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    Atrytone Tackles the Life Wheel

    Wow, this is great! You improved in so many areas. That’s terrific.
  3. Norgaard

    Asuka respawns, slowly

    This picture might come out giant :i
  4. Ann of Vries

    squeakyvalkyrie levels up!

    I should look into Scott Pilgrim, apparently. Following!
  5. Curl Brogo

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    Down with pumpkinhead! Good luck!
  6. Ann of Vries

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    I love your narrative challenges. Following!
  7. Waanie

    Tateman: One challenge left before Vegas!

    Nice end of the challenge . Looking forward to your next one!
  8. porkkchop

    Not giving up

    Hey Jean, that’s definitely a good point on the point about being in comfort zone when I’m binge eating. I’d always thought about it in a self destructive light, but in retrospect there’s something very comforting in the familiarity of old habits, even if the habits themselves don’t feel too good. And it’s a whole lot easier than putting myself out there, wanting something like weight loss, wanting to work to try to feel good. The prospect of failing at that is pretty scary. I actually haven’t really stopped to think about the reasons why I haven’t liked myself, where that’s come from. If I had to think on it now: 1. I had a lot of perceived expectations placed on myself throughout schooling, a lot of which I probably invented. So what I was doing never felt quite good enough. 2. Self deprivation was a way for me to seek approval growing up 3. I was brought up in a reasonably high performance and result focused environment so I had a fairly skewed perception of what was average. I guess now I’m starting to learn that I can work towards success while being nice to myself, still achieve things and enjoy the process rather than engaging in the self flaggelation and hating every second of the journey. Self love is definitely a priority for me right now. Really appreciate the perspective, it’s given me a bit to think about.
  9. Stribs

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    Hate to disappoint, but the actual road trip will be next challenge. This is still the planning phase So, with new challenge comes scale time. Needless to say, I'm a bit heartbroken this morning because I threw away a lot of hard work on snacks and take out, but I think it was the wake up call I needed to move forward because food has been a real struggle lately. Back up to 167, trying, once again, to get down to 145. My workouts aren't as intense this time around since I stopped going to the gym classes when the gym moved and they got shitty, so my food choices are going to have to work harder this time, but I know I CAN do it, I just need to not be lazy about it. I have already taken a few steps this morning to help the shift. Step 1: Measure the creamer in my coffee so I'm only getting 1 serving, even if it means the coffee taste (35 calories) Step 2: Cut each enchilada portion in half so it's 250 calories instead of 500 (plus this means I have lunch AND dinner for tonight) Step 3: Dip protein waffle in coffee instead of using butter (makes up for the dryness created by a lack of syrup, winning) Step 4. Strategically offer to buy the snack for the English teachers at speeches tonight (Fruits, veggies, and nuts, here we come!!) Anyhoo, so that's that. I did my workout this morning. Day 1 of Ironborn. It only took 15 minutes though, so I think I am going to supplement it with this 10,000 jumping jacks challenge just to get some easy cardio in and give the workout a bit of length. I prefer 30-45 minutes. In terms of self care, I did take my meds, but I didn't read or meditate because I had friends over for dinner, which I'm counting because it was very relaxing. It also means I didn't work on my passion projects goal yesterday either, but again...I wasn't on my ass watching netflix, so I'll make an exception if I'm spending time with friends. Anyhoo, I gotta get rolling!!
  10. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Annyshay approached the bridge with some trepidation. There was a large hole in the middle. Annyshay wondered how the bridge was still standing, but she didn't stay to wonder long. She backed up and ran with all her might, launching into the air. Her fingers scrabbled at the rock on the far side of the bridge, vying desperately for purchase on the slippery face. Her fingers eventually caught, and she was able to climb to safety on the far side of the bridge. She looked around. With no monsters in site, she jogged toward the ancient ruined temple.
  11. Curl Brogo

    Teros 54: Phoenix Begins

    Following. I can definitely sympathize with how school/work can eat your life and make you lose progress and forget about really taking care of yourself. But throw a few other tragedies on that fire and... damn. Congrats to you for getting through it. And replacing screen time for creative activities did me a lot of good in the past couple years. Good luck.
  12. annyshay

