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  2. Elastigirl

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Awesome job. Thanks for writing your thoughts and what you gained from this. The screen allure is something most of us struggle with, so it is super encouraging and inspiring to hear your journey
  3. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    in fact I wish we could chat. this is a moment I think where we need to talk I don't know if I can help, but I sure want to try
  4. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    ha! don't be worrying about me I am fine. I want you to keep talking to me and keeping your head above water. eating is good, but the lack of answers will fester if we can't work it out.
  5. Elastigirl

    [Wolfpool] Steps, Reps and a Sprinkle of Bardic Inspiration

    Awesome job on the challenge! Of course, we love to hear from you, but the important thing is you smashed your goals! I posted on my thread, but I think you missed it. There's a good chance I'm going to be in your section of Texas in January or February, so I hope I can get to see you and the wolf pack!
  6. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    yeah this is a real low blow. back to your dad. tell me about him. could you crash there for a while?
  7. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Please dont worry Jason, im sure it will be ok. Just right now its very very bad, mentally. I should eat something maybe? x
  8. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Friends dont have spare rooms. And my mental health is too awful to sofa surf.... im trying not to be in this pit of despair. Everything feels pointless. Yeah he is the landlord. He owns the house xx
  9. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    and as a follow up question what about your dad? can he help? I'm really worried about you. I guess this stu guy is kind of a landlord too? ( I thought he WAS a room-mate) missed that. you said earlier he wanted to talk and that he was all putting it off I guess the hints that this was coming was there. I know you know now; but you really cannot use payday loans. they will ruin you whole life. even now; you need to make sure you don't fall into desperation that might make things worse. the hard thing is that when you are SO stressed you really do need to make good decisions at this point. if there is ANYWAY to describe things well enough; we'll do everything we can to help. PS.... please PLEASE quite worrying about your dad IF YOU CAN. I know your very worried of him- but your going through so much right now. you need to handle things One Thing at a time when things are hard. Only the Next 5 feet! (if you see my analogy)... not being too heavy (you can't fix that in this moment) or his health. Don't heap the badnews on top of each other.
  10. Mistr

    Mistr works on foresight

    Yep, I don't think they got the memo on bulking up. There was a lot of moving big rocks during the work periods though... That first night when I bit into a brownie at tea time - it made my day. I felt like they cared about me and wanted to support me through doing something really difficult. I was prepared to survive a week without chocolate, but was glad I didn't have to. Zen seems to be more about expanding your limits rather than depriving yourself, like the religion I grew up with.
  11. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's All's Fallow Eve Challenge

    "Er, you're sure it was me you wanted to see?" said Dr Hix. He was not generally called before the Patrician. Necrom-- post-mortem communicators were not the most popular of wizards, despite being a perfectly respectable magical field. Well, perhaps 'respectable' was a bit strong, but someone had to be the evil wizard, and it was only sensible to make sure it was someone you could trust. "Yes, indeed," said Vetinari. He stared at Dr Hix a little too long for comfort. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you not star in a production of 'Tis Pity She's an Instructor in Unarmed Combat' at the Dolly Sisters Playhouse?" "Oh, yes, that was me," said Hix with enthusiasm. "Did you see it?" Vetinari paused. "No." "Oh." Hix deflated. "No," said Vetinari, "I have temporary need it an evil--" "By university statute," interjected Hix quickly. "As I was saying," said Vetinari, "of an evil-by-university-statute wizard. I thought I would come to you directly to give you the opportunity to fail to disclose this fact to the archchancellor." "That's very thoughtful of you, my lord," said Dr Hix. "I like to think of myself as a team player, which of course means, by university statute, sometimes I must not be." "Quite," said Vetinari. "What I need you to do, Dr Hix, is have nothing to do with one of my clerks, and certainly under no circumstances attempt to teach her any... oh, that won't be a problem, will it? I know how the university feels about female students." "Not in the slightest," said Dr Hix. "We're very modern in the department of post-mortem communications. Er, just to be clear, you'd like me to have nothing to do with her and not attempt to teach her anything, and you've asked me here in my role of evil wi--" "By university statute," said Vetinari. "Right, in my role of evil-by-university-statute wizard," said Hix, "to make that clear to me?" "Precisely," said Vetinari. "I'll certainly do my best, my lord," said Dr Hix, "by which I sometimes mean my worst. Well, it's required, isn't it." "Your professionalism is an example to us all," said Vetinari.
  12. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    but MOSTLY please be Well this is hard thing and your feelings were already frazzled no Self-harm! got it? it will be OKK
  13. Mistr

    RES: RE-Commit

    I like your continuing goals and your bucket list. I completely agree that 50 is not old. I'm in better shape now than I was seven years ago when I turned 50. My life and relationships are in a better place as well. The one big change was that I decided that "later" had arrived. Anything I was saving to use "later" was up for re-evaluation. If I don't want to wear that or work on that project NOW, out it goes. I still don't have enough time, so wanting to use stuff counts for me. I have a stash and am having fun spinning fiber I bought years ago. My loom is still in the garage, but I want to weave. I hope I'm getting better about how I choose to use my time.
  14. Mistr

