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  2. theflyingaccountant

    Respawned: Building the Habit

    Day 16. The War: Get a private pilot's license and have enough money to be able to enjoy it.  The Financial Campaign: 1. Build up a minimum non-retirement savings of $20,000. The Physical Campaign: 2. Keep my body healthy so that I can enjoy flying as I get older. Main Effort: Meditate daily. Level 1: Meditate for a minimum of 3 minutes each morning before work. Meditation time: 0 minutes. Supporting Effort 1. Control my cravings. Level 1: Limit myself to a maximum of 2 drinks per day. Drinks consumed: 0 Supporting Effort 2. Do things with my body every day. Level 1a: Do one barbell squat with empty barbell after I get home from work. Level 1b: Do one pushup after I get home from work. Squats done: 1+ Pushups done: 0 Supporting Effort 3. Establish a daily study habit. Level 1: Study for the CISA exam for at least 5 minutes each morning after I meditate. Study time: 5+ minutes Bonus Habit 1. Level 1: Update the budget spreadsheet for basic daily purchases every evening before bed. Budget updated: No  Bonus Habit 2. Level 1: Play piano for 5 minutes after doing my barbell squat. Playing time: 0 minutes. Bonus Habit 3. Level 1: Study one Duolingo Italian lesson Lessons studied: 1+
  3. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    I'll be lucky if it is fixed and back by end of this week. Chances are it will only be next week some time. I really like my new mug. He just shakes his head for this mug thing I have I doubt Mr. Coffeemaker has such a far reach, but just in case, I'm keeping my Mr. Coffeemaker securely occupied in the kitchen. It won't have time to think of mischief to do. This is probably just one of those weeks. The guys are here now to check on the washing machine and the tumble dryer. Brandt said to have everything serviced and looked at seeing as we are paying them the 'come out' fee anyway. The tumble dryer has been taking longer and longer, and needing more cycles to dry the clothes. It is also 23+ yrs old, so I'm not really surprised. Of course the washing machine is behaving now. Nothing is being done today. They are now going back to the shop, the lady will phone with a quote for the parts. Then if we agree will they order the parts, and only once it arrives will they come again to fix it (obviously). We are looking at maybe middle to end next week if things go quickly. Most probably end of October. In the meantime I can still use the machines, but still have to be careful that it doesn't overrun with water. He can't find any problem, except maybe it is unbalanced (don't know what the brake pads have to do with that, but something with that). The lady phoned this morning saying the guys were going to be coming later, so I opted to quickly go to the shops and fill up on cold/flu meds and vegetables. Of course for some or other reason the car wouldn't start. I tried it again, let it run down backwards a bit to 'push/run' start, nothing. Phoned Brandt... he came home as he wanted to go to town anyway. Long story short, it is either the alternator not properly charging the battery, or the battery not keeping a charge anymore. So Brandt dropped me off in town, got to his stuff while I was shopping for my stuff, then collected me again before dropping me off at home. Boys are both better, but noses still running when not on meds; they look like human versions of Rudolph, just with sore throats, and not feeling merry at all. So again, no sports today, also because no car.
  4. WhiteGhost

    Mad Hatter retreats

    It was accidentally (I hope!) deleted by another GL. I can see that it still exists in the garbage bin but I can't bring it back. Maybe @Tanktimus the Encourager can cast a resurrection spell and bring it back
  5. The Hero of Time

    Level 1 - Kokiri Forest

    On the subject of formatting, I've just come across It seems to be the definitive guide to short-story formatting. If anyone reading this uses LaTeX, it looks to me that those guidelines can be applied by using the sffms document class. However, I haven't tested this yet.
  6. WhiteGhost

    The Doodlies are at it again!

