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  2. SkyGirl

    Lightbearer: Liminal

    Thank you Cheetah!!
  3. NicTheRugger

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    Congrats on making guild leader! I'll be sure to drop in and say hi you'll be missed here with the rangers! And congrats on getting the planks all done!
  4. NicTheRugger

    Elastigirl :The Joy Continues

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  5. NicTheRugger

    RES: Keep on Going

    Congratulations, oh fabulous and brave leader!
  6. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian trains like a Jedi

    Update: Karate teacher wants to do a Good Omens cosplay with me
  7. REPORT: DAY THIRTY Morning cardio (elliptical) -- 566 calories in 50 min. Training [Legs] barbell hip thrusts 120x15 120x15 120x15 120x15 with 15 sec hold on last rep + 7 top half reps barbell romanian deadlifts 160x10 160x10 160x10 160x10 150x12 150x12 150x12 150x12 barbell calf raises 40x120 40x100 40x100 DIET calories = 1956 fats = 19 g carbs = 186 g proteins = 253 g
  8. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run

    102 days to go. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  9. Snarkyfishguts

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Omg Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  10. Cheetah

    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    Very important doggo skillz.
  11. Cheetah

    Lightbearer: Liminal

    Congratulations, O Fearless Leader!
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  13. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    Sunday & Week 3 Nutrition - [ x] Macros - tracked daily; usually at least not crazy high on calories. - [ x] Dietician Visit - scheduled the week after vacation - vitamins ordered. - [ x] Symptoms on Cara - daily, and they’re giving me a picture that my intestines are currently pretty fragile. Hopefully the probiotics will help. - [ x] Collage - Daily. Breakfast: Leftover rice, quinoa, cashew milk & blueberries Lunch: Sushi I grabbed at the grocery Dinner: Seafood matchboos (local biryani) - [ x] Meal Planning - Completed for the week and grocery shopping done. Physical Fitness - [ x] 2-3 yoga sessions - Hit only 1 again this week. Boo! - [ ] Treadmill walks or rowing if I didn’t leave the house - Nope. Can’t remember if I had any whole days I didn’t leave the house either. - [ ] June Darebee - Nope. - [x ] Work with my doctor on lungs - Been taking my nasal spray & inhaler. Moar Fulfillment - [ x] Read retirement $ article - Been reading a bunch on FIRE; need to expand reading. - [ x] Stick to weekly budget - Done. Even tried valiantly to spend major $ on summer clothes and couldn’t. - [ ] Pick another tiny job thing to research - Nope. - [ x] Sign up for Skillshare - Done. - [x ] Dog training - Daily in some form. Dogs were dicks Sunday while I was on the phone with my Dad, so we worked on ‘sit the F down and look at me when you want to Bork at the bitches giggling because they’re making you Bork outside the door’ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 57: Layer 2 Of That Solid Foundation

    It really slows my little man down - he’s gone from inhaling his food so fast he chokes to it taking like a solid minute to eat. Win! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Valkyrie21

    You've Got That Gnawing Feelin'...

    My experience with this gnawing pain is that is is an expression of anxiety. I was brought up in a family where food had been used to 'soothe' and unlearnt the true feeling of hunger over time. Once I really listened to my body and waited until I was truly hungry I was able to differentiate between the pain between hunger and nagging anxiety. I have since learnt to soothe this anxiety with healthier ways, although very occasionally I give in to the old habit, hard to break but 95% improved.
  16. RES

    RES: Keep on Going

    Fabulous huh? How fabulous can I be when I've spent the better part of my weekend on here and once again forgot to update my own challenge? *smh* Okay... 1. Three interval runs, and one strength training a week. Make one of these runs outside when possible. Non-game days only, game days give me at least 10,000 steps and at least 20 flights of stairs Week 3, three games, one day in the gym (Wed.) working out with my trainer...well, not mine since he's out of the country, but omg I think I'm in love, this woman put me through my paces! She's awesome! I made excuses the other two days though and that's not good 4/6 2. Continue making the 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. 6 of 7, overate a bit on Saturday 3. Three times a week (at least) take time for me, this can be journaling, crocheting, or time to read. 6 days last week, three crocheting, three reading In other news just trying to learn as much as I can about being the best GL I can be will post a real update tomorrow!
  17. Xena

    Elinox Never Gives Up

    Congrats on the curl progress!
  18. Xena

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    Sounds like you are on the mend. I hate it when colds linger, but you're beating this one back.
  19. Xena

    Watch the Queen Conquer - Nic Tackles Her Goals

    Hope you had some fun weekend adventures, got in a good workout or two, and got more settled into your new place/town.
  20. Xena

    Hiroro Gets Cooking

    ugh! Sorry it's been rough. Hope the nausea gets better once you are a bit farther along.
  21. Xena

    Elastigirl :The Joy Continues

    Nicely said...and impressive on the pull-ups.
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  23. Xena


    It's smart to take a break if you are injured and/or in pain. If walking is something you can still do, keep up with that. Yoga can be great for back problems. Have you done much yoga before? As you may know, there are all different styles...some are very vigorous and some are more gentle. If you are new to yoga, be careful to listen to your body. Don't be afraid to ease off or modify a pose if it is hurting your back. If you are going to live yoga classes (rather than watching a video or something), it would be helpful to tell the teacher that you have a back problem (if you haven't already). [If you've already thought of all this, just ignore me!] Very good work on diet!
  24. h3r0

    H3r0 finds himself in the North Palace

    Thanks! I picked out a different one for tomorrow, but it has similar exercises but maybe I'll start to like it.
  25. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    Well then don't go out to eat after 4 pm.
  26. Xena

    Xena's Triumphant (?) Return from Sea

    I'll have to watch those. I always think of Seinfeld. My best friend and I call my condo development "Del Boca Vista" (like the condos where Jerry's dad lives)
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