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  2. Sylvaa

    The Trading Post

    Hey Adventurers! @miss_marissa has started an All-Guild Challenge thread. I've got no idea what we are in store for, but it'd be awesome to see a bunch of Adventurers out there representing!
  3. miss_marissa

    The Mead Hall: The Warrior Water Cooler

    Hey ya'll!!!! Wanna let everyone know the All-guild mini challenge is up and running. Please sign up or I'll be sad
  4. NicTheRugger

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    Nic had departed the friendly village and was most of the way to the base at the Western Reach. She had been ambushed on the way by Dzanai's soldiers, and was injured. Nic winced as her back twinged again. Dropping her ruck in a safe area, she took the time to stretch. She was two days away from the base, at her current pace. Slower than she would like, but she wanted to make sure she was in as good condition as possible before meeting the Raiders. A good impression was necessary, and she didn't want to let them, or the people they were going to help, down. After stretching, she reached into her ruck and pulled out the primer on the Shi'lei language that was the language of the province she was going to. While the Raiders (and most other people) spoke Common, she wanted to know at least a few phrases in the language so she could blend in better. Back's doing a little bit better today. I took the day off yesterday, didn't run. Did do some stretches at night to try and relieve the tension in my back. Crossfit this morning somehow helped my back. I think it helped that we weren't lifting super heavy today. Today's WOD: Tabata workout of the following: Jump rope Flutter kicks Row 2 rounds: 800 m run 7 back squats (85 lbs) So, I got my run in, even if it wasn't one of my "prescribed" runs. It'll do though, since I didn't run yesterday. Count: Story count: 2/3 for the week (not counting the intro story into that count) Polish: 4/7 Journaling: 1/3 Stretching: 2/3 Pull-ups: 3/5 Crunches: 0/3 Apartment found: no, but did leave a few messages and have set up a tour for next week (cutting it close, but they aren't open to tours on weekends) Gym found: no, due to no apartment found Welcome aboard!
  5. Gemma


    The year of DETERMINATION! Huzzah!!!
  6. Charlie_Quinn

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    Murph is terrifying. I'm kinda glad this isn't something we do in the UK! Following!
  7. Deckard Gainz

    Defining Discipline

    Why not filmmaking? It sounds like it's one of the few interests you can pursue to an appreciable, and possibly even lucrative degree, as well as being creative and expressive. It sounds like you already have a head start on it with whatever video work you were doing for your job. A very good friend of mine actually recently got hired as a spokesperson for a video software company as a result of the hundreds of hours he put into his tutorials for Adobe Premeire/After Effects and some other stuff, just a side project he did in his free time. There are all sorts of local video shows/challenges/competitions he participates in for fun, some of which I've had the pleasure of being a part of. One was a contest where you get a topic and then you have 48 hours to create a short film around. It's pretty interesting stuff!
  8. Tobbe

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    Walking while in a bridge? And you didn't die until the end of the corridor? Amazing!
  9. deftona

    [Charlie Quinn] CrossFit II: Return of the Wanker

    I love the name of this challenge and I'm following even though it's going to make me get Return of The Mack stuck in my head frequently.
  10. deftona

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    No this makes me feel a lot better, thank you for your beautiful lies.
  11. raptron

    Assassin's Den

    To spice things up this time around, @miss_marissa has put together an ALL GUILD MINI CHALLENGE. Consider this the Assassin's call to arms!
  12. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Before I was trying to be good my day looked like this... easily hit 2500 calories a day Breakfast: - medium starbucks peppermint mocha frappuccino (sometimes whole milk with whipped cream, sometimes with 2% milk and light whip) - everything bagel + butter Lunch: - leftovers (usually 1 cup potatoes/pasta/rice with meat probably about 3-4oz worth, maybe some veggie if I had it) or - randomly go out for food... (Burrito, burger and fries, all you can eat sushi, Roti, sandwich) Dinner: - either burgers, pizza, popeyes chicken, subs, pitas, chinese or - random home cooked meal with saucy meat, potatoes/rice/pasta, some veggie (ie. potato salad, chicken strips with plum sauce; fajita wraps (1 wrap); burger with corn and potato salad; chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, asparagus with gravy; beef roast, mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, gravy; etc) Plate would sometimes be too much and I would feel overly full when I finished.... especially if it featured something I really liked. Snackies: - Anything I could get my hands on.. or that would show up in front me of.. so for example yesterday I would of ate smarties, pretzels, ice cream, yogurt etc etc. but typically chips, chocolate, popcorn, donuts, cookies. So basically bad planning and my snack squirrel habits of never saying no to things lol Now... I am anywhere from 1300-1800 calories / day Breakfast on weekdays: - protein shake (1 scoop powder, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup cashew milk, ice or 1 scoop powder, peppermint extract, 1 cup cashew milk) - maybe 28g almonds or 30g cheese Breakfast on Weekends: - 1-2 eggs - 1 toast - 30g cheese - 1 turkey bacon Lunch: - meat (3-5oz of steak, pork or chicken breast; 1 hamburger patty; 6 meatballs; etc) - 1oz potato or 3/4 cup rice or pasta - as much veggie as I want - usually 15-30g cheese Dinner: - same as lunch OR on non riding day I have been having 1 egg and 1 toast Snacks: I try to go for deli meat, raw veggies, fruit, almonds or cheese
  13. NicTheRugger