    Oh hey, I was wondering where all of the Doolie PVPs had gone and was on the brink of coming up with one on my own. If this is going to continue being a thing, I would be happy to launch my idea for a future PVP. I am of course in for this, this one ties almost directly into my challenge (i.e. every single part of my challenge would count towards this. Mine would be even more egregious because I do about 2 hours of workouts most days.
  7. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    NGW Back to the Future (Weekly TV show) Held on Monday, Week 4 of August 2013 Venue: Assebroek Courts, Bruges, Belgium, Europe Attendance: 4.066, Ratings: 0.73 (553.820 viewers), Shown on Continental Sports X1 The show begins with some backstage footage of The League of Heroes talking among themselves when John Silver walks by. Silver: "Aww, aren't you all cute, being best friends back here... I wouldn't get too friendly if I were you though, because tonight you'll be on opposite sides in the ring. You better find yourself a Cruiserweight teammate, Lister, because your opponents for tonight are Adam Matravers over there... and Shiro Akuma!" Menace vs Kalvin Addams Essentially a squash match, Menace throws Kalvin around and slams him repeatedly to the mat for the bigger part of the bout. The best Kalvin can do is use his ring wits and speed to dodge his big, plodding opponent, but without his brother by his side, he can never really get any offense going and Menace gets the win after flattening him out with an Ultimate Rejection. Winner: Menace Backstage, Signe Lytjohan is with the Johansson brothers. Signe: "If you thought that was impressive, wait till you see my titans in action! Bam Bam and Hercules are the NGW Heavyweight Tag Team champions and they have these belts for a reason! What they don't have is a challenger, because no one dares face them in that ring!" Christopher Lister & Shiro Akuma vs Adam Matravers & Leon Harrison As announced during the episode's opening segment, Lister finds himself teaming with Shiro Akuma against Adam Matravers, who seems to have joined forces with Leon Harrison for this match. Though all four men are skilled and popular, neither seems to be really trusting of their teammate and that discord is what the match is built upon in order to tell a story. Akuma especially, not seen since he lost that singles title match against Lister at Starmageddon, is out for himself and his mysterious antics really seem to fire up fans. That's not to say he's being outright treasonous to Lister, just uncooperative and that goes all the way to the finish where Akuma rolls up Harrison for the pin, only to immediately walk away from the ring on his own, leaving Lister, Matravers, announcers and fans confused. Winners: Christopher Lister & Shiro Akuma If it has red velvet recliners, cheap potted plants and champagne cooling on ice, it must be Lover's Lounge! This week the guests are the NGW Heavyweight champion Edward Cornell and his challenger, Roy Edison. Lover: "So, Edward... How does it feel to have stolen that title belt from me, only to hand out a shot to one of your allies?" Cornell: "Oh I bet it must sting real bad to see me with the title, huh? Well get used to it, because I'm not letting go!" Lover: "Does that mean you're gonna just blow the match and lie down for the pin like some kind of lap dog, Roy?" Edison: "You shut your mouth, pretty boy! We're the Real Deal and we're all about real wrestling!" w The Czars vs The Outcasts (with Viper McKenna) Following last week's backstage attack, the Outcasts team up to face the Czars and the match itself is quite exciting, unlike what one might expect from such a crowded situation. Of course, that is largely thanks to Marat Khoklov, who clears the ring as he sends bodies flying out, meaning the two groups fight outside the ring just as much as they wrestle inside it. McKenna tips the odds in her team's favour when she steals Vidmar's vodka bottle to prevent him from smashing it onto someone's head and Orson completes the upset when he kips up to grab a confused Vidmar for his Bounce Back finisher. Winners: The Outcasts Geena the Warrior Princess vs Joanne "J-Ro" Rodriguez A match that could headline a pay per view is yet taking place on free TV and both women pull out all the stops to defeat each other. Geena's wild savage style is an interesting contrast to the graceful grappling and high flying of Rodriguez, yet they both maintain a fast pace to keep the flow of the match going and the excitement always above a certain level. The big finish comes after the fifteen minute mark of this epic clash, with Geena slingshotting herself into the ring for the Amazon Plunge, only for Rodriguez to catch her head mid-air and slam it down to the mat with a J-Rocker. Winner: Joanne Rodriguez Before Rodriguez can savour her win or recover from an exhausting clash against the hard hitting Warrior Princess, Fusae Etsuko runs down to the ring and hits her with a flurry of stiff kicks! The show goes off the air with Rodriguez caught in the Lullaby and announcers wondering if this is what we're up for this Friday at Hotter than Hell. Show Rating: Confirmed matches for Hotter than Hell NGW Heavyweight title match: "Alpha Male" Edward Cornell © vs Roy Edison NGW Women's title match: "The Gothic Grappler" Fusae Etsuko © vs Joanne "J-Ro" Rodriguez NGW Cruiserweight title match: Christopher Lister © vs John Silver
  8. The Hero of Time

