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  2. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    I could go on for hours and hours
  3. Wobbegong

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Skeptical of low carb/high fat diets, or that it will work to help your PCOS? Or both? lol I hang out in a lot of keto groups online and often see stories from people with PCOS who seem to be seeing some success. I don't have PCOS, so I can't speak to that; as far as my weight loss goals go, I've had more success fasting than macro shifting, but the macro shifting does wonders for appetite control, mood and energy regulation, and digestive health. The way I see it, if you're interested in a diet change, you might as well try it. Especially if it's only thirty days, right? If you get the results you want, fantastic. If you get good benefits that aren't what you're looking for, you can decide from there what to do and what you really value most. And if you don't get any good results, hey, at least it's only thirty days. Spend your next thirty trying something else, until you get something that sticks. Of course, I totally sympathize with the kitchen situation. Sometimes there are external factors that really make making those changes difficult. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best!
  4. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    I think I could do with a butt person *and* a boob person. Might as well if we're going down that route.
  5. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Thank you!
  6. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    It is: Seems a low carb/high fat diet, but I'm slightly skeptical. We'll see
  7. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Tuesday Goal: don't lose sanity! - maybe! The level up is sort out works in the house (part of) - n/a The movement is to keep up walking and dancing. I'm usually walking 10km per day and do 3-4 dancing classes a week. I would like to run or hula hooping again, but won't add stressors for that. - yes Nutrition: 1)I am going to read through the PCOS diet, and see if I can adapt it, as I have no kitchen so won't be able to follow it. - yes (email only] 2)Eat something at 9,11,13,15.30,18 (on weekends I am allowed to skip the 9 and add have food at 20) and track it - yes (nearly) 3)If I crave sweets drink a glass of water - n/a
  8. Diadhuit

    Weight Loss

    Even if legal doesn't mean healthy (think of tobacco: legal but not healthy). Regarding weight loss, you find both theories that say it increases hunger or not. That says a lot on its own. Please stay safe and remember that rarely a shortcut will keep the weight off. The only way to avoid yoyoing is to eat healthy and exercise, for how little fashionable that seems.
  9. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    That surprises me. I figured the locals there would riot if someone tried to pull this over there Unfortunately it isn't just that one bank. It's the entire banking system It can be a real exercise in patience
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  11. We have seen what Bean can do and Ielive in Ireland so I really know the power of Bean Sidhe!! [emoji33] Rule of thumb: you can't know if you like your job within the first month (and that means also knowing if you are a good fit). It's really hard to be an intern and you'll be ok!
  12. elizevdmerwe

    elizevdmerwe - It's about nr.23 & Countdown...8

    Thanks EG. Yes, He is in control, and just remembering that things are happening around us, but not to us, is proof of that fact. We are very blessed and safe in His hands. -------------------------------------------- Not much else has happened. It was a quiet Tuesday in our area. I realised after driving home from dance Monday afternoon that I'm becoming a tad aggressive. We're having a lot of road works (the start something new before the election to show the people we do actually do things from government), other roads were blocked off because of protests or damage, so road choices to get somewhere and then home, are few. Add to that the normal mentality of some drivers that the orange light means you must quickly slip over the traffic light, no matter that it will now block the other traffic who were hoping to go when their light turned green. I sat patiently (ok I was gnashing my teeth) through the first green light that I couldn't drive, being the first car in line. When the light was just about to turn green the second time and I saw another Orange Light Opportunist thinking about crossing the intersection, I pressed on the hooter and inched the car forward. He braked hard, then smiled and stayed behind the line, not crossing into the intersection. It helped that the guy in the car next to me had the exact same reaction as I. So when the light turned green, we inched our way forward across the first lanes, head on a swivel for cars in the other lanes, who might want to skip the red light. It happens very often nowadays. Last week I sat at that very robot/traffic light, for three changes of the green light! As I mentioned above, some roads are still blocked off due to protests, etc. But it isn't affecting us in our immediate neighbourhood. I'm not sure whether we'll be able to go to Lego today, as the roads outside of town (Howick/Merrivale) were blocked off on Monday, due to riots. I'm really happy to just stay at home at the moment, to be honest. Brandt hasn't heard anything from the company he has applied with. We were maybe too optimistic that once he hands in his CV, they'll just grab him up. Now to have patience and stay positive.
  13. ReturnOfTheDad


