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  2. Teirin

    Teirin's standards have never been lower.....

    It was more annoying and sometimes painful. Most of teh time it was ok though. Not as bad as it sounds!
  3. Teirin


    Good news in general :-) What FFXIV server are you on? Glad you made it through the horrible install process!
  4. Teirin

    Mistr catches up

    Good, hoping for the best for all of you.
  5. Sloth the Enduring

    Sloth gets some miles in

    Monday, June 24. Another rainy day. Not much of note happened. There was supposed to be a three hour window where it wasn’t raining. I headed out for a 35 mile zone 2 ride, but about 10 miles in it started to rain so I headed home early. Got about 25 miles in. Tuesday, June 25. The sun came out today. I was so ecstatic you could almost see a smile. I got 35 miles in with a few hills, medium pace. I had a very small crash (was trackstanding too long at an intersection and fell over), was stung by a wasp twice, and Google Streetview came by as I was picking my nose. We went to a pool in the afternoon, but I didn’t swim, I just sat around. When we were leaving I found a wallet with $272 in it. There was absolutely nothing in it to identify the owner save some old receipts, one of which was a moneygram to Mexico (the receipt was faded and unreadable). To be honest, my first thought was I could buy some new tires for my bike. I wasn’t sure what to do, if I gave it to the pool there was a fair chance the teenage attendant would pocket the cash, there is a police station next door, but in all likelihood someone without ID who sends money to Mexico wouldn’t go to a police station. I ended up giving my contact information to the pool attendant and I hope they’ll get ahold of me.
  6. Atrytone

    Ye Not-Quite-Olde Ranger Guildhall [General Chat]

    Atrytone wanders in and waves at Cheetah and Tank before settling into a cozy chair next to the fire. Ordering a mint tea she relaxes after a taxing day.
  7. Atrytone

    Simplicity: DJTrippy T

    Following for the usual DJ awesomeness.
  8. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    I don't have much in the way of specific eating goals except Eat paleo-ish most of the time Don't spend any unnecessary money esp on vending machines, etc i.e. take my lunch to work every day instead of buying the reason for all the Larabars. I hope I don't get sick of them. Eat enough calories to build strength, putting on muscle (and not fat) I'm a stick figure, so I'm not worried about losing weight. Try not to trigger my unofficially-IBS-D symptoms. It's not necessarily been a busy day... mostly just a long one. (I just typed out a list of all the things I did today. I can admit it was kind of busy.)
  9. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Ye Not-Quite-Olde Ranger Guildhall [General Chat]

    After surreptitiously checking Cheetah for hats the Chaplain sits down to offer his customary first round. Because he's on his phone, he describes it rather than posting an image. Barkeep, a single malt Islay Scotch at least half as old as I am.
  10. REPORT: DAY 2 Morning cardio (elliptical) -- 842 calories in 60 min. Training [Legs] barbell romanian deadlifts 30x20 50x15 70x10 90x8 110x6 130x5 150x4 170x3 190x2 210x2 barbell deadlifts (ramping singles) 230x1 250x1 270x1 290x1 (75% burn set) 220x20 barbell standing calf raises 50x80 50x80 50x80 DIET calories = 2018 fats = 24 g carbs = 194 g proteins = 256 g
  11. Maigs

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    Apparently I need to hang around here for OCR motivation, that's quite a line-up you've got
  12. Teros

    Run Thom Run 2

    Does it happen often? I'm just getting back on here.
  13. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Teros 55: Duty

    Following. That's a lot of good hard work on the house. I look forward to seeing all you do from here on.
  14. Teros

    Snarky is habit forming

    no pic!?
  15. h3r0

    Snickie respawns!

    It's OK. You can't take it back, just try and follow your eating goals tomorrow. Sounds like you had a busy day.
  16. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    Me and the Beasty tonight
  17. Teros

    [Sylvaa] Needs a Thread Title

    Let me know if there is a d4 at blizzcon. I remember when we met and you mentioned being stuck. Were you taking classes then?
  18. Tanktimus the Encourager

    WolfDreamer Pushes Back

    Following to offer fiber so you don't have to get off the pot.
  19. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Trading Post &Tavern

    Following yet again.
  20. Snickie

    Snickie respawns!

