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  2. Tanktimus the Encourager

    » captain's log [shaar: v. battle log]

    Perhaps DURING A FOG!?!
  3. Tanktimus the Encourager


    That stinks about your god-father. Hugs man.
  4. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Thanks shaar! Yes Venice is unbelievably pretty, back there next week.... my car is amazing I love it. I am driving to Sheffield tomorrow for therapy and then popping in to see my parents too - do a long (ish) drive over the day. Not really that long but about 4 hours overall. Thanks shaar miss you. X Thanks TGP! Great to have your support. After my post I settled in the garden with a cup of tea, and read my book. I’ve actually just finished it! it was so so so good. The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. I tweeted the author to thank him for writing it and he liked my tweet its basically a non fiction adventure into madness. Ronson is a journalist and meets loads of people from psychiatrists, to murderers branded psychopaths to Wall Street men to Scientologist...etc it’s bloody brilliant. I think i will start another one of his all about conspiracy theorists !! i still feel very sick and my head is creaking. Maybe I am anxious about therapy tomorrow??
  5. raptron

    Assassin's Den

    Let's all go for a jog. But in place. And on a vertical pole.
  6. JessFit

    Jett gets his swole on

    Ugh, going to bed early can make or break my day. I feel for you.
  7. JessFit

    CM packs up her troubles

    Sounds like a lovely meal!
  8. JessFit

    Guzzi - getting a life, intermittently

    Wow, what an adventure with the van! Glad you made it home.
  9. JessFit


    I'm just someone who wakes up and has a very minimalist morning routine. I'm not a morning person who prefers getting to work early, so it is a bit of a contradiction. I have a 20 minute morning routine, including the shower. I imagine I'd struggle to get up with enough time to do this and then I'd worry that I didn't give myself enough time and not be able to focus. YAY for 6 weeks.
  10. JessFit

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    It has been a hectic challenge but you've got a lot done and have a lot to look forward to!
  11. JessFit

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Sounds like a good weekend! I hope you end up with the jacket coming back home!
  12. JessFit

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    Arya: YES! Books: I concur, I feel like they took the ending and plot points that GRRM gave them and really did not do credit to the first 5 seasons or the books. The writing and getting from point A to point B deteriorated drastically, as did the consistency of the characters. Ghost: YES YES YES! I was PISSED when the others got killed off. I cried so hard the first time I read the books and Lady died. Tyrion: For most of his life, did anyone ever credit Tyrion with the level of intelligence that he actually demonstrated? I'm unsurprised that he was the one to really respect a slightly scary and very unique creature of totally unknown ability.
  13. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I may choose to do what I want anyway, and I appreciate the freedom from pressure. The GLs are amazing. It helps I can trust them. There's some good stuff over in Battle Log Land.
  14. Tanktimus the Encourager

    [Sylvaa] Is An Athlete - Part II

    Hugs. I'm glad you are being kind to yourself.
  15. JessFit

    Snowkc Seeks Stability

    I've been debating trying Madcow since you mentioned it. I'm not sure what I want to do next but adding weight that regularly is hard for most. I think you had a good run with it, but you also need to listen to your body.
  16. TGP

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Hello CJL! I'll follow you along for a bit. welcome to the rangers. how much are you going to ruck (weight wise) and how far are the hikes/walks? I'm kind of finishing up a big hiking challenge/program. I kind of think of my program as more "backpacking"/"hiking"... but really any one that is hiking with a weighted pack of stuff they don't need is basically rucking.
  17. Urgan


    This one is all about him and his insecurities, regardless of who you specifically are. GOOD NEWS, tho--it's not your problem! Just do this and move on with your bad self...around all the volatile people acting weird at you that you can't do nothing about. Far enough away to prod them with a yardstick. You have more valuable places to spend the time you'll never get back. I'm sorry, that is a really hard thing to have handed down. Was it a sudden diagnosis? Any chance you can arrange to spend some more time with him now, or has that bridge kinda been burnt?
  18. Hey man, nice, that's awesome! I just started Gi BJJ a few months ago and I love it. Always fun to meet more people who do it. @Machete's a real good guy to talk to if you want to learn things about it. I'm more of a cheerleader than anything, but I'm happy to stop by and give good words.
  19. Redbeard the Viking

    Redbeard Respawns

    Well, the challenge is over. I have managed to lose almost twenty pounds over the course of the four weeks. I haven't managed to push myself to exercise daily in the morning, and I imagine if I were to incorporate that into my morning routines, it would be an even larger amount lost. I've also started taking my medications again since I thankfully have insurance again and I'm seeing my therapist again starting today. I was supposed to see her Friday but network issues made it a failed connection. I've rescheduled for this evening, so fingers crossed. Many thanks to the folks who lurked, liked and replied to me. Stick around, you all, I'm not done yet!
  20. JessFit

    Blocky does moderately difficult things...

    What a great ending to your challenge!
  21. DarK_RaideR

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    Here for this.
  22. TGP

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    yeah. Headaches really suck. and that last bit as I all I would ask you to do. "try" so MUCH magic in that word. spent lunch thinking about how I spend MY time and how I want to juggle that better. so... NOT EASY. you'll be ok. what are you reading these days?
  23. I think this is relevant to a lot of people's overeating. Often I'll be like, "Why am I even eating this?" Or I'll go buy Doritos even though I know that I'm going to regret them and they won't be worth it.
  24. Miaulin

    Miau Spangles Her Stars

    HEYOOO SKY! <3 <3 <3 HE IS THE HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF A GOLDEN RETRIEVER AND I LOVE HIM DEARLY hopefully i'll make him proud and not get one of the Captain America Is Disappointed PSA's! (THE HORROR) bahaha, thank you Heyoo Sal! Always great to see you! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Day One: Food - So far, a smoothie! I don't know how much it counts as 'real food since it's just chocolate almond milk, wowbutter, ice, and vega vanilla protein powder...but it tastes good and keeps me full for a long time! For dinner i'll probably either do roasted broccoli with hummus, or some cauli rice + black beans and quacamole...did i legitmately just use q instead of...well i guess Quackamole is a thing now wow. Um i've also had plenty of water today so far (it's only noon) and took my vitamin! Exercise - did a partial workout while waiting for the shower to heat up this morning, about to do the rest in a moment. the cats are doing yoga and cardio right now to encourage my fitness endeavors. Study/Duolingo - getting logged into Duolingo ! will do it either before or after or maybe before and after the workout Attitude - pretty upbeat today! i've been doing housework today, too. still much left to do but it's all going well. i think getting a shower first thing in the morning provided a little kickstart boost i also have some "(wo)man with a plan"ing to do...seems like a good day so far if i can keep momentum!
  25. NicTheRugger

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Hey Whisper! I've missed seeing you here 'round the challenges! Glad to see you back. I'll be cheering you on. Adulting is hard! If you figure it out, let me know, yeah?
  26. NicTheRugger

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    You can do it! I believe in you And don't be so hard on yourself! Change is slow, and sometimes people slide back. The important thing is to keep moving forward.
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