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  2. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Hi! Some of these thoughts are as deep as thoughts can go The weekend has been pretty good. Spent most of the day yesterday and all of this morning at Church for a special Easter service which was really nice. This afternoon the whole family (Ghostlet, Ghostess and her parents) went to the park by our house for a walk to look at the Peony section they have there. I learned today that Peonies are the national flower of China. Below are some peony pics that Ghostlet took. After the park, Ghostlet and I went over to the Karting track and did a few races. There were not many people there so they let Ghostlet do a race with me in the adult Karts. He did very well Week zero has now come to a close so time to check in and see how things went: D. Doodling 5x - I actually went over my goal this week doing 6 doodles of eyes, but I can't say that I think they are all that great. I was pretty happy with some and pretty disappointed with others, but that's ok. I mostly just want to get some practice. This week's focus was eyes (as you can see) and I think next week I am going to try mouths. E. Exercising 4x - Right on target here. I went to the park 4 times and even though I didn't get in my regular workouts, I did get some fun mobility stuff in, which totally counts. E. Eating 5x - Way over my target here. I had meatloaf, egg salad, spaghetti & meatballs, and salmon tagliatelle twice each, and then had short ribs yesterday and then shrimp & eggs and chicken & peppers today, bringing the total to 10 home made meals this week. P. Playing 1x - Right on target with this one. I am going to try and keep the Trampoline Tuesday thing going. Plenty of momentum going into week 1
  3. Adash5000

    Terah's quest for cute animal gifs

    I come with an animal gif offering Oh I kind of want to read this book Brain Over Binge, I am relatively healthy but still occasionally get a little tick in my brain which makes me compusively buy sweets and icecream. Ignoring that tick has become very difficult. Really excited that your efforts have worked out for you and I am excited to hear what happens on your low carb journey (I have thought and read about it a lot). Just a little 2 cents about low carb make sure you get enough salts and water, your body will have trouble retaining salt and water while in a low carbohydrate state. So be super generous with salt on food and make sure you get potassium through something like Salt Free Salt (I know its actually a thing) and maybe go on magnesium supplements. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium are really the three salt you want to replenish. Good luck and I will cheer you on and come back with more animal gif offerings!!!
  4. I like his new look! Jason Momoa is always perfect! (Even though the beard was more perfect.)
  5. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    I hope so! Eat well too! I mean, you do anyway, but still.
  6. I have hard thought about this since my last challenge ended in the first timers group. Originally I was thinking Assassins and body weight exercises but I think what I would like to strive for is more mentally bound. I am looking for mindfulness in how my time is spent and looking for replacements for mindless activities. For what is more relaxing: watching youtube or reading a good book. Oh I remember the days as a kid when internet was not so distracting and had not advanced past the dialup tech and reading was so profoundly interesting. So with this challenge I want to eliminate a few wastes of time while introducing productive hobbies while maintaining a mindfulness practice and continuing the nurturing and physical practice of my last challenge. I also want to keep a list of activities I can look at whenever I am feeling bored or stuck so I don't default to old behaviors. What does this look like? Mindfulness Practice 1. Meditation for at least 5 minutes a day 2. Cold Showers at least 3 times a week 3. In bed before 10:30pm Physical Practice 1. Stretching & Core - Planks & Side Planks - Rolling Quads & IT Bands - Lunge stretch - Field Hockey ball on buttocks 2. Long training bike ride 1 a week, twice if possible 3. Unicycle practice twice a week Nutritional Practice 1. Meal prep lunches 4 days of the work week 2. Try to cook most nights of the week 3. Try cooking new things on the weekend Eliminate & Replace 1. Eliminate - Youtube - Facebook (to some extent may need it for event tracking) - Reddit - Identify others as they become apparent 2. Replace - Reading a good book - Art (Drawing or Watercolors) - Learning (Programming or Math) - Going for a walk - Trying something new Okay now I know this sound like an over commitment and thats because to some degree it is but it's intention is also as a stretch goal: eliminate and replace are the two most important things in the list followed by the first items in all the other lists and all the other ones are stretch goals with a specific practice of letting go of control and forgiving myself if I do not achieve them. Although I will forgive myself if I don't meditate on a given day it is something that I want to jump back on the wagon immediately whereas cold showers I won't mind missing a few days in a row. Anyways I am punped because this will actually be my first full 4 week challenge (first one came late). Challenge Accepted!!!
  7. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Silly kittens. Must be love.
  8. Atrytone

