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  2. Salinger

    Yasha isn’t perfect

    Sounds great (the gardening) wild flowers are so so good for bees and I adore them. So pretty - you can just scatter seeds and let them grow how they want <3
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  4. Yasha92

    Yasha isn’t perfect

    Not perfect. Shaking off the missed week and moving on. Been doing really well on steps, only had one Saturday when I didn’t make it because of a long car trip then DnD. Stressful secret thing is less secret now, though still a bit stressful. I still haven’t seen any movement in HR or management advertising the role I am currently filling in a permanent capacity (I’m filling a maternity leave, the lady I’m filling in for got another role while she was on leave so she isn’t coming back, so they have to fill that role with a permanent which has been implied would be me, but nothing is official until it goes through the proper channels), so I have been applying for other jobs. I have had a phone interview and am on the short list. I am waiting to hear back about the face-to-face interview. I’ve tried to make it clear to both my boss and his boss that as the sole income earner I MUST have safety in my income. Without advertising the role, and without me seeing a contract extension in writing, I have to apply for other things, if I still don’t see anything organised in time I may have to take other offers. My bills need to be paid yo! I’m squirrelling away what I can just in case there are any gaps in payments. I really really hope not. They’d be mad to lose me, they’ve said it themselves. But I refuse to be taken advantage of in terms of “oh well, just keep stringing her along and she’ll put up with it”. Never again. Otherwise life is chugging along, had my last lecture today and the exam is set for Aug 5th. So far I’m on track to pass, but not smash it. Been really enjoying gardening, and went to a community gardening day to check out their set up for what works in our area. I have asked a workmate to make me some raised beds for the front yard so I can take advantage of the sunny aspect. That is where I grew the zucchini, and there are some little beans growing there too. I am trying to sprout some pumpkin seeds so I can plant them, but I may have left it too late in the season. Most of all, I want a selection of flowers for the bees. I worry about those little pollination dudes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Amazing job! I love how you always have always managed a set of goals each time you have come here It's really motivating to see!
  6. aramis

    Holding myself accountable

    To know if you are really hungry find some food you don't like and decide if you gonna eat this or not as your first thing to eat. If you gonna eat this - it's hunger, otherwise it's just gluttony. Take the test above - maybe you are just bored or acting out of habit of evening snack. If you are really hungry in the evening, just plan your meals for this - consume less during the day to leave some place for this late meal. Mindful eating is good, but lots of people can't really tell hunger from cravings. Or just can't focus enough on the sole process of eating.
  7. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Handling all those administrative things that come with losing your wallet with the various government agencies, so not much in the name of exercise atm. Hopefully when things are done I'll be able to catch a night run(7-8km long,I'll try for a 6 min pace) Breakfast: Curry tuna zucchini boat Cocoa cinnamon milk Lunch: 60g black beans 1 tomato 60g chayote 20g red pepper 200g bok choi 70g ground pork 50g fish cake The bean stew turned out sweet today. I have no idea why. I also need to find lentils (it's been harder then expected) for next week's bean stew - I'm taking soy out of my diet.
  8. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    That's why I'm figuring out ways to continue my exercises on the vacation July 22nd: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken with spinach, rye bread - 796kcal, 62.5g protein Dinner - groats flour omelette with fatback and tomatoes - 1176kcal, 35g protein Supper - quark with powidl (plum stew), one peach - 444kcal, 30g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 200ml whole milk - 120kcal, 6g protein Total 2536 kcal, 133.5 g protein. Workout (strength): warmup - shoveling two cubic meters of soil 8 | 6 | 6 assisted pull-ups 10 neg. pull-ups 15 | 16 | 15 | 16 | 15 | 16 squats with sand pillow (22,7kg / 50lb) /push-ups circuit stretching
  9. aramis

