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  2. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    You know the hardest part of this? The hardest part is cleaning up afterward.
  3. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    I'm content with my garden tub for now, but I hear you. I forgot to mention we also bought a fridge at the scratch and dent place. It's a $1799 fridge we got for $1099 (minor dents in the handles and a scratch on one door). The fridge in our apartment is an 18 cubic foot fridge with the freezer on top. I hate it. I have to bend over to see anything in the fridge part, which is by far what I open more often. What we just bought (and will put in the house on Friday) is a 25.4 cubic foot fridge. It's a side by side, which is what I grew up with and haven't had since leaving home for college. It also has a water and ice dispenser. The afforementioned fridge of my childhood had the icemaker go out when I was five and the water dispenser calcified over when I was fifteen. I am very excited about this fridge.
  4. Cheetah

    Atrytone Embraces the Masquerade

    I had a LARP character once. He was Bob. Bob was a Malkavian. Bob's personal insanity was being utterly average and totally unremarkable. Bob was also completely unflappable and nearly incapable of emotional response. He was Bland Bob, Boring Bob. There was no situation Bob couldn't answer with a shrug and an "I dunno. Whatever." Bob's hidden secret was that once you actually convinced him to do something, he almost never failed to do it. I can't remember the exact game mechanic we used, but it was something like Bob acts as though his stats are maxed out for anything he attempts, but he can't make more than three attempts at anything per game session. Sadly, I only got to play Bob once, and the LARP group dissolved. I always wanted to recreate Bob for a tabletop game, but it just hasn't come up.
  5. Elennare

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Amazing how that worked out, isn't it?
  6. bleubiirb

    Respawn : bleu rises again

    Thanks @Xena, it's Winter here in Australia, so that concept works perfectly ha. But yeah, it's great not to think and just to do. Thinking means mentally arguing and persuading myself to get going... sometimes I spend most of my exercise sessions doing just that while exercising! But hey, any way you get it done, right? In other news, I went to the shops before. I have a rather important meeting on Monday and thought it would be good reason to acquire a new item of clothing to wear.... I walked away from the shops with nothing but dejection and disappointment because staring at the person in the mirror was a huge disappointment, and trying on clothes that didn't fit or feel right were a huge frustration. This was my catalyst last time, I was dragged from bridal shop to bridal shop to find a dress for my sister's wedding as I was maid of honour. It ended up pretty much in nothing but tears and self loathing. I can't begin to describe it but I'm sure many relate. Anyway, it doesn't matter. This is a respawn. Everything that's gone before is irrelevant apart from experience and the love of movement. Gonna do this.
  7. Devout_Haruhiist

    Devout_Haruhiist's First Strength Challenge

    Update on me and a few areas for this week. So far I have felt a bit more stable and calm this week than in the recent weeks. I went to work out with my trainer today and did pretty well. Still had a few instances where I was beating myself up for being weak, but they passed and I had a good workout I think. I have been exploring looking into some new activities or things to try out. I started getting more consistent with having a protein shake each day, but still lacking on the caloric intake pretty badly. Finances more or less the same. I got over my "rejection" from that date I mentioned a little faster than I normally have and have been going back and re-reading a lot of various "self-help" or "self-improvement" type books that I have, trying to digest the information a little better. Also have gotten more diligent about my Japanese studies (this was something I took formally in college and have been working with a tutor here to brush up). I am still having anxiety related to dating and career mostly. Career because I still feel stuck and unsure of direction (even after consulting with lots of people in different industries, etc.). Dating because I still have a lot of doubts about if I can form relationships. I have some dates lined up that seem promising on the surface level (attraction, mutual interest, etc.) but I often wonder if I am just too detached to form a romantic relationship. On a more hopeful note as I mentioned before is I have been more frequently considering trying to meet more women in real life rather than online dating (which is all I have experience with, never had any female friends either), but still unsure how to do that or where to do it. Especially as someone interested, to some extent, in both fitness and nerd stuff (hence my presence at this forum) I am not sure where to go to find that demographic. I also have a lot of doubts around just trying new things with the ulterior motive (in my mind) of meeting people. But most of the things I would do naturally (play Magic, study, etc.) don't really involve me meeting many women or other people at all.
  8. Cheetah

