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  2. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Thanks! I got another patch sewn. I need more Silver thread though boo...
  3. Cheetah

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Great work so far; keep it up!
  4. Tanktimus the Encourager

    RedStone Holds the Door

    How very dare you. I hate using ice trays with the fire of a thousand suns. Where I grew up had hard water, so my mother insisted on using filtered water in the ice trays. The kicker, though was that the filter we had didn't filter enough water to fill four ice trays, which is what I was expected to refill. I would always procrastinate about refilling the damn things. We at least had a bucket into which we'd empty them. Some people have ice trays but you're expected to fish out the cubes you need out of the trays themselves, but that's another rant for another time. In my adult life those times I had no icemaker I just made do without ice. When we buy a house our fridge is absolutely going to have an ice maker. We'll just absorb the risk.
  5. Teirin

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    Game night so no workout as planned, but also no internet. Caught up with a friend afterwards, and possibly got very arm-wavy and enthused on several topics. Generally noting that my junk food intake plummeted as soon as I started working out again. I do wonder how exactly those are related. There are several possibilities there. Anyway, good night.
  6. Teirin

    Sara Kingdom Wears the Lilac

    I wish you much more sleep and good food!
  7. I've clearly overworked myself this week trying to reach my deadlines (it's bearing fruit, though, huge win in the works). Now, I'm tired and I cannot sleep. I'm not trying very hard either so this could be me on survival mode keeping alert at all times, me refusing to be happy and healthy and doing what would actually be helpful in my situation or both. I'm not quite sure. Anyway, the week-end is coming, I'm in need of sleep and it's not going to be a sleepy one: I've volunteered to a local youth-organized festival on Saturday night. Next week-end has Scouts volunteering in it so won't be as relaxing as a four days week-end should be. I've been asking myself: why do I keep taking these volunteering things when, clearly, I need rest and resting, for me, is not seing anybody and quietly minding my business at home without ANY kind of external stimulus? My default answer to that is "because I'm afraid of saying no" though I'd define it more as a "I might need these people later and don't want to turn them off" nowadays but the second one has me genuinely thinking that I'm doing it because I think Scouting is something we need more of, I know the people handling the crew around my old town and how much of themselves they are giving to it and I want to give them a hand. In short, I think there's something grander than me and that my own comfort isn't the be all end all of my life. Now, I'm on record for not taking care of myself like, at all, so being kind to myself and giving myself time to rest is also something worth pursuing. The question is: how sustainable is all of this? Living all by myself would mean skipping life in my view, so not something I'm very enthusiastic about but meeting others drains me and I'm easily drained at this time. I have to try and put some balance in it but I don't feel like I have the energy for it. Yet, if I don't have it now, I may very well never do. Beastmode? Give me a day to be a weak-minded sod and I'll decide on this one. Edit: Passives! Could be that I have already opened my door to these activities, as in: I'm taking the time once to ponder whether a thing/cause/whatever is something I value and want to put some of my life in. Then, when the choice is done, I answer the call when it comes for those things I value. I'm doing it for other kinds of decisions, could be I'm doing it here without having noticed it earlier. It would be a good means to protect my ideals from temporary circumstances such as "being tired" or "rather lying on my bed", which I really need to get any kind of action done. So, maybe everything is normal and working as intended after all? Edit 2: That would mean that I have no priority setting, only an on-off switch. It seems to match with my experiences so far. When I'm too crowded, I'm taking time to think and turn some switches off (and they stay off until something happens from the outside making me ponder whether I should turn them on again or not). When I'm too bored, I'm searching for switches to turn on. It would explain why I can feel so very related with some friends, then not see them for a month, then not see them at all anymore, yet still feel related but not missing the relationship at all of feeling like there's anything akward in it... that... explains things so... well! I'll have to think on that one again in a few time and see how that holds.
  8. REPORT: DAY FIVE Morning cardio (bike) -- 350 calories After training cardio (bike) -- 250 calories Training [shoulders] (2 min. rest between sets, except where otherwise noted) barbell OH presses (4 sets ascending) 30x15 50x15 70x10 90x8 barbell push presses (3 sets ascending + burn set) 110x6 120x5 130x4 [burn set] 100x15 DB lateral raises (3 sets ascending) 5x20 10x16 15x12 cable rope facepulls (3x20 ascending) 5x20 10x20 15x20 barbell shrugs (ascending, 60 sec rests) 30x20 60x18 80x15 100x15 120x12 140x10 160x9 barbell power shrugs (ascending to x3 + 75% burn set) 180x7 200x6 220x5 240x3 [burn set] 180x20 DB shrugs (strip sets, no rest) 40x10 35x10 30x8 25x8 20x10 15x10 DIET calories = 1965 fats = 34 g carbs = 116 g proteins = 283 g
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  10. CJL

