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  2. These parts seem far more barren than I remember. But I thought I'd drop a post meet recap from my April 7th AAU meet. It's a copy and paste from my personal notes... MEET DAY Did not go as expected. Went to sleep at 130, woke up around 6. Meet started way sooner than I expected, so didnt eat breakfast. SQUAT 2/3 - Warmups went poorly, rack was too high and took few too many awkward warm ups. My fault for not making a better effort. Squats felt off from warm ups. Opened heavier than usual at 424 and wasn't happy with the way it moved, so stayed conservative with 2nd attempt and matched my last meet PR of 446. Despite not being happy with this attempt, I went full send on third and went 480 for an all time PR. Self doubt as I told the judge my attempt and that lasted throughout the lift. No lift. BENCH 3/3 - No real break between squat and bench. Again, janky warm ups; the bar, 155, 195 then done. All attempts went fast and felt great. DEADLIFT 3/3 - (Good) Surprise of the day here. Deads moved well despite, again, poor warm ups. Opener, 419, moved fast, as it should. Decided to just go for the PR of 452, apparently moved super fast. When giving my third attempt, several people told me to go heavier, but played it safe with another, relatively smooth, PR at 467. Overall disappointing meet despite 4 all time PRs on bench/deadlift and 54lb PR on my total. I know the issues with my squat meet prep and will correct for July Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  3. Adash5000

    Adash5000 upgrades his neural interfaces

    Hey Thanks @Tova the Vibrant for the tips! I definitely have used StayFocusd in the past another one that works great is LeechBlock. The one thing I hate about them though is that its not good enough of a wall. With OpenDNS I have to change my DNS settings and then reboot my computer which I find is way more steps to prevent me from deleting it temporarily. I like the Facebook trick will try it out, I seem to remember there was a way to extract your facebook eventfeed programmatically but I have yet to try. The TV part isn't hard because I don't have cable or Netflix and I currently can't use Youtube, so I am think I am safe there unless I remove the DNS for a peeksy!!
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  5. Hurns

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Guzzi! Thanks! There is a lot of reading on this site, but so far so good. I appreciate your help, and will let you know if I have questions.
  6. obax

    obax ~ only human II

    Week 1 ~ Thursday Did my FitPin test. I got 17 (goal: 37) pushups, 1:54 (goal: 3:00) on the trunk extension, and 2.4k in 14:21 (though I had to stop at the traffic lights twice, so that time is probably a bit less) (goal: just under 12 mins, but I forget exactly). I feel ok about the pushups, that's the same as last week but I did a whole lot of pushups yesterday and am pretty sore today, so I'm ok with holding steady. I'm not happy with the hold time, I have done better, but my hamstrings started to cramp and the last thing I need right now is some sort of hamstring injury, so I stopped. I'm pleased with the run time, it was hard work but it feels like progress, finally. I'm going away for 3 days starting tomorrow morning, so the usual routine will be completely disrupted. I'm going to try to run at least once over the 3 days, but I'm the host so I won't do it if it means abandoning my guests with my dogs. We'll hopefully be doing a bunch of hiking, so I'll be active enough, I think. I'm hoping to get my journal set up this weekend too, so I can keep better track of the non-exercise goals.
  7. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    I completely forgot to get a pic of myself in the dress (when it finally comes in that's the first thing I'm doing!), but this is it on the website: Anzac Day is kind of the Aussie equivalent of Veterans Day. It's the anniversary of Australia's first engagement in WWI, which was a pretty big deal since we were a brand-new country at the time. Everyone gets the day off, we have a two-minute silence at 11am, we eat special Anzac cookies, and, for the last couple of years, we go see the latest Avengers movie. I kind of eased myself into it but I'm now at the point where I don't feel all that hungry in the mornings. I try to have a decent-sized hot lunch, so I'm usually good for a few hours. Still working on not overdoing the snacking between lunch and dinner, but I'm getting the hang of it!
  8. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Total haul: 7 oz peas 2 oz baby brussel sprouts 0.5 oz herbs 2 oz green onions 4 oz spinach 9 oz chard 14 oz of the hated brussel sprout greens Today was a fasting day, so I'm having first dinner and second dinner. First dinner is an omelet with green onions and chervil. Second dinner is Italian sausage roasted with brussel sprouts with a side of sauteed chard, garlic chives, and a few snap peas. Total purchased vegetables: 0
  9. mom2sjm

