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  2. Big_Show

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Glad to hear you're doing better mate. I know just what you mean about having to put effort in to meeting up with friends, we keep somehow running out of time too despite best intentions. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Big_Show

    Big_Show in #OperationWeddingSuit

    Monday was a really nice evening - we headed straight over after work to see the Welshman's family, and I even took a sensible amount of the barbecue instead of ALL of it. Unfortunately my intention to not drink got scuppered when I was handed a glass of wine that kept getting magically refilled... Yesterday I had an appalling day at work. Everything I picked up to code was complicated, and I was left stressed and exhausted at the end of it. Ended up skipping the gym and going to the pub to sit in the sun instead. Not the best choice, but it really did help. Tonight the family are staying over at ours so no exercise is being done, but tomorrow has been freed up so I'm going to stick in a heavy leg day to make up for it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. LovelyBouncer

    Air Fryer?

    Oh thanks all for sharing this! I had a coworker who was willing to sell me hers for $30, but was questioning on space if it wasn't any different than an oven. Knowing it changes things up has me thinking good things.
  5. aramis

    The next step

    I'll just pretend this didn't happen... Bottling up emotions isn't maybe the healthiest thing to do, but I'm good at it so that's what I'm gonna do now. Just push this crap aside and deal with it later. For now, I have plans ahead - today me and wife go to Rammstein concert, and at weekend we take kids and head off to vacations at the seaside. It's no place for dark thoughts and worries. Anyways, report on yesterday: W4 D2 - Keep the engine running Workout (running) ✔ - We're losing pressure 2506 kcal, 127.5 g protein 7 day average weight: 74.07kg Daily weight - 74.3kg - Beware the material fatigue No problem waking up at alarm. No screen in the evening, went to bed before just after 9:30pm. I was mentally too tired to do anything. Just went to sleep. - This thing needs to move Kept myself busy till supper, after that crashed on the couch for an hour (overthinking and agonizing over this crap in my head) and went to bed. Not the nicest evening ever.
  6. LovelyBouncer

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize, Elvin Toboggan Ryder

    Ugh, so sorry you had to deal with that event. Helped that you were alerted by your senses to keep an eye on them. Hope you never have to deal with that again!
  7. LovelyBouncer

    Hani Gets Back On The Health Choo-Choo Train

    Heyo! Also 25 female who loves NF (and some geekdoms... Tend to pick whatever grabs my attention at the moment). But feeling you on the carb heavy diet! You have so much fight in you, with being here you will win against the odds!
  8. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Hey @MrUgly72! Didn't see you lately. How's your mood? Better, or depression hit you again? I hope you aren't posting because you are busy, not because of poor condition. About mine "Not cool" - I'll just bottle this up and pretend nothing happened. Not much else I can do tbh. Today me and wife are going to Rammstein concert, I plan on having fun there. And at night from Sunday on Monday we 're off to seaside for our family vacation. I won't let medical stuff ruin this time. July 22nd: Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken with spinach, rye bread - 796kcal, 62.5g protein Dinner - pork chop with potatos and cucumber salad, homemade raspberry and banana icecream with two chocolate squares - 950kcal, 36.5g protein Supper - toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches with italian herb mix - 640kcal, 22.5g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 200ml whole milk - 120kcal, 6g protein Total 2506 kcal, 127.5 g protein. Workout (running): 33min - 3min marching warmup, 11x (2min jog, 30sec walk), 2.5min cooldown. Stretching afterwards.
  9. LovelyBouncer

    Bouncer Connects with the Rebellion

    Happy NF Anniversary to me! (July 23rd, missed the time). Realized halfway through my day off. Was going to makr sleep a may goal and here I'm up at midnight. I have decided that I'm starting my Whole30 today (July 24th). I was noticing my intake of sweets have shot u, and something told me it was going to get worst. Like a relationship that wanted to bring me down. I have a last kiss tonight: I'm going to miss the dairy milk more. But I need to see if these goods are causing me problems. Making my muscles ache more than whats common? See if my sinus allergies can be lowered a bit? Find out if I can have a happy gut? Have a connection with real food, away from sugar. Have a connection outside of a sugar haze. Along with learning flavors of food with spices.... Plus lose bloating and weight woulf be nice too. Goals are in par. Yesterday stretched. Did not call yet, but found another pile of papers I need for thr apartment forms. My healer noted today he could tell I was practicing, I noticed somethings during the appointment that made me excited to keep going. Through a pan of chicken, asparagus, onions to start off my whole30. And bought special cream for my coffee... May the battle begin!
  10. I'll make some kind of real update during the weekend but, for now, some inspirational music to have me soar through the day : Two Steps from Hell - Wild Heart
  11. ChrisWithaStick