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Updates for Wednesday & Thursday May 22 & 23 Get Healthy: Successful tracking and staying within calorie goals both days. Yay!!! Get Strong: I didn't get any lifting done Wednesday or Thursday, due to a combination of over scheduling after-work activities on Wednesday and getting the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time with my family on the only day of the week without rain. Get Outdoors: I went on a walk around the neighborhood with my wife and daughter while wearing my ruck pack. Having to chase a 2 year old with no fear and limitless energy around the neighborhood while wearing a weighted pack is quite the workout. Get Off the Phone: I am having success with this as well. I just engage my app blocking app before getting out of the car and the phone stays put away until bedtime rolls around.
  11. Harriet

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Our apartment in Berlin has an induction stove. It heats up quicker than the super old electric coil one in my father's home, but obviously not as fast as gas. It's super safe because it cools down quickly, and even if you forgot to turn it off it wouldn't heat up without the right kind of metal on it. I like that part because my cats jump on the stove when I'm not watching. I have no complaints, though I also like real fires.
  12. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    She was right. Less than an hour later, we were all dressed and walking into one of the local pet stores in search of a new pet. We’d been honestly descriptive with the kids, without providing the full details that included an attack on the house. Instead, we told them that while they were physically safe, something had scared them to death. Woody and Rex were devastated at the loss, but took comfort in knowing that they went together and without pain. Within minutes of that, they began furiously debating what new pet they should get. I walked in next to Woody. Woody was not quite six years old. He had a young and pudgy baby face and dirty blond hair ending in a Padawan braid. His face threw people off since he already stood 5 foot 4 inches and weighed a hundred pounds. He was built like a linebacker and was easily the size of a kid twice his age. Either in spite of or because of his size, he was a kind and gentle boy. His green and brown eyes were usually smiling, though he possessed a temper that was easily set off by injustice. Woody had already multi classed with levels in fighter and bard, and with his sense of justice I’d be unsurprised if he took Paladin levels someday. “Hey Woody, I’ve got some business to take care of. Can you take your brother to look at-“ ”Sure!” he said, cutting me off and grabbing Rex’s hand. They immediately took off towards the small pets. Jessie nodded at me and the toddler followed them over. I slipped behind a door to the employee-only area, through the warehouse area to the loading docks. I had some questions for Ed. Something inhuman was after us, and there was a good chance he had heard something about it.
  13. Manarelle

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Well at the very least, sounds like I'm not alone in this funk... Was chatting with the gentleman tonight and not sparing words or pride, think I got closer to at least one point... I'm hella grumped because even though I knew the field I'm trying to get into only accepts like .02% of applicants... even though I know the field is going through some major upsets right now... I still feel like I deserve to break in in a timely fashion, because I put the hard work in, and I'm used to being special/ chosen/ advanced/ favored/ whatever. I learn fast, I get accolades, I put in hard work, it gets noticed - that's what I'm used to. My gentleman agreed that yes, he can see that's what I'm used to - "And now you have to just put in your time and wait like the rest of us." Ouch. But not wrong. As far as the hobbies go, I'm still working on that one. The best I can come up with right now is that sweating and grinding and sticking with the boringness is... better than the alternative. I could sit on my butt and "eat like an asshole" (I don't remember which of you wonderful women said that first, but I love it), but I did that for many years and disliked what I'd become. I could bounce around between hobbies and waste money and time never getting good at anything, but again, I did that for years and didn't like where I found myself. It's not an earthshaking, ironclad reason, but at least it passes scientific reasoning.
  14. J3NN