    Progress Report T 6/25 It is so easy to get complacent and let myself be lazy, especially the day right after working out since being lazy usually equates to not moving, which stiffens muscles and makes me sore when I do move, which is a convenient excuse to not move (even though not-moving is not conducive to healing). It also sucks when life throws a wrench in your plans, as you'll soon see. Rest day. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what this means. I'm thinking I should aim to do at least the dynamic warming and cooldown stretching. Maybe I'll try to fit in some of the easier Fitness Marshall dance routines to make it fun. Moving is important, you know. I did jog a bit on my way to class since I was running late and I parked on the other side of campus. Food Breakfast: Paleo orange julius subbing coconut milk (I didn't bother measuring, it's however much was left in the can from 2 days ago) and only using 6 or 7 ice cubes Morning snack: carrot cake Larabar Lunch: Pizza Hut bread bites with marinara Dinner (@Texas Roadhouse): 6-7 yeast rolls (with and without cinnamon-sugar butter), 6 oz sirloin rare, mushrooms with seasoning, sweet potato with marshmallows, a cup of mixed broccoli and baby carrots with absolutely no seasoning whatsoever Supplements: Yes (evening) Reading I restarted To Kill a Mockingbird today after the chemistry test. I didn't get through the first chapter because I spent some of the time trying to renew my ICA membership only to find out I paid for a back-renewal for 2018 when I didn't even do anything that year (the renewal was supposed to be for 2019). So now I have to shoot off an email to address that. Notes Lunch was bad because I dropped the ball by forgetting the other leftover chicken korma in the fridge this morning because I was too busy prepping slaw for dinner tonight and making the orange Julius as an attempt at a "quick" breakfast. I should have just eaten the other Larabar I had with me. As for dinner, obviously, we did not have slaw. This morning I was under the impression that the celebratory birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse had been canceled due to previous difficulties getting my dad down the stairs in the garage and to the car (I gave my mom a method and she was able to follow through on it so it ended up not being a big deal). But then I got a text in the middle of the day saying the restaurant dinner was on, so yeah. Slaw and salmon for tomorrow's dinner. I might ask for a salad tomorrow as well. What's worse is work got out late because people don't understand how to do conversions. Literally, I got out at 5:40 (the class ends at 4:40) and pulled into my driveway to pick up my parents at 6:30. So I had no will power left to keep me from eating massive amounts of rolls after having to deal with rush hour traffic. It was there also that I learned a loaded sweet potato means it has marshmallows on it. Tasty but so bad for me.
  21. h3r0

    H3r0 Earns Some Skill Badges

    Going to be extra work it seems. My wife has already asked me twice today when I am going to shave.
  22. Thom Stépan

    Run Thom Run 2

    Bloody Hel. It happened again. Around the six hundred metre mark the pain in my shins started and steadily increased. I wasnt walking fast. Around 11.30's pace at the 500m mark. Both shins started aching. The left leg is worse with pain on the top of my foot in front of my ankle, and going all the way to my knee. With some cramping around my lower calf. My right leg had shin pains going from just above the ankle to midway up. Now that I am home my right achilles tendon is hurting as well. [mention=24241]Xena[/mention], can you help please? I need ideas to deal with this. Prevention being better than cure. I have 94 days until my first 10k. I am not planning anything ambitious timewise, I just want to complete it. Anything under two hours will be good. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  23. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    @J3NN That actually sounds amazing lol comfort food done right. That sausage alone sounds great. Tomorrow for lunch I'm probably having asparagus, microwaved potato and ribs nomnom
  24. Rookie

