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  2. Deckard Gainz

    Recovering from ED, need kickass sidekicks

    Welcome Levi! I'm glad to see you've transitioned to a more healthy and sustainable model for healthy living. I can't speak for guild-wide chats, but I can say if you hang around the guild forums (which tend to be pretty active) and make some friends, there are some smaller group chats that usually pop up here and there.
  3. Manarelle

    Manarelle pays the rent

    For the life of me, I can't think of a theme for this. Just another same-ol', same-ol' "challenge" to mark that I'm putting my time in to be a better person. Saw that sign at the gym the other day, and that's me, just paying rent on my health and mental well-being, and hopefully putting some down payments on a different career/ higher paycheck. State of the Hobbies: Languages: Daily F/R vocab, daily R grammar (new), bi-weekly R tutoring. Exercise: M/W/F weights, Tu/Th cardio and PT, Sunday PT. Cosplay: Winingas (leg wraps), helmet. Learning: Russian governance/ law class. Extras: Gardening: Add mulch to sheeting, cut back everything. Job hunt: Attend virtual job fair, put out applications. I am wallowing somewhat under a "what's the point of life" cloud. I have been an "I'm interested in everything, try it all" person for so long. I am working on calming myself down and focusing on hobbies I really want to get good at, but I find myself missing the "found a new thing to consume my every waking moment" rush. Not sure how to reconcile that.
  4. Deckard Gainz

    Re-losing it after a rough few years

    Welcome! If you want to lift heavy stuff to get stronger, don't hesitate to drop on in by the Warriors.
  5. Mad Hatter

    KB Girl preps for the world championship

    And I think you're underestimating yourself.
  6. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    I feel like I'm not allowed to post a new challenge until I finally write up that travel report, so I'll keep posting here for now. As I mentioned on Monday I was already feeling quite unwell even before going into the workout, but I still hoped that gym would perk me up. It did not. I started feeling really unwell with misc symptoms, nausea, complete lack of temperature regulation, dizziness... We had a picnic lunch and I curled up on the blanket for a bit trying to rest and get some warmth hoping that food would help, but alas it did not and before 3 pm I gave up and went home. In retrospect I feel even better about my effort with the squats! Luckily on Tuesday the bad feels were pretty much gone except for a rather unpleasant lingering headache. I spent a bit of time working on the project in the morning, and I got something that works, but I got this weird anxiety and keep rewriting it and changing stuff and nothing's nice enough and blah blah don't want to commit anything because it will get scrutinized and what if it's terrible? It's really dumb, and completely contrary to my regular self which is to just get something done, as simple as possible and build from there. It's always much better to do something and get feedback and change it than not getting anything done. I even want the feedback as it's a new codebase and a new language so of course I want to learn. He's also super chill though and keeps repeating that there's no pressure, but for some ass backwards reason I feel like I'm putting more pressure on myself? I often say this, but brains are weird yo. In the evening I went to my first acro class! It was so much fun! Actually it was very similar to our morning classes, except longer and with handstands. We did one combo in particular which I absolutely loved the feel of, you start from a kneeling position and go into a shoulder roll, turning 90 degrees to get into another kneeling pose, then go straight into another shoulder roll. Very simple but I really enjoyed the super slinky, loose feel of it. It was rather funny, because at one point we played this game and while we were doing it I kept thinking why are we doing this warm up thing in the middle of class? It struck me as kinda odd. Then he announced it was the end of class and I felt a little dumb haha. It was actually quite a fun little concentration exercise (@KB Girl in case you're still interested), one person started off standing in the middle with the other people standing in a semi circle in front, where each spot in the semi circle would get a number. The person in the middle would then call a number, toss a medicine ball up in the air, and the person standing at the numbered spot would have to run into the middle and catch the ball, call out a new number etc etc. The second version was to do the same thing but where everyone in the semi circle would constantly switch positions. It's actually quite interesting because basically the coordinate system changes from one revolving around on yourself to a system that's you relative to other people and that forces you to concentrate in a different way. Well I thought it was interesting. And fun. And it forced me to count in Finnish which added to the challenge. Today I was back to ALL the energy, I headed to the office gym in the morning, but since I had parkour in the evening I didn't want to lift. Instead I did a few arm balances. I think that Wednesday mornings would be a nice day for arm balances + a little myflex. The problem with only doing this mini session was that it only served to boost my energy levels even more and I could.not.sit.still. My legs were almost aching they wanted to jump around so much! The afternoon was such a drag, all I could think about was parkour! The class was awesome, even if it started raining as soon as we got there after having been beautiful for like a week haha. Luckily it didn't last very long and it dried up in an instant. We did a lot of stuff, but some of my favourite things were The warm up - we did the twister exercise (one of my favourite warm ups!) where one person points at the ground and the other person has to put down one limb in that spot, starting with the left arm, then on the next spot with the right arm, the right leg, left leg then back to the left arm etc. Now I was working with my colleague/project partner let's call him A, and I got to be mean to him. That was a lot of fun. He used the word sadistic. But the even more fun part was when he tried to be mean back, and it didn't work despite me ending up in a front split after being twisted up so badly. I think the words were "utterly unsatisfying", when he realized he didn't manage to get me back. We were supposed to do this line, buuut I found a pole and couldn't help incorporating swinging around the pole into the line. So fun! When my teacher was very strict about doing full RoM pull-ups (*cough* A *cough*) and gave me a high five when I told her about all the cheaters at work and that I wasn't one of them. Unfortunately my own pull-ups are in a terrible state and I struggled, but at least I'm always trying! That I fell on my butt doing a turn vault into a cat hang and slipping. It's one the good things list because the more used I get to failing in different ways the harder things I will be able to do. I think a lot of the time things are scary because I don't know *exactly* what will happen and what it will feel like if I fail, so every time I do it increases my awareness and I'll be able to both bail better in the future and also make better decisions. Just trying really hard and getting rid of all that excess energy.
  7. Deckard Gainz