    J3NN's got to move it, move it

    Week 0 Day 4 (tracking up to now, haven't eaten dinner yet) Nutrition tracking Track Food (3/7) Sweets (6/14) Alcohol (0/2) Fitness Trainer led workout (1/1) Individual led workout (0/1) Strength training: None (1/5) - I am so sore I may do stretches and count that today Steps: 2793/5000 (Still raining, and so cold, we'll see what happens here...) Level Up Your Life Crochet: Finishing up current project first Tracking (3/7) Reporting (3/5)
  15. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Ugh. I’m frustrated after a discussion with my dad. He injured his back many years ago, and re-injured it again recently, and has been in pretty much constant discomfort and pain ever since. He’s been to a string of physios and similar (I don’t know the difference between the types of experts) and never seems to get better. He spends hours every week, and a lot of money on this. He shows me the exercises sometimes. Like, according to his current physio, if you lift something directly overhead, a bone inside your shoulder join will catch on another bone. So you have to rotate backwards then lift*. Also, instead of doing a straight banded pull apart he has to pull the band apart, raise it over his head, and then pull it apart behind his head (oooh, I just tried it, it hurts, and I'm not even a senior with a back injury). What upsets me is that I occasionally ask him “do you ever increase the weight or reps?” and he just says “Oh, well, no. It’s not about increasing the weight or reps, I’m just trying to learn to do the movement without pain”. So I ask “Is it getting less painful or better in any way at all?” and he’s forced to admit that it isn’t. This has been going on for about six years. I don’t know what physios (and all the other experts he’s seeing) learn at university. I do know that when I visited a physio for chronic neck and shoulder pain at the age of about 20 (I got it from carrying textbooks whilst being shockingly thin and weak), they gave me the most bullshit exercise. I was supposed to lie on my back, holding a can of beans in the air, and trace the alphabet while voluntarily activating my serratus muscles. Yeah, right. The exercise never had the slightest effect. It’s weird to me now that the physio could have looked at me—someone so underweight that the doctor weighed me regardless of what I visited for… so weak that I couldn’t even stand up straight without effort—and decided I needed a virtually unweighted isolation exercise that relied on a strong mind-muscle connection that a sedentary nerd like me probably wouldn’t have, with a muscle I’d never heard of. I just… I don’t know. Powerlifting is so simple. I learned a few moves, even an idiot can do them, and they’re compound so they probably even hit my serratus muscles and other little thingies whose names I don’t care to know. I didn’t pay anyone to learn them. I didn’t need an expert. The only cost was for gym access. I see concrete, measurable progress (and my traps have puffed up like an angry cat). I don’t think dad’s therapists would be deliberately sabotaging him. But I can help wondering if they feel the need to justify their expensive, time consuming degrees with really complex moves that only an expert could guide him through… I’m trying to convince him to hire a weightlifting trainer who specialises in rehab and seniors. I just feel like if the focus were on results (like how much dad can lift), the trainer would be forced to do something useful, even if dad doesn’t care about those results so much as the unmeasurable things they would entail. *I’ve just worn this bone down through overhead pressing. It’s now smooth. God, it used to be so painful when that bone would catch on that other bone every time I pressed.
  16. J3NN

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Wow, you have a had a day of exposure and you have done so well! Yay you! I hope the con is fun and that your costume makes you feel amazing
  17. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    Haha I should've known that'd be your suggestion! It definitely sounds like fun but trust me, you wouldn't want me on your team I've been to a touring version of that Titanic exhibit in Melbourne, had a good time but sadly I didn't survive. I remember a few years ago Gunter von Hagens had a TV show which I used to enjoy, but I can imagine it would be a very different experience up close and personal! Our evenings are already mostly booked up with shows so thanks for sharing some daytime ideas!
  18. DoubleTrouble