    Machete: Somehow I Manage

    For the puppy- a lot of patience for repeating commands, positive reinforcement for successes, make sure people in charge are using adult voices - at least for anything training related, and consider training classes. They are actually less for the puppy and more for you and anyone else helping than the puppy. It won’t necessarily make things easy (depends on the temperament of the puppy), but it will give you a good framework to use. I’d bet a local humane society will have good references for learning care and basic training tips, if not classes of their own.
  12. LovelyBouncer

    Teros 55: Duty

    So much respect for these pics now due to the maneuvering when you have pushed yourself! Raaa! May you hit them all!
  13. LovelyBouncer

    Sloth gets some miles in

    Haha, note they were a breakfast only item... A more sugary version of hash browns... I was personally assaulted with cable commercials and ads when so came to the cities a weekly basis to hang out with my bf (90 mile drive... was usually heavily sleep deprived). Probably didn't last long due to sugar and hot oil can be a fire issue (found that out through the food people I work alongside with). I hope I never hear of them, they meant to be so sugary that you could enjoy your morning coffee black. Glad you did get some riding despite the rain... May ask what woods you use? Or area?
  14. geng shi

    Let's try this again

    Day 23 update: 1. Biked 14.05 miles 2. Got 75  3. Nothing after 8 .
  15. geng shi

    Let's try this again

    Thanks! Fortunately, we had a pretty strong "cold front" this week - heat index is 20 degrees cooler than last week.
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  17. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Goes Kurosawa

    And a mini work space farm update while I'm at it. The marigold now has two flowers and three more buds, while still not being much more than three or four inches tall. It also has a new marigold neighbor that I put on Friday. Since Friday, the green onions grew like six inches, the basil more than doubled, and the kale I'd trimmed back to four or five weeks is now a monster with twelve or more leaves spanning a foot. I gave away a ton of basil and the top six inches of onion, but it's basically all grown halfway back since yesterday morning - at least two onions have hit the space farm ceiling in about 32 hours. Since I'm still luring people into taking stuff and they're not keeping up with the tiny amount we have, I think this week's lunches will include kale, basil, and onion salads. I'll have to pick up some salad dressing and dried cranberries on my way to work. One of the seedlings I took out of the kids' table is thriving. The other two, not so much. Oops. And sadly, I'm not going to have any idea what they were till I see what else made it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Honestly, I don't even know what the survivor is. They all look alike until they're a few inches tall. My coworker thinks lettuce, but I think it looks like a brassica of some sort. Who knows.) I might have extra space in there. I took out both roses and didn't bother replacing the oregano. Watercress? I do like watercress, and apparently it adores hydroponics, for obvious reasons. And it's a little more decorative than the average salad green. I need to remember to water the garden tomorrow. I did get to once last week, and it's probably not suffering, but it's time. And my tomatoes look stressed. Oh, and I need to see if anything in the greenhouse has decided to live. I don't have high hopes for the replacement melon, cucumber, and squash I put in. I'm not even feeling that hopeful about my currant tomato, and my pepper is not doing amazingly. But there are some communal seedings in the greenhouse, including some really healthy tomatoes and some kind of pepper, and a non-dwarf watermelon. Maybe I can just throw some stuff in. But you never know. I didn't expect chard or beets to be the easiest thing in the world, although they are, and I didn't expect this variety of carrots to be super easy, because they're not meant to be. And I didn't expect one of the kale plants to suddenly decide it was super happy in the hot summer, because for a really long time it wasn't, and it's not meant to be. Oh, also, gotta remember the bug spray, so my surprise happy Japanese melon can get a spray. It had a lot of fruit setting, last time I looked. And was trying to invade my plotmate's tomato patch, but I think that's fair, since her tomatoes are trying to invade my melon patch. I'm trying to train it, though. Oh, and it's probably time to start the broccoli and rhubarb, so I should take that in. And the winter radishes, maybe? Might be too early for those, but maybe a few just for fun. It's kind of getting to be "what do I want to eat in October" season. And I think I'll start throwing some carrot and onion seeds around on the empty dirt. The onions are super slow, and the carrots are sort of middling, so they'll want the start. Maybe another round of beets, too. (What likes nitrogen? I have a bean patch. Which is probably flowering, actually, so I may get beans soon.) If I'm going to do more ginger, honestly, I need to get on it. It won't be fully grown, but I'll get a bit more than I put in. No sign of any of my second round of flowers. I'm thinking that either it was too hot for them, or they need a winter to germinate. Well, whatever. It's all a surprise. I need more recipes for thyme. Maybe I'll make soft cheese and make it thyme flavored. But I have truly impressive quantities to use. Also basil.
  18. Kishi