    Level 1 - Kokiri Forest

    Week 5, day 1 summary - Oct 14th Target 1: prepare for a writing quest in the next challenge My original plan had me completing rewrites and submitting the story this week. However, I finished that a week early. Instead, I've decided to spend this week preparing to do a writing quest in the next cycle --- I want to keep the momentum going. I'm going to take Harriet's advice to treat this as a skill-building exercise and "write ten more". Except, I'm going to write five more... in the next challenge. This is going to mean writing one per week so I'm planning to do 500-word flash-fiction. This, in itself, is going to be a big challenge --- I like to mull things so writing that quickly is a big change in my approach. I'm going to come up with 10 story ideas this week and narrow them down to five in time for the next challenge. To that end, I completed a 3-day email crash-course in generating story ideas --- the first item on --- from Friday to Monday (okay, it took me four days but who's counting?). I now have 26 story ideas and a system to create more. I feel somewhat ambivalent about the ideas I've generated --- they're not what you would call original and they don't feel like 'inspiration'; they're also all based around the same three characters. However, the systematic approach suits me. I'm going to assume the best and treat this as a skill that will improve with practise. Over the next few days I plan to narrow those ideas down to ten and refine those further. I'm also going to make some notes from the WikiHow page on writing flash-fiction. Target 2: replace another of the Basic Runs in my interval training routine with the Island Circuit  It was strength training so I haven't done this yet. I bought the new dumbbells on the weekend so I've now jumped from 2.5kg to 3.9kg (8.5lb). I use the dumbbells during my "Free Step" warm-up --- swinging my arms while stepping on and off the Balance Board; this is about 1,000 steps but 500 swings of the arms --- I found this tough and struggled to lift my arms towards the end. I also use them during the Rowing Squat and the Jackknife --- these are both in the three circuits. The fact that my arms were so tired from the warm up made the press-ups more work. However, my form was no worse than last week... but no better. I had incremental improvement with the rest of the exercises but I did sweat a lot more than recently and was out of breath more. My arms are still tired today.  Target 3: start work on time four times  I had my mini-respawn after my poor performance last week and approached this with new determination. I started work on time. We tried Xena's breakfast with plain, full-fat, Greek yoghurt; fresh fruit (because we forgot to thaw the frozen stuff); and almonds. It tasted good, made a nice change from eggs and bacon, and was quick to prepare. We've remembered to take some fruit out of the freezer for Wednesday.
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  10. KB Girl

    Waanie is looking for a goal

    Sometimes you just gotta survive. To be honest it sounds like you're doing quite well on self care and being mild towards yourself. I hope you can figure out a list of last things to do before printing, just for your peace of mind.
  11. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Thank you man xx ____________________________________ Morning all - wow i slept so much last night. Had a nice hot bath before getting into bed, warm, cosy, clean.....slept till 10am usually im up by 5/6am so this was a surprise. Lay in bed for 30 mins cuddling Jackson and coming round. Lovely. Just had some cereal and my tea is cooling. Its cold out today, brrrrrrr still sort of trapped in as well (my car) by the roadworks. How annoying. So today.... - FINISH grant application and SEND it... - Keep on top of emails - Drink four glasses of water - Eat healthy - Sort out fridge - Clean kitchen - Pack for London - If i can get out of the drive, then go for a walk - Early night... I need to be up at 3AM tomorrow AGHHH ... drive to my friends, 30 mins away, and we are leaving at 4am to drive to London. Mainly to miss traffic. And we need to be at the gallery early too. NOT looking forward to waking so early Therefore, I need to go to bed early, maybe like 8pm or something if possible. Even if just to rest/nap... BUT i have to have the application sent before any resting can be done!!!! xx
  12. DarK_RaideR

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Monday, 13 October Week 5, Day 1 of Challenge Cog (Zone Eating) Ate healthy and little enough, which shows on the scale numbers the day after, but didn't stick to Zone Diet parameters and certainly didn't eat enough protein. Ark (NF Update) Posted my updates, as well as an unexpected NGW show. Penemue (Muay Thai) Think I've caught a cold, I keep sneezing and my nose is stuffy at times so I decided to play it safe and not push myself. I also stayed at work till late in order to finally get a hold of my dad on the phone, after almost a week of trying. It was far from spectacular... Jyotika (BuJo) Updated my journal
  13. Waanie

