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  2. Contented Reader

    Contented Reader gets fit and reads Dickens

    Food: Under 1200 calories, with fruits or vegetables at two meals. Exercise: 45 minutes of swimming, and a twenty minute walk. Also I mowed the lawn. Barnaby Rudge: No progress, because audiobooks and swimming pools don't mix well. I got my hair buzzed for the first time, and I love the way it looks. I might never have hair again.
  3. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Yeah the reason I said "have a basic routine" as a goal is I've been lurking on r/SkincareAddiction/ and r/curlyhair/ and the number of products people use daily and the time they spend on everything is mind-boggling. As are the prices on each of the products. Fuck that, I'm getting everything at Target until I know what I'm doing. I always thought I had oily skin because my face feels gross like two minutes after washing it, but apparently if you have dry skin and use oil-removing products your skin goes into overdrive to produce oil to protect the dry skin?? Ngl I'm probably going to post on each of those subreddits like "Help, I know the wiki is in English but I don't know what any of those words mean."
  4. analoggirl

    Don't call it a comeback

    God damn it, I started looking for a topic for a paper that is due on Monday 3 weeks ago and I only decided on found some & decided on one last weekend. I could have started looking 4 weeks ago, 1 week after my last exams, but still not guaranteed I would have found one. Before I put pen to paper, I usually take a long time finding the RIGHT literature, the right information, and that's normal. But then I like to read, and read, and let it marinate, make bullet points, mind maps, think about them etc... And that takes a lot of time. I always wonder how some of my peers keep ramming away at the keyboard at the library. I like to sit next to them, if their keyboard is not too loud, because they motivate me. I am not the very competitive type at heart, but I like to play a game in my mind that I have to try to keep up with them at least most of the time, and it helps keep my thoughts flowing and fingers going instead of just thinking. Still, sucks that I am still not done yet and it will be a "right the last minute" job yet again, even though my schedule is not that busy. Oh well. It is what it is.
  5. Miaulin

    The Star-Spangled Miau With a Plan

    Grocery Day done! We made a day of it for real and went to the nearest city instead of the nearest town. I had sweet potato fries for lunch that were Very Nice picked up cucumbers and radishes at the grocery store, neither of which i've had in quite some time so that'll be a nice change-up from The Usual. Did enough walking and heavy lifting today to count at least partially for exercise. There was one weird moment where we were discussing The Great Wisdom Teeth Removal of 2016 and my brother was talking about the stitches used and remarked that they were probably made from catgut, at which point, even with no real emotional cannonfire going on, i began hyperventilating and, for some reason, laughing in between desperately trying to breathe. Googled it when we got home and promptly began hyperventilating a little bit again. Very silly but. oof. So while trying not to think about that ever day went well! i'm spend the rest of the day doing some writing and planning for the week
  6. Wobbegong

    Flea Learns How to Human

    I know there are different products for different skin types, but I honestly have no idea how you determine what your skin type is, so...? Then on top of that there's all the fragrance and foaming options, plus hypoallergenic products for those of us who don't react well to extras. My mother and sister always complain about needing hypoallergenic stuff but I never notice a difference. I briefly got into the Korean Beauty scene and had like a ten-step process, but the only difference it made in my life was how much time it took every morning. My skin was not noticeably improved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. fleaball

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    Here to cheer you on!
  8. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    *standing ovation for Jean the Wise* *waves a pompom around* *cheers* aaaaaand cheer for Sal too! It sounds like you've been busy in a good way i agree about being unapologetic! even on the things you're working to change, you don't have to apologize for where you are at any point of your journey.
  9. fleaball

    Flea Learns How to Human

    Dammit. Yeah I’ve purged stuff before and after every time I moved and it’s been fantastic. (Also why I’m doing clothes and books in the same week - I’ve done those a million times and there’s not much left.) But I’ve never gone through literally everything so there are a lot of things that have escaped vengeance over the years. Lmao I am totally on board with this! I use moisturizer consistently because my face wash dries out my skin so much. So then I get a fun combination of super dry skin with a layer of lotion that doesn’t help. -__-
  10. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale I

    Today is the Encore show of She Kills Monsters. It’s part fundraiser, part test run for the new set we had to build, and something I’m super proud of my wife for since it’s part of the Nationals journey. I’m proud of the impact her show has had, how much it means to the kids, and of being one of the people who helps spread the message of love, acceptance, and the shared humanity of us all. Last night, the kids and I gave my wife a brand new Bosch impact driver along with her own set of drill bits. She’s been wanting one for a long time. It caught her by surprise and I think it helps her see that her kids are proud of her, too, and think she’s great even if this job keeps her away long hours. Hopefully it’ll be something we transition out of but I think stuff like this will help her bear out the time she has to stay. Myself, I’m about 10% tech director, 10% empathetic ear (for my wife and the students), and 80% jack-of-all-trades gopher. I don’t enjoy her long hours but I do like my involvement with the shows and being around the energy of teenagers. It helps me keep from being mentally old. Or from getting too mature. And I get to deliver my amazing puns. Like the reason I got her the drill. Because She Drills Monsters.
  11. Miaulin

