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  2. woodandbronze

    woodandbronze: The Homecoming, Part 2

    Today's stats: Diet - ate all meals seated at the table, but lunch & dinner were not very mindful. Tomorrow's another day... Exercise - rowed 20 min. (3600+ metres); bodyweight training Budget - had errands to do - stayed within the budget Ukulele - practiced 30 min. and did some reading & thinking about what I want to work on when lessons resume next week
  3. Elastigirl

    GoodDoug isn't ready for the frontlines (but he will be)

    That monitor stand is so pretty. My husband does woodworking , which I love because then I get lots of gorgeous wood stuff. He usually has a few projects going, a big one and then a few little ones
  4. squeakyvalkyrie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    You could cut just the teeth off, depending on the zipper, it may not fray too much, or you could fold that part over when you sew it to the gusset. That wig is great!
  5. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    I am actually loving that you guys have all this knowledge and share it with me. It makes me feel all loved lol That's a good idea to leave the zipper but the teeth might look silly but... I also won't see them XD and out of sight out of mind. I'm hoping to get to the fabric store tonight but I'm also thinking they have stupidly early hours during the week and might already be closed. In other news my wig came in and after my boyfriend tried it on with his big beard haha I got to try it. I'll need to pin it in place lol once I add the ponytail it weighs it down.
  6. Grumble

    Grumble's love me log

    Rant Globogyms suck. I want to lift weights, I don't want to wait for 12 sets of someone doing 12 reps of curls because they're unwilling to let someone else work in. I want to be able to drop the weights and use chalk and cuss loudly when the weights don't work out. I want to have chains, and bands and plenty of power racks and microplates that I don't have to bring myself because people keep stealing them. But I don't. Because Mrs Grumble is back in the gym and has agreed to work out with me once a week. Not because she's scared to lift with me, I've been doing this long enough and she trusts me to not put her in a position that could cause an injury (outside of the flukes of lifting that cause injuries). And not because she doesn't want to get strong, she told me the other day that she wants to be able to carry grimble for as long as she possibly can, and the only way to do that is to get stronger as grimble gets bigger. Because she likes spin classes and group classes and the gym I want to go to doesn't have them. So I make the sacrifice of dealing with the bullshit gym. But I'm not happy there. I'll figure it out. /Rant
  7. Mae45

    Mae for May! (And a little bit of April)

    That is the goal. I didn't use to have any problems with the shower, no matter what stage in the process it was in the morning. idk... over time it became harder to signal my brain that the day was starting and I should get ready.
  8. I don't want to exaggerate for sympathy - it's just one exam and not a life-or-death one. I'll still be around just prolly not very chatty! But thanks for the support! Anyway day 3 was Core exercises. I was a bit lazy about this so I installed impetus (interval timer) on my phone so it could act as my overseer and demand further exertions from me. More paleo food. More plastic than I would have liked though... Caught myself doing weird mouth nonsense again and stopped it. In general I haven't had any real weirdo days since startubg the challenge and that's good.
  9. Grumble

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Well done. Proud of you.
  10. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Only one.
  11. Sciread77

    Snarky Is Happy to Be Here

    It was pretty crazy. Dead middle of the night too. I hear you on the boundaries. Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind. Part of it, I think, is just life being an adult with responsibilities (especially a bunch of chitlins) in our society. But- stay strong and don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s why the willow that bends is stronger; you’ll survive those winds and snap back again. And part of what we’re here for is to encourage and support so you have the strength and will to do that!
  12. Tonight's dinner - vegan pulled "pork", salad, olives and pita.
  13. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    I'm of the same opinion, it also seems to speed up hangover recovery. I'm about to test this theory out...!
  14. Grumble

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    One pack, right?
  15. Welcome... back to the rebellion! These are really good reboot goals. Do you have any plans for the active time or just get groovy in general?
  16. Today
  17. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    I have had extra water. I have had a cup of tea. I have had dark chocolate. I will now have gummy bears!
  18. I feel like your goals are what I SHOULD be focusing on... Except for CalExit. Born and raised, been there done that. Oakland to San Antonio in 2013.
  19. Grumble

    StillStar starts

    Stillstar, meet DOMS. DOMS, meet Stillstar. Sounds like you'll become good friends. What's your warmup and cooldown look like?
  20. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Is Happy to Be Here

    Today: i didnt work out nor do I plan to work out today! I AM DEVIATING FROM MY SCHEDULE I need to deviate today. I’ve had so many errands and appointments this week, and I never want to be this busy again. Which will happen again, because I HAVE TERRIBLE BOUNDARIES. So what I REALLY need to do is workout and take care of myself and put all that other crap second so I’m not so damn tired after a busy day. CRAP. I hate realizing flawed thinking. I wish I could say skipping a workout and eating gummy bears makes me truly happy, but then..... I must not tell lies. But the good news is..... I cooked dinner! Broiled chicken breast, toasted corn and black bean salad, and cucumber salad. Sometimes I want to say “Cucumberbatch”
  21. scalyfreak

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    The highest possible difficulty setting in the Game of Life... impressive!
  22. CombustibleLemon

    fitbyforty's first challenge

    Hey there, just stopping by to see what you're up to Looks like you're making good use of your motivation. Good luck for the challenge!
  23. scalyfreak

    JessFit goes full warrior

    There is a question, and it is: Did the sanity disappear before or after arriving here with us...?
  24. kidschala

    fitbyforty's first challenge

    Holy shirtballs, we have similar goals! I'm rooting for you! <3 Although cutting out full-calorie sodas and fast food aren't in my challenge goals, I've been trying to make them a reality, nevertheless, for about the last 2-3 weeks. I've cut out full-cal sodas by chugging water and the occasional seltzer or diet soda instead, and I've avoided fast food by buying quick-fix salad mixes and meals from the freezer section (Birdseye Protein Blends and Atkins). Idk if that would fit into your lifestyle at all, but it's what has helped me!
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