    Waanie is looking for a goal

    I know, it's still frustrating though . It doesn't help that I'm not sure what the best way to care for myself is. Last week, I decided to continue taking it slow during the weekend. I did go climbing on Saturday, but only climbed relatively easy routes. For this week, we decided to go for easier meals than last week, more towards 20 minutes of cooking than 30 minutes. Somehow we picked all vegetarian meals as well, which is good since we want to eat less meat anyway. Currently I'm coming down with a cold. Combined with the thesis-stress and irregular work hours this week, it will be a week for surviving instead of improving. Next week will be hectic as well, since that's (most likely) the deadline for my thesis to go to the printer. No idea what I still have to do until then, which is annoying. Week 4 report Yoga 2/4 Mobility 5/7 Cleaning 4/0
  14. Salinger

    Mr_Willes: Gets a bit scared

    yehhhhhh sleep and rest <3 xx
  15. KB Girl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Those videos are very inspiring Thank you for sharing even the stuff you think looks sucky, but I agree with MH
  16. The Hero of Time

    Level 1 - Kokiri Forest

    Thank you.
  17. zenLara

    The Doodlies are at it again!

    I'm not sure yet about joining, I'll think about it. It was really fun when I participated in that christmas challenge And it could certainly help me to get more accountable with my routines. But, given that we cook all of our meals at home and eating out or ordering food is quite rare for us, wouldn't that be unfair towards the other team? I mean, I would get a head-start with 3 automatic points every day. By the way, I think @WhiteGhost was a Doodlie?
  18. Quirky Quinn

    Found a perfect new hike

    I would be so tempted to head into that tunnel! Also, your dog seems like a great hiking companion!
  19. Quirky Quinn

    Hike Reviews

    That is cool! Everything in Australia is alive and most of it is trying to kill you!
  20. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    Monday HE PEED ON ME. That asshole dog lined his wang up with my belly (I was laying on my side), and he Peed. On. Me. Such an asshole and not the way I wanted to wake up. To be fair, there were 2 potty pads down, both had been pooped on, and Mr. Fussy hates a dirty pad, but that still doesn’t excuse that asshole. I was too horrified - and it was too early - to scream properly. Still made it to yoga - might as well, since I was up and showered early, with a stripped bed. Had to do something while my sheets were in the wash. Tried an iced lemonade coffee while out, and it was ... interesting. Not sure if I’d rush to order it again. Came home and had my favorite chili tuna with brown rice pasta for lunch after packing my case. Cleaned a bit, did even more laundry, and watched too much true crime content. Dinner was the second half of yesterday’s salad. Also started AHS Coven. Not my favorite season so far, but I do love me some blue haired Evan Peters.
  21. Quirky Quinn

    Hike Reviews

    There's no such thing as cold weather, only unsuitable clothing! This sucks, I think I've been quite lucky not to be affected by allergies. I hope that there's enough activity in here to slake your thirst for adventure!
  22. Quirky Quinn

    Finding the right path

    Recovery Yesterday was a recovery day, lots of rest and very little movement. After such a disruptive night and with a poorly little girl at home I focused on us all eating right whilst getting as much work done as possible. She's feeling much better today and is back at school which is good, I will try to get out for a run tonight although I'm feeling pretty stiff for some reason, maybe focusing on some mobility stuff would be better, I'll see how I feel after work.
  23. darkfoxx

    Miss Marissa doing fall things

    My DH does kind of accidental capsule wardrobing, since he doesn’t like to have a lot of clothes that aren’t t-shirts, and pretty much only likes black tees. His general (non-work) wardrobe consists of black or navy pants + plain black tees + Soflete tees, mostly in black. His going out wardrobe takes the same pants and adds a couple patterned button-ups with a navy base. Apparently we got the same black/navy memo, though I mix a bunch of grey in with mine since blue is my “fun” color.
  24. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Also jogged to the top of the hill near my office, did 30 burpees once on top of it then jogged down. Whole thing took about 36 min or so. Ate a few baked black bean snacks. One of the delightful effects of morning yoga was that my hanging leg raises became easier. Ho-hum, I didn't know that would happen ^^
  25. zenLara

    Mad Hatter retreats

    It's gone since yesterday afternoon! I don't know what happened. It's just not there anymore. I wrote a message to support but I haven't heard of them. Last time this happened a whole challenge had been erased, but this time it's only my thread, from what I see. I don't understand.
  26. Mr_Willes

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    It does make several valid points! Especially about knees!
  27. deftona

    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    Everyone likes it, even if to abide by the local decency conventions they choose to pretend they didn't.
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