    Not giving up

    Welcome porkchop. I agree that you're in good company here. What is your reason, if you don't mind me asking? I don't think you really go into this reasoning in the post but it's probably pretty important seeing that so much of your dealings around this topic are heavily psychological.
  8. GoodDoug

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    I like that you are still here, and still trying even though you feel like you aren't achieving your goals. Achieving your goals isn't completely in your control, (though we all might like to think it is) but choosing to keep going and try again is in your control, and you are doing it. Also, if you feel it would be helpful, go ahead and move the goalposts in a bit. I did that last challenge to keep myself from getting overwhelmed and I feel like it helped. I also understand if you feel like that is cheating. Challenges are supposed to be challenging, but they should also be doable.
  9. DJtrippyT

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    “The Pizza that was promised”
  10. Rookie

    Rookie Takes Aim

    WELL we are getting the whey version aren't we. Because you know I do stuff last minute.... and I plan on drinking this when I wake up lol. Also ewww chunky. OMG lol on canadian amazon they want $50 for 2lbs of the whey... or $80 for 1.81kg. O_O damn sonnnnnn. I wonder how much this is at Popeyes :O Yay weightloss.... though I am wanting chocolate bad snack things. because I know they have 6 different snack containers in the boardroom and I like what is in 5 of those.
  11. GoodDoug

    TGP changes!

    I think it is good that you are considering what happens after the Big Hike. The doldrums won't hit you by surprise once the high from doing the thing wears down. We are here for you, and will be cheering you on, before, during, and after the Big Hike.
  12. Akura

