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  2. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Just imagine the cascade of emotions when I approached the jar thinking maybe it was some exotic foodstuff that now resides on the shelf for the curious to try, read the label, then reread the label and realize it is in fact an outrage against the divine. I shall be most curious to hear what you think about the Boy Most Often Confused for His Grandmother.
  3. In that case I would have just moved the cones and went on through.. Why on Earth would he do that?!
  4. ladylydia

    Ladylydia's 90 day challenge- Part II

    Yesterday 44 pushups, 54 sec. plank. As an assist to the calorie counting (because sometimes I forget or don't know the count, and the counting is a method not a goal anyway), I've been following a portion rule of "half as much as you want" for everything except for vegetables. If I'm still actually hungry 30 mins. later I can have another portion, but otherwise I have to just be happy with the first portion. I've only been doing that the past week, but I haven't been hungry and I've already lost an inch off my waist (hopefully it's stable and won't fluctuate back up). I feel better at any rate.
  5. Mike Wazowski

    Spezzy is back

  6. squeakyvalkyrie

    Rayne's First Challenge

    Welcome to the rebellion! Good goals!
  7. Mike Wazowski

    Act VII - Harriet Scouts the Lands Beyond the Fortress

    LOVE the cooking you did! That must've smelled heavenly while you were prepping the dhal and salad and flatbread. You and Mr. Harriet are eating like royalty! Also, +1 for enjoying your time in the gym as much as you can - I'm all for people picking a way of lifting that suits their goals and preferences.
  8. shaar

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Every day we stray further from God's light................................. This sounds 100% perfect and I am here for it~
  9. ladylydia

    Ladylydia's 90 day challenge- Part II

    To be fair, I allow for changes in types. I always try to start with standard toe push ups, but sometimes I'll switch to inclines, negatives or knees halfway through.
  10. squeakyvalkyrie

    JessRed First Challenge

    Welcome to the rebellion! I like your goals, they are specific and obtainable. Small changes are the key!
  11. I was trying to find some drills for the clean and jerk (or just power cleans tbh) and I came across what looked like a really in-depth video, only thing is, the trainer started the drill by getting the lifter to bounce the bar off her thighs to generate the momentum for the second pull. I’ve never heard of this before and it seems totally wrong... or am I missing something?
  12. squeakyvalkyrie

    Griessel first challenge

    Welcome to the rebellion!
  13. Mistr

    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    Yay for all the exercise! It sucks that your teachers are being slow to submit grades. I rather expect that they are under pressure from the program administrator to get those DONE. I know what the end of the semester looks like at my house. I imagine it is the same everywhere.
  14. Harriet

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    That depends on whether her existing sketchbooks are filled. Do you have empty sketchbooks lying around, pining for purpose? Longing to be filled? You must sketch in them.
  15. I'm pretty new to this so will be fully accepting of any constructive criticism. I've fallen off the fitness band wagon, my current routine and diet have fallen into despair and, to be honest, I'm a bit bored. My working schedule is pretty intense and I worry that starting something completely new is going to be biting off more than I can chew so here's my plan: 1: Shift my focus towards yoga instead of aerial. I want to get in 3 practices a week. 2: Stop buying crap foods and snacking on them. I want to plan out and prep healthier snacks for when hunger strikes. 3: Focus on one work thing rather than trying to spread myself in too many directions. I need to learn to prioritise, delegate and say 'no' a bit more often. Wish me luck.
  16. Mike Wazowski

    Laghail is a Ruminant

    ACCURATE. Laghail's Loony Bin should be the perpetual subtitle for his challenge threads!
  17. Mike Wazowski

    Jett gets his swole on

    Yay for hydration! Did I miss the explainer on how to decode the hydration tracking? And getting most things done, even if not on the normal time. Any idea what's getting in the way of exercising in the morning?
  18. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit goes full warrior

    Love that you've got such an important why behind the weight loss work you're doing - and fingers crossed that the high blood pressure goes down to less high for you as a result of your hard work! Drag Kings show sounds hilarious and awesome - don't know of anything like it in my city, but now I've got to explore and find out! Does the RP app have a reverse diet / maintenance setting that you'll switch over to once the cut is done? Slash what's the plan there at the end of the 3 weeks?
  19. Mistr

    Xena plays the Long Game

    Yay for completing your sushi list! I hope your hip calms down before the race.
  20. A yo-yo makes a good substitute for a darning egg. @Toshimi is right, it helps to have a solid surface in the sock to keep the area spread smooth and separate from the opposite side. There are several types of mending. One sort is where you want the patch to blend in as much as possible. The kind featured in that workshop is to make the patch artistic. I tend to go for the first variety because I don't wear out my jeans at the knees. I used to wear out my gi pants at the knees. Those are easy to fix because they are roomy enough to fit on the sewing machine. Are you doing your mending by hand or by machine?
  21. Mike Wazowski

