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  2. Urgan

    » [shaar] has joined your party!

    This is no reason not to give it an FF name. Just not one directly from XIV! All hail Bishi-kun.
  3. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Cheetah is caught up! what?

    The head on that spoon makes me think the grinch and the Trix Rabbit have a child.
  4. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Travels of WhiteGhost Farstrider

  5. foxinthenorth

    Fox gets ready

    I may have just created an Instagram for him...
  6. Tanktimus the Encourager

    » [shaar] has joined your party!

    The car looks amazing. I was all set to tell you to give it a Final Fantasy name, then you say you're taking a break. Maybe call the new vehicle pretty boy?
  7. Stribs

    Ladyofthebog is feeling alll Rohirrim

    YAASSSSSS! Get it!!!! I need some of this in my life
  8. Stribs

    EG Pixie Ranger

    I love that you have a beautiful balance. Have fun!!!
  9. Stribs

    Fox gets ready

    Great job adjusting your goals!!! I hope it helps!
  10. Stribs

    JonFirestar: Prepares for Something Epic

    Being busy AND sick is the WORST. I hope you feel better soon!!
  11. I hope your infection goes away ASAP! That sounds like a scary way to end a hard day. Good job keeping to your goals!!
  12. Karegdm

    Not even started, already feeling down

    Thanks so much, Jean! Actually, my first challenge is to improve my body composition, no figures stablished. But, reading at what I posted, I now believe that subconsciously I am setting a number. Your approach is much wiser and healthier. Thanks so very much for your nice words!
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  14. Stribs

    » [shaar] has joined your party!

    Car looks great, Shaar! Hopefully you have a less stressful week this week. I feel you about owning this weeks bad habits and trying hard to get back into some good ones. We got this.
  15. Stribs

    Salinger's twenty-forth challenge!

    Sounds like you're working hard!!! great job!!
  16. Stribs

    Cheetah is caught up! what?

    You and me both. We will do better this week! Great job!!!!! Get it!
  17. Machete

    American Ninja Warrior - Training

    Same. Back when it was Sasuke everyone was telling me to send an audition video, but I never got around to it for some reason. Now it's becoming a lot more specialized and those obstacles are getting way too crazy.
  18. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak is late to the party

    It feels good to be on the road again. Now fully recovered from her battle against Stress Hydra, Scalyfreak is more than happy to put the ordeal behind her and go back to focusing what matters. She steps back onto the main path with a sense of optimism and relief, and resumes her journey. For about five minutes. Before too long it becomes obvious to Scalyfreak that someone is following her. Someone who is muttering and hissing, and judging by the uncomfortable itching between Scalyfreak’s shoulders, it’s someone who wishes her harm. A quick glance behind her confirms that the surviving demon twin has returned. “Hello, Procrastination. What do you want?” The demon smiles, and says nothing, and thin tendrils of blue mist float through the air towards Scalyfreak, and wrap themselves around her. So after the business trip there were two very chaotic work weeks where lots of co-workers also traveled, and after that, I went on two weeks of vacation, which was great, and almost completely internet free, which was even greater and quite de-stressing. And now I’m back, and should probably get back to doing challenges again. After a month and a half of routine upheaval, getting things back on track is going to be a little tricky, so for the remainder of this period that’s what we will focus on. 1. Get back to regular gym visits and lifting. I haven’t really had gym access during all the traveling, and as a result I found myself taking an unintentional break from barbell lifting. Any kinds of lifting, really. So now I need to get back to doing that three times a week again, so I can recover my lost progress. 2. Meditate every day. For some reason, traveling away from every stressful part of one’s day to day life, seems to remove the need for all the little coping mechanisms and survival strategies that one developed in order to not go crazy from the stress of said day to day life. And while having two weeks nearly entirely devoid of stress was very nice, I did drop my habit of daily meditation. Now that I’m back with the daily stress, I need to get back to meditating. 3. Start and finish at least one project I have been procrastinating on for way too long. I haven’t decided which project yet, so I will edit this challenge with more detail once I do. And I’m not even going to try to get caught up with all the forum threads I am behind on. I’m just going to dive right in and improvise, and go from there.
  19. Sciread77

