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  2. annyshay

    Annyshay Covers Her Bases

    Wednesday w3d3 Water - filled my water bottles - tracked my water intake (0 ounces) Meditation - didn't meditate - got stuck after work in a conversation that lasted until 7pm (UGH) Intuitive Eating - lunch and dinner were distraction free - eating out a lot because I haven't had time to go shopping
  3. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Gets Ready

    I have been awake since 3am! I’m super pumped about that. No. Not even a little bit. Now it’s almost 6am and I’m drinking coffee in a last ditch effort to get a little sleep this morning. I know, coffee! But sometimes the warmth of it is just what I need to feel relaxed and sleepy. I think it’s working. I didn’t exercise yesterday. It was nice to be lazy. Today I’m going to work out with extra oomph to make up for it. Yup, oddly enough the coffee worked! Goodnight
  4. SnuffleTruffler

    The Hunt- recruiting anyone interested!

    Every assassin has their fears! Bravery is overcoming them, not being afraid of nothing!
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  6. Tobbe

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Well... Kind of... You wanna join? I'd love to get started with it again!
  7. DarK_RaideR

    EricMN - BattleFront

    Ouch! Fingers crossed it's no big deal and you get well real soon. P.S: Use the Force
  8. DarK_RaideR

    Jarric - Roll The Dice

    Well hot damn, me and the SRLF will be in Brussels mid-November, we really should have timed this better! Yes you should. 1 and 2 have been given the remake treatment, but go for the technically updated 2D versions and avoid the 3D remake like it's a three headed monkey! Wouldn't we all? P.S. Awesome video and art @Starpuck!
  9. DarK_RaideR

    [Wolfpool] Unchained Predator: Beast Unleashed!

    Your chain-whip thingy may be Castlevania inspired, but it reminds me a lot of the sword-whip from Soul Calibur And yes, I managed to find a male, SFW visual P.S. Dibs on the Dictator class
  10. DarK_RaideR

    [DarK_RaideR] runs the shadows

    Week Three, Day Two Way of the Adept: Log my eating every day Can't say my eating was stellar, but I did log everything on my app. Way of the Decker: Get work done without distractions Finally submitted the first part of the damn thing, did the meeting and now I'm finally in that vacation mood! Way of the Rigger: Track my expenses Still on point here. Way of the Shaman:Animal Care Neighbours' cat is becoming a semi-permanent resident of the household by this point and the stray cat's treatment is complete. My cat is being taken care of, including hiding his food bowl when his ravenous friend drops by for a visit Way of the Mage: Buy and read the Neuromancer Read some more of the book. Way of the Face: Contact people at least every other day Got in touch with my bff, almost met up but moved it to the following day. Week Three, Day Three Way of the Adept: Log my eating every day Again, logged it all but didn't exactly eat great, but that pulled pork chilli con carne burger was absolutely worth it. Way of the Decker: Get work done without distractions Took the day off from work to clean the bathroom at home, plus I dropped by the Muay Thai camp to help with the cleaning to prepare the place for the new season. Way of the Rigger: Track my expenses Expenses tracked Way of the Shaman:Animal Care Everything in line here. We also visited the SRLF's mom and checked on the cats there. Way of the Mage: Buy and read the Neuromancer I finished the book! Already looking for my next read, which will most likely be "Roadside Picnic" by the Strugatsky brothers, the book upon Tarkovsky's movie "Stalker" was based on. Way of the Face: Contact people at least every other day Went out with my buddy, the SRLF and her colleague with his gf after he was done with an interview. And there was much rejoice. Minor switch to my usual Shadowrun updates, thinking of doing a Q&A session with you all. What are some questions you might have about the world/game? What would you like me to write about next?
  11. zenLara

    Week 1 - 7 Day Mobility Challenge

    Scarce 10 minutes on monday, 1 hour on tuesday (at the gym), nothing yesterday.
  12. juliebarkley

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Hey, is this PVP still going?
  13. DarK_RaideR

    Why isn't there a Wizards Guild?

    This here is the heart of the answer, at least in my eyes. The existing Guilds are built around the idea of grouping people who focus on similar physical activities, in order to connect them with others on similar paths. Everyone, regardless of Guild affiliation (which, mind you, is not something you're forced to stick with) will research some fitness lore and use some tech, from scales, fitbits and apps to log their eating. I mean, we're on a forum on the Internet, for crying out loud, that's already a wizardly enough leap compared to your basic bro just pumping weight in a gym and only using the web to post gym selfies. That aside, the Accountability Buddies subforum has seen several groups formed around all sorts of things, from creative types and artists to people who want to keep each other accountable during exam seasons, but we've never had a Bard or Wizard Guild per se. NerdFitness is not an attempt to accurately turn D&d or anything else into a fitness thing. I too, am worried of where this discussion is going. Don't think anyone wants to advocate such methods for weight loss, plus the Rules of the Rebellion explicitly state: #3. We train as naturally as possible. When we train for adventure, we do so by preparing our bodies with real-world movements! We don’t use machines; we focus on movements that recruit multiple muscle groups and efficiently set us up to be antifragile.
  14. Mr_Willes