    mom2sjm Spring Cleaning

    yes. it's fewer beers. 2 both nights. but drinking at home two nights out of the three so far, I'm just not starting off on the right foot! the first night as we watched the movie (two times in a row, for science!!) I felt it was kinda social because we were talking. but the next night when I busted out the beer it was just me sitting in front of a pile of notes. a computer, and my reluctant writer. not social AT ALL. the most that came out of him was a combination of frustrated signs, snorts of derision, and things like "oh well, whatever, nevermind" and lots of "MOM, I'M NOT WRITING (insert my brilliant idea here)"...
  10. DAY 5 Cardio 52 minutes on treadmill Break-Fast 8 oz steak 4 egg whites 5 oz Irish oatmeal 2 g fish oil ((That meal’s not entirely accurate. A certain someone used her Too-Cute-to-Deny-Me superpower to get bites of Daddy’s breakfast.)) Strength Training barbell OH press - 4x12 seated DB press - 3x10 standing DB side laterals - 4x12 cable side laterals - 3x10 cable reverse flys - 4x16 headstand pushups - 5 sets to fatigue Second Breakfast 8 oz chicken breast 1 cup mixed vegetables 1 cups white rice a banana Lunch 8 oz chicken breast 3 mandarin oranges can of vanilla coke Afternoon Tea bagel with slice of cheese 6 pieces of pepperoni can of vanilla coke Dinner 5 oz chicken breast Supper 11 eggwhite omelette Bedtime 90 g protein powder
  11. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    <3 love you So much. Luckily I've gotten good about blocking the extra shitty people and not reading replies to tweets from the staff and cast.
  12. MAXOS

    My Progress Pic - share yours!

    I think your arms improved greatly! Not 100% sure but I'm betting it's true. Good work bro. I'll go post some myself.
  13. Hello everyone. My name is Bee, but please call me "MAXOS". lol. Since it's my account name and all... My favorite games are FF14, FF8, Skyrim, and Divinity 2 (The Dragon Knight Saga). I'll be honest, I'm fat and out of shape. The fittest I've ever been was being a buff 190-pounder when I was 19, and lifted 205 pounds over my head standing. But right now, I'm fat. I can post a picture but what's the point? Haha. I'm fat and let's just leave it at that. My goal right now is too see my abs. I can get access to a gym membership but that would only tempt me to do powerlifting or weightlifting (Olympic style) programs. And with such things come overeating since you undoubtedly CANNOT be in a caloric deficit if you're trying to be super strong. So right now, I'm working on my slow twitch muscles with kettlebell cardio. I'm in the process of learning too and would love advice from some of the more experienced people in here. So thanks in advance! And lastly, GO HEAVY OR GO HOME TO ALL OF YOU! Thanks and God bless you all.
  14. scalyfreak

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Obviously the most recent incarnation of Mark Twain.
  15. scalyfreak

    Act VII - Harriet Scouts the Lands Beyond the Fortress

    Drawstring >>> Elastic for good fit and comfort.
  16. Countess D'If

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Also, SPN fandom is a bit too much. And that’s coming from ME
  17. Countess D'If

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    People are weird. They want validation that their way is right, so they proclaim all other ways to be wrong. Eff them. All ways are the right way. (With in reason, I’m looking at you Godwin’s Law). Here is some validation JUST for you, Flea: you’re queer AF and you’ve never had sex with a girl. I’m queer AF and I’ve never had sex with a human who is not a cisgender male. I see you. You are.
  18. Treva

    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    I bet it is. I'm an ickle bit nervous because I need these to graduate, but at the same time I respect that normally it takes a month to get grades in. I know it takes people a while to get em all done. Okay so far this week! I am giving myself double points for actually bringing my kettlebells back home so I can use them. I also have been focusing on creative ways to get my exercise, like using the local playground for pullups, and going for walks to get my cardio. I am cutting myself some slack on practicing this week, since last week was such a heavy playing week. I think it is ok for my hands to rest and for me to stretch out my elbows, since they are making me aware of them. This has been a good time to get better at my meditation. A Five minute body scan is a great way to spend any moment of my day. I am thinking of trying to invent a quick one minute meditation I can do if I need to quickly center myself while at work next year. I think the most important thing is I have been using my mandatory tasks as comping strategies. Like, I hurt, I'm gonna stretch. Or, I'm tired and frustrated, I'll take five minutes for a body scan. Or, I AM FEELING EMOTIONALLLL I should practice. This is the sort of self reliance emotional adulting that I have been trying to cultivate, and now that I 1) have slept, 2) am not under school pressure, and 3) have stripped off the leeches/toxic friends, I am more able to make these things effective strategies. Having more sleep and confidence in myself helps me have more willpower, which helps me make healthier choices. I didn't realize how badly my willpower stats had been damaged. I am regenerating it through this challenge and this is a good. So, things to keep trucking on: 1. I am enough 2. I need more willpower.
  19. Update for Apr. 25 Workout: No workout today - it's a scheduled rest day. Eat Right: Done, I have found that I like to put in all of my food for the day in the morning so I can plan what I can have throughout the day and then if things change, make adjustments. No Fast Food: Still none for the course of the challenge. Daily Cleanup: Toys, crayons, and bubbles all put away.
  20. PaulG