    Adventurers of the Lucky Vale III

    I’m at a birthday party with Rex right now. It’s fun but kinda rough. Jessie was supposed to go out of town this weekend but around 3 I started getting sick and throwing up. So she cancelled that and we’re all home. She took Woody to an audition for The Christmas Carol this morning and I volunteered to drive Rex to Illinois for his party. I’m feeling less dead but I’m keeping my distance from people and this is probably all I’ll do today. The sun will be good for me though. It’s outside and they’re playing with water balloons. I’ve slept through my alarms twice this week, so I think I’m starting to run out of gas for the early mornings. I’m done recording on the chicken book and have about 1/4 of the mastering left to do. It’s short. I was planning to start the next book this morning but drainage kinda killed my voice for the morning. I’m hoping to get past it so I can start recording as well as drop in an audition for a side-by-side French/Spanish joke book. Then again, I may just go home and take a short coma.
  20. Hi there, What's important is that you feel good in your body. So, shallow? No, I don't think so. Now, around here, we're set on taking on long term sustainable changes one step at a time in order to become and stay the best self we can be so, a good mindset might be to start your challenge with the goal of reverting your weight evolution and loose weight instead of gaining it. Making it 5 or 10 kg probably won't help too much at this point because it can turn a victory (yay, I'm going in the right direction!) into despair and defeat (What!? Only 3 Kg! I'm sooo slow at it!). Getting into the shape you want will take time (two challenges? Three? A lot more?) but once you'll get there, you'll have set into motion the habits that'll allow you to stay there for the rest of your life (why, yes, I'm an optimist, why do you ask?). I'd listen to the dietetician and focus on building habits instead of scale numbers (tracking calories, eating healthy, practicing whatever kind of exercise you like so that it's easier to do it regularly and sustainably and so on). Things like journaling, gratitude thoughts or meditation may help too with building acceptance toward yourself but we're each different people and different things work for each of us. Be safe, be wild, go for who you want to be!
  21. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    Well, I've got the whole of that week off, so it shouldn't be too difficult to make that happen About that... kind of not running it any more, sorry. But that's probably best something discussed in person, not least because I'm having a lot of trouble actually finding the words as to why.
  22. jonfirestar

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    Maybe I'll try. They do really make a difference. Although the ones I have are of a completely different design. It's kind of like a whire that attaches to the ends of the arm that simply draws in to secure your glasses on. It'a surprisingly comfortable and I've forgotten I've even had them on (and jumped into a lake) Thanks! Yeti is running too but I'm doing the big one! Thanks. I have dropped down to the Open wave from Age Group. The mental stuff just isn't there right now and it's taken a heap of performance pressure off of me. Of course I hope I get to spend loads of time with you! I'm looking forward to seeing you!
  23. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    Given that I feel this awful after working somewhere in the region of 50 hours this week, I don't know how I made it through my 70+ hour nightmare week earlier in the year... Rise: 0400 Morning routine: I tried to brush my teeth with moisturiser, so... Inactive hours: Many Illness/injury: A lot of over-use/under-rest stuff that should clear up over the next couple of days (numbness in the feet, extreme pain in both ankles, dodgy knee swollen and stiff, back and shoulders in pain), plus the stuff caused purely by how badly I've slept over the past week (headache, dry and painful eyes, rapidly diminishing coordination and overall brainpower...), plus the three finger dislocations today. I'm in wonderful shape, truly... Evening routine: Early Bed: 2100ish I've spent all week anticipating today's short shift and I spent all of said shift in a state of high anxiety waiting for something else drastic to go wrong. It did not, to the best of my knowledge. I managed to escape on time, I even managed to get a seat on the bus home (also got bombarded by the wasps trapped inside the bus, but a seat is a seat), and since getting home I have done nothing. I look forward to doing nothing for the rest of the night. And I look forward to a long sleep. A lot of my current state of body and mind will be fixed up well enough by a good sleep, thankfully. And on the plus side, I now have two days in a row off to recover.
  24. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    I'd like to think so, but I won't know for sure until payday. All going well, I should actually have a tiny bit of disposable income next month. That'll be a first...
  25. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Return of the Grey Jedi