    August Alliteration for Yasha

    I'm sorta a bit back too! Way to go on luring @SheriffWolfpool out with RR making something dirty!
  15. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Breakfast: Cashew Nut chicken zucchini boat 1 cup of cinnamon milk  Then did 44 min of yoga before lunch. Lunch: 40g pink lentils 250g cucumber with ginger 20g red pepper 60g chayote 1 tomato, all in a stew 150g broccoli  100g cauliflower 90g sesame chicken Will have a Hiits season tonight, meanwhile I need to stay away from the pantry as there are muffins there and I don't have any calorie budget to spare, yoga being not a very good calorie burner.
  16. Mortimer

    My way towards OCR

    Woot another metal fan! Well I generally listen to Manowar but I might go pick up a few Metallica songs to listen to. Yeah generally getting into city areas or driving in the city is >< But even despite having a small cuppa, at least you're having much less then you previously did =) Baring distractions you should be able to quit caffeine soon.
  17. Mr_Willes

    Inquiry: The Protector Rises

    And you deserve any day to be like this! Cause i found this thread lacking in "dirty mind" (like almost all thread BTW) Just make sure you don't let the opportunity to check if "something is there" slip by!
  18. FlightlessNinja

    Samsung S Health Raw Data

    There are a number of CSV files in the parent directory. There is also a jsons folder. It looks like in some of the CSV's they reference the json's as they are named with their own uuid e.g. "0c908180-a25c-4739-8058-18d413ec2154.extra_data.json"
  19. ohlemontine

    Ohlemontine dabbles

    Alright, here's to getting back on track Wednesday 15k steps +1 fitness Read an hour +5 life Eat planned dinner +1 diet
  20. You always have such an entertaining thread to hang out!!! Totally not because you post all kinds of swimsuits, lingerie and burlesque clothes. And the occasional fantastic boobs journals (and i'm totally no "think-in-pictures" kinda guy)! Also, i need a calendar, just your month will do In other words, i heard you're leavin' on a seven thirty train and that you're headin' out to Hollywood, what's with that
  21. aramis

    Not very Ranger-y

    Aug. 21st Went to METALLICA concert! No TO DO list is important compared to this But I used time we drove to Warsaw (about 4,5h one way) to discuss some plans about kids' room with wife - including the need of securing their double bed (it falls apart from too much abuse boys give to it). So I scratch that topic off the list. Food tracked, the only junk food was hot-dog on a gas station on a way back (but it was in whole grain bun and with lean sausage). Workout done. Slept only 4 hours, as we came back home at 4am.
  22. Diadhuit

    Diadhuit moves in (1/2)

