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  2. Salinger

    jcmgm Here we (still) go

    Hey JC, looks like the challenge was good. Well done enjoy GOT finale...xx
  3. Harriet

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    It sounds like you would chase the running a bit harder if you really needed to, but you don't right now, which is good to know. And your acrobatics practice sounds like a great mix of fun exploration and useful technical practice. And YESSS to lifting being innately shiny.
  4. DJtrippyT

    Take it Outside ll: Electric Boogaloo (djtrippyT)

    Okay full race report. There was too much to tell so I’m hitting the highlights. We started by being loaded into two school buses and being taken 15 miles to a state park. Thirty seconds off the bus I went to take a photo of a rusted out Volkswagen bus on the property, stepped in ankle deep mud, and ruined my new shoes, so I got that out of the way early. My strategy for the race race was to try to get alternating checkpoints, btw; I thought this would give me the best chance of covering the whole course in the 8 hours. First leg: 2 mile road/trail run with two checkpoints. I kept up on the road but lost the pack on the trail and got lost at a trail junction; I knew I had missed the first checkpoint and I didn’t want to press on for the second. Just as I went to turn back I heard voices up the spur trail I had been lost in and found two teams looking for the second checkpoint; we all found it together so that was dumb luck for me. They all ran off and I started power-hiking out. I went about 200 yards and realized i’d dropped my map and had to back track. Just as I found it the rest of the pack thundered by so I was off the back again. On the way way back to the kayaks I found the first checkpoint buried in the woods; I found out later only two other teams found it so I was proud of that. Second leg was kayaks - six miles. As I was loading up a lady race official came up to me and said “is it true you’re doing it solo? Wow, you’re really brave”. YIKES. I found out later there were only five solos and only one other solo woman. (I met her; she was super nice.) There were still two teams behind me when I pushed off but they overtook me pretty quick. The water was REALLY fast and it was NOT flat like the race description said; there were a ton of riffly rapids but nothing I couldn’t handle. I found the first checkpoint but couldn’t control the kayak enough to get to it; the second one I found but because I was solo I had to drag the whole kayak up onto a landing, get out and get the checkpoint, and then get back in, which I did with all the grace of a fat kid getting on a pony. I got within half a mile of the end of the kayak and I was SO PROUD of myself and then I hit the biggest rapid yet and I got dumped. Everything went everywhere and I was hanging on for dear life to my gear bag (my phone was in there). Fortunately I had my feet under me and I was against some rocks so I got the kayak up on the rocks, flipped it to dump the water (incredibly difficult), got my shit together and got re-launched. The whole time I’m doing this I can see the two teams ahead of me struggling in the next rapid; I’m thinking, Goddamit I’m SO close to catching up. And now I know the next rapid is a mess so I can be careful. I was careful but it didn’t help. I got through the first segment and then got turned broadside and instantly swamped. Only this time I couldn’t get my footing and there was no where to get out so I started to struggle to shore, fighting the current and the kayak (inconveniently filled with water and under the surface like a dead weight) all the way. Every few feet I would slip and get swept a few feet more, get up, and go on. Thank god one of the race organizers was taking photos just at this rapid, saw me, and came down to shore to help. He got one end of the kayak and I had the other, and then the current whipped my end around and I lost my grip and got swept another 50 feet down before I got to shore. I don’t mean to reach for melodrama here but I was really scared. Race dude and I walk the last 1/4 to the transition area - I was so close! - and even though I technically should have been disqualified they told me I could keep going if I wanted, so I did. Third leg was the trekking portion and while I was getting my shit together to trek two separate people came up to me and gave me a variation of “is it true you’re a solo? Holy shit you’re brave” thing. This was starting to scare me more than make me feel badass. Trekking leg leg was uneventful just incredibly hot and hard and I got lost at the beginning. I had bought trekking poles te day before and they were a lifesaver. I saw a lot of other racers - this part was a crisscrossing network of trails and by now everyone was all spread out- and everyone was super nice and supportive. Fun fact: the same day there was a 100 mile ultra run going on, and they were using the same trails we were. I saw at least twenty of them. One guy trotted past me - they were running barely faster than I was walking - got about twenty yards ahead of me, and then stopped and stared puking on the side of the trail. Another guy came up, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “I know, buddy. I was there twenty minutes ago. It’s alright.” And then they ran off together. HOLY SHIT. I did 6.2 miles on the trek and got back to the transition area. I had a 90 minute window to get to the finish line before the cutoff. One of the race people told me lots of people were skipping the mountain bike segment due to time and heading straight for the finish line, which at that point was my plan too. Then she told me that *by road* it was 17 miles. Crap. I went for it, but two miles in I was walking my heavy-ass bike up a giant hill (there was a team ahead of me walking their bikes, too, so no shame there) and I stopped at the top of the hill and took stock. I had promised myself I wouldn’t do anything stupid and I knew I wasn’t going to make nearly 17 miles - on my road bike I probably could have done it but not on the heavy bike. And if I went five miles and completely bonked there wasn’t going to be anyone to help me. But if I went back to the transition area I could throw myself on their mercy and withdraw and get a ride back in one of the race trucks, so that was what I did. It was a letdown to be sure. On the ride back the girl girl I rode with told me there had been two other withdrawals and gave me another version of the “wow you did it solo” thing which at this point was making me feel embarrassed. She dropped me at the finish where the post race party was already going. I had to check in and confirm my withdrawal and after they made the note one of the guys handed me a finisher’s medal and I said no, I dropped out I don’t get one and he said “Are we at the finish line? Are you here? Then you finished” and I cried a little. I may actually be crying now. Don’t tell people. I never got my post-race Waffle House - I was literally too tired to get out of the car once I’d loaded up - but I drove through McDonalds and got a fruit slushie and gave myself the worst brain freeze of my life by slurping it to quickly. So that’s it. I’m officially the Girl Who Lived (barely)
  5. Harriet