    Lightbearer: Present

    ohhhhhh oh oh how horrible i'm so sorry! i hope she's made good advances or even won that battle! *shudder* the poor thing! how are you doing, Sky? *sends hugs and sparkles your way* <3
  12. Manarelle

    Manarelle pays the rent

    Leg wraps (aka winingas, which is just fun to say) are done. 36 feet of serging, ironing, and hemming - first time my hamstring has cramped from holding the pedal down for so long without a break. But hey, they're done; literally only waiting on the helmet, now. Stretch linen, hand-dyed. They're surprisingly comfy, not itchy, and not hot. Hopefully that holds true after several hours of wearing them. The fuzzy socks will not be part of the final outfit.
  13. aramis

    Umm... Hi?

    As I see, this is a place for a first post here on forums, so here we go. Hello Rebellion. I go as aramis (lowercase "a" is intentional for any grammar nazi over here) for almost half of my life for all my friends and even my wife (who I met in medieval reconstruction group I joined back in the college). I'm 38, married, father of two hellspawns (5 and 8), working full-time job in engineering and trying to find time for generic family-time, goofing around with kids, some exclusive time with wife, and also nerd stuff like gaming, woodworking, old tool renovation and recently airsoft. Some time ago there was also medieval reconstruction, but sadly, as people from my group got older, went to different cities/countries it just died. But I kept all my stuff so when the need arises, I can fight zombie outbreak as XIVth century infantryman with glaive and pavise. But enough oversharing, let's get back to the topic. First - stats: Height 193cm Weight 80kg Age 38 Male And then, character story: At the end of march I casually stepped on a scale and found I gained some kilograms (did I mention I'm form Poland? That's in Europe/across the pond, for all of you Freedomers). I'm overall in okay-ish shape (or I thought so), but as my job evolved toward more desk-job than working at the machines, I found myself gaining some fat from not moving enough. Then I decided I need to find some home workout I can stick with and found Beginners' Bodyweight Workout. At first, I was able to do only two circuits, limiting pushups to 5-6 in set. Throughout april I slowly worked up to full three circuits with complete sets (it's hard, but doable), working out every other day. On top of that (thanks to many articles here on NF about nutrition) I started to track my food intake, cut sugar, liquid calories, bread and snacks, added vegetables, limited my calorie intake and so on. In result, I dropped from 86kg to my target weight of 80kg AND progressed with workouts at the end of april. My body fat level decreased as well - I don't know exact numbers, but readings on body fat calipers dropped from 12mm to about 6-8mm - fold measured above Illiac crest. My eating habits are far from optimal, but I do what I can to balance my diet. I skip breakfast every day (IF ftw), then eat lunch at noon (batch cooked chicken with vegetables), dinner around 4pm and supper before 8pm. I work out in the afternoon, mostly around 6pm, so my supper doubles as post-workout meal. It is (on work-out days) cottage cheese and almonds. On rest days, it's omlette / scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mozarella or something similar. The most troublesome meal is dinner, as my father is in charge of cooking and he tends to cook very carb-heavy meals with little-to-none proteins and vitamins. Just picture a platefull of pasta with instant roasting sauce and a piece of fried sausage. Or delicious, but still mostly-carb potato dumplings. I will not argue with him about this because he helps so much with home, kids etc while me and my wife are at work, but as I said - dinners are pain in the ass to balance in the diet. In most cases I just assume most of my carb intake will be from whatever is at dinner, and plan to maximize protein on lunch and supper. I used to eat less than 1700kcal on rest days and less than 1900kcal on workout days. Recently I stopped counting calories and macros (I hate this), but I did it for over a month and I stick to habits I made then. I only raised a bit my calorie intake to even the deficit I did in april to lose weight. My concern is if I eat enough, but the scale shows no more than 2kg differences week-to-week, so I think I'm quite good. End of backstory. Now, the problem: Since I've met my weight goal, I needed new one. About a week ago, I dropped earlier workout plan and started my way to first real pull-up. I use this article as my guide. I've started at level 3A (assisted pull-ups with exercise band), since I can easily make 3x8 body rows at about 30 degrees from floor. After the pull-up part (3 sets with 2min breaks in between), I add some push-ups and squats for complete full body workout in form of circut - (15 squats with exercise band , 10 push-ups)x3. Of course I warm up before and stretch after. For now, I use 35kg band to help me get above the bar, but I find my pull muscles get tired extremely fast - I can do 6-5-2 reps, not a single more. My arms and back just don't cooperate. Similar thing is with push-ups. I make 10 on the first circuit like a champ, second circuit is easy 6-7, then things get hard, and last circuit is 4-5 reps okay, then every next one needs couple seconds of rest and holding breath to push me up. I don't understand why I get tired so fast. Where should I look for a cause of this to work on the solution?
  14. Curl Brogo

