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  2. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Swimming has been such a gift while I'm rehabbing my foot. I highly recommend it. Thanks, I'm really glad that the shopping went so well!
  3. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    Exciting news, fellow adventurers! Today, we officially figured out our vacation plans, and I’m out of my mind excited. We’re taking a leisurely road trip through the Southwest, stopping by the Grand Canyon, then staying a couple nights in Anaheim to go by the Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland (as well as probably meeting up with my sister-in-law’s family including my brand new niece), and driving back on a route further north. We’re going to stop and do 1-2 short, leisurely hikes a day. This is the style of adventure vacation I’ve been looking forward to, and our kids are old enough to start doing them. This is probably the best year for one of these for a while because if we have a new baby, we’ll be on the new baby schedule again for a while. In any case, this is the kind of thing I train for. This exact stuff. Up to and including carrying small, medium, and large children for distances lol. The best part is that Woody and Rex are already calling it our Adventure Vacation, and they’ve decided to train by loading their little travel backpacks up with bottles of water and spare change and playing follow the leader in our yard with the dogs. By my calculations, they can go about 0.4 miles without tiring. That’s good since we’re planning hikes of about a mile each and I’m currently at a 50-lb pack while carrying 25lbs in my arms for 3-5 miles at a time on a hard day. So I could actually carry all of our supplies. Woohoo!
  4. Jean

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Wall of text, sorry. I didn't realise I was piling that many quotes together when doing it. The short version is: Good diary writing and take care! That's the only way I know toward improvement: set your mind on something, do it, do it again. Your goals are oriented toward daily activities, things you have to do everyday like, you can eat one day but if you go toward it thinking "ok, I've eaten today, that's done, now toward another goal: tomorrow, I'll breath!", you'll be starving (and gasping for air before that). Your goals are great, keep at it! Losing may be what you are living, but it is not who you are. Even then, it's rather what you feel you are living more than an objective truth (depending on what we focus on, we can see a winning situation as a failure - I'm doing it all the time and have to take conscious care of looking at my situation from the outside, taking all the circumstances I can into acount as well as how people would be seing me rather than how I see myself to turn it upward. Every. Single. Time. -). From what I read, you've had a productive day. Not being perfect is okay, it happens to the best of us. Reading is on your to-do list, you were not only allowed to sit reading in the sun, you were furthering your goals doing so. You are your main tool toward your goals, taking care of yourself is as necessary as taking care of your car if you intend for it to keep rolling. It may not feel like it to you but, to me, it looks like you are doing good. I like your website, also, if I may be allowed to quote one Lizz Brady: This may very well apply to you. Having zero social life would put you very off balance, though, we need to meet others in order to feel whole and meaningful. As the son of a father who drinks, we shall say, a bit too much, there are two things that are very destructive in his situation: getting exposed to alcohol in social situations and staying all alone on his own. Balance is hard but for some part of it, it is the name of the game. You may, of course, choose your exposure to social events (though, in your situation - as an artist/someone planing exhibitions for artists -, that seems somewhat difficult) but keeping in touch with other people is surely a good thing. In a word, this: I'm adding my voice to the "it's not a 100% or 0% situation" choir: you can get 3% further on the way at it will still be progress. Rome was built one stone at a time, it didn't crumble into dust everyday a section of a wall was looking funkier than the rest. Emphasis mine, because I felt like it was worth it (and it's what progress looks like). Also, the breakthrough, for me, usually happens when I manage not to see things in terms of needs "this needs to work so I'll make it!" but in terms of realistic "how"s or "what"s. The trick is not to focus on what I want to get rid of, or what disaster is waiting to happen if this or that doesn't happen but to focus instead on how I intend to get at some stage in a realistic way, and what I intend to do to do it. "Need" usually doesn't care one bit about "sustainable" and "realistic". "Need" is a 100% or 0% switch. It asks that you give everything you have to fulfil it and doesn't care one bit if you had 0 chance to succeed in the first place. "How" allows you to accept that yes, you will take some beating on the way (because you won't reach 100% of what "needs" to be done) but you are getting there, and not reaching 100% doesn't matter because you know 100% was never on the table in the first place. What was on the table was that 3% that you can make compound into a better self if you reach for it. "How" allows you to aim for that "3%" without feeling overwhelmed by the way too big for you to handle "100%". As they say: there's no point in wasting time worrying on things that are out of our control, our time is best spent focusing on what IS in our control. "Need"s are often out of our control. "3% further"s often are. Good diary writing and take care!
  5. Elastigirl

