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  2. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If had fun last time, so let's keep going

    Turns out, 23:08 on a Thursday night is not a good time to discover a new YouTube channel called “Michael’s Orchids.” fml but I do SUPER love orchids
  3. Red1263

    Red1263 versus the two Dodecahedrons

    Hey hey WhiteGhost! how did you do your dice-based challenge? You know, I'll be honest, I miss writing the adventures. But the moment I get time to actually dedicate to this, You better believe that I'll start immediately! Hey hey Waanie! I'm still fiddling with time and slowing coming back to this website, so I didn't want to overwhelm myself too much. Glad to have you here Hey hey! I'm glad to see you here! I think the randomization of the workout is what makes this kinda fun for me
  4. Red1263

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    The shield looks fantastic! since it's a Beauty and the Beast themed shield, will there be a rose somewhere in there?
  5. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    I am still awake because I'm a fucking idiot who keeps forgetting that I should stop eating 2 hours before bed or my acid reflux gets extra pissy. And now everything hurts. My brother hates the couch (no one cares) and apparently my father does too? Doesn't really matter because Fat Kitty has claimed it as his own, and also gives no fucks about the anti-cat spray I used on it to keep them from scratching it. He hasn't scratched it, but he's spent most of the day sleeping on it so the stuff can't be that offensive.
  6. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    Wednesday Puppy brunch fell through - ate the foods I made anyways - went to yoga. Also was talked into Dip n Dip for dinner by DH’s coworkers. #adulting Thursday Girlfriend came over to meet pup and we hung out in the couch chatting all morning. She left just in time for me to hit my monthly wine brunch, which I’m super glad I didn’t end up missing after all. I would have missed my ladies. Plus, LaSpiga was pretty good. Left that and rolled to the Mexican place with DH and his coworkers - Was drunkish and had 2 more cocktails Came home, watched some Van Helsing, went to bed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. fleaball

    Bean Si Vs. Chaos – Just Survive

    Yay Bean!
  8. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    You never know! I’m suuuuuper far from even normal crow right now, but anything is possible with practice! This morning, my shoulders feel like garbage - aaaaand I think new pup is somewhat the cause. Mr. Man doesn’t think he can jump up on the couch or bed by himself and is so very patient when he waits to be picked up, usually by me, and usually by leaning just enough over the bed to reach him - so all shoulders picking up 4.6kg of long boi. [emoji38] It’s good for me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    I have to spend most of the day on my feet. Unofficially I will not tell anybody how much I have read the past week. Donderdag 1. Should have run, had the sense not to. 2. Meditation? 3. Bed at 10:30 Awake sometime during the night Up at 7:00 4. Everybody left early for Easter. I had to finish painting things, and have a weekend of assembly in front of me. 2 weeks, 5 days. Kittens have started to walk. This is the cutest time.
  10. Today
  11. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    It actually was pretty funny, but for some reason those kids parents didn't think so (even if the kids themselves did) Thanks! Still no progress on Swing Flips though. One for each of us Persian sounds super confusing Reading any language will always be easier if you know the vocabulary because in most cases you don't actually read every letter but your eyes will recognize a group of letters and fill in the rest for you, as long as the key letters in in place. Tahts wyh ntavie spekares acn stlil rade tihs. When I was learning Russian, I would write English text using the Cyrillic alphabet. It helped to get familiar with the letter without having to have a very strong vocabulary, with a side benefit of helping me improve my pronunciation and accent by reading it back to myself. Thanks, I really appreciate that. To be fair to you though, if I tried them without having built up to them I would probably end up with multiple concussions as well. Nobody starts out being able to do things. Thank you! I was really surprised by your comment on flexibility because in my mind I am the least flexible person on the planet. Always nice to get positive reinforcement to challenge those negative assumptions we have about ourselves What is there to not understand? It's basically a loaf of bread made out of meat instead of flour. Much tastier but maybe (MAYBE!) not as good for sandwiches Thanks! I really didn't expect I would get them this quickly Yesterday went quite well. Doodling - I did another eye doodle yesterday, but the source photo was not very good, so I struggled with it a bit. I still did it, though Exercising - Went to the park yesterday with the intention of doing a leg workout. When I got there and saw the fun things everyone else was doing, I changed my plan and just did high bar stuff. I worked on all of my high bar skills and the only one I didn't do was Front Giants. The ones I did get were back giants, back uprises, kips, glides, taps, back hip circles, cheat front hips circles (hands behind knees), front mill circles, back mill circles, baby knee giants, and front balances Eating - For lunch yesterday I made myself an egg salad sandwich. Before my mom died, I asked her for her egg salad recipe and this was the first time for me to try it. One bite and I was 6 years old again on a family road trip in our light green Ford Gran Torino station wagon To make it, I needed a scallion so I went down to the vegetable stand to get one. Apparently everyone thought it was super funny to buy just one scallion because not only did the lady at the stand laugh, but I also got 3-4 comments from random strangers on the way back asking about my single scallion. Playing - No playing yesterday
  12. ReturnOfTheDad