    2019: Year of the Wandering Monk Weight: Traveling, no scale Sleep: 9 Hrs Water: 3/4 Gallon Protein: 80 grams (way low) Meals: 1:00pm - Bacon Cheese burger, fries, coffee 5:00pm - Chicken sandwich, salad, iced tea 10:00pm - Protein bar Fitness: Wkt 1 - Muay Thai Wkt 2 - No Gi Jujitsu Notes: Glad I finished a week on the new training regimens, but definitely needed a rest day. Off again on my monthly trip to the West Coast. It was sooner than expected due to the Memorial Day holiday next week, so not thrilled about leaving the family after only 2 weeks at home, but work is work. Streamlined packing which is nice, what was not nice was the 5 hour flight delay, which I’m almost coming to expect when going DFW to PHX. Was able to get some work done and had a surprisingly good dinner at the airport while waiting. The side hustle of Start Up Business Development consulting is moving along. Have my second client, which is exciting. I’ll probably take on one more then hold off for a bit since the only time I have to do the consulting sessions is Sunday afternoon and don’t want to cut into evening family time. It is incredibly rewarding to help someone achieve their dream by helping them develop their business. Would love to do it full time some day, but baby steps. Last couple of days have really been a stretch. Learned some valuable lessons on self care while traveling and not stacking my plate too full. As nice as travel can be it can also be draining and frustrating. I realize I basically struggle moderating ANYTHING and went just as overboard on my travel planning as other substances from my past. Fortunately I have good friends who help point that out to me and share their experiences that help me adjust course faster than I would on my own. I also know sticking to the basics has its merits and that is not something I have been doing. Last couple of days let the diet, sleep, and recovery meetings slip. Bad combination that started me down a pretty rough path. Had some good guys check on me and chat by phone. It gave me some perspective, a few laughs, and a large chunk of sanity that I had been chunking piece meal into the pit of my addictive tendencies. So glad I have a support network that helps me through these tough times, which includes having safe space like NF fitness to honestly share my comings and goings and the friends I’ve made here that take the time to read my ramblings and offer the support that means more than you know. I hope you all have a good rest of the evening (or morning) and thanks for being the amazing community that you are.
  14. WhiteGhost

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Spoiler status update: Just finished Feet of Clay and starting Fifth Elephant
  15. WhiteGhost

    [DarK_RaideR #36] Balance is rarely a static case

    Very much looking forward to this
  16. Norgaard

    Asuka respawns, slowly

    And snorlax is right on my fAt belly
  17. DarK_RaideR

    [DarK_RaideR #36] Balance is rarely a static case

    Take away the music and that setup sounds suspiciously similar to an OCR...
  18. GodzillaKong

    Assault on 99 Part 3: Back in the Game

    Thanks. I really loved that job, but this ones good as well. Sounds easy, sure but boy am i aching after 2 days in the gym after so long out.
  19. Salinger


    There is always next year? Or the year after? Im mega impressed by the running. I just wish i could run....! x
  20. elizevdmerwe

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    This definitely helps even here at home! I now pack lunches for the boys and myself and we have to stick with it. Well, it works more for me than the boys, they seem to be in another growing phase. *sigh* Good luck with this challenge.
  21. Here it would depend on the person/s taking out the loan. If the bank thought their good for it, they would approve the loan, including the extra needed to fix the house. It would also depend on whether the house can be resold readily, if the bank takes back the house because payments aren't met. A lot of people either fix the house up themselves when they buy, because they want to update things like plumbing, or fix the roof, tile previously wooden/carpeted floors, tile out the bathroom, etc. or people who are going to sell soon, and have paid off a significant amount on their homeloan already, re-borrow some of that money to fix the house up before selling. It all depends on whether the bank sees potential in the property, and if they think they'll get their money back.
  22. WhiteGhost

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    If it does, make sure you enjoy the heck out of it
  23. Mad Hatter

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    I loved reading about the mental aspect of the sport, it’s really fascinating. It’s cool that you as a coach are going through the same things as your athletes, it must really help them. Why do you think you can’t bring the same attitude to your training? Except for the obvious comp adrenaline, is a just life stuff pulling you in different directions or something else?
  24. Salinger

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    Good strategies Stribs.... We can work on our diets together <3 we can do it!! Goo djob on remembering your meds i NEED to get back to meditating... xx
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