    The two in which Fonzico does not crazy

    Woot! Great job of getting organized so that you are ready for the big project. And congrats on the big order
  6. Sloth the Enduring

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Yep, sixth grade physical science. We spend three weeks just on batteries. It’s a topic I know more than I ever wanted to about. Here’s a pic of a battery being delivered for a new construction.
  7. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Aww. Thank you. It's kinda messy. But that mostly works for me. (And not yet entirely practical, since it's mostly producing thyme and chervil. But it's getting there.)
  8. Elastigirl

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    I love Yogi bear!
  9. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Excellent. You will be pleased with yourself.
  10. Snarkyfishguts

    Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

    Last night, I did some Sudoku before bed, and it was a lot of fun! I dreamed of Sudoku Puzzles over my actual dreams, so it really helped prevent nightmares because when you're figuring out where to put your 4's, zombies just don't really have a place in the brain. Thank you Sylvaa! I did eat after dinner last night. This was a planned cheat. Friday night is usually a snack night. We eat a lighter dinner and eat chips afterwards while we watch Project Runway. But yesterday I got my hour of time alone, and I also got my exercise in. My folks are wonderful amazing people, and it's time for me to move out. But I need to be able to move forward and make an income so I can afford to move out. Which is difficult living with a blind man and his overwhelmed wife. They take a LOT of my time and energy, even though they feel guilty about it, which doesn't help. sigh. Anyone live at home? How do you manage this? Any suggestions?
  11. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    I believe the only references to the fifth elephant are the Fifth Elephant itself. The start of the book contains something about a myth that the fifth giant elephant holding up the world got swept off the turtle and crashed into the disk, and that became the source of the rich fat and mineral deposits in Uberwald. Like prehistoric dinosaurs becoming oil. So it's "the land shaped by the fifth elephant", in which the fat and silver deposits (and miners) play a plot role. It's like calling the book "Black Gold Country" or "Trying Not to Have a War for Oil in an Unstable Region Where People Are Oppressed By the Undead Elite". It's defining the place and the need to intervene there around the implications of its material wealth.
  12. CombustibleLemon

    When life gives you CombustibleLemons...

    Wrap-up of challenge 1: drink at least 1.5 L of water a day (97 %) take at least 8000 steps a day (76 %) intermittent fasting: follow the 16/8 protocol for 28 days (79 %) learned: paying attention to my drinking habits "hunger" for activity is coming back IF is a nice addition, but not for every single day better mood and eating control Next challenge: get up at 9 am and to sleep at 12 am at the latest during weekends & immediately get dressed to not feel sluggish the whole day to do lists with 5 items for every day (and get that stuff done) first thing at computer must always be work-related at least 3x/week meditation/exercise
  13. Today
  14. Diadhuit

    A (hopefully triumphant) Return

    That's amazing! Having your space whenever you want! Do you have videos you reccommend? I did middle-eastern bellydance, but now at a flashmob of thaitian dance, that has similar hip movements than bellydance. Might take these classes too! I heard that ballet aids bellydance to have cleaner movements. For now I know nothing more [emoji28]
  15. Sloth the Enduring

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Trust me, I’m a science teacher.
  16. Gibsorz

    Hi everyone!