    Brogo Becomes a Snake Handler

    I found a new terminal emulator that works! And doesn't suck. Then spent the last three hours venting computer frustrations by playing a zelda randomizer ROM. If you want to play the original, but get bored after like 20 mins because you already know the game like the back of your hand, this is the way to go. Also, I weighed in at 254 this morning. That's a new daily low since I started this keto thing.
  15. RedPandaOne

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    Thank you! I'm going to the store tomorrow so I'll see if I can pick out the right thing, lol. I know most people do slow cookers in the winter, but I'm thinking I'm going to use mine over the summer to cut down on how hot my kitchen gets. I should go buy a cookbook of just crockpot recipes.
  16. Guzzi

    Ba Dum Tiss (Bad Joke Thread)

    Bahahahahaha! That’s a classic!
  17. Guzzi

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    Buy a shoulder of pork and just trim the thick layer of fat and skin off the top, then slap it in the slow cooker (crockpot) on med/high and leave it all day (6-8hrs). It is much easier to just leave the fat and skin on whilst it’s cooking and trim it off before you “pull” the pork, but some of the fat will render out and make the dish fattier. It’s totally your choice. I will look out some decent recipes and share them.
  18. Salinger

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    How is your weekend going? x
  19. Guzzi

    Guzzi gets her Yogi on

    Thanks guys! I’ll try not to slope off towards the end of the challenge this time, lol!
  20. Salinger

    DaemonCorax becomes less round (incubating pt. 6)

    Sending love to you all xx
  21. So, um, I bought a packet of oreo-type cookies for the first time in many, many years, and ate most of it in one day. Delicious. But also, enough calories to fuel a smaller person for an entire day. Not sure what to think. The IE book would say having cookies around will teach me that they are nothing special, I would eventually stop scarfing them in excess number. But a look at industry food-development practices would say that these foods are carefully designed to be irresistible, and that they're simply not the kind of food our hunger or intuitions evolved to cope with. I think my inclination is to not totally ban such foods, but also not to buy and keep them around the house as I would other groceries. I noticed I went for the cookies, and on another occasion, a cupcake, right after having a salad for lunch. The salad is one of the most high calorie meals I regularly eat, yet it leaves me craving carbs, at least sometimes. Or maybe I just had a couple of hungry days. Actually I seem to have developed a strong interest in carbs generally. Oats, farro, bread, wild rice, quinoa, and sugar, nom. Anyway, I'm getting pretty comfortable with honouring my hunger and giving unconditional permission to eat... not sure if I'm doing quite as well at eating mindfully, stopping when full, or introducing gentle nutrition. I'm more just eating everything (some whole foods, some junk). What's the next step?
  22. Harriet


    I definitely have these types of days. Listless do-nothing days where even the tiny hurdle of starting a thing seems too high so I flit from distraction to distraction. Kindness to yourself, a good night's sleep, and a dose of your preferred exercise are indicated.
  23. NightWatcher13

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    ^^^so much this lol Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  24. Gemma

    The Long Night

    I have no idea what I am in. But I'm in it. (<- this is my normal state of being)
  25. I figured I would post this recipe/method. Although it is keto friendly, it is great for anyone looking for some extra protein. It is higher on the sodium side because it is dried meat, but it is lower than most beef jerkies, has no sugar or carbs, Each serving has 20 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat on average. Ingredients: 2kg Lean red meat roast. I'll use deer or moose if I have any, if not, beef. 5 tablespoons Apple Cider vinegar or Malt vinegar. Malt gives a better flavour in my opinion. 2.5 tablespoon coarse salt 2.5 tablespoon coriander 2 tsp black pepper Instructions 1. Cut off as much fat as you can off the roast. 2. Cut the roast into strips going with the grain. About 8-10 inches long. 3. Separate into 2 batches. I place a kg into 1 gallon Ziploc bags. Add half of everything to each ziploc, fill with air and shake/rattle/roll until evenly distributed. 4. Remove air and refrigerate for 12 hours. 5. Remove from bags, pat dry, and place in a dehydrator at 35 C for 12-24 hours or longer. Depending on thickness and how dry you like it. Each batch makes 24 servings, so weigh out your final dried weight and divide by 24. This can also be dried without dehydrator, hanged with just a fan circulating the air in the room. But where I live is too humid for that. Store in a paper bag in the refrigerator, for longer durations vac seal and refrigerate or freeze. I've carried these on a trip unrefrigerated for 5 days in a paper bag without them spoiling. Ignore the plastic bag, they spent a couple hours there because I was out of paper bags. I tend to use the mushroom bags, perfect size.
  26. Gemma

    Book Riot 2019 Read Harder Challenge

    I updated my list - haven't made much progress on it, I'm having a slower than usual reading year, but at least I finished "Lovelock" and started "Like Water for Chocolate." Also, thanks @raptron for pointing me at "On A Sunbeam" - I am definitely looking forward to that one! How is everyone else doing?
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