    Annyshay Leaves the Great Plateau

    Monday - w0d2 Mindful Eats - breakfast - sat and focused on just eating - dinner - sat, gratitude, no screens Careful Moves - walked a bunch at O'Hare - did not walk to the hotel Grateful Wins - stayed engaged at the conference despite LONG hours - stay late to chat and network with some friends from another institution
  13. Danyelle Talaro

    Details on the Full Body Spray Tanning

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  14. Forgive my ignorance but are these special shorts or just like, tight shorts or something? They are tight shorts specifically designed for riding. They have a big pad in the crotch area called a chamois. Makes a pretty significant difference in riding comfort. You can get them pretty cheap too. Here's a link to a cheap pair by a brand I've used in the past. They display them inside out so you can see the pad BTW...
  15. Ann of Vries

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    As a frequent carrier of a 24lbs toddler (and I am a petite woman), it's definitely a workout! I love the family mythology. It's something I want to do, too, although I haven't quite been able to explain the concept to the Mr as well as you have to us. I always aspire to more creative updates on my challenges, but in the end I just manage the plain ones XD
  16. Endor

    [DarK_RaideR #36] Balance is rarely a static case

    Got my tickets to see Iggy Pop and James on Saturday, June 8th. Also seeing Alice in Chains, Fu Manchu and 1.000Mods on Monday, June 24th. Take that,@Endor! (kidding, love ya mate) Decent line up! Saw Iggy at Sydney Opera House, get ready to rock! I've got front standing section to Chemical Brothers in Nov. Av' it!! All the love coming ur way my little Greek pocket rocket [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  17. Ann of Vries

    Snarky Tests her “If I could”s

    Love the brilliant simplicity of this challenge. Following!
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  19. DarK_RaideR

    Ranger Tavern, Inn and de facto Guild Hall [General Chat]

