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    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Following for all the seriousness!
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    New Rules - Deffy #51

    Me too...looking forward to seeing you win that prize!
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    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    First!!!* *post after WhiteGhost's
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    [Sloth] C'Mon Let Me Ride

    Yep, you are being taken advantage of. This sucks.
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    Maigs Chases the Wagon

    Take a break and do what's best for you! Come back any time!!
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    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    I will see if I can find some balance by just doing whatever I feel like, but then reporting back that I have or have not done anything. If I feel like posting something I can, but for now it is just trying to build up a habit and get in some practice My problem hasn't been so much that I have been going to easy as much as it has just been unfocused. Try to chase all of the shinies and you end up with a handful of nothing. I think I want to try something a little more focused for a bit and see how that goes Food is a key part of the new challenge Thanks! I am actually quite excited to read the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, but am afraid I am going to get stuck in the same cycle, so I am holding off for now. New challenge is up:
  8. Xena

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    Yeah, sounds like perfect kayaking. If you're trying out for the Olympics or something!! Perfect description of ultrarunning. Really smart decision, but I understand how hard it must have been. I'm a little sad about the Waffle House, but understand. You should give yourself a raincheck! I'm really proud of you. You trained super hard and had a huge adventure. I'm sorry some of it was full-on legit scary, but it's cool that you tried something way outside your comfort zone and pushed so hard. You are awesome!!
  9. OK boys & girls, it's time continue with part 2 of the 3 part "WhiteGhost Gets Serious" trilogy. In this installment, I am going to get serious about what I am doing and focus on what I really want to get out of it. For the past few challenges I have just been doing whatever I feel like, and while I have enjoyed that and I have been able to stick with it, I don't feel like I have made much progress towards my goals. "What goals?" I hear you ask. To which I intensely study my shoes and mumble that I didn't really set any. So in order to get serious about reaching my goals, I need to set some! 1. Exercise First, with regard to exercise, I have been doing great at general strength building, which has given me a pretty solid foundation to build on. Now it the time to build something. By the end of this challenge, I want to be able to to some specific skills, which is going to require me to tailor my workouts to focus on those particular skills. The skills I want to have by the end of this challenge are: Muscle-ups. I did a muscle up last year, which was cool, but I kind of moved on to the next shiny after that and now I am back to not being able to do them. I believe I have the strength I need, but need to work on my technique. For this challenge, I will work on muscle up specific progressions and exercises that will bring me closer to this goal. Backflips. I have been wanting to to these for a long time, I have slowly been working towards them. I currently have a place to work on these and a plan to progress them, and just need to keep with the program. I feel that I am not too far off from getting these so I am officially setting a goal of being able to do a tuck backflip from a solid surface and land on my feet by the end of this challenge. Pistol Squats. I have been going through the motions on these for more than a year, and really did not make any progress. After getting some very good advice from @PaulG, I have discovered that I have been limiting my progress and holding myself back. Based on his advice, I am going to work towards building the technique so that I can consistently do unassisted pistol squats. I am not going to worry too much about depth at first, focusing on control and balance while I build up strength in the bottom of the squat Handstands. I can do handstands. I have been able to do them since I was a kid. In all the years I have been able to do them, I have not ever worked on any kind of real balance or endurance, and I don't think I have ever done a handstand for more than 10 seconds. This is primarily because I haven't felt the need. For showing off purposes (which, let's be honest, is pretty much my primary motivation for all of this) a 6 second handstand is just as impressive as a 60 second handstand. For this challenge, I am going to work on balance and finger strength to try and increase the time that I can hold a handstand. My goal for this challenge is to be able to hold a 30 second handstand. I actually have no idea how difficult this is going to be because, as I mentioned, I have never tried. 2. Flexibility The next area I am going to get serious about is flexibility. I have progressed from hating flexy work to actually kind of maybe enjoying it, in limited doses. However, in the last year that I have been doing it pretty consistently, I don't feel like I have actually become any more flexible (OK, maybe a little, but I think more progress is very doable). I realized that a big part of problem isn't consistency (I regularly do 20-30 minutes or stretching most days) but that I don't really have a focus. I have tried GMB Focused flexibility, but I couldn't really get the program to work for me because I couldn't get the stretches they were describing to feel like they were describing. It just didn't fit my needs in a way that worked for me. Just in time for this challenge, I have signed up for the CirquePhysio MyFlex program that @Mad Hatter was doing in her last challenge. It is only starting from this week, but I am optimistic that it will be a program that I can follow and can make it work for my specific needs (which is supposed to be entire point of the program). All I need to do for this challenge is stick with the program and do the thing. 3. Cooking Third up is cooking. I have made some great progress on the cooking front over the last couple of years, but now it is time to try and take things to the next level. Up to now, I have focused on making foods I am quite familiar with that I have been eating since I was a kid. For this challenge, I am going to try and learn how to make Chines food. For this challenge, I need to make at least 2 Chinese dishes each week. The learning curve here is going to be a bit steep, but I hope that it will pay off in the long term. I am hoping that if I can get this, I will be able to make foods that we can eat as a whole family (Usually the western food I make is not really something Ghostess and Ghostlet are used to, so they don't really enjoy it as much as I do. 4. Sketching Fourth and final challenge is going to be sketching. I have learned some things about myself from previous challenges, primarily that if I feel like I have to complete something or make a finished, displayable product, I will avoid even getting started. So for this challenge, it is actually going to go against the theme of the rest of this and be decidedly UN-serious. This is going to be all about playing and just trying to have fun keep things casual Now, some of you more astute readers who have been following me for some time, may not recall any WhiteGhost Gets Serious Part 1. This is because it hasn't been written yet. As any George Lucas can tell you, starting from the middle of a series can really be a lot more profitable than trying to start a franchise from the beginning. If this works out well, I can always go back and ruin everything with a Part 1 later. Seriously
  10. My next challenge is posted. Here's the link. Follow along to watch me do another one of my ridiculously fast Cut diets:
  11. Blocky