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    Ophilia's Quest - Breathing: XP: Tried to do a few of my exercises during work, but not enough to earn XP. Cyrus' Quest - Studying game dev: +1 XP: | Did a little bit of sprite work. Due to my fiancée coming home early I won't have time for much else. Tressa's Quest - Budgeting: XP: | Went to the regular grocery store instead of the organic food store. Not sure I want to count that as a (money) win. Especially on a day I went out for lunch... Olberic's Quest - Working out: +1 XP: | Every Wednesday a colleague of mine offers Yoga for all of us. I participated again today. Had a few problems with my left ankle which hurts since Sunday. But overall it went fine. Primrose's Quest - Fiancée effort: XP: Watching Murder on the Orient Express with my fiancée today. Not sure whether that counts as 'effort', considering we're both movie addicts. Alfyn's Quest - Eating well: XP: Went out for lunch to a burger restaurant with my colleagues to celebrate one of their birthdays. And I had a little bit of leftover cake from yesterday. Overall I ate not too badly -- no bun for the burger and a salad for supper -- but still much more than 2000 kcal. Therion's Quest - Guitar: +1 XP: | First time playing the guitar in about two weeks. Went much better than I expected. H'annit's Quest - Moving: XP: ...
  13. JustCallMeAmber

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    So, a nice, quiet, uneventful challenge cycle, then? GL!
  14. kcaleece

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    The cash method definitely was a big help when we were getting our feet under ourselves! We had a budget but it was getting blown on silly things like extra groceries bought just because "I dunno, it sounded good" or my personal frequent favorite, "I'm stressed, let's go online shopping. It's only $10-$20 (plus shipping)!" Once you get settled into the new normal, though, it becomes much easier to stay on cards/digital. And all our savings are online-only high interest savings accounts, so it's minimum 3 days to transfer anything needed, which helps convince us do more of what we've called "mixed payments" (partly from that month's budget and partly from savings). You can totally do the same thing! No shame in being at a turning point in a journey
  15. TGP

    GoodDoug goes hunting dinosaurs, again

    those are some very detailed plans, Doug GJ! I'll follow along (after all, how many times do you get to see a T Rex gets clobbered?....)
  16. GoodDoug

    Grandkai joins the Ranger campfire

  17. RedStone

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    ICELAND!!! Oh I hear it's stunning, have fun! And bust of luck with Dad, insurance is so annoying. He's got some good folks looking out for him <3
  18. I have a new challenge up, hunting dinosaurs again.
  19. CourtnieMarie