    Atrytone Tackles the Life Wheel

    Thank you. I've always struggled with self-esteem/self-worth so this isn't something new. It just sucks. Also I'm so supportive I'm Professionally Supportive But yeah. I've always found it easier to support others. I tend to be much more critical of myself.
  9. Nooooooooooooooooooo! What is wrong with people, what am I supposed to do now?!
  10. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    It's really weird; nothing feels wrong, but my behavior this week is clearly not normal for me, and in ways that start to look a bit mental healthish. I'm hoping we're talking a week of random brain weasels, and I can find the right fix to cut it off at a week.
  11. Today
  12. In challenge news, week zero has been okay. I mostly ate without screens. Eating what I want with no rules has not immediately made me fatter or sicker. I look pretty much the same and feel okay. I did some reflection daily. I mostly managed to shut down thoughts and get to sleep. I put time and attention into cooking. I mostly lifted without distractions. So I did okay at my small, slightly vague goals of being in the world a bit more. Wooo. Also I feel happier after getting back to taekwondo. It's my only regular social thing, which I didn't realise I was missing.
  13. In food news, the cooking event went well. I made some buttery quinoa and herb-attack yoghurt to go with the lamb tagine. Then a "salad" with blanched green beans, fresh cherry tomatoes, toasted almond slivers, shallots and balsamico. Mr Harriet liked the tagine very much, but I was slightly disappointed. It didn't taste distinctively moroccan. I think I used too much tomato. I also followed the instructions to put the spices and fruit in at the start with the onions, and I think that was a mistake. I think the spices burnt and lost flavour, and the apricots and cranberries lent sweetness to the whole dish but lost their distinctiveness. Overall, it was a rich, very tomatoey lamb stew. Not bad, just not what I was aiming for. Also, the blueberry and blackberry pie. I made the dough the day before. I even attempted little braided bits and imagined the pie would turn out beautifully like this: Lol, no. I don't have a real pie tin, I didn't make enough pastry, and I was a bit clumsy. I tried though. And at least I learned the lesson that you don't readjust the strips after placing them: But it was delicious, so that's what matters. I do think the bottom crust was a bit tough, but the sides were flaky and delicious. Baked too long, perhaps?
  14. Guzzi

    This is a new world for me

    Heeeeeey!!!!! **waves like an idiot** Don’t sweat the whole character/role play thingy, there’s probably more members who don’t do that stuff that those who do. The main thing is to figure out what works for you and do that. I love the idea of doing parkour, but I think it will be a while before I can start trying to learn any (very, very basic!) moves because I’m focused on trying to regain strength and mobility after illness/injury right now. Have you started a new challenge thread yet? I will lurk and see if I can steal any ideas!
  15. Exciting! I mean the pictures. But the fajitas sound good, too. Hope you get some better sleep soon. Oh yeah, those fajitas are going on my list of things to attempt to cook.
  16. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Narrowly Avoids the Scorpion Pit, Pt. 2

    Hope you're ok *hugs*
  17. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Is Happy to Be Here

    Thanks. It was a real jerkface yesterday! I feel better today Lovely to have you along! I think its over (the migraine) my head is sore, but not stabby nauseating sore.
  18. Guzzi

