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  2. Grumble

    Greenstone Trout- virgin challenge-

    Good goals, and definitely not mutually exclusive. The walk sounds intense. 35k in 10 hours is going to kick some serious ass. What's the charity about?
  3. Tova the Vibrant

    Heidi: Emerge

    Following along as well
  4. Grumble

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

  5. saoithin

    captain's table log -304294.31

    afternoon log update breakfast was outside the norm due to having to see Dr. McCoy this morning before reporting for duty, it's typically oats and cottage cheese breakfast: pita & baba ganoush coconut yogurt lunch: salad: kale, quinoa, tofu with a light peanut dressing dinner is as of yet unknown because i'll be visiting a neighboring cruiser for a musical event
  6. Severine

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    Weird, there were totally results there last night, but yeah this morning I'm not getting any either. Anyway yeah, some of them were marked for spouses only, but there were some that weren't. But probably nothing you'd necessarily apply for anyway--it was more a symbolic thing than a real suggestion. Didn't know they mostly only went to people already in country, but when I think about it that makes sense. Anyway I don't want to be going on and on about it, so apologies for issues with the link dragging the topic out. I think it's good to dream big and search out options you might not know about, but I also know you have the skills to do that and you'll do it when/if you're ready. Woo couch smoothness. @NeverThatBored good luck with your dentist consult! I had my wisdom teeth out at 22 and it wasn't too bad. I went fully under which I totally recommend! You just wake up and they're gone and you don't have to hear all the gross sounds. As for you Flea, is it possible you have sensitive teeth? My aunt sometimes has really really bad tooth pain and has to use a special toothpaste (sensodyne I think) to counteract it. Things like cold or hot food can trigger it but sometimes it just hurts for no reason too. Either way I'm glad there's no serious issue.
  7. And you have learned all the pertinent @Laghail details you need to know.
  8. The amount of introspection and growth in just SETTING OUT THE TERMS of this challenge is amazing and I love it. And I look forward to hearing more about your cooking adventures!
  9. ... I was wondering why this particular picture, but then I saw a coked out koala, malcolm turnbull in a completely inexplicable picture with thomas the tank engine, and a man with a raw deer leg. I conclude that it may be better to ask no questions but simply graciously accept the Kath.
  10. Severine

    Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback Part 2

    Maybe you've mentioned that before, or something, but ISTG when I was writing the post I was thinking "NTB will definitely understand this." You described it really well. It's so annoying! I sometimes think I would make healthier choices overall if I could wipe my brain of any knowledge of what was healthy or not. Like, it doesn't make sense that a lot of my favourite foods taste-wise are fruits and veggies and I still need to make it a goal to eat them. Also, I had a dream that someone posted on my thread that since I had such a long list of things I needed to work on and I chose three really easy goals, I should probably add a fourth one. And when my alarm went off and I looked at my phone and I saw Tapatalk notifications about new forum posts my first thought was, "ugh I don't want to deal with replying to that" but a few minutes later when I was more awake I realized I was pretty sure it wasn't real. So I checked the forums and yeah, sure enough, I got pranked by myself. My question for my brain:
  11. scalyfreak

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    Indeed I do, and I will steal this way of thinking for the next time I completely miss a goal due to either poor planning or non-existent impulse control. I am very bad at learning from a mistake and then moving on without metaphorically beating myself up over it (perfectionist fallacy in overdrive), and this way of thinking might help.
  12. EricMN

    May the Force be with [DarK_RaideR]