    Because @Teirin asked...
  19. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Goes Kurosawa

    Update to the update: I'm in bed on time. See, I really can trust myself to get the things done on time. And I even did a few extra but good things on the way to bed. God, this is such an improvement over the past couple of weeks. Definitely Jingo. I'm in the mood for a sunny holiday with donkeys and juggling and maybe a teeny war.
  20. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Goes Kurosawa

    Week 4 Day 2 Update: I finished all the tasks except my stretch goal, and overachieved on a few of them. This is excellent. I want to do more, but I'm training myself to be done, and to trust myself to get things done when I say I will and finish when I say I will. I put in the time, I'm done, it's now bedtime. I have a small list of things to do tomorrow. Maybe I will put in a single timebox of work before I go in to the office. After all my sleep. I'm not sure what tonight's audiobook will be. I do Jingo a lot, but I'm sort of in a Jingo mood.
  21. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human, Part 2

    Asked my brother when he got up yesterday if he'd seen the missing item. Nope. When he got home from work I told him it was in its usual spot and our father is an idiot. "Yeah, I wasn't going to tell you because I figured it would just make you mad, but when I was getting ready for work he was saying 'I should beat the girl for making me make a complete ass of myself at work." Let's let that one sink in for a minute. He goes to work without even looking for the thing at home because he's sure he left it in a locked drawer or something idk. Then after I say I don't see it in the house, he comes home and looks in the exact same place and doesn't see it either. But it's still my fault he doesn't have it? And a new fun thing I realized: he hasn't called me "the girl" in forever (at least as far as I know). He used to do it to both of us all the time when we were kids. "The girl" and "the boy." I don't know why. I don't remember when it started or stopped. But when it hit me last night my only thought was just y i k e s. So between this and the cat drama my therapist will absolutely be earning her paycheck tomorrow. I like you guys. <3 I realized I don't actually have replies for you because you're right. Fire is hot. Hot is bad.
  22. Have you tried yoga gloves?
  23. Chest squeeze and wall sit done with EC
  24. Anim07734

    Amaya tackles the to-do

    Events like that are always a lot more work than anyone realizes until they've done it, so it's understandable for people to get overwhelmed. Sorry you got caught in the middle of it. Depending on your own time commitment and how well you worked with the organizer(s), you could consider helping with the entertainment planning for next year. Even just someone to help take calls and write a schedule is one less thing for him to worry about. And having people show interest makes it more likely to happen again. Glad to hear you made the most of it, met new people, and got some quality outdoor time.
  25. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Goes Kurosawa

    That's my one real hesitation about them. Their understanding of movement is super interesting to me, but my needs right now are a lot more minimalist. What I did instead was buy $20 of "yoga for athletes" from the company that put out the martial arts conditioning DVD I like. It's not the fluffy spiritual yoga-for-delicate-ladies that drives me crazy, but cross-training led by professional athletes. Three DVDs with four 20-minute workouts (and a shorter bonus) - one is strength themed, one flexibility themed, and one conditioning, which I got mostly for the focus on hip opening. I gave "yoga for runners" a miss, though, and stuck with football, soccer, and, I dunno, whatever the third guy does. Right focus, right length. We'll see when they arrive. I'll need to get my time management under control, but half an hour isn't a deal breaker. I really was just done by the night. I shouldn't have been so ambitious, it didn't end well. Doing anything at all was so far beyond me that I even failed disastrously at sleep. Tonight I have strict timeboxes. I will do two things for fifteen minutes and stop. No matter what.
  26. Jupiter

    Treva Fights for Herself

    LOL this just made my day. I love Captain Cold. I hope they bring him back for a cameo this season.
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