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  2. How is everyone doing? Sorry for the lack of updates. My graduate courses are consuming a lot of my free time. I have had time, though, to keep up with the dares. I haven't completed today's yet, but it looks tough. And wow, those archer push-ups were tough. And the raised leg circles nearly broke me. The rest weren't so bad, and all w/ EC. Make sure to update the spreadsheet! We're nearing the end of the challenge, and I want to make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.
  3. foxinthenorth

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Guys. I won a stuffed fox.
  4. Mistr


    Catching up with all the fascinating discussion in your thread. When Dumbledore and I got legal, our already-married friends told us there were two phrases we both needed to learn. "Yes, dear" and "Nothing, dear" This is true, especially the "not necessarily talking out every detail" part. The phrases "yes, dear" and "nothing, dear" are tremendously useful in reminding you to choose your battles. There are lots of little things that don't need to be hashed out. Sometimes your day will be better if you just go along with what your spouse wants. Other times you want to just take care of the thing yourself and don't want your spouse to get involved. The key is in knowing what needs to be negotiated and when is a good time to actually do the negotiation. Hint: not after 10pm when you are both stressed out. Yes, this is always a challenge. One useful phrase both for relationships and general use is "When you say X, do you mean Y, or maybe Z?". I don't know about anyone else, but I have gotten in a lot of arguments where Dumbledore said "I told you X!" and I respond "yes, and I did that!". Then we figure out that my definition of "X" is considerably different from his. After many years of this, I've learned to say "just to make sure we are on the same page, I think you mean ...". Assuming that just because two people share a native language they mean the same thing is a trap.
  5. raptron

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Ohhh, Skyrim. I think I put like 50 hours into my first two weeks of playing. It really will getcha, haha. I like your pole + ground holds handstand practice idea! That sounds fun. Thirding that all the cooking looks great this challenge! Your family may not appreciate not being able for on-demand dinner orders, but it looks like the quality of the food has been excellent, regardless of that!
  6. The Most Loathed

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    My quads are so big that they have their own biceps.
  7. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Likes Music With Rocks In

    I honestly don't know, because the narrative causality is working the other direction right now. Or I guess it's the proper direction, the narrative deciding the correct ordering of reality. Like the letter delivered by Feegle, this was not the direction I was expecting this to go. (One of the things that sounds odd to people who don't write is characters having a mind of their own. But they usually don't break the fourth wall, and this is the second time Vetinari has, after staying so quiet you forget he's there. I feel like I'm getting a taste of the authentic Vetinari experience here. The bastard. Is he allowed to reorganize my challenge plans?)
  8. WhiteGhost

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Oh yeah, MOAR hand balancing. All the cool kids are into it these days
  9. WhiteGhost

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Oh man, this makes me so excited! I am liking having some serious heavyweight contenders to take on the czars. With Marat's freakish size and then flanked by the bruiser, it is hard to feel like opponents are more than just their playthings. The Johanssons seem to be able to pull it off, though Really interested to see what Back to School brings in terms of changes
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  11. Kestrel Grey

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Do you like morning workouts (once you get going), or do you like the feeling the rest of the day once it is accomplished?
  12. Kestrel Grey