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    BUT DO YOU NEED A NEW SKETCHBOOK TO DO THIS??? Love, Your minimalist fairy god mother Pre printed trackers SUCKED for me, though I think I just have commitment issues when it comes to tracking things - I literally take it day by day whether or not I'm tracking any given thing, adding and subtracting as I see fit. Maybe I'm more chaotic than I realized. LOVE the goals you've got going, especially the writing because I CANNOT WAIT to gift it to some friends and family members who would love it. Also love the new class and drawing that you're finding in your life.
  22. Elennare

    Elennare's Adventures in Eating

    Unfortunately we're currently in a holding pattern to know if we need to make that choice. They called us back late Saturday afternoon and said "it'll cost $X to fix the things we've been able to find, but before we can diagnose this other issue we need to do a $40 deep clean on your engine. Should we start fixing stuff? And we need an answer like right now." X dollars was a not-insignificant amount of money, but still solidly in the "worth it" category. But, the issue they hadn't diagnosed yet could end up being cheap to fix or it could easily push the total into the "not worth it" category. So after we had a quick discussion, Husband told them to do the $40 deep clean and get back to us with the actual total before we decided on anything. Apparently the guy at the shop was like "oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense, why didn't we think of that option?" when he called them back. So, now we wait.
  23. Stephanie972

    Any other Nerd Fitness moms?

    Hi again, I'm using the same title from my awkward post under the Introductions page from a week ago. Guzzi answered me and suggested I try this page. It took me this long to work up the courage to do it! I'm technically 3 weeks into the program/academy, but haven't done much outside of the first week's quests. Anyway, I'm in a Debbie Downer kind of mood, so I'll stop there and say that I would love to hear from another woman in this program who might like to keep in touch and help each other with support and encouragement along the way. I'm 40 years old and a stay-at-home mom. I'm also a quiet, creative, anxious, home-body. I'm interested in Paleo but not on any kind of plan yet. I've recently gained a lot of new weight this year (on top of my old, extra weight) and am having a really hard time, emotionally, about it right now. On the positive side, I've been consistently tracking my food in a journal for almost an entire month, I've been walking about 10 minutes almost every day, and I've cut out drinking soda and flavored coffee creamers. I'm new to forums and how they work but if someone answers me by reply or message, I hope I can find it and answer you back! Otherwise, I have an email I made up, if you'd like to try contacting me that way: Thanks
  24. I'm late to answer, been busy hoping on the life train and staying on for the ride but I still wanted to answer to this: It's true. I (we?) tend to switch things to make them fit my experiences and point of view but the way Guzzi describes her/your experiences don't seem to really have something to do with akward gender relationships, especially since they happened in a commercial/profesionnal situation, where, honestly, adressing the person who made the request and not the other one who's standing by is just a basic skill required to perform the job adequately. Most relationships in life aren't that easy, though, but that these kind of situations still exist just show from how far we're starting when aiming for the same consideration for all genders. Also this: Because it's totally true and it falls down to people with strength and confidence to let it radiate around them and not let fear lead the show. It's an always evolving fight and will never be truly over (because we'll always find other differences to focus on) but it's an important one to lead.
  25. Grumble

    Snowkc Seeks Stability

    Stability and balance. This is good!
  26. Sciread77

    Baking, Suburban Homesteading, and Health

    Surprisingly emotional beginning to the day. So I’ll be heading home early from work. Goals. 1. MH. My therapist thinks focusing on the future career girls, IE bakery, are what matter most. He suggested more or less ignoring other stuff to get ahead where I am because I’m not happy here and moving up isn’t going to magically change how I feel about this career or industry. Good call. Also, spending time with family and outdoors and other things that help me avoid being overwhelmed by anxiety/etc are taking priority, especially in light of this morning’s news. 2. Sleep. As always. 3. Support my wife. She’s awesome and deserves it. And she does a great job supporting me in all my emotionality. 4. Reading. It helps. 5. Eat right. It’s really gotten away from me lately. (Both of is really). I ate more meat at the big meal yesterday than I usually do in a week. I’ve been eating a lot of the right stuff by also fitting in a lot of high-calorie, delicious garbage. It’s mostly been the last two weeks. Tech weeks are hard and we get a lot of fast food and the last week we’ve been eating a lot of pizza and the like while we’re outside. So activity=good but food intake=Bad. Gotta moderate or eliminate junk. I’m super excited for the rest of the garden. Also we have to finish the playset which estimates 20 hours to assemble without the help of 3 kids under 6 assisting you. My goal is to get that done this week because in the evening so the weekend can be used for our regular plans and getting those fruit trees and veggies.
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