    I'm back at it again this time, doing a challenge but spending some time with the Druids for some balancing.
  20. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Morning all, its almost 11am, been up since 9am just hanging about, listening to music and drinking tea. Im feeling pretty anxious - im driving to Sheffield in about an hour, for therapy. If you have been following me, you know i have therapy every two weeks, over the phone with a man called Milan (he is Croatian originally) he helps so much, is very calming and interesting, we have really good discussions as well as 'therapy'. Anyway, today i meet him face to face for a session. EEEK. Then afterwards, ill drive to my parents (20 mins from Sheffield) for tea and biscuits in the garden in the sun! Then i will drive home... So a long day really! But ill put some music on in the car and try to relax...!!! x
  21. Case in point: If you know me, I'm kind of a pro wrestling fan. I sincerely believe there are many life lessons to be taught there and pretty much everything can be explained through wrestling terms or a wrestling analogy. So what does that crazy .gif above have to do with the challenge, you might ask. Well, look at the challenge title again. I mean, it's like riding a bicycle: you gotta keep moving to stay upright. Likewise, life is a dynamic, ongoing thing and I can't expect to freeze-frame everything to sort it out. Even if I did, everything would collapse as soon as I unpaused things again. Gotta roll with the punches and that's what this challenge is all about. My challenge consistency hasn’t exactly been ideal as of late and I can attribute that to a mix of a heavy workload and lack of a certain drive or direction. While I do not have any spectacular goals to pursue, I also need to stay active on these boards and make sure I don’t slide down the hill. This is what I’m looking at for the duration of this challenge round: I’ve taken up the bulk of a project at work that’s about turning an EU directive into national law, with a 3 month deadline for the first phase (roughly end of summer) and an 8 month total for the entire project. The subject at hand is pretty technical (regulating telecommunications) and the directive itself is not that easy to work with, as it is mostly an abstract regulatory framework with a lot of wishful thinking in, essentially letting each member state to hammer out the specifics and sort out how exactly it will achieve the directive’s goals. Plus, as it's replacing an existing law, I gotta make sure there's no regulatory gap as well as that anything transplanted here from older legislature makes sense and doesn't conflict everything else. I’ve also had my hands full for the last 1,5-2 years working on a revision of my professor’s textbook, updated with all the legislation, court rulings and scientific articles. With various other cases coming up, all this time it has of course fallen a bit behind. Also, the original 'division of labour' has been de facto cancelled, as my fellow worker has had her hands busy with keeping the entire office together and running on a day to day basis. On top of that, my professor recently scored some funding for the entire thing (meaning at least I’m getting paid specifically to do this thing) but the deadline is end of June. So bottom line is, on top of the EU directive thing, I gotta wrap up the book plus pick up the extra slack my colleague was supposed to work on. Fun times! Challenge kicks off right after a Sunday of EU, prefectural and mayoral elections (May 26th). I am one of the many legal professionals appointed by the judicial authorities to oversee the procedure in one of the election centers, a school located some 20km from my hometown, which means I’m taking the ferry south on the 23rd of May. This is the first time I’m doing this whole thing, but fortunately I’m getting compensated and the voyage is free for me and my car. The top 2 candidates for mayor and prefectural overlord move on to round two the following Sunday (June 2nd) so I booked my return on the afternoon of the 3rd. However, since my election center is split in two, with me running the EU and prefectural polls while someone else will run the other half that is the mayor and city council election polls, there’s a good chance if the prefectural overlord gets over 50% of the votes like he did in 2015 and gets elected from the first Sunday, I’ll be able to swap my tickets to return earlier than originally planned, hopefully sometime in the middle of the first challenge week. While around my hometown, I got some people to see and some contracts to look up at a nearby land registry for a pending case. I also had an appeal trial scheduled for the 5th, but courts will be closed due to the election so that’s gonna be moved to whenever. Got my tickets to see Iggy Pop and James on Saturday, June 8th. Also seeing Alice in Chains, Fu Manchu and 1.000Mods on Monday, June 24th. Take that, @Endor! (kidding, love ya mate) Monday the 17th of June is a holiday (50 days since Easter, Pentecost, whatever, I don’t religion) and I was hoping I’d manage to plan something good for that long weekend, but the SRLF’s cruel taskmasters have everyone working that day because if you don’t treat all your employees like slaves do you even run a call center company, bruh? Like I said, I don’t have a main quest or any lofty goals to pursue. I’m fine with my weight. I eat more or less healthy. I am as active as I can be, trying to keep up the Muay Thai training sessions. I’m still seeing a therapist on a weekly basis and it helps. I’m not trying to get somewhere, I’m trying to maintain what I’ve got in the face of adversity. And this is how I plan to do it. Work hard: Spend a minimum of 8 hours on working days advancing the directive/legislation project and book revision, distraction free. Anything beyond that or on weekends is a welcome bonus, but not a challenge goal minimum prerequisite. Play hard: Make time for entertainment and relaxation every day so I don’t burn out. Sleep, time with friends, videogames, a movie or wrestling show, a live gig, a motorbike ride, a swim in the sea, whatever it takes to recharge my batteries. Maintenance: Don’t eat or drink like an idiot. Don’t give up on workouts and exercise, Muay Thai or otherwise. I expect this to be extra challenging during my elections trip to my hometown. Progress to be tracked on this here