    Back to Basics, Part 2

    Great workouts! How's the finger feeling?
  14. Charlie_Quinn

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    You missed one (spoilered for those who haven't seen the films) Following along!
  15. NicTheRugger

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    Thank you! Slowly getting better. Thanks for the recommendation! I appreciate it. I'll look into them! As for Quantico... that's the dream! If I pass the selection board and get selected for the next OCS class I'll be there. Looking forward to that Virginia heat.
  16. DrFeelgood

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    In this case it's not "grilled", it's "gri'led": a shortening of the word "griddled" which then morphed to assume the form of an already-familiar-but-slightly-misleading term. Also, I made that up.
  17. NicTheRugger

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Oh nooo, the politeness cookie. That's the greatest downfall. I think you made the right choice though. No point in alienating your landlords or offending them. Making good progress! Looking forward to seeing you tackle the challenge.
  18. Waanie

    Show up and do the work

    That's great about the running . It's nice to see that all your other activity kept you in shape so that going into running is not a problem . Your hanging times and push-ups are also steadily increasing, keep up the good work!
  19. Charlie_Quinn

    [Charlie Quinn] CrossFit II: Return of the Wanker

    You have a much better reason for it than I do though! Glad to have you around as always! Aw thanks. I've missed you guys. Which is a weird thing to say, seeing as you were all right here!
  20. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    PROJECT SASHA Patches: - finish embroidering (2/3 done) - paint backgrounds grey - cut out and modge podge edges (2/3 done) - sew onto jacket Jacket: - fix jacket flaps - Transfer over big back "patch" onto jacket and paint it - Add snaps to jacket Harness: - Paint and sew the thigh strap squares - Figure out thigh strap deal - Fix top "harness" front hip area - Attack top "harness" back hip area Other: - Attach velcro to butt strap - Practice wearing my wig - Make meat prop Store run: - velcro (check sewing stash first) - deli paper - rope - masking tape - silver embroidery yarn It seems like a bit list but most are quite quick fixes. Though I am sure it will add up.
  21. WhiteGhost

    Show up and do the work

    Always nice when you get a surprisingly cooperative body after you have been away from an activity for a while
  22. NicTheRugger

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Yes, I agree completely with both of you. Season 8 was a big disappointment because the writers weren't able to rely on the books anymore, and the show lost a lot of the nuances that had made it so interesting in seasons 1-7. And also it felt like they threw out a lot of the progress that the characters made for the sake of shock value, but that's a rant that I won't go into on your challenge thread haha.
  23. TGP

    TGP changes!

    well, I had a thought of going in the rain, but Saturday's weather is ... well something to be a little careful. there's the potential for severe storms!* we have to see how that pans out. I don't want to voluntarily hike in severe thunderstorms. (and If I did; my wife would prolly go crazy** with worry) but you ARE right that my system NEEDS to be such I can hike in nearly all conditions. ... Anyways a Bad Washout day on Saturday would SUCK and make several things harder (not just the hiking but the gardening, too!). *last time I checked the weather. it might be ENTIRELY different now ** what to do, if Severe storm happen during the event? well I guess there is scenario ONE where I know about it, in advance and scenario TWO where I don't. GENERALLY I suppose a whopping rain event calls for getting down of the ridge tops and setting up a hammock/rainfly. But mmm, how often do you get that Kind of time!? I do have rain gear (coat and pants). I need to have some spare stuff like socks... and I have a sneaky plan of stocking*** the car of a person who will check in on us. I think I will see that person at mile 50 and 85 (those are very convenient places to bump into someone with a car). *** that is probly my last answer. I do foresee getting another chance to walk the 100 mile challenge any time soon! It would be nice to be all independant and go from mile 0 to 100 with no additional gear or help; but I'd rather cheat; change clothes/shoes/etc and make it during extreme weather and hard conditions than not make it at all.
  24. Waanie

    Tateman - Let's do all the Bowling!

    This helps me as well . Except I often forget to put pen and paper next to my bed, and walk to the room next door to fill up the empty white board while not really being able to see what I'm writing . How did the bowling game go?
  25. Whisper

    Wobbegong: A Creature of Habit

    I find the school's obsession with you (and other teachers) eating lunch really interesting. It isn't something I can imagine happening in the States, but they seem to care about their teachers' health much more than we do. Confusing the game is fun! Have a good walk.
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