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  2. Sloth the Enduring

    Duo's Intro

    Welcome. It’s always nice to see another Minnesotan.
  3. Duo

    Duo's Intro

    Hello all! I'm 26, from Minnesota, and looking to keep the body parts that do work working as well as possible for as long as possible. Let's just say I got a really crappy hand from the genetic lottery. I'm here to kick butt and take names with other like-minded folks. I like to hike and am considering taking up climbing. I've found that structured workouts aren't really that motivating to me, so I'm hoping to find activities that I enjoy that also get me to move my behind. Epic quest lives here.
  4. theflyingaccountant

    Respawned: Building the Habit

    Last challenge day. Now is as good a time as any to do a full on retrospective. So here we go. As was pointed out to me after my respawn, I was doing a little bit too much in this challenge. Sure, I did assign priorities to my "habits" to mitigate this, but the fact remains that I was spread a bit too thin and wasn't exactly focused on any one specific goal. Too many times, it felt like I was doing stuff just to do stuff. Having said all that, the experience itself was incredibly valuable. Jocko Willink has been known to say "You win or you learn." I didn't win. I did learn. I learned a lot. Among other things, I learned that I've been wasting way too much time playing computer games. This fact revealed itself most acutely after my respawn when I noticed how much more productive and successful I became after putting the games down for a while. In fact, I'm attributing a lot of the success that I did have to not coming straight home and spending hours with my face in a game of some kind. I've literally added hours to my life by turning the games off for a little while. I've learned that cutting back my beer drinking is going to be very hard for me. I've learned that my mind will drive me absolutely insane if given half a chance. Most of all, I've learned that there's a lot to be said for appreciating "the journey." There's much more to life than just work work work and then party for five minutes and then it's over. Life is far more complex than suffering through the things I feel an aversion towards, grasping desperately onto the things I crave, rinse, repeat. Chopping wood while camping is work, but I love doing it. It's definitely a lot more "work-like" than clicking through spreadsheets. But when I'm camping, time just seems to stop. I don't want it to end. Instead, what I need to start doing is looking closer at how this "aversion" thing is playing out in my mind. The fact is that right now, the things that I think I'm trying to avoid or "suffer through" take far too long, and the things that I think are going to give me joy and happiness are over way too fast. The problem, as has been pointed out by multiple individuals, is not in life. It's in my attitude. I don't know how to begin to fix this. I'm desperately craving pleasure and relaxation and ease and an end to all my worries. It doesn't help that today is Sunday and tomorrow is a workday, so I know full well that once today is over, it's back to the daily grind. But such is human nature. We want to prolong the things that make us happy and we want to rush through the things that make us struggle. I can resist these cravings, I can give in to them, I can feel guilty for having them, or I can understand how they function. In the meantime, it's time to look ahead to the next challenge. Here's my revisions to my idea from a week ago: 1. Meditate every day for a minimum of 5 minutes. 2. Stronglifts 5X5 for 3 days per week. The object is not to lift a certain amount of weight, but to simply be consistent with the workouts). 3. Learn two new recipes per week. Sure, cutting out video games is still important, as is cutting back the booze and the piano, but for now, I need to focus my efforts. So just these three things. Challenge grade? B-. There were a few places (and some specific elements) where I did not maintain the consistency I would have preferred. I was in a bit over my head, what with having taken on so many habits to maintain. In fact, I very nearly would have given myself a C, but, at the end of the day, I think I'm a better person for having gone through the experience, and that's ultimately the goal to begin with. So B it is. I think that about covers it. In the meantime, I'm headed back to my Battle Log to regroup, and I'll see you all in the Druids guild for round 2.
  5. eden_fire

    Finding The Middle...