spreadsheet. Haven't done one in a while, but they help me with tracking and give me a nice overview at the end of the challenge to evaluate my performance. Also, this should prevent me from logging on to just make a boring post with just vague generic info about a day's results. Posts will likely be sporadic and inconsistent, but hopefully a tad more meaningful. Equally sporadic but still around will be my NGW pro wrestling narrative. Frequently Asked Questions The company NextGen Wrestling began in early 1997 when John Silver and Leon Harrison saw an opportunity in the market for professional wrestling in Europe. With Harrison moving away from his hometown of Brighton, England and chipping in half of the starting $1.000, he was made owner of the promotion with Silver as head of creative. NGW prided itself on promoting athletic, modern wrestling by young upstart workers like its founders and to this day it does just that, although understandably enough its growth and history means some older veterans are also around. NGW is one of the few companies around the world to have promoted intergender matches, before a restructuring led to the creation of a split division for female athletes, as well as the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight weight classes for male competitors. In October of 2011, NGW set up its very own pro wrestling school or dojo and exactly a year after, invested in creating European Wrestling Alliance (EWA) as its child promotion. NGW also has been cooperating with Ring of Fire in Birmingham, UK to trade young talent and even hosts an annual cross-promotion show every March named “Ultimate Challenge”. The stars Marat Khoklov Age: 37 (9 years pro), Nationality: Russian, Style: Brawler, Size: Ripped Giant, Affiliation: Czars The giant Russian Marat Khoklov is a menacing former body builder, whose freakish strength and great look make him an awesome competitor to behold. Before he had even wrestled a match people were hailing him as a future star and his tenure with NGW made him just that. As menacing as they come and possessing some considerable skill, including his vicious Moscow Lariat and Russian Legend Powerbomb, Khoklov has been a dominant force in the company and three time holder of its top title. He is also the founder and leader of the Czars, a group of Eastern European wrestlers. During the company's latest show, "Starmageddon", Marat defeated 19 other men to win the King of the Ring tournament, which guarantees him a title match in the main event of NGW's biggest show of the year, "End of the World" in December.   “The Gothic Grappler” Fusae Etsuko Age: 35 (14 years pro), Nationality: Japanese, Style: All-rounder, Size: Toned Small, Affiliation: None 5'6, 149lbs Fusae Etsuko rose to fame as part of the all-female BHOTWG:W roster in Japan before the promotion was bought out by the original Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods. Out of employment opportunities as women’s promotions went out of business in Japan one after another, Etsuko looked abroad and NGW capitalized on her popularity by signing her up to be "The Gothic Grappler", a character who enjoys using her submission skills to spread misery and pain although she has admittedly rounded up her skillset ever since. Etsuko has been undefeated since her debut in March 2011, capturing NGW's big title and then vacating it after intergender matches were stopped, only to immediately regain gold in the form of the brand new NGW Women’s title until an injury in early 2013 forced her to vacate the title. Ever since her return, she has been looking to reclaim gold and defend her streak against current champion, Geena the Warrior Princess. She finally managed to do so in the main event of NGW's "Hard Times" show in May but following Starmageddon's results, she and Geena are set to clash one more time for the title. Geena the Warrior Princess Age: 35 (14 years pro), Nationality: American, Style: Entertainer, Size: Muscular Lightweight, Affiliation: None Geena The Warrior Princess is American by birth, but has spent the early part of her career in Europe with NGW. A powerful brawler, her intense “angry” interviews are also pretty impressive. Her hard hitting style would be perfect in Japan and indeed led to her being regularly called in for tours, before she left for a brief stint in Canada before returning to NGW in early 2013 just in time to claim the vacated Women’s title. She has been feuding with previous title holder Fusae Etsuko since her return from injury and finally lost the title to her in the main event of NGW's May show "Hard Times" but won a 10 Woman Battle Royal for a rematch at the upcoming "Terror Rising" show.  Champagne Lover Age: 31 (10 years pro), Nationality: Mexican, Style: Entertainer, Size: Middleweight, Affiliation: None Champagne Lover is unique Mexican talent who blends traditional lucha libre with Eastern influences, resulting in an exciting hybrid high flying style. Combined with a fantastic look and some outstanding promo skills it seems that there is nothing to stop Champagne Lover from becoming a huge star and after slowly climbing up the ranks, he won the promotion’s top title and is already being positioned as the new face of NGW. Shiro Akuma Age: 31 (12 years pro), Nationality: Japanese, Style: Super Junior, Size: Toned Small, Affiliation: None Shiro Akuma (White Devil) is an alter ego of high flyer Marihito Masuko. After losing the Young Lion title to Champagne Lover at End of the World 2010 and at the same night seeing his friend Captain Hero get unmasked, Masuko tapped into some dark power from the great beyond to fuel his revenge. This saw him get more aggressive in the ring and brought him several victories until he finally snapped, betraying his League of Heroes allies to go on his own as the NGW Cruiserweight champion. He has not been seen since losing that title to Christopher Lister in the main event of June's "Starmageddon" show. Edward Cornell Age: 29 (6 years pro), Nationality: English, Style: Brawler, Size: Muscular Light Heavyweight, Affiliation: The Real Deal Edward "Eddie" Cornell is the younger cousin of the legendary Tommy Cornell. Unfortunately for Eddie, that means that he is constantly compared to "Rough Justice", a comparison that would sink 99% of wrestlers. This has resulted in people overlooking the fact that he is actually a pretty good wrestler in his own right, just