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Following. This is good stuff, Whiteghost! Anytime I can see baby knee giants I'm happy. Also, I don't know how I didn't know who Jack Handey was until now.
  21. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Week 1, Thursday Food tracked Calorie limit but exceeded 2L water drank Riding day Daisy and I had our first real ride outside of the season. It was fun but it is more difficult riding for us because for her the footing is deeper at the moment and for me it's a different ride. She's bouncier/more floaty feeling and she doesn't maintain her pace because it's up hill then down hill a little bit. My lower leg is becoming more stable, my core was tiring which means I'm starting to use it more and I was better with looking where I want to go. I was not able to fix the boot zipper. I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow at lunch to look at my elastic options. This weekend I can get started on the straps and hopefully figure out the boots and get the jacket redyed.
  22. Perhaps you're right. I think I'll just keep hammering away at it. Stubborness will serve where natural aptitude is wanting. Excellent, excellent. Good luck!
  23. Woot. Feeling less crappy today after a fun taekwondo class. I told my friend about the fatigue and my frustration at not responding to cardio, and she shared that she doesn't respond to stretching but remains inflexible. So I guess we all have our frustrations. I have been feeling a bit fat, not least because of hideously uncomfortable and ill-fitting taekwondo pants, so I ordered some in different sizes with a drawstring and no elastic. Fingers crossed they will be less offensively unflattering and uncomfortable. I also think it's time to take the next step with the intuitive eating and start non-judgementally noticing my reasons for eating, and how I feel and the start and end of meals. In the meantime, I am praying to the spirits of the earth that my lifts will accept some of the calories I consume and put them towards muscle and strength, and that they won't just go towards making me fluffy. Didn't lift yesterday as I was suddenly sick. Feeling better today, though, so I'll hit deadlifts and OHP tomorrow if all goes well.
  24. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Accounting, total possible for the week is 6 since I gave myself permission to skip a day. Goal etc: 1/2 Goal M: 4/4 Goal EC: 4/4 Goal EN: 1/4 Related: I decided to make the weekly goal 6 instead of 7, so I don't focus on trying to be ~~perfect~~ over trying to get my shit done.
  25. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Today gets added to the L column. I slept for uh, 14 hours? Including through any and all alarms I had set, plus my brother getting ready for work. I'm not sure if I shut them off in my sleep or if Fat Kitty was lying on my phone when they went off. He's answered calls and turned off alarms in the past by being on it in just the right way. So the car will be going to the garage next week; it's going to be rainy and cold all day tomorrow and there's no waiting area there to speak of, and the nearest cafe I could hang out at is at least a half mile away. It's okay to drive, it's just annoying that it's wrong and I don't want a passenger to see the light flashing and report me for unsafe driving or something. The stupid thing tells me it's empty but also says it has 100+ miles left in the tank so meh. I reset the trip counter every time I fill it so I have an idea of how far I really have to go. My brother is fucking lucky I'm not going tomorrow though, because he has once again run out of Adderall and needs to pick up a prescription from the psychiatrist tomorrow and asked me to drive him ("for money"). If I were actually concerned about getting this car fixed he'd be fucked. lmao I wrote that even before you showed up, and then you liked my previous post right as I was hitting submit. Wonderful timing. This is good, because apparently I am incapable of getting to the point without adding an excessive amount of detail. Worked great for padding school papers, isn't so great for actual human communication. I got in a massive fight with someone in the queer thread here because he was going off about how bisexuality isn't a thing. Fun times. People are fucking stupid. On my program in Jordan there was a girl who would. not. shut. up. about being a gold star lesbian and she was madly in love with her also gold star girlfriend blah blah blah. And then she fell hard for one of the guys on the program and had sex with him on more than one occasion but still gushed about her girlfriend all the time. Good luck with the mental gymnastics on that one. But yeah you're right, even though all of my issues at the start were definitely just "how can I say I'm bi without having been with a girl?" now it's just "ugh I don't want to deal with people being dicks." And even if I'm ace it's the same fucking deal. >< Yup. Even telling myself that the opinions of randos on the internet mean literally nothing, my brain wouldn't shut up about it. Another thing I thought of is that Supernatural has killed a queer character and a disabled character in super shitty ways purely to further the leads' manpain, and I raged about both of those episodes. So part of me was like "if I was mad about that then why am I not mad about this?" Even though they're really totally different problems. Internet people are so annoying. The Supernatural fandom is split two or three ways, and then fractured within those groups as well, based on who likes or hates what character and their relationships. The writers and the cast engage with fans all the time on twitter, but the minute something happens that any particular group doesn't like they fucking explode, up to and including sending death threats to people and telling them they should kill themselves. One of the actors actually had to have extra security at a con once, just because people hate him for existing. It's ridiculous that instead of people grateful for these people giving them the time of day, they choose to focus not on their faves but on people they hate and all their perceived sins. This is something I totally meant to include in my post but forgot since it was so late. You are totally right. Add to that the people in marginalized groups who then perceive everything as an attack on them to the point where you're not allowed to harm any character with those characteristics or you're a Nazi, and things get real fun.
  26. Harriet

