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  2. Shello

    Terah's quest for cute animal gifs

    Following! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cheetah

    Atrytone Tackles the Life Wheel

    Well, you have to start where you are. Any start is a good start, I think.
  4. zenLara

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Pictures are lovely. Thank you very much for posting them. Haha. Challenge accepted. Because you didn't have enough work. How do you find the books? How's couch to 5K going? Which week are you currently working on?
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, it's great to be part of such a supportive community, particularly one that includes Dr. Who GIFs
  6. Harriet

    Jett gets his swole on

    Does red mean you did it? Or didn't do it? Does yellow mean you half did it?
  7. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lagail. The card deck sounds like a very sensible idea. I feel Australians must clearly represent the sun, since a gap in the mysterious protective medium above brings us closer to that dual-natured orb that brings life, death, and warms our white wines and causes our eyes to close halfway, thus preventing us from seeing our leaders clearly, which is a blessing. We will ask Grumble to weave hidden puns into the borders of the cards.
  8. Time for a short recap of what I've been doing these past 21 days. Most relevant daily actions: House chores (tiding, cleaning, laundry, groceries shopping...): 36 actions. Social (dinners, going out...): 6 times. Music practice: 32 sessions. Stretching (mobility, stretching, squatting...) 38 actions + yoga: 12 times. Gym: 8 hours. Walking: 4h/week. Low table: used 10 times. Icelandic: 18 times. Reading: 15 times. Others: meditation 4 times, handstands twice. I think I'd prefer to measure the time rather than seeing the list of actions, like I did in my "schedule" challenge some time ago. I'm definitely not ready to follow a schedule, but if I could see how much time I invest in making my life better it would help to reinforce my confidence that I'm moving forward even when my mood tells me lies. Only that I feel a bit lazy about tracking... Also unable to decide whether taking next challenge would help for accountability, or would stress me out and make me run away again. Also, look at this cutie I found today in a cave
  9. Cheetah

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    Today a did a few sets of pushups and swings with a lighter KB. Once I got things warmed up it felt a little better.
  10. Jett

    Jett gets his swole on

    In preparation for starting the lifting program next week, I plan to go over all the lifts this weekend, to make sure I know how to do them. Putting it out here for accountability, because when weekends come, I have a tendency to drop everything and just sleep for 2 days. 4/18 (in progress) 7:30 AM: Wake up. Turn on sun lamp. 8:15 AM: exercise 9:00 AM: Breakfast, then leave for work. 1:00 PM: Lunch 6:30 PM: Head home (arrive ~7:15) 7:30 PM: Eat dinner 8:00 PM: Free time (TV, hobbies, art, gaming) - use blue light blocking glasses 9:45 PM: Take melatonin. Get ready for bed. 10:30 PM: Bed time. Hydration: [================]D Nutrition:
  11. Shello

    Shello Attempts a Comeback

    I bet that is motivating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. zero week is such a great week. what's working? whats not? to maintain some of it... and yet, toss others stuff. I love that your guided by an old guy. I LOVE that you have him channeling some of own wisdom. ---- go Doug go!
  13. NicTheRugger

    Cheetah is tired, but that's no excuse.