    So all my decisions yesterday weren't perfect, but I made an effort, and I think that's what I have to start evaluating myself on. Rather than looking at the whole day as one unit of measure, I asked myself at the end of it, "Did I make more healthy choices than unhealthy ones?" And when I wrote it all down (seeing things on a page seems to help cement it in my mind), I concluded that I had. Positive - Had one hard boiled egg at breakfast instead of two. - Measured out my 1 tbsp of nut butter instead of just eyeballing it. - Went to the gym! (This was huge...I literally felt an emotional weight lift off my shoulders one minute into my treadmill run.) - Shared a Fit Kitchen meal with the husband, post-gym (instead of eating a full one myself). - Consciously portioned out a smaller amount of soup at dinner. - Had half a grilled cheese instead of a whole one at dinner. - Did NOT snack on the couch while watching TV in the evening! (This is also a big deal for me...especially when Jon was sitting beside me munching on a bag of Doritos...) Areas To Improve - Bought the protein peanut butter "cookie dough" from Fit Kitchen and ate both servings (there were two servings in the container). - Dinner was a bit cheese-heavy. - Had 3 oz of rum with pineapple Perrier at dinner. There were a couple times yesterday where I really had to stuff down those feelings of, "Relax! Indulge! It's the weekend!" when they would rise up. Especially after dinner, with the snacking on the couch. But I knew that because dinner wasn't the healthiest, so I had to offset that somehow. I feel good about yesterday (okay, maybe not GOOD, but I don't feel BAD), but the real test will be if I can maintain this way of thinking for more than just a few days!
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Yay, I made it through! 5 weeks of no cheap entertainment, no social media besides NF and a strict curfew. It's been a little up and down, but on the whole it's been absolutely great and I learnt a lot. Before starting this challenge I had a few concerns that I never shared because I wanted to write them down and instantly forget about them and see what would happen. Keep in mind that this is coming not too long after a pretty severe extended funk, where I incidentally did a lot to distract myself from the bad stuff, and I was scared that this challenge might make me revisit said funk. That I would crack. This turned out to be a lot, lot easier than expected. There were a couple of days when I really wanted to do nothing except watch movies or play games all day, mostly on days with poor sleep, but I survived those. This might sound silly, but I was a little concerned that once I removed distractions and I was alone with my thoughts, my thoughts would turn out really dull and uninteresting or that there would be nothing there at all and my brain would explode. This turned out very much unfounded. It was a little strange at first, but once I made more space in my head on the contrary things got more interesting. I was also concerned that I'd get sad and lonely. I don't have many people I hang out with, and I'm still an introvert, albeit a fairly social one, and the glue of my group just left. This might also sound ridiculous, but I was worried that I'm using entertainment as a form of imaginary friends. This also turned out to be completely unfounded. It was a little difficult the one or two weekends where I didn't have anything at all social planned, but it was more of a general mood thing than because I was banned from entertainment. Trying to distract my head from bad thoughts through entertainment really doesn't work. What I was hoping for was that by getting bored, I'd be forced to pick up some old, or new, hobbies again. This turned out to be very true. I don't think a blanket ban on entertainment is necessary for this, but I was hoping that by doing so I'd naturally give myself more space and more energy to experiment, instead of forcing myself to cram everything in. I don't feel like I have much to show for all this free time, but at least I started drawing again, I practiced some Finnish, I read books outside my comfort zone, I started dabbling in writing and I found a place where I feel I can make a contribution to the side project that doesn't involve code. Well I say I have all this free time, and I kinda do, but in fact these past weeks have been a lot busier than I expected! Between classes and training and social things and work plus general adulting it hasn't actually felt like I've had copious amounts of time. But that only emphasises what a waste it is to spend that precious time on youtube or whatever. An unexpected consequence was that I got significantly more focused at work, to an extend that I don't actually enjoy because it's been really hard to let go sometimes and it started to suck up a lot of mental energy. And at this point work is something very secondary to me. I love my colleagues and hanging out at the office, but the work itself is meh. I discovered that downtime is super important to me. For brain processing, but also to be able to create things. It's still not very easy for me to just pick up a pen and start drawing, I need to be in the right headspace. But that's impossible with a filled head. I don't expect this to be the case forever, but my relationship to creativity and art and drawing is a little complicated and needs coddling. After the intensity of this weekend (beers with friends on Friday, wedding yesterday) and before heading into the next challenge, I had decided to let, even force, myself to do all the youtube and social media things and whatnots. Basically wasting the whole day. Well first of all I couldn't quite do that, I accidentally noticed that the sunrise was spectacular this morning and I HAD to go outside and I even went for a swim and it was crazy frickin' cold. Then I had a lot of thinking to do so I journaled and had lots of coffee and then I needed to go to the store but it was such a nice day I kept walking. Once I got back home I "caught up on" YT, where I immediately ended up unsubscribing from most channels, and IG, which I did in fact enjoy for the eye candy for the first five minutes before reaching my saturation limit and starting the mindless scrolling thing. This only confirmed what I suspected all along, that even though my rules felt overly restrictive at times, I really didn't miss out on anything, except for said small doses of eye candy. I did also genuinely miss the occasional movie, but the rest I can do without. It's not like it's not entertaining, or that I don't enjoy collecting underpants, I do, it's just comparatively low quality input. For the future I don't see much changing, at least I'm going to try very hard to not slip back into old habits by easing up the rules. As for my other goal of meditating, journalling, or swimming - that went pretty well. I didn't do it every day, but I probably hit those things 4 times a week on average. Journalling I'm finding very helpful, but very time consuming, swimming days are hard to come back this time of year (and today might've been my last one) and meditating, well, I didn't really have an excuse there, I just haven't felt like it, though maybe it's worth trying a little harder. I still can't tell. Either way, I'm rather proud of myself to sticking to this challenge! Five weeks is a long time. But I'm also really excited about finally getting to start something new, something a little shinier and little more assassiny.
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  8. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Thanks for those photos, they were indeed stunning! You are fortunate to be able to hike through such areas.
  9. eden_fire