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    Squats look friggin awesome. Sorry about the fridge, that would indeed be annoying. Can the yard work wait? Sounds like it would be good to get the fridge and the holiday sorted. Good luck. Hope things chill out for you soon.
  27. PaulG

    PaulG Respawns: Taking Care of Sheet

    Dieting notes: Still aiming for my goal of 2450 kcal/day. I came in yesterday just 208 under my goal. Turns out those cals go a long way when you’re clocking in almost 1k cals of exercise on your workout days. I probably shouldn’t have felt so free to hit that goal — I won’t be able to snack quite as much today. Dieting Philosophy I suppose I should mention, for the purpose of my food talk here, I don’t follow any strict diet. I did a two-year stint doing Paleo back in my early twenties, but I dropped it when it was no longer helpful for me. These days I count calories on MyFitnessPal and follow an IIFYM diet philosophy. As such, I have no problem with gluten, soy, dairy or anything of the like. In contrast, I believe bread-baking is awesome, and the recipe below calls for not one but two soy sauces. I don’t believe fat is the enemy or unhealthy; however, when I’m cutting, I have to stay conscious of it because it carries so many calories. Anyway, on to dinner! Dinner Last Night: Phat Kaprao. Phat Kaprao isn’t just an oddball go-to meal for me. In fact, in cooking it, I was jumping on the bandwagon of an extremely popular street meal in Thailand. It’s a stir-fry of ground meat, chiles, and seasoning sauce, all mixed in with a handful of the herb called holy basil (kaprao) that gives the dish its name. Like any Thai stir fry, it’s highly seasoned and thus always served with rice. Sometimes it’s topped with a fried egg. Last night, I didn’t bother with the egg, but aside from that I like to think I was faithful to the spirit of the dish. I used ground pork, but if I were cutting I might have used ground chicken thigh or breast. The dish has the advantage that the sauce is pretty low-calorie — it adds about 50 cals per serving. The one danger: since it’s a stir fry, it’s easy for more calories to sneak onboard in the form of extra cooking oil. If I keep track of how much oil I add, it’s not a problem. I’m lucky enough to live close to an international market with a steady stock of holy basil (it’s sold in the produce section as hot basil). This is, unfortunately, fairly unusual in the US. The herb’s not very popular except for its use in a few Thai and Indian dishes. You may be wondering if holy basil isn’t basically the same thing as regular supermarket Italian basil. Allow me to show you the plant itself, uncooked: The curly/serrated leaves and fuzzy stems show it to be a very different cultivar. The flavor is different too: it still has a slight anise flavor, but that’s balanced by a peppery bite, with a backbone of a cooling, tingly sensation reminiscent of a Sichuan peppercorn. You may also be wondering if there are any clever substitutes you can use. The answer, though, depends on who you ask. Plenty of people who have grown up with the dish would likely tell you there’s no true substitute. And they wouldn’t be wrong: I know of no other herb that mimics holy basil’s flavor and tingle all on its own. If you replace the holy basil with Thai sweet basil (the purple-stemmed Thai basil you see increasingly at supermarkets), you’ll get a different dish with a different flavor and a different name (phat bai horapha), but a dish that’s no less delicious. I’ve never tested it, but if I were truly hell-bent on reproducing that peppery basil flavor without holy basil itself, I might stir fry the dish with a half teaspoon of toasted, ground Sichuan peppercorns added along with a smaller handful of Italian basil leaves. If you want a recipe for the holy basil version (instead of the Thai sweet basil one), I’m a fan of Andy Ricker’s Recipe from his cookbook Pok Pok. You can find it reposted for free, straight from his cookbook, on The Splendid Table. Workout Log: 4/24/19 A few notes on last night's workout: - Going in: feeling sick, headache. Strangely, everything improved once I warmed up and started working. - Still going easy on the chair pistols. I'm worried about a balance issue that ends in an injured knee. It's frustrating watching myself progress so slowly, though. - Today I don't feel much in the way of soreness either. Hopefully this means I'm on the mend and my cold is starting to break.
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