    Rock on, pretty intense day! Good job for taking a look at the rack, if you start using it regularly and get to weights that are approaching failure, make sure to walk back into your squat after picking up the weight. It feels like you are using it backwards, but then when you are gassed at the end of the set, it is a lot easier to go forward to put the weight back. 26 minutes is a good time! you smoked your PB even with all that activity throughout the day. Most people would save themselves for the run and even rest a couple days before the run. I would think Fitbit was off. Ive had Fitbit be off before without GPS because it is trying to make a distance calculation based on stride length for your height, and unless you personalized it, it isn't set to you. I don't know if all fitbits do it, but the Charge does. My legs are pretty stubby for 5'9 so it would always tell me I've gone farther than I did until I set my personal stride.
  17. NeverThatBored

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Lol, I wanna know about this too! I've been experimenting with moisturizer but I feel like my face is always lotiony when I use it?? And people do this....every day??
  18. chemgeek

    Chemgeek respawns

    To be fair to last week me, I really was too sick to work out. Life happens sometimes. But I need a respawn to get back into my good habits.
  19. chemgeek

    Chemgeek respawns

    So... goal is to tighten up my nutrition again and also hold myself more accountable on fitness. Between Romania trip and my nasty cold this week I was slacking on exercise and nutrition the past two weeks. Challenge: 1/2 hour of running W/F Distance run on Sunday Martial Arts T/Th/Sat Monday rest day Eat out or order in no more than 1/wk unless work trip Junk food only allowed on Saturdays. Help with first (6:30PM) class at least once a week as I have been slacking for a few months on that front. Get to work by 9 those days to leave by 5:30 so there is time to go.
  20. zenLara

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

  21. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    Your garden is amazing and let nobody tell you anything else.
  22. Leimanu


    Here's what I'm listening to while I sink into Day 1 of marathon homeworking
  23. Sylvaa

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Okay, so I need to get in on this too. Like, I bought a moisturizer like two challenges ago and have used it like 4 times since then. If you want, I can speak to the girls who live in my house who apparently know how to do this better than I do (not sure how, as it wasn't from me) and we can text about this!
  24. Curl Brogo

    Brogo Becomes a Snake Handler

    I spent yesterday evening and this morning attempting to start fiddling with python 3 and anaconda 3 as a sidequest from my coursera cert. Ubuntu 18.04 comes with python 3.6.7 installed. Anaconda 3 uses 3.7. It turns out that when you install py3.7, the damn gnome terminal (command line interface) stops working. If you're a linux guy/gal, and you want to do programming or any real computational work, you need the damn terminal. There are some less sexy alternatives, but I'm acquainted with and prefer gnome terminal. After trying a few options that go nowhere, I read that this happens when you update to py3.7. I uninstall py3 (because I'm thinking python2.6 was the default) then the whole gnome desktop environment goes down. So now my only option is to work from the old command line in tty (teletype, the old school command line). You can run basic web browsers in it, but here's what that looks like (if you're curious): ... minus the sidebar. It's like going back in time. Anywho, I reinstalled python 3 and everything returned to normal. But then I needed to reinstall anaconda. And then I couldn't run the software features in that package. So I had to fuck around finding the right file path for that. The instructions from the book I'm studying from, and their website, and all other websites say you just type in jupyter notebook and it should come right up. Nope. I had to navigate to a location where no one said it would be and run it there. Fuckin' 'ey. It's all working now. Except gnome terminal. If I'm using py3.7 I'm stuck until they create an update that fixes that. Or maybe I ought to try to roll back to py3.6.7, but until I know that all of anaconda works with it, I'm stuck if I want to learn this shit. So for now I can just use Xterm... another less 'sexy' terminal. Hence, the new challenge title. I'm going to be spending a lot of time with python and anaconda this challenge.
  25. deftona

    New Rules - Deffy #51

    A lot of days are bad boob days but no, I have a chest infection I think. And by that I mean bronchial, not mammarial (if that's even a word)
  26. NightWatcher13

    The Long Night I'm in! Or as Pippin so eloquently put it, "Right! ...where are we going?" Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
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