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    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Oh, my. It seems that happened I can already feel the unlimited power crippling responsibility settling on my shoulders Yep, very good things to keep in mind. For now I am just going to work with her on a part time basis and see where it goes from there. The last couple of days have been quite busy so I have not been around here much. Yesterday we spent most of the morning cleaning and by the time we went to bed the entire place was sparkling In the evening I had a run through for today's live stream event (a marketing event for my friend's startup) which they had invited me to be a guest speaker for. It was supposed to only be 30 minutes but ended up taking almost 3 hours to work through all of the technical issues because it was their first live stream. This morning was our regular church services and then in the early afternoon we had a small group of members come over to our house to learn about indexing (converting historical records from photographs to searchable records) which went really well. After that finished I jumped directly onto my livestream event. MY friend originally asked me to talk for 15 minutes (in Chinese!) but I told her there was no way I could talk that long and asked her to knock my time allotment down to 10 minutes. When we were actually in the livestream, though, I went for 15 minutes and was still not all the way through my prepared materials so she had to send me a note to wrap things up. I probably could have gone for another 5-10 minutes, which would make it probably the longest speech I have ever given in any language After my part of the livestream, I had to drop off to take Ghostlet to his swimming lesson. We were almost late, but luckily got there just on time. After we finished we were heading home and Ghostlet reminded me that I had forgotten to make him any dinner. When I got home I threw some stuff in the fridge together for him to eat and then Ghostess got home from work just as I was getting him into bed. I am pooped! Today is Sunday which means another week has finished. time to go back and take stock of how I did Exercise - I think I made it to the park 3 times this week, which is my target. I have been pretty good about staying mostly focused on my goals while I am there, and I seem to be making progress on both muscleups and handstands. I have pretty much dropped pistols from my objective for this challenge because I don't think it is time yet. Back flips are also making progress but slowly, and this weeks time spent at the trampoline park certainly helped. Flexibility - This one was not so good. I think I only did my stuff twice this week so I need to get back on it next week Cooking - Cooking was a solid win. I made Chinese food 3 times this week and they all turned out pretty good. Sketching - nope, I didn't even pick up my pencil this week. Maybe I should start taking this seriously seriously Overall not bad but definite room for improvement for next week
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  4. RES

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    I can't remember if there was a reason you couldn't use something like this Might be a short term solution so you can keep up your training
  5. Miaulin

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]
  6. Miaulin

    Lightbearer: Liminal

    *POM POMS INTENSIFY MORE THAN THEY'VE EVER INTENSIFIED* sooooo many many congratulations, Sky!
  7. RES

    RES: Keep on Going

    Thank you!!!!! I can't even begin to express how excited I am about this, I was at work yesterday when I got the notification and made a noise only dogs and dolphins could hear I'm sure
  8. aramis

    The Fat Man Shuffle

    Nice. Be advised tho, it needs quite lot of planning as it restricts almost all carbs from your nutrition. But you do you. Whatever you eat, batch cooking is a way to go. If easiest way to get food is to grab something healthy from the fridge, it's a win-win scenario I tried Paleo, but realized I can't live without diary, so I just keep in mind to eat as non-factory-processed as possible food, keep in my caloric limit and prioritize proteins. Same here, mister, same here. But everything is doable. Battle Logs helped me a bunch. And a wall calendar where I check off (with colorful felt-tips) days of workouts and walk/running. Ya need support? Here, have some Cheers
  9. Rookie

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I don't think it's a you issue though. It's like willpower. You have great willpower when the "thing" isn't around. Maybe the first time you come into contact with it.. you have good willpower but are glad the time being in the danger zone was short and easy to distance yourself with. The next time someone just puts a big ol' plate of the thing right by your desk. Willpower gone. It's not that the person hadn't built up resilience it's that they weren't ready for being exposed to the "thing" at such an intensity level. It's a muscle. And I'm sure it's hard for you to learn and practice at a more intense level because it's either you are super far away or you are right there with her seeing her everyday and interacting everyday. That part is a you thing. I get like this sometimes with my mom and I have to remind myself to take a breath and clear my mind. It's unfair to place expectations on her before we even meet. Our mothers are years apart in habits and personality. I'm not sure how to really advise you for growing your tolerance because that's where our mothers differ. I do like spending time with mine. She just gets a bit ridiculous sometimes. I guess what I've done if I notice every little thing she does is annoy me it's try to do small interactions. Cup of tea together... Once tea is done I just leave, phone call (with a time limit before she starts getting ridiculous), or I'll give her a task of we are at the barn and there's no limit (here groom my horse). The hang outs is nice. She just sounds like too much effort. A huge emotional energy suck. I feel not drunk should be the default though. This sounds great!!!
  10. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Friday was a good day. Eat: Went to my parent's for lunch, and out for dinner. Move: Not really. Rest: Took it easy, was off from work. We went to a scratch and dent place to look at fridges. Too early to buy one, but we got an idea of how they do pricing. Also went to a kid's consignment store and were a little disappointed. We were hoping for furniture, but it was mostly clothes. Saturday was a good day. Eat: More hobbit like, that is, more frequent meals and smaller. Move: Went on a 2.5 mile walk through a greenbelt/park. It felt REALLY good to get back out under trees for exercise. Rest: Another day off from work. Went to my 20th High School Reunion. It was just one event, but we got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen for 20 years. I got to show off my beautiful wife who happened to be pregnant. Got a lot of congratulations. I also got compliments on my beard I couldn't really grow a decent beard until a few years ago, so that was new for everyone there. The interesting thing was that there were people there who's children were just graduating themselves, and there I was with our first kid on the way (there were a few others in a similar situation). All in all a good day.
  11. Tanktimus the Encourager