    Blocky is Knee Deep in the Dead

    I've been getting back to playing the 1993 version of DOOM. This was the first game I ever had on my first decent PC (it was ground breaking... it had more than a 4 colours). I've been powering through my training sessions recently with a remake of the original doom soundtrack (find the youtube here, download link in description). Here iz goalz: Be strong enough to punch a Cyberdemon in the beanbag: I want to start pushing the intensity a little bit more than I have been. I'm getting a bit complacent with the lower intensity/higher volumes. So I want to make a concious effort to do something harder) at least once per week (and it's ok if it's on a safe assistance exercise if that's what it takes). +1 STR / week. +1 STR for any PR/rep PR. Look as good good as the Pinkies: The pink pig demons are pretty fucking ugly, but there ARE built like brick shithouses. Again, I'm getting complacent with my weight. It's not getting out of hand, but I'm just not actively thinking about it as much as I should be. So... I want to make some better decisions (remembering to weigh in, better food choices, planning meals in advance). +1 CON/+1 WIS for every 2 better decisions, +1 CON for every kg lost. Decipher the Imp's gibberish: I'm also gettinga bit slack with my languaging... using university work to pretend that I don't need to do it. So, I shall try to do 1 extra hour per week (not cramming on the day I do my lessons). +1 INT for every 60mins outside of lesson days. Be brainier than the giant Spiderbrain: Ugh... Lot's of things to unpack here. I need to: Get all my study notes in order (exams in 3 weeks): +1 INT, Organise a study schedule (ie: actually read the stupid notes): +1 WIS, Get my book ready for an open book biology exam: +1 INT. I'll jazz this challenge up with pictures and whatnot when I find the time...
  12. Xena

    Mistr reinforces better patterns

    ^^ All of that. Plus I like that you talked about cotyledons in your gardening post :-)
  13. Shotokan

    Shotokan turns it around

    Thanks! Week four day 7: That's a wrap. This challenge went pretty well overall. I had some tough days where I really didn't want to train but somehow I found the drive to do it. Today's workout went well and was a good end to this challenge. 22 Shotokan katas, two Iaido katas, the core workout and some Pavel Super Joints rounded it out. This actually ends six weeks of training with only one or two missed days and those were back at the start of those six weeks. I wanted to prove to myself that I could train everyday and not burn out from doing it. Granted, some days were easier than others but I had to burn at least 710 calories exercising based on Apple's exercise tracking on the Apple watch. I knocked out 853 katas in that short time which I would guess is anout what I used to do in nine months. The core workout did more than I expected even though it only takes a few minutes but during the next challenge, I need to add some DDP or other mobility work because the core workout is making my hip flexors a little tight. The only thing I missed this time was the blog posts but one is better than none I guess. Shotokan Kata - 417 / 400 Iaido Kata - 127 / 120 Core work - 20 / 20 Other - 4 / open Blog posts - 1 / 4
  14. I'll be on a ship for most of zero week. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access. I am sure that I'll be busy and tired. I haven't figured out all my challenge goals yet, but I will have a challenge! Here's what I have so far Leftover goals from last time 1. 60 min plank. I can take as long as I want to do this, as long as the increments are at least 30 sec. As of 5/20, I had 30 min to go. I get a reward when I finish this! 2. Make 10 new recipes or storage meals. This one also has an open deadline and a reward attached. As of 5/20, I'm up to 5.5/10. New goals! 1. Run 100 miles (yes the same goal as last time, just re-set). This is a 4-week goal. If I don't hit 25 miles in a week, I'm allowed to count cardio cross-training (1 mile per 10 min) up to a total of 25/week. 2. 100-200-100 pushups. No deadline for this goal. 100 knee push-ups, 200 negatives, and 100 full. The general idea is to progress from knee to negative to full, but I can mix them up however I want. 3. TBA. This is going to be some kind of rest and recharge anti-burnout goal. I just haven't decided what it will be yet. Possibly a grab-bag of rest and self-care ideas. Possibly some journaling. Possibly deliberately scheduled downtime. I'm still thinking about what will work best. Sushi list! I have a list of 10 "adulting" chores. When I finish it, I get to treat myself to sushi. I have 7/10 done on my old list. I have the next one almost ready to go too. It's kind of nice have the next list waiting. Nothing on it is particularly urgent, so I just write it down and stop worrying about it until the first list is done.
  15. Jakkals