    Xena enjoys 'Hero Season'

    I'm not so sure about that. I spilled something in the kitchen last night and had to get up close with the floor to clean it up. My kitchen floor is appalling. This is one of the things I'm good at ignoring. I'll sweep, but I don't like mopping. Elf notices and takes care of it before I do most of the time. I'm going to make a point of cleaning the floor tonight.
  15. TGP

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    aww that's sad. I'm sorry. you need to preserve your mental health. collect up a little and work it out. can friends help?
  16. annyshay

    Annyshay Writes Like the Wind

    *flexes her brain muscles* Thanks!!!
  17. TGP

    TGP voyages to the Edge of the Map!

    the line in yellow is (hopefully) the right route. its a Little vague on the satellite view... but hopefully I have a good dependable dirt road up into the woods near my house/town.
  18. Cheetah

    Cheetah tries to take it slowly.

    That's a great article, thanks! I'll give it a try. DEATH OR GLORY!! Yesterday I was sucessful with mindful eating. I also did one set of 10 burpees. My shoulder was not really happy about the pushups, but it's a little better today. Tonight when I get home I'll try the circuit from the article that Sloth posted; it sounds about my speed. I'll probably start with a pretty light weight, maybe 10 lbs. In other news, I feel like I might be getting sick. I'm taking fire cider and elderberry syrup to try to stave it off, but it might be too late. Here's hoping for the best.
  19. TGP

    TGP voyages to the Edge of the Map!

    yeah, don't worry about that when you as OLD as am I... ha anyways. you never get over the fun of getting something. ... anyways, right now it seems like a neat toy - and I'm trying to understand differences with my old watch Tomarrow morning should be really its first real use. I want to go out tomarrow; run and run to a lowish heart rate. ... thats if I can, however. I have eyes on a new dirt road to try and not sure how steep and rugged it will be
  20. Today
  21. scalyfreak

    Harriet Presses the Advantage

    Points for honesty. That's a win in itself.
  22. SheriffWolfpool

    [Wolfpool] Steps, Reps and a Sprinkle of Bardic Inspiration

    You know it!! Alright, so I fell off the map for a bit but still managed to boss my goals. Last update was 10/10 accounting for miles walked up to 10/09. Here's a quick rundown on the miles I covered over the last 10 days of the challenge: 10/10= 17,080 steps or 8.5 miles 10/11= 18,432 steps or 9.2 miles 10/12= 8,987 steps or 4.45 miles 10/13= 17,506 steps or 8.75 miles 10/14= 3,896 steps or 1.9 miles 10/15= 17,594 steps or 8.75 miles 10/16= 9,783 steps or 4.85 miles 10/17= 8,253 steps 4.1 miles 10/18= 15,479 steps or 7.7 miles 10/19= 17,810 steps or 8.9 miles 10/20= 15,730 steps or 7.85 miles For a grand total of: 74.95 miles walked!! Add that to the 158.9 I had, the grand GRAND total for the whole challenge equaled out to.. *drum roll* 233.85 miles walked!! One word in my books: Impressive. I'm not gonna add up my total weight moved because I don't feel like mathing right now, but that was high too. Also, D&D with Jarric, D_R, Raxie and Puck is still going strong. Puck was gone for a couple days so we are getting back into the swing of things as we speak . All in all, I was absent for a couple days here and there but it was a successful challenge nonetheless!! Thank you all for the support! I'm gonna try and do better the next go round Wolf
  23. Salinger

    TGP voyages to the Edge of the Map!

    Oh, happy birthday!? SOrry so wrapped up in my own shit.... xx
  24. QuietRiotGrrrl

    QuietRiotGrrrl: Hunter In Training

    Still working on it. It's a process. I was busy and then just plain tired, so I didn't do much more than walk last week and do some yoga. Not a yoga event, but I stretched whenever I noticed I was standing still. This morning I got up at 515AM and went to the gym with my mom. She has started going early and wanted some company. Which works for me. So, I will be going with her twice a week. And we will either hike or just take a long puppy walk on Sundays when we are both in town. It's not a lot but it's something. I'm also going to try to lift still. I enjoy it and I like feeling strong. So I'm going to get up at the same time every morning during the week. M/F will be lifting. Tu/Th will be treadmill at the gym with mom. Wed will be yoga. That should be good. And the only way I can wake up early is if I do it consistently. Otherwise it just never gets any easier. Should also be easier without feeling frustrated waiting for someone who doesn't show up.
  25. foxinthenorth

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Thank you! <3
  26. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Ste text me, wants me to move out. Awesome. My dads needing chemo cos the cancer is around worse, and now this.
  27. Hazard

    Juice Bar - Rebel Hang Out

    This link leads to the May/June challenge.
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