    That's fine. Let's not count all the false starts we've made... Awesome that you've done six weeks of it, that's a pretty good start to a habit. I assume you keep doing it even after you finish the book?
  6. So true. The worst thing is, I used to think that if I let up on the self blame, I wouldn't get anything done. I'd be even worse: even lazier, even more unfit, etc. But it's not true. It actually makes it easier to motivate myself and formulate a plan when I personify my problems as enemies and decide to slay them. Maybe silly, but a lot more fun than berating myself.
  7. WhiteGhost

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    OK, end of challenge review: I started out really well with this, but it kind of dropped off a bit for the last coupe of weeks. Thinking about why, I think it was because I was feeling a bit of pressure to both 1) draw something that was more or less complete and 2) something that I could show here. I think next time I should keep the challenge, but not post my sketches, and don't either don't worry about finishing them or don't worry if I want to stop for a while and come back to a sketch later. There are no clients or deadlines so just keep it at my own pace Overall grade - Needs Improvement This one isn't really a challenge for me at this point, but I always include it because I feel like I should be reporting fitness stuff here because that is like literally half the title of this place. I enjoy my workouts and I am generally happy with them, but maybe I could think about making them challenging in some way. This is a challenge, after all Overall Grade - Satisfactory This one was something I was not sure I would make it or not, but it turns out that I set the bar for myself way too low. However, I discovered over the course of the challenge that I feel a lot better when I am eating a lot of home cooked food, and I feel more "in shape" (whatever that even means). I'm not sure if cooking still needs to be a challenge item, but I think it probably doesn't hurt to have the accountability even if it isn't particularly challenging. Something to think about as I prepare for the next challenge Overall Grade - Exceeds Expectations This one also worked out as well or better than I had hoped. I feel like I made the progress I was hoping for, and am excited to keep up the trampoline skills Overall Grade - Exceeds Expectations Overall score for the challenge: Outstanding
  8. Ensi

    Where did all the adamantium go?

    The struggle... Proud of you <3
  9. I struggle so much with this! Happened just yesterday when my wife didn't want to finish her glass of wine. I grabbed it and gulped it all down, just because I didn't want to pour it down the drain. I had definitely already had my share of wine, and didn't need any more. In fact, after that extra glass I didn't feel too good physically. Mentally I was fine.
  10. Today
  11. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    Saturday More shortbread biscuits with my coffee Packed Had date balls because I was starving again and lunch wasn’t until 1 Went to a friends house for lunch with pups in tow - salmon, frozen veg, a potato, a bit of lentils Played Rummikub and had forgotten how much I love that game Snacked on Finnish licorice Strolled the new grocery in the neighborhood and was way too excited about it Dinner was the last of the leftover tuna pasta + the best bits of the leftover prawn salad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. darkfoxx

    Darkfoxx 56: Rebuilding A Solid Foundation

    Awww c’mon - crunchy air is greaaaaaat [emoji38][emoji3064] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ugh! The same happened to us - but we ended up loving the place we bought even more than we would have loved the other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Humbly Returns

    Not sure when the new challenge thread opens to the general public (probably midnight EST May 20th?) but here is my new thread for whenever it does:
  15. Wobbegong

    Wobbegong Humbly Returns

    Ok, well, this weekend was a productivity bust, but decent otherwise. I finished my CC materia fusion (FINALLY) and although I could still make a couple of back up materia, I'm not sure I'll bother. I also finished my paper inbox on Friday, and hung my Garuda, although not the other art. I didn't finish my cleaning or picture taking either, and I didn't put up my blog posts. I also didn't send out for my MNC! Grrr. I'm going to transfer those things over to my next challenge for zero week, and then start a new list with the challenge proper. I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not taking care of it, but I've got time. This week I have a couple of light schedule days because of tests, so absolutely no excuses not to get through everything! Time is on my side. I did complete my first fast in excess of 24 hours this weekend! I went 42 hours between 7pm Friday and 1pm Sunday. It was a lesson in boredom eating. Also super frustrating that normally the way I eat I don't crave carbs at all, but when I'm fasting all I can think about is pizza and cake (and donuts and macaroni and risotto and burritos and chocolate and -- well, you get the idea). But I kept my electrolytes up and suffered only the usual ghrelin waves. I'd like to do some longer fasts, but since I'm required to eat lunch at work it will take some planning to find a possible time. I might have to wait until summer vacation. But I still have weekends, so I'll try to work my way up to 71 hours between lunches on Friday and Monday to start. Overall it's been a successful challenge and a great ramp back into the NF lifestyle. I'll call it a win!
  16. jcmgm