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Not the Monk! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Good work though. Keep it up. ;-)
  9. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    I was going to say I'm sure horseback riding and killing myself in this heat then chugging all the water and not having a full dinner is probably helping haha but...I didn't really ride yesterday. We had about 10% effort but whatever I'll take it lol. Also groan... Need to find new dumb batteries for it. ==== Tonight was an amazing barn night and so relaxing and fun. Exactly what I wanted. The barn got 2 miniature horses today and the big horses don't know what to think about them lol. The majority do not trust them and think they are monsters lol. Which is hilarious because they are so small. Daisy was in high alert because of them lol but we rode through it. I just played my music and I had the arena to myself. We popped over a few small jumps. She made questionable decisions lol but I just shrugged it off and had fun. Like everything just felt good and right.. even if it wasn't perfect lol. So for anyone who has followed me.. I have mentioned how I have some fear when it comes to riding horses. I've gotten way way better but there's still pretty specific cases that bring it out. The big one is jumping lol I went from jumping 2'3-2'6 at my last barn 2 years ago to barely jumping now and when I do it's like 1'-2'. I get anxiousness just sitting in my chest and usually if I jump I need to give myself a little pep talk and convince myself. And heaven forbid it's not perfect lol but tonight was different. It was just me, Daisy and our music. It was really nice and I needed that. It was a shorter ride because the heat sucked so afterwards I spent time oiling my saddle and my new boots. Then I gave Daisy a haircut lol. All in all it was a nice night. I live for these quiet barn nights. They make my soul so happy. And here is Daisy's turrible hair cut lol ,(the short part closer to her shoulder was from her blanket rubbing her mane off.. I personally like it that short but her owner doesn't) Oh and I got my coleslaw made... I thought I had a brand new jar of whipped dressing to use... But someone used all of it minus less than 1/4 cup... I need 1/2 cup - 1 cup for my recipe. I ended up using sour cream to fill out the rest. I hope people like it. It's a bit sour/tart. I'll taste it again after it sits overnight.
  10. REPORT: DAY 3 Morning cardio (elliptical) -- 606 calories in 60 min. Training [arms & abs] giant sets dumbbell supinating curls 5x25 10x25 15x25 20x20 25x15 30x8 EZ bar curls 15x25 20x25 25x25 30x25 35x20 40x20 cable one-arm curls 5x20 10x15 15x12 15x10 15x8 10x10 chin-ups (132 total reps) x5, 5, 5, 5 x4, 4, 4, 4, 4 x4, 4, 4, 4, 4 x4, 4, 4, 4, 4 x3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 x3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 x2, 2, 2, 2, 2 supersets situps x25, 25, 20 lying leg raises x20, 15, 15 barbell landmine twists 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 40x20 Commentary: In retrospect, I should have supersetted all the ab exercises in with the chinups to save some time. DIET calories = 2006 fats = 23 g carbs = 208 g proteins = 252 g
  11. Starpuck

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Managed the Day. Food fine. No sweets. Light exercise around injury. Art happened. Cut grass. Did laundry. To Do for Next Few Days ☒ Pick Recipe / Write Shopping List ☐ Make plans for Monday Sushi with Lisa/Ams ☐ Find 4th of July Fun Things ☒ Yard work and cut stump out of dead bush in front ☐ Alternate D&D night on Wed? ☒ Epsom salt bath! And, since I promised. >.< Here's Schmitty, the Arcanaloth, as he's about to Finger of Death our monk.
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  13. DJtrippyT