not to the point of being as good as his cousin. NGW took a chance with Cornell and so far it's worked out fine for both sides, even if Cornell seems to be plagued with the bad luck of winning singles titles just before they're retired or replaced. As the leader of the Real Deal, Cornell is out to eliminate all the gimmickry in NGW but as an individual wrestler, he is about to headline Terror Rising in a big match against Champagne Lover for the NGW Heavyweight title. Joanne Rodriguez Age: 34 (14 years pro), Nationality: American, Style: All-Rounder, Size: Toned Small, Affiliation: None Joanne "J-Ro" Rodriguez is a versatile worker who has all the tools and potential to become a big name in women's wrestling. Her stunning looks certainly help her stand out from the pack but she's also proven herself as Burning Women's World champion from November of 2004 to July of 2006, managing 16 successful defenses against some of the top female talent in the world and earning her three back to back "Female Wrestler of the Year" awards in 2006, 2007 and 2007. Unfortunately, her momentum was brought to a screeching halt when Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Godesses was shut down in 2008 by its parent all-male wrestling company, Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods, Japan's leading promotion and one of the world's top 3 biggest companies. This kept "J-Ro" on the sidelines for over a decade before NGW offered her a contract in 2013, though the experience seems to have had a much more lasting effect as she has become one of the most vocal feminists and equality fighters in the pro wrestling world, both on and off camera. Factions The League of Heroes  Members: Nelson Frye, Christopher Lister, Robert Howard, Adam Matravers, Stig Svensson, Emerald Angel, Jeri Behr, Megumi Nakajima Originally put together to fight back against the villainous Hellfire Club, the League of Heroes was established by Stig Svensson who also put on the mask of Captain Hero around the same time. The group’s first members were Svensson, Frye, Lister, Howard, Matravers and Akuma. Many of them held various titles while affiliated with the group, with Frye being singles champion before teaming with Lister as Cream of the Crop to dominate the tag team division while Captain Hero held onto singles gold. Matravers and Howard also joined forces to much success in the tag team division, before the weight split caused a reshuffle: Frye and Howard became ‘The Gentleman and the Pitbull’ while Lister and Matravers captured the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles as ‘Team Fly’. Behr and Nakajima have been representing the group in the Women’s division while Emerald Angel is the latest addition to the group after the traitorous departure of Shiro Akuma. Following the dismantling of the Hellfire Club, Stig Svensson losing his Captain Hero mask in late 2010 and a series of injuries that have kept Svensson on the sidelines, Nelson Frye has stepped up as leader of the group. The Czars Members: Marat Khoklov, Dovydas Vidmar, The Ivanoff brothers, Zofia Jankovic Originally a troika of Russians that comprised of Khoklov and the Ivanoffs, the group has since expanded to include “The Bratva Bruiser” Dovydas Vidmar and “The Pain from the Ukraine” Karen Bilous, who was replaced by Belarussian wrestler Zofia Jankovic after her departure from NGW. Respecting only strength and power, the Czars have held every title on the Heavyweight division and given plenty of people something to worry about. The Real Deal  Members: Edward Cornell, Wael Hossam, Roy Edison, The Nigerian Hit Squad (Rahabad & Rashid Lawal) Sick of the comedy, gimmickry and cartoonish shenanigans, Edward Cornell joined forces with the Lawal twins to fight back and defend old school wrestling. For all their bullying ways, the Real Deal are a group of legitimately tough men with impressive in-ring skills that’s went on to include the Egyptian technical wizard Wael Hossam and former MMA competitor Roy Edison among its ranks. The Outcasts Members: Sebastian Koller, Hardcore Hernandez, Viper McKenna, Petter Eriksson, Wade Orson, Landon Mallory, Melanie Flyman, Beast Bantom The most recently formed group in the company, the Outcasts have banded together thanks to their disappointment at the way they have been utilized by NGW. Whether they are disgruntled employees who feel they’ve been mistreated or past workers who recently returned to the fold, the Outcasts bear a grudge against the powers that be, making them vocal anti-heroes who will still put their personal interests over those of the group if an opportunity presents itself. The titles NGW Heavyweight title Current Champion: Champagne Lover Previous Champion: Marat Khoklov (3rd title run) Defenses: 3 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of December 2012 at NGW End of the World  NGW Cruiserweight title Current Champion: Christopher Lister Previous Champion: Shiro Akuma Defenses: 0 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of June 2013 at NGW Starmageddon NGW Women’s title  Current Champion: Fusae Etsuko (second reign) Previous Champion: Geena the Warrior Princess Defenses: 0 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of May 2013 at NGW Hard Times  NGW Heavyweight Tag Team titles Current Champions: The Johanssons (Bam Bam & Hercules) Previous Champions: Nigerian Hit Squad (Rahabad & Rashid Lawal) Defenses: 1 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of May 2013 at NGW Hard Times NGW Cruiserweight Tag Team titles Current Champions: Double Dutch (Frank Van Heer & Henrik Van Bon) Previous Champions: Team Fly (Christopher Lister & Adam Matravers) Defenses: 1 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of April 2012 at NGW Walk Through Fire NGW Open Collective Six Man titles Current Champions: Paolo Gandalfini, Menace & Ripper LeStat Previous Champions: The Outcasts (Beast Bantom, Landon Mallory & Petter Eriksson) Defenses: 0 Reign Began on Monday, Week 1 of July 2013 at NGW Back to the Future King of the Ring 2013 winner: Marat Khoklov 2012 winner: Champagne Lover 2011 winner: Nelson Frye 2010 winner: Robert HowardTournament held every June at Starmageddon, with the winner getting to main event December’s End of the World in a title match for the NGW Heavyweight title.
  22. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Thank you so much Nic! <3 xx
  23. Lightning