    Hello fellow nerds

    Hey, welcome on board! I thought I would share this article with you as it addresses exactly what you are talking about. It does talk about barbell work, but keep reading and you will find bodyweight exercise advice too....
  19. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    As I often state, Fajita is simply the word used in Spanish for a beef skirt steak. In US English it has come to refer to meat seasoned the same way that cut of beef is traditionally seasoned. Before white people figured out how good fajitas are in the 80's it was a very inexpensive cut of meat. Before I was born my father worked building a power plant in Laredo (2 hours southwest of San Antonio, on the Mexican border). He said they used to throw in a few bucks each and get massive amounts of fajitas and cook them after a work day. It was very inexpensive, even by the standards back then. As a result, by the time I was born, he would make them quite often before they hit the mainstream. The simplest thing to do is get a skirt steak and season it with Fajita seasoning. In the event it's hard to find on that side of the pond, here are google search results for making your own: Once the meat is properly seasoned, grill or cook in a cast iron skillet till done (There should be at least some pink left in the meat, cooking the skirt steak to medium is a good idea). Cut into strips perpendicular to the grain of the muscle after letting the meat rest a bit. This is important because skirt steak can be tough. If you cut perpendicular to the grain your teeth will naturally come down in between the muscle striations and make it easier to chew. I recommend sauteing onion and bell peppers, that's a natural to go with fajitas. Serve with shredded cheese, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Put them all in a tortilla, and you have a fajita taco. Some people use the term fajita to refer to the tacos themselves, but technically it only refers to the cut of meat in the tacos, and only to beef. The seasoning is good on pork or chicken, but those are not pork or chicken fajitas, they are pork or chicken seasoned for fajitas. A note about the tortillas, you have to heat them up first. And they can be done in the microwave, but it's way better if you use direct heat. Get a skillet hot and put the tortilla directly on the skillet (no oil). When it gets toasty, flip it. You'll need something to keep them warm, because you can probably only do two at a time. If you have good quality flour tortillas, they will puff up while warming. This is normal, just steam forming in the tortilla. It will go back to normal after it comes off the heat. Corn tortillas don't typically get those big air bubbles. People who do this all the time do it with their bare hands. Their fingers simply toughen up.
  20. You should share some genuine taco and fajita pics/recipes for those of us who live elsewhere and have probably NEVER eaten an authentic taco or fajita. I bet they’re nothing like what we serve over here
  21. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    Friday was a good day. We had an ultrasound appointment and got some great images. Unfortunately, I can't get them in a format to post on the forums at the moment. I then went to work. Yesterday was a good day. I made some low effort high flavor tacos. I got some chicken thighs preseasoned for fajitas, cut them into strips and pan fried them. I served them in some tortillas that were a mix of corn and flour, with cheese, sour cream and sauteed onions. We had a ceasar salad on the side. No workouts, becuase I was run down, a combination of allergies and poor sleep quality. Happy Easter everyone!
  22. Infinity.Creates

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Cats love languages are interesting :p
  23. elizevdmerwe

    Annyshay: Endgame

    A photo for you, showing Stampy trying to steal some of my seafood mix last night. His little paw was so fast, I couldn't catch it in my bowl, on a photo! I eventually gave him a small, small piece of calamari, which he promptly licked clean, then left alone! Brandt says Stampy is just showing his love by inspecting my food. He doesn't do it with anyone else.
  24. elizevdmerwe

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    As long as you could at least sleep in some? Have a great time with your brother and parents.
  25. elizevdmerwe

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    That's great!
  26. annyshay

    Annyshay: Endgame

    Saturday - w0d7 Mindful Moments - one during brunch - waited until I was hungry and just had what I wanted - one during lunch - recognized that I was still hungry and had more to eat - one during lunch - ate some jelly beans in ones and twos actually paying attention to the flavors PT Exercises - traced the alphabet - one legged stands - towel gathers 2 x 60 seconds Self Care - nap - clary sage in the diffuser - Holy Saturday Vigil 2019 playlist on spotify - did the dishes
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