    The next step

    I was only a helper, my job was to transport mixed mortar from the mixer to the man on the scaffolding. Not very responsible job, but in terms of movement - I'd say lots of farmer walks (barrow driving) and kettlebell overhead press-ish (rising buckets of mortar on the scaffolding). Fun activity after all W4 D1 - Keep the engine running Workout (strength) ✔ - We're losing pressure 2536 kcal, 133.5 g protein 7 day average weight: 74.13kg Daily weight - 74.3kg Average weight is still declining, but it will settle as my daily weights are more even, nad the lowest (73,9kg and 73,6kg) were 5 days ago. - Beware the material fatigue No problem waking up at alarm. No screen in the evening, went to bed before 10pm. I had some problems falling asleep (cat annoyed me, bladder annoyed me, sultry air annoyed me...), but finally did around 11pm. - This thing needs to move Another active day - shopping after work (I found well supplied spice stand in nearby mall), dinner at home and shoveling away some soil (I'd say something about 2 cubic meters) to make place for setting the scaffolding against another wall of my garage/barn. While kids watched TV and ate their supper I did my workout, and then put them to sleep. Supper and shower in the evening, some planning for next couple days and off to bed.
  10. Endor

    [July 1 - June 30] Shirtless Summer PVP

    Kinda quiet round here, anyone closing in on the number yet? I measured this morning.... Weight: 91.4kg (201.5 lbs) Waist round Navel: 41" So far I lost 5.5 lbs and 2" I'm finding the inches loss much more satisfying to see than the weight, this is a turning out to be a good way of tracking Edit: Oooooooh there's a tracking sheet, I totally forgot!! No wonder I got poked for slacking off! I will update now! Edit 2: Ooooooooh nobody updates it
  11. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Thanks for asking, really, I appreciate it. I am heaps better, maybe it's placebo but I feel like the Vit D and Magnesium have made a big difference. There are still some dark spots but I'm much better at recognizing the thought and crushing it before it takes hold. I've also got handed a boatload of work which has helped keep me occupied and feeling useful. I do need to be more proactive in reaching out to friends to meet up though. As you get older (I'm 44) it's very easy for people to get caught up in the day to day and let weeks or months go by without seeing your friends. It can be especially easy if they have kids (I don't). I'm wanting to set something up so I have an event to look forward to, I had planned a motorbike trip but it's fallen through. On the work front I have a lot of overtime coming up, I'm negotiating with my wife for the extra funds to go into a motorbike fund, it will be a miracle if I pull this one off
  12. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet: The Long Night

    It's 2pm on Tuesday and I've already crushed my water goal! The kuai tiau I bought for lunch was delicious but way too spicy for me Edit: Apparently all that water wasn't enough so I also had some bread and butter and a puff from my inhaler and I'm right as rain. Stupid spice intolerance!
  13. VIDEO GUIDE (youtube) This video guide has everything you need to know about strength training. The first part is only 8 minutes long and it covers the things you should know about it and in the second part, you can see the whole workout and my comments about it. Feel free to post your opinions, questions and thoughts!
  14. I think Laird Hamilton said it best on Tim Ferriss's podcast. Something like (I'm paraphrasing), "all you flexible people should bang some iron, and all you weightlifters should do some yoga". I like it! Anyhoo... Here's a yoga for weightlifters class you can try out. This power yoga style practice will focus mainly on joint mobility around the areas utilized in your compound lifts. It is a dynamic movement practice to give you a bit of a workout while giving you some long static poses to lengthen tight muscles in your chest, shoulders, and hips. Finally–a little strengthening and lengthening of your lower back muscles. We all know how tight the posterior-chain can be after some heavy weightlifting sessions. This is especially going to feel great if you have any lower back issues. Hope you find it helpful. Jason
  15. Starpuck

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Perfect Day today with the goals and such! (And good worker bee mojo too.) Day started with me finding a nasty screw in my rear passenger tire and having to get that patched. Got in before the shop opened and they snuck me in before their first appointment. Still got me to work 45 minutes late, but work is cool with those situations. The rest of the update you all got already. So I'll just share the art I finished up tonight. It's a race I am in the process of creating (NPC only) called the Couatan. It's basically,the couatl version of a Yuan-Ti! Dunno where I came up with it, other than I wanted to draw a snake lady, then I thought about other serpent like monsters and beasts, then said, "Omg the Winged Couatl would be amazing!" So here it is!
  16. Jason Jacques

