door to the employee-only area, through the warehouse area to the loading docks. I had some questions for Ed. Something inhuman was after us, and there was a good chance he had heard something about it.
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