    jcmgm Here we (still) go

    Ok! So last day of this challenge. let's recap. I had some time to go introspective and I think I found out why I'm lagging in some of my objectives. I'm kind of wrecking my days if I take my phone to bed. Last week I committed to leaving it out of my room and I've been reading more and sleeping better. Waking up is easier and find me with more energy if I don't end the night watching Youtube or social media or Netflix. Will work on this! Regarding the objectives. Walk to Mordor: I didn't walk every day 30' but I've walked more this month. I just need to gear up to continue to do this during winter... perhaps grabbing some rainproof cover for my bag when walking home from the University. I don't want to break my laptop. Run run run: I didn't run any day. Zero. I was afraid I would hurt myself because I'm heavier than ever. So.. I'm planning to switch running with riding an indoor bike, works even better with all the rains and cold days we're starting to have. Do the HIIT or sprinting there. Lift the world was easier. I didn't do all the workouts I planned, I twisted a knee on yoga, I had to take it slow after that. But I'll be leaving the heavy kettlebell and do bodyweight instead this next challenge. Lay some strong foundations. Start from the beginning. Yoga and mobility were the easiest. At least every night I did some poses or stretchings and with my Yoga Teacher Training, I had many days covered. However, I would like to develop my own home yoga practice Write and read I wrote almost every day so I consider that also done. The same for reading... it feels so good to go through books once again. Art/music Piano and drawing were my artistic choices this challenge. (The guitar had 2 strings cut so that was impossible to go on, I'd need to get the new ones...) Meditation was a staple of every day. My yoga classes all included meditation. And the other days I would spend at least 5 minutes focusing on my breath. Biology This was trickier. Work can get chaotic here in my group. I achieved 1/4 of my goals. But a PhD course on advanced statistics (GLMs and R) opened up and I've enroll to that so those 2 I considered them postponed till that. I did some kind of SciComm, on the World Penguin Day. So recapping, I could say it was a 6/10. Next challenge I think I'll be focusing on cleaning up my eating (scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist). Continue to develop some key habits and getting into the habit of working out. My body, my mind, everything feels better when I move so I need to find the way to do it even when the climate is adverse, or the work days long. If not then I end up feeling worse. Aching. Have a happy Sunday! Here we call it 'el último DominGoT'. Today it ends!
  17. Thom Stépan

    Thom coaches himself

    A great weekend with my kids. We had fun down the park. I bought them a treat toy each. Theo took time to help his baby brother build his lego kit. Oh and I expanded my garden this week. We have two strawberry plants and some parsley and chives. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  18. Rookie

    Rookie Goes Potatoes!

    Can't believe today is week 4 Sunday :O which means new challenge time! This flew by!
  19. WhiteGhost

    Juliebarkley checks her list

    Oh, that's really tough. Is there is still a chance of going back and talking to the other position you ended up not taking?
  20. Bummer about the house. I know you guys were so excited about it and now to have it fall through is really tough
  21. WhiteGhost

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    Yikes! So soon! Hope you are able to feel fully recovered by then
  22. WhiteGhost

    cn3wton, Dúnedain, Ranger of the North.

    I've never heard of spiritual healers, so quite interested to hear how this goes
  23. WhiteGhost

    RogueLibrarian: Playlist

  24. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Lives to Eat

    It's been a quiet sort of a weekend to wrap up the challenge, slightly marred by PMS, or premenstrual snacking. I've had a fair bit of chocolate in the last few days, is what I'm saying. After my democracy sausage on Saturday we just did oven chips for lunch, so it wasn't a super healthy start. We went out for dinner and got a Turkish banquet for two. Awkwardly, when the platter of tasty meats came out there was three of everything instead of just two, so we suspected we'd been given the wrong plate. But when we flagged someone down to double-check they let us keep it anyway, so free food, yay! I managed not to overeat, but I had enough that I wasn't tempted by snacks at the cinema. John Wick was great, by the way Today also went well, a nice lazy Sunday. Had a sandwich for lunch and then I did ravioli for dinner, so there's leftovers for lunch tomorrow as well. Didn't do any exercise but there are plans for orienteering tomorrow.
  25. WhiteGhost

    Annyshay: Endgame

    I have an apple I need to eat soon before it goes bad but just eating it straight just doesn't appeal. Pairing it with peanut butter, on the other hand, sounds like a wonderful snack. Thanks for the idea
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