    Kestrel's Kaizen Challenge

    Hi SkyGirl! This week I am on vacation while my mother is visiting, so microhabits aren't happening. They are anchored by my routine and this week I have none! Next week will be back to normal though so missing one week isn't a big deal. I visited my physiotherapist yesterday. The first time since May - my string of injuries and illnesses kept me from running most of the summer so I didn't bother with her. Actually, I didn't bother with a lot of my fitness maintenance routines. The string of microhabit successes is encouraging me to get back into things again. Next challenge I will include a few larger goals.
  13. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 1 of September 2013 Venue: Assebroek Courts, Bruges, Belgium, Europe Attendance: 4.066, Ratings: 0.73 (553.820 viewers), Shown on Continental Sports X1 The show kicks off with a backstage segment. Christopher Lister is on the phone, flanked by Adam Matravers and Robert Howard. Lister: "I know, Stig, it was crazy... Yes, we figured it's best to return it to you, then you can pass it on to whoev... oh? You'll be here yourself? The pay per view? Alright, this is big... Okay, we'll see you at Back to School then!" NGW's Commissioner, Sebastian Krause, opens the show proper by coming out and addressing the live crowd in Bruges. Krause: "Hotter than Hell was a resounding success, but that only pushes us to out-do ourselves this month in one of our biggest annual pay per views... Back to School! It's really going to be a huge deal and that's what I've come out to announce tonight, because at Back to School, it will be the last time in a long while you'll see many of your favourite wrestlers face each other... because at Back to School, we're breaking up the students into separate classrooms... that's right, we're going to do a draft for NGW's first ever brand split! That means more opportunities for everyone, less risks of talent getting lost in the shuffle but it also means one more thing... after Back to School, we'll be debuting our second, weekly, brand-specific television show!" Joanne Rodriguez comes to the ring to a loud reaction from the fans. Rodriguez: "Last Friday me and Etsuko tore the house down, proving we're every bit as good as our male counterparts... if not better! Between our match and the one Etsuko had with Geena, we've delivered two of the best encounters not just for this year, but in all of NGW's history! I think after such a showdown, it would be a shame to leave this unfinished... so, Fusae Etsuko... at Back to School, I want a rematch! No countouts, no disqualifications, just you and me in this ring!" Fusae Etsuko's music hits and the NGW Women's champion comes out with a mic in hand and the title belt around her waist. Etsuko: "Joanne... you gave me one hell of a fight. So much, I lost myself and got disqualified. I've heard people say I did it on purpose to retain this title, but that's a lie... and I'm going to prove it, because I accept your challenge!" Girl Power vs The Outcasts The episode's opening match is a women's tag team match between the reunited League of Heroes members Behr and Nakajima against the two women in the Outcasts group, Melanie Flyman and Viper McKenna. It's a decent match and an opportunity to see Nakajima and McKenna wrestle again, the former now spending most of her time in EWA and the latter mostly appearing as a ringside manager. McKenna's absence from action is played up in a few spots where she "misses" her cues and Behr eventually hits her with the Standing Moonsault for the pin to end the match. Winners: Girl Power Backstage, Sebastian Koller is welcoming another face that hasn't been seen for a while in Landon Mallory when Shiro Akuma walks by. Koller: "Hey masked man! I heard you're bitter about how your friends Lister and Matravers treated you... that to me sounds like a true Outcast! Landon here just came back to bolster our ranks, think we could use someone in the Cruiserweight division too... What do you say?" Instead of answering, Akuma waves the offer away and continues on his way, leaving Koller and Mallory behind. The Outcasts vs Champagne Lover & Paolo Gandalfini Koller and Mallory make their entrance for their match, scheduled against former Army of Lovers allies Champagne Lover and Paolo Gandalfini. As the announcing team reminds the audience, Marcello Ricci and Giovanni Bruno are still training in EWA, which is where Gandalfini also spent time and the improvement shows in his wrestling. Koller and Mallory do gain the upper hand eventually to beat Gandalfini down and the hot tag to Champagne Lover does turn things momentarily around, but Lover doesn't look all that interested in this match and instead force-tags Gandalfini in to work the rest of it and take the inevitable fall once Mallory connects with a Springbok Ram. Winners: The Outcasts Double Dutch are backstage, carrying the NGW Cruiserweight Tag Team titles. Van Bon: "You know, it's fun hearing about the upcoming draft, because me and Frank here haven't had a proper challenge for our titles here in quite some time..." Van Heer: "And it doesn't look like we'll be getting any for a while... so I'm hoping this brand split means a few new faces show up, just so we can beat them and prove that me and Henrik here are fighting champions!" w The Czars vs Konrad Mäkinen and The Johanssons (with Signe Lytjohan) The Russian bruisers seem to really be facing some serious opposition in the face of their Scandinavian opponents, especially the hulking NGW Heavyweight Tag Team champions. Bam Bam and Hercules tip the scales in their team's favor, even against Khoklov once they're able to team up against him. Mäkinen however makes a poor call when he decides to take the Moscow Mauler to the mat for a stretch and pays for it by taking a Moscow Lariat that puts him down for the three count. Winners: The Czars Nelson Frye comes down to the ring and grabs a mic before rolling in. Frye: "Edward Cornell... I've held that NGW Heavyweight title on three separate occasions... I've broken my back for almost fifteen years in this ring to bring this company from a small town side show to the top of the European pro wrestling scene... I've paid my dues in blood, sweat and tears and I will not sit idly by as you spit on everything I've ever stood for by hand-picking your friends as your challengers and cheating your way to cheap title defenses!" Fans roar in approval of Frye's scathing promo and not long after, Edward Cornell comes out at the top of the entrance ramp. Cornell: "I've had enough of your whining, old timer... it's time for people like you to step aside and let the stars of today shine through! At Back to School, I'm gonna beat you so hard, you'll be begging to end up on a different brand than I will!" "The Bratva Bruiser" Dovydas Vidmar vs "Awesome" Wade Orson After pinning him twice in multi man matches, Wade Orson finally gets to go one on one against Dovydas Vidmar in the episode's main event match. Despite some grappling attempts from Orson, the match is mainly a striking contest between Vidmar's brutish brawling and Orson's crisp, precise strikes. The match is pretty even until just after the ten minute mark, past which Orson begins to slowly gain the upper hand. Vidmar barely avoids getting hit with the Bounce Back [kip up DDT] by shoving Orson onto referee Garry Garret and in the brief window of opportunity he's given, he is able to smash the vodka bottle he brings with him to the ring onto Orson's head to steal the win in the finish. Winner: Dovydas Vidmar Show Rating: Confirmed matches for Back to School NGW Heavyweight title match: "Alpha Male" Edward Cornell © vs "The Gentleman Grappler" Nelson Frye NGW Women's title No Disqualification match: "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko © vs Joanne "J-Ro" Rodriguez Plus the Brand Split Draft, an appearance by Stig Svensson to reclaim the Captain Hero mask and more!
  14. raptron