    Cataleya Sneaks Back Into the Ranks

    Smart plan! The intentional movement sounds like a great way to build a positive habit. I like the rewards too. Looking forward to cheering you on again.
  24. @mu

    Press to handstand cont.

    Tuesday Press to HS + misc. In the morning? YES Daily Persian: NOT YET So this week is deload week, I forgot to mention that. I kept all the drills but reduced volume + no HS 5x5 consistency, instead I worked on a few HS sets with leg movements and controlling my banana (it's a nice counter-stretch as well because I tend to pike / hollow hold a lot in HS). This is my first week of elevated HS press and I started as Kirsty indicated, pretty high. I'm a bit lacking in boxes of appropriate height, so I couldn't go higher than chair + stool + books (we are supposed to start at bum level but bum level on parallettes is pretty HIGH). It was doable though, I could press and come down (I did not try doing it for reps yet). This is good timing for deload. Some intensity (balancing rather then strength) but nothing crazy. I wasn't too sure at first because I've never done elevated press before. I will keep that height for the week. It was fun to do, really enjoyable, no too hard, not too easy. Here is a log video to show how it currently looks like. The setup looks a bit acrobatic but it's fairly stable. I still had a bit of fear because bailing out of that has to be a bit tactical, especially when coming back the normal way. I piked a lot at first, bailed a couple of times in all directions, and then I started feeling a bit more confident. The video also includes some ball drill on the left side, to give an idea of what I do. Caveat: my form is so so and I go a bit fast (always good to have a video check every so often!), but you get the idea: the drill is reproducing the sort of leg bending I get in active compression, so that I can work on that bit in isolation. + a rep of negative press where I think my HS line was quite improved at the top.
  25. MarkCuq

    Hey friends!

    Hey everyone! Nice to be a part this community!
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