    elizevdmerwe - ElizeElvinFoxRyder >>> 7

    The thought occurs to me another reason you don't want to open up to Francosiana about NZ is that she will probably tell your mother about it and you don't want that happening.
  12. Valkyrie21

    Valkyrie's Crusade

    Had every intention to get to the gym this morning but my body just ached too much from the kettlebells yesterday. I have to remind myself that at my age it is better to back off a little - something I find rather difficult to do. My body's needs have changed, as has the recovery time required. I am rather dilligent with the detailed warm up (thanks NF) and that really helps to prevent strains and tears. In my mind I am still in my 30's ( in body I am short of 60 though). So I just walked a few km today (and took my 'grown up' camera with me, had a fantastic photo session in the park) Just bougth a book on joint health and maintenance, excellent resource with exercises that I will incorporate daily. Did my second lot of photos - first lot was in Jan. Not a lot of difference to see but I have had 6 weeks interruption inbetween when I was hiking the Camino de Santiago and got ill also. My weight hasn't shifted a great deal either but I haven't tried to 'lose weight' either, just making better choices with food for now. Fitness tracker was a good buy, it really motivates me to move more. Food choices today were reasonable, meal prep helped to curb snacking.
  13. Valkyrie21

    The Fat Man Shuffle

    Excellent strategy!
  14. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    elizevdmerwe - ElizeElvinFoxRyder >>> 7

    Thanks guys, both of you. I read your replies on email, but just haven't had the gumption to answer. I guess a few too many computer/tablet interactions, trying to figure a lot of new things out. I was just computer/tech shy for the last couple days. Except to read. I re-read a couple of feel good action/romances. Guess I needed the quiet/alone time. There is another job that Brandt wants to apply for. We'll discuss it tonight after his marshaling duty today. Thanks for your thoughts on the faith situation. It really put my mind at ease. I wasn't sure whether I acted too strongly, or not strong enough, or basically where to draw the line. Adam hasn't played online for the last two days, because the new tablets took up most of his time. Kids pick up new tech so fast it's scary! But they are happy; they are looking after them properly, and putting them on charge every night (new brooms always sweep clean). They know these two tablets are their responsibility and they are taking it seriously. Their one school friend came over to play Friday afternoon, as schools are closed for a 3 week break, and he will most likely be coming over a couple afternoons next week, if he and his brother doesn't have to visit their mom. WEEK 3 SUMMARY HEALTH BIBLE/QUIET TIME - Was up around 5am a couple mornings, so took time after Brandt left early for work, to have a longer quiet time. WATER - Went ok, but not great. 3/7 days 2Lt. Other days at least a bottle or nearly a bottle and some tea. It's been very cold, so I had a bit more coffee, and some tea, rather than water. SLEEP - Not so well. Either late nights, or interrupted nights (but no safety scares). Or very early mornings. DRY FIRE SHOOTING - Only one or two videos, which Brandt and I discussed. No dry fire training. STAYING ACTIVE This week nothing happened. We are also not going on that Berg hike early July. H at Brandt's work had to urgently go to see his mom in the Cape (she's in her 90s) as her health had drastically deteriorated. He isn't back at work yet. THE PLAN...COUNTDOWN - 8months to go - Things that need to get done this month: Finances (dailies and monthlies) - Need to do dailies again, and monthly on Brandt's small private bank account. Titre tests for pets - Done. Took all the pets on Wednesday. It was hectic. Results will take a while. Certified copies of documentation - Can wait a bit still. Pet CVs - Done. I think it is ok for now. Proof of Character - Can wait a bit still. Brandt hip exam - Can wait a bit still. House repairs - Done. DEAR DIARY... Otherwise all is ok this side. Just received an email notification that our allergy tests were paid for by the medical aid, so we should receive the results in the next week or so. Rocco's face is ok, but his arm has hard patches of skin, and eczema. We've been cutting back on gluten a bit again anyway, but we should hopefully have official answers soon. My sinus immediately got better when I gut down on gluten, but I'm taking a lot of sinus meds compared to previously. I should have known better, but sometimes you just need to bump your head against that rock again to realise (again) that it hurts. Today is actually a public holiday, but because it is on a Sunday, we get tomorrow (Monday) off. And apparently today is actually Father's Day. Not that we celebrate, but I treated Brandt to some nice things last Sunday (because I thought it was then), but decided to buy him his favourite fiery, mouth destroying chips/crisps, and a small packet of dry wors, which he doesn't have to share. Just to treat him a bit.
  15. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Annyshay got back on Malon and continued to ride the path that wound up the side of the mountain. On the left she saw some strange blocks sticking out of the wall. One of the blocks was out of place, so she used magnesis to put it back in the proper place to complete the pattern. A korok appeared and gave her another seed. She decided to ride back down to Hestu and ask for her weapons stash to be expanded further, which Hestu gladly obliged. At that point Hestu realized that he needed to head back to Korok Forest and asked Annyshay to bring more korok seeds when she found them. Annyshay turned and headed back up the mountain towards Karkariko village.
  16. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Saturday - w3d7 Mindful Eats - breakfast, lunch Careful Moves - walking at a local festival and the Mall of America - packing Grateful Wins - got some kitchen stuff packed - have gotten my mother addicted to Stardew Valley
  17. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    That day off sounded like just what you needed. You look so lovely in the dress. Have a great relaxing weekend and adventures with the puppers.
  18. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Oooh, many thanks. *salute*
  19. Mortimer