    Clearing the Fog -- Building Consistency

    Staying on top of the cleaning is tough - I hear ya on that one...! My mother in law taught me that it's so much easier just to pick one thing every day and spend a few minutes tidying a room. It breaks it up into smaller chunks, rather than spending the whole dang weekend cleaning!
  10. Athaclena

    Athaclena - Just Keep Swimming....

    Things have definitely fallen down the "wayside" on the walking front. I've been exhausted and forgetting to "protect" my morning time by blocking an extra early 1/2 hour on my schedule - so had to be online and ready to go (which meant at least a few minutes of prep) at 9am. I know - for you early folks - I'll cry you a river LOL. But I'm not a morning person - and lets just say that the 9 months I had to be in Downtown Atlanta by 7:30a required a crap ton of caffeine because I had to be on the road by 6:25a - miss that by 5 min and I'd be 15-20 min late *shudder*. On the bright side, I've made progress packing and cleaning the house. The kitchen has STAYED clean the last couple of weeks - WHILE cooking 3-5 times per week (trust me - this is a record - not so much for the # of times per week cooked - but keeping a clean kitchen while doing it LOL). I've managed at least a surface clean of all 3 bathrooms. OH - and I've been eating veggies more regularly. So - I'll take it. Now to swim on to the next challenge!
  11. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    I'm having a super deflated finish, courtesy of family drama, financial issues and a slight case of "is it a cold or is it food poisoning?" Will return tomorrow with my final results, a challenge wrap-up and hopefully another NGW show.
  12. Johnsmith


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  13. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    I keep my opinion - shower head mounted 20 centimeters from open electric outlet... Beautiful!
  14. Well, you did say ask you anything so... 1. How fluid is guild membership? For my next challenge, I want to focus on lifting weights, but I also want to continue meditating daily. Is bouncing back and forth between guilds (e.g. for this next challenge I'm a warrior and for the subsequent challenge I'm a druid) a legal move? 2. How long have you been on the forums? 3. What do you think is the greatest album of the last 50 years?
  15. Well maybe, you'll have to play around with it. For me it's the most comfortable because I can have a pretty straight body while being able to lock in my arms initially, rather than having to start with a pull-up. Having to bend my knees makes it feel awkward for some reason, but that might just be me. The one thing it doesn't show is the timing aspect, of when to tip and when to straighten the arms. But it's at least something to do in your home. Oh yeah, it's super hard!! No problem! Thanks for making me play around on my rings.
  16. I think it was maybe a bit too low, then. First vid seems useful, probably will help me to understand which things need to move, because I was at a total loss. Second vid looks great, I'll give it a try as soon as I can and check whether I die or not. The exercise on minute 7 was indeed one of those we practiced, only that we did it with our legs together, and then we also did it to the sides to end up doing backward rolls. I guess I could find a way to practice those flags. Ohmygod the last ones! I'll probably stay on the first two options Thank you very much for taking the time to look up all this for me <3
  17. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter retreats

    I know right! Yes, I always kinda of said it was important but without really doing it, but this challenge made it very clear just how necessary it is. And not just for processing, but also for making space for more interesting and more creative thoughts to pop up.
  18. Mad Hatter

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    This was such a big win! And your food looked soooo good! I really hope you'll find your motivation for ukulele and sketching because I love seeing the output. Yep! Looking forward to the next one!
  19. Curl Brogo