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Hahha, I am always glad to know I'm not alone. It was really, really, really cool! And I absolutely recommend it to everyone who can see it. They're doing a European tour next, I'm pretty sure. The troupe is The 7 Fingers out of Montreal. Hahah, exactly. Day 5.3 A woman who is maybe starting to date one of my best lifting friends (she also lifts and is very cool) invited me to come to an open gym at a partner acro place! I wasn't sure it would work out because I still had to do some more D&D planning and set-up, but the hours she was planning to go worked out for me and she even gave me a ride, so it was basically no effort on my part to attend. I had never done partner balancing before, so I learned some basics. My friend usually bases for a petite, 4'11 woman, so I was also a bit of a change of pace for her, haha! Plus, I could base her and this other guy for some of the basics as well, which was neat! I got to do some inversions, both were shoulder supported, though one by feet and one by hands. It was definitely fun, but I have to admit that it made me want to spend a lot more time on my solo handstands and balancing poses again. THE BUG, IT BITES. I feel like it almost always happens around this time of year... Maybe my next challenge will have balancing too... Little flow we did together with a spot (slash slightly guiding hands haha): I reintroduced our D&D players to the campaign after hiatus and had them fight a couple of zombie beholders on the way to the new main hub they're going to be poking around. They turned one into an armadillo and left it behind. Love it. Lift: 11/11 + sign up for a pole class √ + bonus partner acro! √ Bedtime: 17/25 Hunt: 11/15 House: 1 bonus point
  15. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Me too. I can hardly believe how much better I am at this than when I first joined NF. If nothing else, adding cooking to my challenges has made a bigger impact on my life than anything else. I learned to do it that way from one of your threads I hadn't ever heard of that one before. We used Beanstalk, which has different fomulas depending on the age of the infant Oh, absolutely. I find it annoying but I can completely understand why it happens. It's just one of those things that is part of life living in a super high density population Yes, I know a few and they have been completely devastated. Especially since at that time parents could only have 1 child. The thing that is most mind boggling to me is how those milk companies did not get run out of business. Do you know where this whole thing comes from? It's always been baffling to me, it's like whoever came up with this had never seen anyone squat, in power lifting/olympic lifting or you know, human beings with different proportions, or why would it be ok to do it when say sprinting, but if you load the knee with weights instead of the dynamic load your knees will explode? It is truly widespread misinformation and I wonder where it originated. Luckily I have all you great nerds here to teach me these things so I don't have to rely on all of the bad information out there. Week 5 Thursday 5x5 Food Today's menu choices were Chicken/Pan Fried so I went with a teriyaki chicken & broccoli stir fry. [Pic maybe? Who knows] Ghostlet's feedback: Not only better than expected, it was actually pretty good. That's about as high as praise gets out of him Sketching Nope* Ukulele Nothing again* Proverbs Nada* Handstands I was getting ready to head out to the park and it started raining, so I ended up staying home. No handstanding was done. * This is primarily due to the fact that I am currently hooked on Skyrim and spent all of my free time playing that. I don't even feel bad about it
  16. Sloth the Enduring