    The Long Night

    You mean the finished product and side effect should be inverted pics. But congratulations! It looks like an awesome cool blade!
  20. WildSonja

    The PLN for taking on the Hiver

    So, does it count as success of a challenge if you are doing the things without doing them with the intent? It's been about 10 days since I thought of the challenge, but I realized I'm still doing the things I set out to do, maybe not with as much effort as would have been. But, oh well. that's life
  21. You told some of the cookbooks are from your mother. Maybe just box them and send them to her - you'll be dealing with less stuff that way (maybe not whole lot of stuff less, but...). And if you own books you don't need/want, you can always donate them to a library or some charity, depending on topic... Cheers
  22. People's eyes are way better than scale. Pounds are just a number, it's all about body composition. Congrats on compliments Hmm *looks closer, suspiciously* Happy to hear you feel better. On the sore lower back in the morning - have you tried stretching right before going to bed? This worked for me. Cheers
  23. aramis

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    I'm sorry to break it to you, but yeah, I'd count it as soda. It has no ADDED sugar, but fruit juice is basically sugary water. link and link. Of course it's waaaay healthier than factory-made, but still it's whole lot of liquid calories. Have you tried simple carbonated water with lemon juice? Or vitamin C (sometimes you can buy it in powder form), or a dash of sour salt/citric acid. Add some ice cubes and refreshing drink with no calories. Vit. C is also perfect for tea if you run out of lemons and want to make yourself an ice-tea.
  24. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    Actual Saturday - the last was Friday Nutrition - [x ] Macros - [ x] Dietician Visit - [ x] Symptoms on Cara - [ x] Collage - [ x] Meal Planning Breakfast: Mango Lunch: Out for sushi, and it was kinda a pain in the ass to find something I could eat at a Korean place Dinner: Scrounged a bowl of chicken, tomato sauce & roasted carrots Snack: The rest of the mango coconut ice cream with berries Physical Fitness - [x ] 2-3 yoga sessions - [ ] Treadmill walks or rowing if I didn’t leave the house - [ ] June Darebee - [x ] Work with my doctor on lungs Walked around another mall with the DH Moar Fulfillment - [ x] Read retirement $ article - [ ] Stick to weekly budget - [ ] Pick another tiny job thing to research - [x ] Sign up for Skillshare - [ x] Dog training Pups were asses to each other all evening - Odin was amped and bad on the first half of our walk and good-ish on the way back. We also bought him a slow feed bowl, which seems to be doing well - and is certainly quieter than the plastic egg carton we were using. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. MrUgly72

    The Fat Man Shuffle

    I'm going to see about the Keto method. (I don't want to diet, I want to change). Once of my strengths is the ability to not get bored with food. I can eat the same thing every day and it doesn't bother me. So I am heading the store today to stop for ingredients for make-a-head meals. I have -0- problem eating healthy, but I get mighty annoyed if I can't eat RIGHT THE HELL NOW! Whenever that is. If it's quicker for me to order from GrubHub or UberEats than it is to make something, that's what happens. On the exercise front, yes, I plan on some body weight exercises in about two weeks. So starting in July. I am trying to get my body used the level of cardio. I want to wake up and have it ready to walk 3 miles and cycle 11. Once I have the habit, then I will start the rest. I know me. after 46 years of observation, I have realized that while I have good intentions, I have a shit execution track record. If I jump in and try to make wholesale changes all at once, I will absolutely fail. I live alone, I have no family close by and my girlfriend of 7 years that I thought I was going to die with has just left me. I have a new job doing something I loathe but that pays well and my new boss, who is a great guy, is *literally* half my age. My self confidence is at an all time low, I have clinical depression (Why my girlfriend left me) and no support structure. If I want to succeed, I need to engineer it as I will not get encouragement or validation externally, save for these forums. And I love my mustache. I don't care where I go, I'm the only there that has one like it.
  26. Snarkyfishguts

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 5

    The kittens have homes!!!! Yay! When it is cold outside, all I want to do is stay warm under a blanket with a hot mug of tea. I am here to be bossy: Be kind to yourself. Life is hard enough, don’t add on to the hardship by being so critical and calling yourself names. You are kind, generous, and have a big heart. You have always encouraged others and you raised kittens and made sure they got happy homes! Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.
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