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 4

    Sondag 1. Paddling on the pond. The water is cold. Fell over twice. 2. Nope 3. 3 hour afternoon nap lights at 10:30 Awake at 4:45 Snooze until 6:30 Lots of strange dreams. 4. They have no idea of nothing. Talking to them only cause trouble. Kittens now seven weeks and one day.
  16. REPORT: DAY ONE Morning cardio on bike - 300 calories Afternoon cardio on bike - 250 calories Training (upperbody push w/ chest focus) chest/shoulders warmup incline pushups 3x10 incline alternating archer pushups 3x10 incline wide pushups 3x10 dips bodyweight warmup - x3,3 weighted (+12 lbs) - x4,3,2 bodyweight volume - x10,9,8,7,6 barbell bench press climb to today's top single 30x15 50x12 70x8 90x6 110x4 130x3 150x3 170x1 volume (drop to 75%, strip sets with 20 sec rest) 130x10 120x5 110x5 100x6 90x10 80x8 dumbbell pullovers 20x20 30x15 40x12 50x8 DIET Calories = 1936 fats = 23 g carbs = 124 g proteins = 303 g
  17. Welcome to my challenge thread. I'm not new to Nerd Fitness. If you're a Level 1, then I'm your Guild Leader. My 4-week challenge thread is posted in this Level 1 subforum as an example, in the hope that you seeing how I format and organize my challenge might help give you ideas for your own. About Me My Muggle name is Chris. I'm a 41 yr old semi-retired guy happily at home being the primary caregiver for my 3 yrs old daughter. Which is the Best. Job. Ever. The pay is non-existent, but the benefit package is fantastic and calls me "Daddy." For the first part of this year, my main fitness drive was weightloss. I dropped 19+ lbs in January's challenge. I dropped another 7+ lbs in the February-March challenge. Then illness struck during the March-April challenge. After it passed, I ended up kind of spinning my wheels. I'm not the type of person who likes getting stuck. I recognized that I simply didn't feel like being hungry anymore at that time. So dieting down was out the window for a month. Instead, I shifted gears and spent the previous challenge month learning to eat and train like The Rock! It was fun. It was enlightening. Then I vacationed in Florida for a week and put on 7 lbs of fat. I'm mentally ready to do a cut again, so I'm shifting gears back to doing that. I have a longterm goal of significantly trimming down this year, and the first couple of weeks of this challenge will be dedicated to making strong progress toward that longterm goal. My Main Quest for this challenge is to... Get my bodyweight below 185 lbs. My weight as of this morning was 197.2 lbs. I don't like dieting for long periods. It makes me feel blah. So I'm not doing it anymore. I'm very good at losing weight quickly. Get in, cut hard, get out. My intention this challenge is to get below 185 as fast as reasonably possible. Ideally, in about two weeks of cutting. Then I'll bring my calories back up to maintenance level, or maybe just a little above maintenance, and chill there for the rest of the challenge so my hormones can stabilize before cutting again. My Support Quests for this challenge are to... Complete daily cardio. At least 500 calorie burned via cardio each day. Double on 'rest' days. Restrict calories. My diet will probably vary from day to day, but I'll be trying to eat somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 calories intake by restricting my fats and carbs. Protein will stay high. Train like The Rock. Following on the heels of my previous Challenge, I'll be sticking with a high volume bodypart split. This is still very much an experiment for me, so I may make changes to it on-the-fly over the next few weeks. But for now my plan is to do an 8 day rotation: DAY 1: upperbody push (chest focus) DAY 2: legs DAY 3: upperbody pull DAY 4: rest (double cardio) DAY 5: upperbody push (shoulders focus) DAY 6: legs DAY 7: arms & abs DAY 8: rest (double cardio) repeat Thank you for reading. I'd be delighted if you continued to visit my challenge thread, and kept me company throughout this month as I continue along my journey. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them. Your comments are appreciated, and your questions are welcome.
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    Xena plays the Long Game