    Weight: 224.3 lbs Sleep: 8 hrs Water: 7/8 Gallon Protein: 160 grams Meals: 11:30am - Egg whites & veggie omelet, oatmeal, almonds, craisins, oj, vitamins, coffee 2:30pm - Yogurt, honey, berry, GT Smoothie 5:00pm - jerky, cheese stick, chicken Caesar salad 10:00pm - Whey protein shake and scoop of PB Fitness: Rest Day Notes: Didn’t get to work out today but did get a chance to get caught up on work, plan some more for my trip next week and have a nice evening of volunteering and recovery service work. Tiring but super productive day. Current plan is to double up on workouts tomorrow, but TBD.
  13. That sounds like 1 blocky sized serving...
  14. Blocky

    Blocky does moderately difficult things...

    Week 0 - friday Training: Block Pulls: 1 at 170kg (RPE 8), 5's at 140kg Squats: 8's up to 75kg - leg felt super unstable and had trouble hitting depth without pain SLDLs + 10kg chains: 8's at 100kg Lunges and copenhagen leg exercises Brainy Stuff: Still grinding away with assessments.
  15. Salinger

    TGP going the distance!

    awesome write up and of course i am here to support you xx
  16. Salinger

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    Which artists are you listening to Cheetah?Xx
  17. Elastigirl

    TGP going the distance!

    Very awesome that your friend is able to do all that hiking. I'm hoping to be like that at 66
  18. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    Trying to focus on goals. So many distractions lately. Hopefully will do better tomorrow. I DID however get my first workout in today. Onward. 37 minutes at 83% squats chops weights jumpsquats box ups I have a backup plan now for when the kid is home from school unexpectedly. Workout in my room, I made room and found a compatible workout. So there is one lil biddi hurdle down.
  19. fleaball

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Flea’s super fun Friday plans: - go with my father to the bank to change up stuff on his accounts because he has no fucking clue how money works - take my brother to buy a new laptop because his is 8 years old and finally kicked the bucket I foresee a massive fucking headache and a lot of coffee in my life.
  20. scalyfreak

    Laghail is a Ruminant

  21. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Talk went good! I'm going to start leasing her September 1st. They were pretty flexible on everything. Grandmas biggest concern was that her granddaughter would still have access to the horse when she was back visiting from school. Which.. Of course I'm okay with that. After the fact, they said if I hadn't leased her they would of had to sell her. so I'm glad they were flexible
  22. scalyfreak

    Act VII - Harriet Scouts the Lands Beyond the Fortress

    YUUUMMMMMMMM. I am honestly salivating from imagining the smell of from the dhal and salad. Good thing I already ate my baked salmon with roasted carrots and beets, or I'd be jealous.
  23. So I let the butcher give me a lot of meat. Okay, that came out a bit off-colour. I meant to say, I asked for 2.5 pounds of lamb and got 3.15lb. I don't really know how much meat is one serving. But I suspect this will do at least 6, if not more. Or is a serving less than half a pound? Did I just buy 50 servings worth of lamb??? I mean, I can put away half a pound. But is that excessive? Dietary guidelines always suggest such puny amounts... Anyway, I need to decide what to do with it. I want to practice baking, but in order to limit the caloric damage I persuaded Mr Harriet to stay home and not go to a restaurant as usual. So I'm cooking a three course meal on Saturday. I have huge chunks of lamb "leg" or possibly shoulder... I should have asked for more detail, but I requested something for braising and that's what he suggested. I was thinking a morrocan tagine with sour dried apricots and spicy spices. I have never made a tagine before, but apricots and spice sound good. Also, I want to make something with pastry, but not puff pastry (that's the next level up) and the blackberries seem nice this time of year. So maybe a pie. Today I made a dhal by letting some spices (fresh ginger, fresh garlic, turmeric, garam masala, cumin seeds) bloom in oil, then gently sweating some onions. Then in with the red lentils and tomato puree and stock (I've made dhal before without tomato, and found it really bland) and let it simmer gently for 40. Fried some cumin seeds, then added some to yoghurt, and some with oil to flatbreads which I warmed up. Made a "salad" with grated carrot, shallots, pecans which I warmed in the pan, cranberries, parsley, and a bit of lemon and oil. Dhal, breads, salad, cumin-yoghurt and a wedge of lemon (please excuse the very ugly grey table of our rented temporary HQ):
  24. Harriet

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Was it wrong of me to laugh at this? Anyway, when you're ready, a bit later, maybe you can have a food goal that involves adding something in rather than taking it away. So you don't go restriction crazy. Also, "fuck this" is the logical response to a 4am alarm, just saying. Sounds like a hardcore work out. Career crossfit?
  25. Severine

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    Went for a 25 minute walk tonight outside! Felt great.
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