    Rookie Eats Baguettes

    So my ride was a bust more or less. A girl who I used to ride with came literally while I got on Daisy to ask about the barn. So that took up my ride time. Which I guess is acceptable because Daisy didn't mind, I was wearing new boots (more on this below) and I was wearing bad riding underwear... Aka wedgy all over the whole time :'( I got new riding boots!!! My mom surprised me with them. I feel bad because they are $500CAD boots after tax and shes paying for my trip to Paris... but I'm so happy! I'm going to need to do something really nice for her. They are an appropriate height and the calf actually fits me. I'm unsure about the ankle but I think that's just because it's not broken in yet. Also new riding apparel... I finally bought my SheFit sports bra today!!! I'm so excited and hope it fits and is everything I've ever wanted lol. My Enells bottom clip rusted so much it broke and it's going to be a short time before the second last one goes and so on. During zero week I'm experimenting with making good food decisions without relying on tracking calories. I guess eating more mindfully and intuitively. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow. I've been kind of resenting (used very loosely) the scale lol because it's not going down then I'm like omg noooo I'm going to go back to what I was... Because that's what always happens when I get like I did near the end of the last challenge. I'm also not sure if my calorie goal is correct because I lose 1lb when I basically eat at 1400-1500 cals at least 3 days of the week when all the calculations tell me I should lose 1lb at 1750-1850 calories. So either my tracking is off or I need less calories than I think. But I'm afraid of cutting too many calories.. I am 275lbs @ 5'10. I don't want to eff up my metabolism. But to be fair I haven't been that strict they last few weeks of my last challenge so who knows.
  25. Fonzico

    Fonzico eats like a Goddess

    Week Zero Day Two: Whole 30: another good food day. Breakfast: chicken thigh, veggies, dip, olives Lunch: stuffed peppers Dinner: breakfast! Eggs, pork side, sauteed mushrooms and roasted veggies. Omg. So good. So physically, I'm dying. (Well, I mean we all are, slowly, but you know). I pulled something in my low back/hip area last week and went to physio for it this morning and she beat the crap out of me. I know it'll help in the long run, but I hurt so much right now! So yeah. Gentle stretching, no yoga. Also, I found out I will not be getting the advising position (for those just tuning in, my position was reduced to half time, so I applied for 2nd part time job at the same College). Someone else who was laid off decided to take the position (it's in a different union, so I didn't have any claim to it). It's a little sad, because now it means I'm playing the temporary contract game again in order to stay employed full time. But I do have a near-guarantee of full time hours until the end of the year and 90% until the end of next June. So I just need to find full time permanent work within the next year.
  26. WolfDreamer

    WolfDreamer Pushes Back

    It's time to shit or get off the pot. If you're familiar with Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art, you know about Resistance. It is any force (real or imaginary) that tries to halt progress. Pressfield applies it mostly to any creative endeavor, but I'm beginning to see that Resistance is not exclusive to creativity; it attacks any attempt for self-improvement. It comes in many forms: excuses, procrastination, addictions, bad habits, laziness, negativity, blame, bitterness, and many others. It can even come in the form of friends or family members who are holding you back from that next step towards greatness. I've faced my share of Resistance, and it's time to push back. Most of it has been self-imposed because while I like to consider myself adventurous, I admit to some pretty serious character flaws that hold me back. So, it's time to stand up to Resistance and make some real progress. I'll try to lay out some goals below that should help keep me motivated. Goals: 0430-0445 wakeup Monday-Friday Say the Lord's Prayer and a more personal prayer upon waking. Organize my morning using the 20/20/20 method: 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of scripture reading/meditation, 20 minutes learning something (reading, listening to a podcast, watching informative videos, etc.) Work on my book every single day for at least 20 minutes. Read books that expand my knowledge and/or expectations, books that challenge me either personally or intellectually (bonus if it does both). Run at least three days a week. Work on the new house (even if Mom's not ready or isn't able to help). Stop eating garbage; eat real food that doesn't have a long ingredients list and isn't heavily processed. Call my father at least once a week. There you have it. Simple, but important goals. No theme, just shit that I need to get done.
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