    Hip exercises

    Hey @RedPandaOne! I hear ya on the desk pain. The video below is one of my favourite hip exercises to do after sitting in a desk all day. Try performing a few sets of this after work. It'll help strengthen into the deep-connective tissue around the hip joint: A really nice stretch you might want to try right at your desk, put your right foot over your left thigh–like a figure four in yoga. (BTW - I'm coining that the Lazy Figure Four Pose – you saw it here folks!) Anyhoo... another thing I'd recommend is some lateral flexion in your trunk. Sounds like the outside of your hips are tense, so side-bending will help lengthen the muscles along the whole side of the body. Enter crescent moon pose from yoga: Finally, as someone mentioned already–get up and walk around if and when you can. I use a cheap stand-up desk as well. I like to spend a lot of my day standing because of how hard it can be on the hips! Hope this helps. Jason
  17. geng shi

    Let's try this again

    Day 22 update: 1. Biked 15.39 miles 2. Got 80  3. Nothing after 8 .
  18. geng shi

    Surely Im not TOO old for this

    Sorry to hear about the injury, but glad you've found a way to keep working toward your goal. Old guy ingenuity for the win!
  19. SkyGirl

    Integration: The Protector Rises

    Thanks guys!! It was SUPER awesome and I haven't quite settled down from it, to be honest - today I was both tired and unfocused, and I tried to fix that by buying a diet Mountain Dew for myself, and wound up so jittery I couldn't sit still and very sick to my stomach. Silly Sky. Came home and had a breaded chicken sandwich and French fries to soothe my stomach - not the healthiest choice, but I made them at home and had moderate portions, and quit eating when I was full. Surprisingly, I also wound up under budget, which is odd because I didn't move much at all. Sky, did you track your food? Yes I did! Today was honestly very quiet and I don't have much to update, so I'm going to head for bed in a second - I was exhausted when I woke up and I need more sleep tonight! Edit: I did not, as expected, go to bed in a second. I stayed up shopping for some small devotionals for a friend's care package while Lily got her shower, then I was hungry and ate a small bowl of cereal, which boosted me from "under target" to "in the zone" for my daily calories, yay. Now I am heading for bed. Yes, you may check in the morning to see if I really did.
  20. SkyGirl

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    Dang, you guys have been geeking out about Enneagram AND birthing centers and I missed it?? Talk about FOMO!! I'm so glad everything is progressing as expected - baby, parents and house! Your updates make me smile (on the infrequent occasions that I actually read them)!
  21. Three veggies and a strength training session in today. And finished a second round of batch cooking so now I shouldn't have to cook again for a good long while.
  22. Elastigirl

    tishnicden: It's Been A While....

    Have fun at Zumba! I'm trying to up my water intake too. It was easier today because I was hot and sweaty, but when it's not hot I forget.
  23. Elastigirl

    The next step

    Very impressive that you are able to fix the masonry yourself on the garage wall. And after doing that you went running-woot!
  24. Elastigirl

    Gotta Catch 'Em All/12 Week Challenge-May 27-August 17

    I sorta stopped keeping track of my points,. Partly I just went a different track on my goals. My plan was to declutter the house first, then do photos, but I decided to do photos. I think it was a good decision, but it made me forgot what I was doing here. I did put tons of photos in an album. Bought another album. This week's goal Finish all the other photos
  25. Scott Walters

    Scotties attempt

    So, I managed to tear my back a little again. Maybe not as bad as some other times I have done it, but damn it was frustrating. So it has made me think, am I better off backing off my prioritisation of strength, and focussing more on mobility and endurance. I really want to feel great, and I am sure that I can loose weight that way anyway. With some thoughts of some open water swims, and maybe some trecking, why not? I am sick to death of being injured. So I am thinking 2 to 3 days a week of a general, all over weights routine, followed by lots of walking, swimming and yoga, maybe just the ticket. Time will tell I guess. I am most thankful that I have not given in, but just kept moving! Go me
  26. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    9 six and 1 are all related. When sixes are healthy they take on the healthy aspects of a 9. When 9s are unhealthy they take on the unhealthy aspects of a 6. 9s can have a one wing (I do). They are not polar opposites. In fact, Sra. Tanque is a 1 with a 9 wing. Also, who sent us the Rebel onesie with the (Star Wars) Rebellion logo on it? We think it's an NF person, because it came from California. The name said "Jerome Jerome."
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