    wed 1) Eat proteic breakfast - yes 2) Eat lunch at 1ish even at weekends - yes 3) Eat dinner: with proteins and/or veggies and/or fruit - yes, one of the two dinners [emoji28] 4) Sleep enough - no, couldn't fall asleep, woke up early and anxious 5) Take two days a week not doing anything work/house related after work - 2/2 6) plan something that makes you happy - yes, more than one thing 7) examen - no 8) move (walk 15k steps, dance, hulahoop, or at minimum physio plank) - yes I am starting having major stress attacks (symtoms are basically same as anxiety and breathing/meditating seem not to be enough. I think I really need to work on my talk to ease it, and pack!
  23. Wednesday Update Despite having more food in my snackbox and eating this food intermittently I was in such a terrible mood all day and I think it was because I wasn't eating enough, and I was fantasising about all the terrible food I wanted to eat but couldn't. It occurs to me that given the amount of food out of the house I have been eating recently, this is a longstanding pattern. I actually worked out how much food I have bought out since the beginning of the year (a bonus of tracking all finances carefully) and I was horrified, not just because of the cost, but also trying to get my head around how many extra calories that amounts to. Whatever I am doing is definitely not working. It might have worked for me in the past but it's not working for me right now. I decided there and then to stop starving myself and throwing myself into this wheel of fasting and fantasising. I am just going to eat food, not too much, mostly plants. If I am hungry, I can eat for fuck's sake. Being skinny is really not even this important to me I don't know why I am doing it to myself. After I realised why I was furious with the world, I ate a biscuit and calmed the fuck down. Overall, yesterday was a nothing day. It sort of slipped away. I got up around 7, we looked at holidays and then boom! It was 6 pm. I really don't know how that happened. TH watched the Forest match and I had a nice long bath where I had a big think about what I want from my life and why I am so aimlessly floating around. I came up with nothing, but it was oddly relaxing. I am going to try and enjoy the aimless floating, at least. Ragdoll - I had snackbox bits during the day, then a biscuit which wasn't in the snackbox. Then I asked myself what I really wanted to eat so I made a puttanesca which was FABULOUS. Back in the Saddle - I haven't felt like working out at all, probably because I have no aims or goals so motivation is hard to come by. Might think harder on this, might not. Whatever. F.I.N.E - Scraping the barrel here because I certainly did nothing towards it but my skin is very clear rn. Eat the Rich - I spent a small fortune on the holiday. We went above our self imposed budget but you only live once amirite.
  24. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Aug. 21st. Workout 3x superset: - 11x body row - 15x weighted squat (22.7kg / 50lb) - 15x each hand overhead dumbbell press (5kg / 11lb) - 10x weighted good morning (22.7kg / 50lb) - 17x push up Food - no junk. 2120 kcal, 117g protein. The big THING yesterday was METALLICA concert! I took a day off from work, did my workout in the morning, got some more reps on body rows and pushups (+1 compared to last week). YAY progress! Then we (me and wife) went to Warsaw (our capital city) for a concert. Driving through Warsaw for people from outside the city is hell. The whole drive (~300km one way) was tough because of road works along and traffic - it took us 4,5h to get there, where normally it shouldn't be longer than 3h. But we finally got there, met with my aunt who lives there for a quick rest after the road and went to stadium. In one sentence - despite passing years (James Heatfield is 56 years old, and Metallica itself exists for 38 years already), guys still show incredible skill and power. @Mortimer - gym membership is something to think about. I will look for climbing place, but those are rare in my area. Need to think about it. Withdrawal symptoms seem to pass, headaches are only mild. First day was hard, but it gets better with every passing one. I got some caffeine though - driving in rough conditions gave me really bad headache in the afternoon, but I dealt with it with painkillers (paracetamolum with caffeine) - it worked like a charm. And I confess - I had one small cup of black coffee in the night on a way back - to keep me from falling asleep behind a wheel. I'm alive typing this on Aug 22th in the morning, so it worked
  25. Diadhuit

    Finance advice for adult people

    Thank you!! it is really helpful!! It does seem more or less what I found too. I actually live in Ireland, not the US. The legal fee advice is especially good. I didn't think of it [emoji28] I actually don't own the land, that is very low rent until 2120 (5 euro a year!) I can't get a quote right now, but I have a rough idea of the costs of the works. As for now, the house market is so mad that I could rent out a room for 80% of my mortgage (probably I would still get tenants if they match, yet I would not feel easy about that, it's a disgrace!!) The mortgage allows to change month by month the overpayment, so if something happens I can revert to base payments (in real emergency I could take a payment break for six months, but would like to avoid that, obviously). I think that to have all info I better avoid overpaying for the first year, and repay in a lump sum when I understand the expenses better... bins, property tax (that will change this year), etc. My main fear is how to plan for a recession I'm realising...
  26. Mr_Willes

    Mr_Willes: Hi

    Wednesday August 21th: Diet: (BW: 84.0 KG) Breakfast: 1 slice of brown bread with veggie spread + protein shake with some creatine Lunch: a piece of smoked chicken fllet + 2 slices of brown bread + some spicy herb sauce Diner: courgette lasagna Inbetween snacks: none KCAL: 1563 Carb: 32% / Fat: 29% / Protein: 39% Exercise: Run: 6K in 00:33:39 Lift: Other: Better day, after work i got home and cleaned up the swimming pool. After that was dinner, with some yummy courgette lasagna. Very tasty! A little later i went for a run. It should have been an easy 5-6k. It turned out to be an up-pace 6K. Shaving off another 38 seconds of my previous 6K (with a day less of recovery). All in all, running is feeling like i'm really making progress now. Yesterday @jonfirestar and me nerded out a bit on the running data we had gathered. And i saw a pattern, i have never ran more than 7 sessions in one month, for as long as i have been running. Thinking back of that time (i started recording my running in 2014) i had the idea was a pretty consistent runner for at least some of the times. But no more than 7 workouts a month doesn't seem much (now). And late last night i remembered, last years i used to keep to 2 running sessions a week. In that light 7 sessions a month makes much more sense. Nevertheless, yesterday was my 8th run this month! With another 3-4 planned this month. That will surely help getting back to some of the PR's i used to run (sub 24min 5K, sub 50min 10k, sustainable 12k pace). Another thing i'm pretty stoked about. I remembered running becoming much easier when losing weight... But i'm already at paces i was when i weighed about 7-8 KG less. In that light, i can't wait to lose the excess weight. Combined with the fact that even at this point i'm faster than i used to be, i'm curious where that will leave me!
  27. Diadhuit

    Samsung S Health Raw Data

    I have not, but interested. Which format are the data in?
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