    Xena makes a new start

    Hi!!!!! [waves from ranger end of the table]
  14. DJtrippyT

    Doctorake, 3 simple things

    Holy cow, you’re a busy guy! Following to see you crush it!
  15. Cheetah

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    One of my lifetime goals is to own a tub that I can lay down in. And a steam shower. That would be great.
  16. DJtrippyT

    Atrytone Embraces the Masquerade

    I used to hang out with a bunch of people who did the Vampire the Masquerade LARP. It was so cool. This challenge sounds great!
  17. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    I dunno, Hulk is kinda huge, and sometimes I don't really want to go try. I would be perfectly happy with like newborn baby Banner level here, not hulk smash. There is a bit going on. I am working 2 jobs (one paid, one internship (unpaid) ) and the kids are home. I have homework for the internship (which is what I am currently avoiding, so I am hiding here. I know the 30 pts is an A+ a this point, but well, all I keep hearing in my had is my mom saying "What, didn't you do the extra credit?" (Which has happened when I had a 100% in a class before. ) But I need to go slow right now, so I can go back to normal soon hopefully Thanks, I hope so too. I will try to pop in on your thread, but I am not sure how much. Depends on how much time I have. Good luck this challenge.
  18. DJtrippyT


  19. SkyGirl

    Integration: The Protector Rises

    Hey guys!! So first, a quick introduction for anyone new to the guild who has happened upon my humble thread: Hi there! My name is Sky Elvenword, and I've been a member of the Rebellion for almost 3 years (my anniversary is in 10 days!). I initially joined the Rebellion at the tail end of an incredibly rough year, in which I had lost a great deal of weight due to stress and not sleeping or eating, and I was determined to learn about exercising and eating right so I could restart my life and regain some control over what was happening to me. From that rather desperate-sounding beginning, I learned to love going to the gym and getting stronger (*gives a side-eye to the me that hasn't gone to the gym in more than a month tho*), I learned about viewing food as fuel for my hard-working body rather than as something to be ashamed or afraid of, and most importantly, I learned about standing up for myself, setting boundaries, and treating myself with respect and care instead of abuse and shame. Life has taken a lot of twists and turns since then, and I'm not finished learning any of those lessons. But there's no place I'd rather keep learning and re-learning them than here with my Rangers. As an Ambassador and now a Guild Leader, my specialty is in encouraging others and supporting self-discovery, which I think is one of the most powerful tools we have in finding ways to achieve our goals. Just like coming to understand the strengths, weaknesses, fears, and hopes of our loved ones can help us support them in the way that suits them best, so understanding our own selves can help us bring greater awareness and compassion to our daily decisions and choices. I am a Christian, and themes of spiritual growth and health show up pretty regularly in what I write, both on my thread and on others'; but I think the importance of self-discovery holds true regardless of your spiritual beliefs. I love this guild and I'm always eager to give you a dozen or so reasons why. Please feel free to PM me, comment here with questions or reach out for encouragement - I'm not always online, but I'm always happy to listen when I get back. Thank you for coming to my thread! Goals loading ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  20. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    Thanks Rookie. Here is to hoping for less "Bean goes poof"
  21. Bean Sidhe

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    First off, Welcome to the rebels. Thank you for the support. On a good day my life is only somewhat chaotic, right now has push even my limits of what I can handle (and ignore what you will hear about me, its all lies). Part of it is there was too much to take on this summer, and it all has to get done. So I am trying to do what I can when I can. Since doing nothing was not helping a single thing besides making me feel worse that I wasn't doing something for me (because strangely, this whole challenge thing, is for me even if the results don't look like it). I am just hoping I can get back to my normal level of challenges and chaos soon. I know I am not the first rebel who had to adjust the big picture to accommodate a smaller one.
  22. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

  23. fleaball

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    "It's in 2 weeks? Yeah I can totally learn to ride a bike by then. Nbd."
  24. NeverThatBored

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    I also see you going "I totally have time to train for an Ironman!"
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