    Thanks! And yes, sort of. Field work for real, but not in the middle of a meadow or wheat farm or something. I'll be on a ship. :-) It's something I hadn't tried before, but in this case it has worked pretty well. The cooking and the planks were something I wanted to work on, but I knew this time period would be a little unpredictable. Still have a little bit of internet access and time, so here's at least one more update: I've done pretty well at shifting my hours. Two nights ago I stayed up until 6 am. Yesterday I stayed up until 7:15. I did it by making myself go for a run at 6....I REALLY didn't want to do that run! Tonight the plan is to do the same and follow it with breakfast (~7:30) and a long safety meeting (8:00-11:00). By then I'll be pretty much transitioned. My official shift starts the next day (midnight to noon). No one else really seems to be transitioning ahead of time. I suspect the others are going to be pretty groggy.
  20. I'm back, and trying to start fresh. I'm not terribly pleased with where I am, but I guess who is? I'm starting out small. Here are my goals: * Weigh myself every Monday. Would be awesome to lose 2lbs a week, but honestly any movement down is good. * Take my meds every day. Gotta stay healthy. * Do 30 minutes of intentional activity. This does not include using my pedals at home or walking around my apartment. I need to do some kind of weight training or intentional cardio. Doesn't have to be super strenuous. I just need to start moving again. * Read for 15 minutes every day. Just relaxes me. Non-work-related, though. Not reading during work hours. I'll either accomplish these goals or I won't each day/week. If I manage to do one of the goals 5/7 days, I get a small prize, e.g. a bath bomb or new fragrance. If I can get 5/7 for all three, I get a bigger prize, e.g. seeing a movie or something along those lines. No goals for weight loss. That has the potential for getting toxic. Just monitoring. Hopefully this is a simple enough start. I'm ready to get back into things!
  21. Greenstone Trout

    Love some feedback

    Hi Everyone, I have a question I am hoping some of you might be able to answer. I have been doing weights now for 6 months, however at 3 months in I fractured my foot(outside of the gym) but ignored it thinking it was just sore, but on deadlifting the following day, thats when the full force of the fracture occured. This has made me nervouse to DL over 80k(that is the weight i did it at), and also after coming back after the fracture i did a 75k DL with a trainer and really hurt my back(like couldnt walk hurt). I got it all fixed through remidial massage and learning the importance of stretching, building the lifts in weight and cleaning up my form but........ I still freak out in increasing the weight and knowing when to increase the weight for my other lifts, squat,bench. I guess it's about not wanting to injure myself and also look like a gobshite for increasing too heavy. Also my bench is at 42kg but best was at 52(with a trainer spotting me) i feel nervous to bench and increase the weight incase i kill myself dropping the bar on my head. How can i practice my bench in the gym without looking like a knob, but safely? Any help really appreciated. GT
  22. SkyGirl

    Miau Spangles Her Stars

  23. WhiteGhost

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    First!!!* *Page
  24. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Weekend happenings; I want to boast about something you don't usually here people boasting about: the only veggie I had with my Saturday dinner was 1 piece of lettuce and a slice of onion. Let me explain. I have a really good habit of eating veggies with most meals. Which is great. But then the problem of perfectionism sneaks in, and I tell myself I'm failing when I don't live up to that standard. So Saturday we were busy all day (more on that later) and then had my son over for an impromptu dinner, before we went and saw a movie. I hadn't planned anything, and my first thought was how I needed to make a salad, and blah and blah, a list of things I needed to do. But I was tired. I didn't want to go out to eat, but thought maybe I should since I couldn't make all the requirements for a meal. Then I thought about it, and realized we had some frozen sweet potato fries that I could cook. Had hubby go to the store and buy the hamburger that is already made into patties, and some buns. And we had hamburger and fries. A nice, easy meal. Filling, and we all enjoyed it. I remember @annyshay once saying how she had made the mistake of thinking if it wasn't hard to make, then it must not be a good food choice (or something like that) Anyway, when she said that, it hit me how often I do that to myself. So, I have at times purposely taken the pressure off myself and realized not every meal has to be 100% healthy. Saturday was fun. We hosted game day for our church. We played my favorite cooperative game, Hogwarts, with a couple of teens who are super sweet. Sadly, we lost. And then they taught us how to play Istanbul. And my son taught a little boy (7 yrs old) how to play Dominion, and he let the little boy win, and the boy was so excited! Fun to see my adult son interacting so sweetly with this little boy. We had bought potato chips, but I stayed away from them. We bought one kind that had cheese (so I can't eat them) and another kind that I am meh about. We stopped by the market before and bought some really good roasted chicken and salad, so I still felt like I had fun special food. Then we went home, I went for a short walk, then had dinner. Then we went and saw Tolkien. I really liked the movie. It hasn't gotten good reviews, but I thought it was good. Not great, but solid. And I liked seeing it with my son, who is a big Tolkien nerd
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