    I got all of my work done yesterday so I have both today and tomorrow to not do work. Goal is to get chores (aside from folding laundry which isn't so much a chore as an excuse to watch youtube) done today, so that tomorrow I can chill(??) and just do blogging and maybe play video games idk ~~~~ Yesterday Mr. Right made some delicious and cheap tater tot casserole. It was BOMB. It was also my sleep in day so I ate a third meal at like 11pm because I was hungry and grumpy and upset. We've done so well with our budget this month. We're saving over twice the amount we were two months ago, but buying groceries and not eating out so much, as well as not wasting the food we buy, has made our budget work sooooo much better. We're not eating as well as we'd like to be I don't think, but we've been incorporating fruits and veggies into most meals and cooking at home for most meals. Good improvement over the course of a month I'd say August 23 3 Eggs, a hashbrown, and 2 toasts Probiotic coffee with 2 tsp sugar and creamer 3 pcs of butter and jelly bread Rather a lot of tater tot casserole More tater tot casserole
  26. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble starts flipping again

    It's these ones I wouldn't go into a gym with: It's gone! Nice to breathe again ---------- Physio and bouhler not going well, but everything else is not too bad. I did three side quests so far: - Do a mentally challenging jump or movement  - Swim the width of the pool (no doggie paddle) - Watch a tutorial on treading water There was a big rail precision at height that I went for at the local parkour gym. I planned to bounce back, and I did. The hard part was committing to the jump. I think I swam the width of the pool multiple times already, this should not have been a side quest. I watched several tutorials on treading water.
  27. My weight has always been a huge issue in my life. I was really petite during my childhood, gained some kilos over puberty, and have been up and down since then within a reasonable margin. Perhaps it wouldn't be a big deal if my family would just save their opinions. They have been the hardest critiques of them all: they have made me feel really bad being fat as much as being skinny. It's like nothing pleases them and, don't get me wrong, their approval is not my goal, but they don't shut their mouth, so... I moved to Argentina a year ago and it has been difficult. I came alone and emotional ups and downs have been my companions during all this time. Anxiety showed up as never before. I got really sick in November (stomach bacteria) and antibiotics + emotional issues caused a whole series of other stomach problems to the point that, almost 10 months later, I'm still doing all I can to recover my health. When I arrived in Buenos Aires, I was at my ideal weight (48 kilos), I felt comfortable and liked how I looked. I like eating healthy but I was so happy knowing I could have some treats here and there and not putting on. Now, it is a different story... Because of my gut issues, I started seeing a registered dietitian and, in the first appointment, I got to the scale and realized I was now a 53-kilo girl. It is not THAT bad if you look at the numbers, but I felt so, so, so bad because I knew where I was heading to emotionally speaking. This first weigh-in was in April. Yesterday, in the 4th appointment, I had my second weigh-in and the scale showed 56 kilos. I cannot express how bad I felt and feel. I am now almost 10 kilos bigger than I was a year ago and I'm just 1.55 meters, so those 10 kilos (around 5 pounds or so) really show. The saddest part to me is that I just established my first challenge on Monday thinking I was aiming at losing just 5 kilos, not virtually twice that! I now see that I've been fooling myself thinking I was eating "just like before" and feel I just cannot find out how my body wants me to eat to get back in shape. My dietitian tells me I need to focus on healing the gut right now and that stuff but I cannot deny I just want to lose those extra kilos. Is that shallow? I'm having the same obsessive thoughts than when I was a teen and I just feel hopeless. I'm going to start my challenge, though, just that I'm not getting into it in a good mindset. I know many people are feeling like this right now. Hope things get better for us all!
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