    DoubleTrouble talks and squats

    Super late challenge recap! Squat with acceptable form: DONE! Manarelle said its ok so its good enough Talk more: First week and a bit of the second week was good, after that I just kind of... stopped. Setting a goal or tracking this might help. Gym: DONE! The extra day in week 2 was for taking more videos of my squats, doesn't really count. Didn't hit my physio/isometrics/bouhler goals (mostly because I prioritized other stuff before them). For the bar/swing, not sure if the different approach is the way to go, as I seem to be doing them less often. The times that I did do it, I did more than what I was doing before. Maybe I should do them on alternate days? Or twice a week each?
  19. Jean

    Don't call it a comeback

    Würde es helfen, wenn wir dich auf Deutsch ermutigen?* Viel Spass und Erfolg! I know you're looking for simple and reachable but sometimes, passive immersion helps too and, let's be honest, it's not like it really mattered if you understand a word I say or just skip the whole post because you're not in the mood for German reading... *Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker either so both my grammar and vocabulary can be somewhat lacking I've been scored as B2 but feel closer to B1.
  20. Sloth the Enduring

    The Long Night

    Hmmm. Curious.
  21. Defining

    Hi everyone!

    Fun! If you've been lifting at those weights for a while now, you could maybe stand to bump them up (try goblet or split squats instead of back squats for safer/easier setup). But generally speaking, you want to be seeing regular progress; that could be more weight, more reps, less rest time in between sets, lower perceived effort, improved range of motion, etc. Constantly pushing yourself will give you the best results, IMO. You may find that with a bit more muscle you don't actually need to lose much fat; but there's also a catch 22 here where you need to eat less to lose fat but eat more to put on muscle. If you keep things relatively even (ie. close to your TDEE), it would be something more like a body recomposition where both building muscle AND losing fat go slower - but with less yoyo weight results, which in the end may end up being a more sustainable option. At any rate, it looks like you already have a pretty decent plan & setup, and now it's just a matter of tweaking things for what works best in YOUR body. Welcome again, and I'll look forward to seeing you around the forum!
  22. Sloth the Enduring

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    I agree with the Reddit meltdown.
  23. Defining

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Here's a decent summary: If you use much cast iron cookware, it's not really much of an issue - but is significantly easier to keep clean, less likely to cause burns (for people, food burning still relies on your own skill ), and has more even/responsive heating than an electric element. Personally, my 'dream kitchen' has a 2-4 element induction range paired with a 1-2 burner gas 'bumper' range to accommodate the couple of scenarios that I'd want to use glass (mostly for my morning syphon coffee).
  24. Tateman

    Lateral Planet Runs Fast

    BOWLING!!!!! haha Vegas has so much to do. My son is big into the Titanic, and they have a Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor. It was ok. You get a card with a name on it when you come in, then you get to see if you survived at the end haha. Kinda cool stuff if you are interested into any of that kind of thing. Next door to it, they had Bodies the Exhibition We didn't go into it, but I heard it was pretty cool. Though it seems pretty gruesome to see real dead people on display. I've never been to Fremont Street in Vegas, but I hear people talking about ti all the time. They do have free concerts down there too from time to time.
  25. Curl Brogo


    Once I get deeper into python and data analysis, I'm turning the above into something way sexier. Some of you saw a similar, earlier graph. Blue is my morning weigh-in, orange is the average over the previous seven days. I fit the lines to project where I'm going. It looks like if this keeps up, I should hit 250 by the end of the challenge.
  26. Defining

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Me three! Was genuinely just considering starting a thread in the off-topic section about struggling with existential indifference/nihilism. And the worst part is that there is never an easy 'oh, here's how to fix that' answer.
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