    Well, that's what I do. I'm pretty sure that's how that works.
  14. Atrytone

    Atrytone Tackles the Life Wheel

    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.
  15. At the beginning of this year I set these goals: Get under 250lbs Be more productive, develop a new routine. Understand money better Define my CalExit plan* Including California/West Coast bucketlist * To be clear, that's me exiting California by 2020. Not planning a sucession for the State. I'm Southern but I'm not that Southern. All things considered, there is steady progress overall. Not as fast as desired, but when is it ever? Productivity is an is a difficult metric for me. I've got a to-do list about a thousand miles long and never enough hours in the day. (Me, and everybody else right?) That reduced schedule wasn't so bad even with the paycut. Alas, there are very few engineering jobs that allow for 30 hour work weeks. Sometimes, I find myself at the end of the day thinking "did I even accomplish anything of value?" or "How did I eat so much" or "I've only walked x steps?" Scheduling things can be helpful but most days my schedule goes off track fast. Journaling only captures the more qualitative aspects of my day. This challenge I'm going to try a different approach: logging my day. Log the Day Keep track of the day in my notebook. The key details to capture are: Wake up time, commute, work tasks, bedtime, etc. Eat between 1200-1800 cals, log everything in MyFitnessPal Not a huge fan of calorie counting but darn if it doesn't work. My obstacle is when I find myself off track, I'll stop midday and either a)eat way more than I should b) not enough and then do (a) in the following days. Giving myself a large range will hopefully keep things from getting weird. Long term, I'm aiming to track for 90 days straight so I'll develop consistent healthy eating habits. Hit step goal as many days as possible. My step goal is 8000 steps, I average about 5000 steps. Going to Croatia in June and there's going to be a lot of walking. Night Routine Includes laying out clothes, making/planning lunch, journaling, nighttime meds. This was a routine that my mother instilled me as a child, that I carried through college, and got a bit lax once I hit my 30s. Sometimes when I'm lounging, playing Stardew Valley or fiddling with my phone, I can feel her looking down at me saying "You really should set your clothes out, you think you have clean cardigan/leggings that fit but you don't." Then again I've also been having dreams of us cleaning and running errands. Some people get visions of greatness when their loved ones reach out from the beyond, I get chores. I've reached the point where I can joke about little things about my mother. Not sure what stage of the grief process that is but I think it's progress. Mother's Day is going to happen during this challenge and I need to come up with a plan.
  16. Severine

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Gooooood luck!
  17. On the other hand, the more birthdays have, the more practice you have at not perishing. In fact, I would argue that it's not having any more birthdays that's more closely linked to the probability of perishing.
  18. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    You'll get no argument from me. I and @Rurik Harrgath are firmly in Camp Malty.
  19. CourtnieMarie

    CM packs up her troubles

    thanks all! by self care i really just mean prioritizing sleep, some movement, and time for home cooking. and some social time. these things keep me sane and rejuvenate me! as many of you already know, getting rid of food and calorie restrictions freed up much mental capacity (which of course has since been filled!). you're allowed to laugh i handle the BS as it comes and then realize later how crazy it all is, when i am more calm. sometimes we need Moss to balance it out. that's exactly what it means. we've been through a few already and are crossing our fingers on this last ditch effort to get him into a 24/7 care facility. i shouldn't say "last ditch" because if this doesn't work there has to be some other option out there. it's just a crazy maze of detours and dead ends trying to get somewhere. i can't even imagine how people are cared for properly who don't have family members doing the back end work. going to a completely separate topic, i forgot to mention something somewhat applicable that has been dogging me for a few days! on sunday, friend 1 said to friend 2: "you look skinny!" and friend 2 said "thanks!" it sent me down a bit of a spiral thinking, well i have gained lots of weight does that make me less-than friend 2? i know logically it doesn't. but it's something that nags at me and i'm sure i'm not the only one who overhears this type of comment and maybe feels poorly about themselves in the aftermath. i struggled with saying something because i have also accepted the same type of comments as compliments when i lost a bunch of weight long ago. so do i have the right to take that joy away from friend 2? how did me accepting those comments years ago affect those around me at the time? yeesh.
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  21. NeverThatBored

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Yeah, that sure seems like the way to go! The internet has instilled a fear of wisdom teeth gas in me. >.<
  22. Tanktimus the Encourager

    That's What I do. I cook and I say Encouraging Things (and Workout): Tanktimus' Challenge

    Thanks. Thank you. Yep, you feel so good knowing you did it. (The workout, not perishing) You're not wrong...
  23. JessFit

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Sounds like you're in a great place! I hope parent time is wonderful.
  24. WolfDreamer

    WolfDreamer Returns to the People

    Excellent podcast interview for Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind podcast of Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat:
  25. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    T-Minus 3hrs 45 mins
  26. Severine

    [NeverThatBored] She Loves A Lot of Things

    Here for the Hunger Games and other NTB rangerosity. In my mind you are the ranger postergirl, you know! So many things always. I think focusing on the food stuff makes a lot of sense, too. Glad the shoulder is healing quickly. Try to take it easy and go with the flow until it's 100%
  27. Tova the Vibrant

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    Oooh flying crow is just about the prettiest thing out there, but so out of reach for me! I had to look up bird of paradise - holy hip mobility batman! I used to do strictly yin, but have been moving toward faster flows and quite enjoy it. Yay recruitment!
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