    CM packs up her troubles

    new challenggggeee
  20. Bisuto the beastmaster of the enemy extended his power, finding the large dinosaurs he had been raising and training. He entered their small minds and tried to determine their readiness for battle. His master had told him to get them ready, they seemed more than ready. His master was scheduled to contact him any moment now to deliver the plan. Bisuto's master was in charge of the fight on this front. The rebels had made some gains recently, but they were about to be pushed back. Bisuto's master had a history with the half-ogre they were going after, he had foiled his master's attempt at crushing the rebellion. The master had hidden and worked in secret to poison the mind of the half-ogre. But somehow, it had shaken off the subtle spell and was coming back to help the rebel scum. Bisuto also knew that this half-ogre had been responsible for taking out his first batch of T. rex dinosaurs a few years ago. This new litter of T. rexes would at least draw the half-ogre out before he was completely ready. If Bisuto's T. rexes didn't kill this half-ogre, then they would at least draw him out and make him vulnerable. The candle at Bisuto's side suddenly flared green, "Master, tell me your plan." The grizzled old Ranger Guild leader couldn't wait any longer. The reports in the field of the giant dinosaurs taking out fortified positions meant he had little time to wait for some half fit half-ogre to get ready. He went into the warehouse, finding it mostly empty but for Ben, the quartermaster for this ranger guild hall. "Hail Ben, where can I find GoodDoug?" Ben came out from behind the desk he was sitting at and sighed, "Sending him to the front lines?" "Have to, something's come up that he has the expertise on." The old ranger paused, then continued, "Is he ready?" Ben gave a crooked smile, "I don't think it matters whether he is ready, but yes, he is as ready as we can make him here." The guild leader found GoodDoug outside the barracks sharpening his great sword, his bags packed. The half-ogre looked up, "I heard the enemy is using big dinosaurs, probably T. rexes." "You heard right, so you know why I'm here?" GoodDoug smiled, "Yep, just give me all the intel you have and I'll get right on it. It'll be like old times." The guild leader frowned, arms crossed, "No, it won't be. You are not in the same shape you were last time. You will need to take it at a pace you can handle, but still push hard enough that more of our outposts aren't overrun. We stand to lose a lot of the ground we took." GoodDoug's grin sobered. He looked straight into the guild leaders eyes and said, "I will do my best." "That is all we can ask of you." See my last dinosaur related challenge here This one will be about chasing down each T. rex (running) and then moving the carcass (weights in the gym) as well as eating much of the T. rex (eating more protein). To keep from getting caught, I will need to do make sure I am staying flexible as well as maintaining and increasing my acrobatics skills (yoga and handstands). As well, I need to keep in touch with my fellow rebels, getting their help when I need it (keeping up with NF forums). Also, since I need help this challenge, anyone that wants to chime in with their story of the rebellion and fighting the mighty T. rex, please feel free to lend a hand. And if anyone has some recipes using dinosaur, I'd love to hear them. I'm going to break each section into "New thing," "Maintenance," and "End goal" as I have a lot of things I want to maintain. And I think having the end goal there is a reminder of why I am doing these things. Lastly, at the very end of the challenge we are heading to Europe. My daughter's soccer team is going to play some friendlies and to watch the Women's World Cup. Exercise: New thing - Running twice a week Even if it is super slow, or not for very long or lots of walking with the running, just get it done. Maintenance - Gym twice a week, fill move ring As in my last T. rex related challenge, will measure weight moved per week. Aim for 8-12 tons per week. End goal - Get fit, run 5K non-stop Diet: New thing - More protein 100g of protein per day. Trying to hit it every day, but allowing for some hiccups. Maintenance - Track every day, limit carbs LoseIt every day, and limit carbs to 1/3 of total intake... though I will make exception in Paris. I plan on eating my body weight in croissants. End goal - Look good naked Flexibility: New thing - Quick handstand try every day I want to get into the habit of at least kicking up once a day Maintenance - Yoga once a week, foam rolling once a week I should make it more than once a week, but I'm trying to work in some other things when I would normally do yoga, including writing. End goal - Not be so damned sore all the time Creativity: New thing - Write three days a week I won't count my NF story in this, but I have started doing some writing and I really like how it feels. Right now, I'm not going to stipulate what kind of writing (journalling, "wisdom" writing, or fiction) Maintenance - Get into the wood shop, keep designing I have a few things I've designed enough that now it is time to get into the shop and start making some more. End goal - Get good at writing and woodworking and drawing Accountability: New thing - Bullet Journal Just started this, and am trying to find my groove. I like how it feels, and I like the creative aspects to it. I'll have to figure out how to put my goals into the journal. Maintenance - Tracking and stay on Nerd Fitness Stay the course, I'll work at keeping myself accountable, if you all help me keep accountable End goal - have a system to keep myself moving forward For zero week, I am expressly taking a little break from the gym. I did yoga this morning, and did go to the gym on Monday, but I'm trying to do a little recovery this week. Also, it is my birthday on Friday and I want to be able to enjoy some birthday cake, so trying to take it chill.
  21. CourtnieMarie

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    reykjavik! with two full days of private tours outside of the "city" golden circle and south coast! yes... fun...
  22. CourtnieMarie

    Raptron Coasts

    AWESOME deadlift PR!! also i will take that ticket off your hands if you'd like. make sure you see Christine and the Queens!! also chvrches and fred armisen. i'm only a little jealous.
  23. RedPandaOne

    Cute cat pictures

    It's literally been a year since someone posted in this thread, but I've got pictures and I want to post. So here goes! Salem Saberhagen and Selina Kyle Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  24. RedStone

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    What an interesting take on contemporary sociology!! I guess my takeaway would be in the mindful camp - similar to noting an online source in a research paper, what is the quality of my information? If I know I want to squirrel away my information acorns, and that I'm going to do it anywhere anyway, maybe I can catch myself in the moment of the dull and even toxic aspects and seek some quality information elsewhere. I feel like I've noticed myself getting stuck on the old FB feed, bored and annoyed, and swapping over to pinterest as an alternative. Maybe I'll try to add some more interesting and informative sites (and someday employ the self control app that blocks facebook for however many minutes I need to get away! ) Neat!
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