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    If you’re doing the are-they-still-alive check in the middle of the night, I found the way to do it with the least chance of waking them when they’re all bundled up was to softly touch the soft spot. There’s a strong pulse there. YMMV.
  17. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    You are correct. Good to know. Yesterday was good. Did Police Stuff, came home and cooked, then we went to our small group. It went really well. We got some very good information and coaching on how to raise Little Bit. The dinner I made was cheesy broccoli rice and chicken. I had a "country Loaf" of bread from the freezer section that I heated in the oven. It was already cooked, I just warmed it up. When it came out I sliced it and spread some compound butter made of softened butter, dried thyme and pepper. It was amazing. The main dish was started by melting plenty of butter in a skillet, then cooking some chopped boneless skinless chicken thighs with salt and pepper. I cooked it for a bit, then added some flour and cooked a bit more. I then added a mixture of chicken broth and milk, and cooked some more. I then added some shredded cheddar till it melted, and added in some steamed broccoli and a package of microwave brown rice. After stirring it all together, I added more cheddar on top and put the lid on the skillet to help the cheese melt. It was amazing as it sounds.
  18. h3r0

    h3r0 gets athletic

    Training Day 3x10 goblet squats 1x10 (L&R) Offset KB squat 1x10 Double KB front squat
  19. TGP

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    OMG that SOOOO resonates with me. since turning 40 I've been so much more active. I can't say that its a "midlife" crisis. I've felt that in the past, sometimes, yes. but for the last 3years+ I've been passionate about exercise- no ongoing pity party required. anyways; trying to push myself physically- I'm reminded and even amazed by my strength and ability to improve. it may be true that I would have done better if I was 20- but I can still do a lot! ---- is the feeling lingering over days and days or is it passing?
  20. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    I have no idea. I really chickened out >< Pre run snack: A mango Anyway here's my run. And dinner =P Dinner: 1 slice of pineapple 4.4 oz of blueberries 4 eggs fried with 26g spinach and tumeric powder 200g salmon stir fried with soya sauce and mirin 150g cauliflower 150g lotus root A slice of Cheddar cheese Inspiration from here:
  21. TGP

    Yasha sows the seeds of success

    congrats on the new kitty! no matter how "high" your kicks are- your Kicking! and that's huge. you dedication to the fitness class is admirable. I "bought" a month and a half of a YMCA class and haven't gone Once maybe, Hopefully I will start (and not stop) Next week.
  22. TGP

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    I think you should reflect again on HOW big it was that you had a "dry day" a little while ago, and didn't go drinking when you felt like it. and Now.... things are a little better then they were Celebrate you victories... More broadly; when you don't have facts and situations but worries and anxiety; Fight those feelings. Those demons are simply awful! No matter how bad it is - you can deal with reality; but the half imagined fears of what Could be is like a horrible burden you can't lift. you'll be ok. hope things are going awesome for you in london!
  23. Rookie

    Rookie Does Things

    Day 3 of office death torture lol. Yesterday I ended up opening the window a bit and it made it better but gawd this is how you get people sick lol. The other dev guy is home sick. Daisy and I had a hard lesson yesterday... what we were doing wasn't necessarily challenging but she was just being so inconsistent. She is mirroring my weaknesses but then also taking advantage of my weaknesses :/ So I have some stuff to figure out agaaaain in my riding. BUT I am so happy to be riding again after having that involuntary month off and a very inconsistent year. Right now my main weaknesses are my leg strength and my core. Always core lol. But it just feels she is ignoring my leg which tires me out way faster. I wish I knew if its just her being lazy or her being sore. Last night I did good and packed some veggies for a snack and I even made a little breakfast to bring. My pants are feeling looser in my thigh area, specifically the back thigh area. Before my pants were starting to feel loose after walking a bit, today they felt loose just after putting them on. Scale is sitting at 272lbs right now which could be because I am getting settled back into my routine and also it is period week.
  24. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    There is no way your quads are that small. Did you two just make TML the Chuck Norris of NF?
  25. Sloth the Enduring

    Yasha sows the seeds of success

    Nice job getting to the gym. I hope it’s helping dampen the roller coaster.
  26. Sloth the Enduring

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Weird. I’ve lurked there forever, but I don’t remember ever posting anything. I did have one challenge here where I built up to half-body weight carry in each hand. That really improved my overall strength and posture. I should work on that again.
  27. Jarric

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Things are going well for the final week of this challenge. I hit a new 5RM on my deadlift on Tuesday at 130kg (286#). I've also promised @jonfirestar and @Mr_Willes that I'll get over 300# in the next month, so there's a goal! Hopefully I can find a hotel gym next week with a deadlift platform to keep this up (unlikely). This morning at Crossfit I did yoke carry (100ft in under 20 seconds), and I managed to hit 165kg without pain! It was the yoke carry that properly busted my hip back in January, so it's nice to see some evidence that it's actually healing up . On that note I do need to focus on my stretching more, that's going to be a goal for a long time. Food continues to be ok, brushing is hit and miss but I'm working on it. Next week I'm going to take a full on zero week as I'm in the states. Will try and get some exercise in over the week, but I'm sure food will be bad and beer will be plentiful. Super excited to go though, and to meet @Raxie in NYC!
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