    And you're human and you get to have seasons like this. We all do. Working hard without the payoff sucks. Sometimes breathers are what we need to reclaim ourselves. Ooh. Nice job of finding a way to show a crack in Etsuko's armor without it seeming out of place. I'm all for this; I wouldn't mind seeing either one of these dudes take a Marat beatdown.
  13. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Such wise input from both of y'all! And then there's @Laghail with his WTFery. \o/ thanks friend! It's still so intimidating saying out loud "this is what really matters to me" but I am slooooowly finding it super freeing as well. AHHHH YESSSSSS!!!! Cannot wait to hang out with probably the raddest person I know! Week 0, Day ?: Yesterday was good - got lots of water, skipped working out because I wasn't well-rested from the night before, and mostly took it easy on myself. There's a lot of mental stress I'm placing on myself to be *perfect* at all times, and that's just unnecessary and exhausting. I can have subpar days and even weeks at work and make up for it. BUT OMG Y'ALL, teaching dance yesterday evening was life-giving - I got to do back to back sessions with the kiddos I've had off and on (we rotate teaching assignments) for 2+ years and I just felt so at home with them and so excited to be with them on their learning journey. It really reaffirmed that I feel some sort of vocational pull towards teaching and need to keep exploring how to make that happen. Practice with my partner was also solid, we had a really frank discussion about some things that were under the surface for each of us and leading to a little tension and now I think we have a way of moving forward through them. We wrapped up early for us (9:30) then proceeded to chat for another hour-plus, which was really great because I was a little short on friend time this week and the chat we had really filled me with hope for the future amidst a lot of change. Parents get into town tonight to kick off a weekend of hanging out together - should be a grand old time and I cannot wait!!!
  14. Defining

    Paleo Pancakes - help please!

    I've tried all of them - but I typically just use plain 'ol wheat flour, since I don't have any moral or digestive issues with it. My preference from the non-grain/non-legume options would be tigernut (the real nut flours taste nicer, but they're less starch and more fat). Chickpea flour can also be used for VERY filling homemade pasta - but it takes a bit of practice to handle properly, it's a sticky pain in the arse.
  15. Elastigirl

    KCAleece Gets Fabulous!

    Good to know about Zappos. I've never bought shoes online because how they fit can vary so much. Woohoo, can't wait for the bay announcement!
  16. raptron

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Ahahah, I don't actually have one of these myself, but there are probably videos of there of me in one at gymnastics camp. I just don't actually have any personally! My other tricks are in flying squirrel costumes. AND BROGOOOO. I look forward to your continuing journey of exploring your expressions, doing shit you like, and finding balance.
  17. raptron

    Laghail is a Ruminant

  18. raptron

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    HI LOVE. Excited for you guys, but WISHING the best as you navigate these tricky legal trickses.
  19. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard Gainz Necromances

    Oh yeah, I'm over it. I kind of look at individual days as a pass-fail. There's only so much good OR bad you can do to your body in any given day. This sucks when you're working hard to make positive changes; it makes change take forever and ever. But it's great for mitigating failure! In this sense, the "fuck it" attitude is kind of fine, if you've already committed to a loss for the day. 20 tendies or 50 tendies would not make a significant difference if my body can only process a max of 15 tendies in any given timeframe. I don't know the actual tendies-per-hour processing rate for the human body, but you get the idea. The exception to this is things that mess up subsequent days, like hangovers. I actually didn't have a hangover, but I had already planned for possibly skipping the gym yesterday just in case. I will still hit 3x for the week as long as I make sure to go today and tomorrow. 4 is the goal, but 3 is fine.
  20. raptron

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    \o/ Excellent goaling and continued explorations of what is important to youuuu. ALSO I AM EXCITED TO HANG OUT NEXT WEEKEND.
  21. Tova the Vibrant

    Tova is feasting on life

    Wednesday: 31 points Appetizers: 1 point Facial stretches for jaw pain Salads: 10 points Read something for fun - more LWW talk below Entrees: 20 points Sat down chakra study (write things down) Thursday's Menu work. stay focused on what I can control, and not my dumb boss's decisions. 1x 30 minutes spent learning about Italian (at work, because I only have 5 appointments today) clean litter boxes in the big tub over the lunch hour: return clothes, get root hormone for plants, grab stuff from Sam's yoga after work housecleaning dungeon vacuum the multiroom (checked yesterday and it doesn't need to be mopped) vacuum/mop dining area clean sink and toilet of downstairs bathroom
  22. annyshay

    Infinity - a space ninja

    Good. I reset the game and enjoyed working through the new story again.
  23. Harriet

    Brogo: beats for brainz

    Mmm. I love burgers. Maybe the burger deprivation--that bitter tragedy of being so close to burgers, yet unable to touch them--caused the frozen burrito attack?
  24. raptron


  25. raptron

    CM packs up her troubles

    GUH at the logistical pains from your lender. Get your shit together, lender! And being in the position of having to say no to health care providers isn't enviable either. BIG HUGS. Love you.
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