    Harriet's Even Better Programme

    RE: Fascia I used to have a problem with fasciitis when I worked at Amazon. The problem for me turned out to be how I tied my shoes. I used to snug the laces along the whole length of the arch, not tight, but I was aiming for "better support" I guess. Then I think I read/saw something about waling bearfoot and how letting your foot naturally spread over a walking surface helps stretch the tissues. So I switched to an older pair of shoes that were well worn and left the laces relatively loose and the problem (which was fascia so tight I couldn't or could barely walk in the morning) pretty much went away. Anywho. Fascial massage is probably nice, but maybe there's a solution involved in identifying a bad habit/behavior/pair of shoes that takes care of the worst of it. Bonus points for me for typing all that and not making a joke about fascists or facials.
  20. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Could be. I was able to get a feel for faces (and hands to a certain extent) because I started with tutorials that focused on relative proportions. That way I could build a basic outline that looked vaguely like it should and then flesh it out from there. For feet (and for other thing like animals) I just don't know what the proportions should be so I just kind of eyeball it and it never comes out right. Probably due to the effect you mentioned. I really think I should take a focused course. I will go back and revisit Udemy this week and see if there is something that grabs me. Week 5 Sunday I did absolutely nothing for all 5 categories today so I am not going to bother listing them out. I think I will just do a challenge review and be done with it. Challenge review: 5x5 Food I did really well on this, even though it was harder than I thought having to make specific foods. I ended up getting 24/25 of the food combinations on the original schedule (missed on on Pork/Mexican) and overall I am very happy with how this turned out. Sketching This one started out strong but them I got discouraged trying to draw stuff beyond my capability. I didn't do as much sketching as I had intended, but I still learned a bit, particularly about my behaviours and what I need to do to get back on track Ukulele This one also started out well, mostly because I was super motivated to learns some songs to sing while I was on my cruise. After that I got hit with the triple whammy of no specific goal/trying to learn a song too advanced for me/internet connection issues. Oh well, I am still happy with how this went and feel good about keeping it going in some form going forward. Proverbs I was doing great until I got lazy and looked for short cuts. Not a great way to make progress. Overall still going to call this one a success. Handstands This one got added in midway through the challenge so hard to judge over a short period, but I am going to call this one a win too. I haven't actually made any measurable progress here, but when progress comes in millisecond increments, patience is the word. Consistency is the other word, and although I haven't been perfect I have been doing reasonably ok. Overall score? Let's call it a win but I will admit it had a really weak finish. I'm ready for the next challenge to start, let's bring it on!
  21. You should definitely not feel like an idiot! The teacher should've been helping you. How high were the rings? I'd suggest keeping it the ring at about head height, that way you can try hop into it, or get a bit of extra momentum by swinging your leg. It's also fine to put a foot on the ring on the hoop, and then push with the foot to tip your hips backward. To begin with of course. That's absolutely fine. I just wanted to mention it in case you're trying to do it with straight arms which is much, much harder. This video series breaks down the hip movement. On rings it's easier to get into it in a sort of froggy tuck, so you'd make a diamond shape with your legs before extending into a straddle. Here are more exercises, especially the ones at the 7 minute mark are useful. The whole video is a bitch to get through though! At least for my shitty endurance. If you can find a pole, or a sturdy piece of furniture to grab onto, or a book case where you can wedge your hands underneath the flag exercises in the middle of the video are great Hope this helps.
  22. theflyingaccountant

    Respawned: Building the Habit

    Day 21 The War: Get a private pilot's license and have enough money to be able to enjoy it.  The Financial Campaign: 1. Build up a minimum non-retirement savings of $20,000. The Physical Campaign: 2. Keep my body healthy so that I can enjoy flying as I get older. Main Effort: Meditate daily. Level 1: Meditate for a minimum of 3 minutes each morning before work. Meditation time: 5+ minutes. Supporting Effort 1. Control my cravings. Level 1: Limit myself to a maximum of 2 drinks per day. Drinks consumed: 0 Supporting Effort 2. Do things with my body every day. Level 1a: Do one barbell squat with empty barbell after I get home from work. Level 1b: Do one pushup after I get home from work. Squats done: 0 Pushups done: 1+ Supporting Effort 3. Establish a daily study habit. Level 1: Study for the CISA exam for at least 5 minutes each morning after I meditate. Study time: 5+ minutes Bonus Habit 1. Level 1: Update the budget spreadsheet for basic daily purchases every evening before bed. Budget updated: Yes  Bonus Habit 2. Level 1: Play piano for 5 minutes after doing my barbell squat. Playing time: 5+ minutes. Bonus Habit 3. Level 1: Study one Duolingo Italian lesson Lessons studied: 1+
  23. Novaurora

    Novaurora Decides which of her F*cks are Newsworthy

    Challenge Wrap up: While we started out REALLY strong, getting sick really showed me how ragged I was running myself, so while we did learn some good habits and put some good practices in place, I need to slow down and try to find ways to work smarter, not harder.
  24. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Oh about Taiwan: Me at the base of Taipei 101. Taipei 101 night scene: Candle Rock formation at Yehliu: Jiufen old street: Golden waterfall:
  25. deftona

    The Doodlies are at it again!

    We are indeed [emoji2]
  26. annyshay

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Glad that you're finding good simple ways to take care of yourself.
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