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    Annyshay Settles In

    Sunday w4d7 Water - filled both my water bottles - tracked my intake (20 ounces) Food - breakfast, lunch, and dinner distraction free Coaching - intention mantra for 2 minutes - journaling
  3. Again I stopped reading, and apparently this time it is because I feel blocked about which books to read first, and have plenty of doubts about some of the books being worthy of the time invested. So I'll leave it to fate: I'll make a list, number each book and then let a number generator decide which one I'm reading. I'm adding this to my 1-year goals, hoping I'll be able to finish the list in that time (19 books). So, let's see... first book is going to be... number 2. Dawkins. Ok, let's go.
  4. Fitness Health Forever

    Fitness Health Forever

    Jump to What are the best exercise to increase weight? - Heavy compound exercises like Squats and Deadlifts are the best exercises to gain muscle weight. More Details: Email:
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  6. The Hero of Time

    Level 1 - Kokiri Forest

    Week 4, day 5 summary - Oct 11th Target 1: edit for word-count requirements, find pandoc command-lines that produce files that conform to the competitions' requirements The title of this target became obsolete fairly quickly. Anyway, I submitted the story to the two competitions. I feel a huge sense of achievement with this... and also one of opportunity.  Target 2: replace one of the Basic Runs in my interval training routine with the Island circuit It was strength-training. I continued making small, incremental improvements with form.  Target 3: start work on time four times  I did start work on time. Whole week summary - Week 4 By far the biggest deal this week was the fact that I submitted the short story to the competitions. I started off the challenge not quite believing I would go through with it but I've actually done it a week early. I'm really grateful to everyone here who encouraged me and gave me advice. It's overwhelmingly unlikely that I'll win or be short-listed but this is still a bucket-list moment. Due to the fact that I completed this a week early, Week 5 will be spent preparing for the next challenge. Again, when starting this challenge, I didn't quite believe that I would be able to complete the Wii Fit U Island Circuit run, but it turns out my skinny legs are capable of something after all (and they're not quite as skinny any more). This (small) achievement has given me greater confidence to keep pushing towards that half-marathon. I did pretty poorly with starting work on time (I only did it twice). I'm going to do a mini-respawn for Week 5 and tackle this particular quest head-on.
  7. Ann of Vries

    [The Books of Vries] I am the Dream

    Update I’m finding it harder than planned to keep up on this challenge, but here’s where we currently stand: Gratitude I’m not writing 3 a week, but I’m considering and writing thought-out gratitude posts and that’s what I really wanted. To be able to really sink into the story of the things I’m grateful for, rather than just shooting out a list. Meditation/Spiritual Practices Best laid plans got waylaid first by my new assignment requiring at least 3 consecutive weeks of journaling (most assignments are suggested to take 2 weeks) and going on holiday. At this point, if I can get this one assignment in by the end of the challenge, I’ll be satisfied. I was doing well on daily meditation—again, until holiday and the return. And I didn’t start any of the branch classes. Oh well. The course is self-paced, I’m clipping along at the rate I’d like to be. And I need to get back on the meditation. Going outside/staying active I mean, during the holiday I really rocked this one, but I’ve been pretty good about it most days. Holiday got me in a better mindset to go out when the rain was coming down which is still helping me now that it’s rainy and grey in London. It’s so easy to get outside all the time in the summer! Mind-healthy engagement I still get lost in the FB scroll now and again, but it’s getting better. And I finally pulled out my embroidery and I’m putting a lot of time and practice into that. Don’t (Always) Eat the Croissant This is the other one I’m doing quite well at. I’m back to my pre-illness eating habits, and I lost the weight I gained during illness on our holiday. Hurray! Honestly, I kind of bit off a lot for this challenge and underestimated how much the holiday was going to sidetrack me. But forward motion is still forward...
  8. The Hero of Time

    Respawned: Building the Habit

    It sounds to me as if this epiphany could be one valuable thing to take from this challenge. Have you heard of the "Last Lecture", by Randy Pausch? A great lecturer from CMU, dying from cancer, gave a talk on what should be important in life and achieving childhood dreams. It changes me every time I watch it. It's over an hour long but that's time well spent IMO --- He did a follow-up lecture on time management which is also worth watching.
  9. Pain. Huge amounts of pain. And better blood circulation. Apparently that too.
  10. zenLara

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Because if it weren't so the place would be empty
  11. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    It's a bit hard to get sand down here. Fun fact. We import sand for land reclamation lol. I'll check the supermarket for 5L of water later hrrrmm. Though there was a haul 18.7 kg FedEx box to the reception. I was nice and weighed myself carrying the box and without the box and wrote down the weight. I even specifically called in to give the weight of the parcel and the FedEx guy came with a trolley lol.
  12. Mad Hatter

    Raptron Ramps Up

    HOW DID IT GO?????!!!!!!
  13. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Why is it that most places with stable governments and happy populations are the cold countries? But who knows! I'd definitely love to visit. I think that's a great way to start to reduce device usage. After four weeks I don't find I need it anymore.
  14. Nice! I'm sure you mentioned this a long time ago, but can you remind me what you get out from the ice baths for the hands and feet?
  15. zenLara

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Come to Spain! We have plenty of sun, nice food, and lots of corruption. (yes, I'm in dire need of blocking my news feed again) Seems a better idea. Maybe leaving it in another room?
  16. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    In Poland in every grocery you can buy 5L bottles of water, dirt cheap. This gives you 5kg on each hand if you buy two. And you can drink the water later and fill bottles with sand for more weight
  17. Harriet

    The Return of the Grumble

    Bwahahaha. Philosophy SWAT team breaking down doors. I love it.
  18. Harriet

    Harriet's Even Better Programme

    Ah, well, that explains it, all right. I wonder what happens to the form of mind and dicta if you add milk? Eh, I said I wouldn't internet in the mornings, but I spent all day out yesterday, and I did not sleep until 5am, despite going to bed at 10pm. That's two nights out of the last three I've had about three hours of sleep. So I doubt I'm going to be deadlifting and reading William James for long stretches today. I'm going to do whatever I can manage today while awake. I did cope pretty well with the long day and socialising yesterday. I was chill, which surprised me. Unfortunately, we had all our meals at cafes and restaurants, and none of them contained much in the way of protein. Cake, flammkuchen (like a super thin german pizza thing but with no cheese and a sour cream base) and an inadvertently vegan breakfast. Not the tofu and pulses kind of vegan, rather the vegetables and bread kind of vegan.
  19. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Oops, sort of forgot about this! I did get my car serviced, and I looked up a dry cleaner but I haven't rung them yet. Forgot all about thank you cards, which is a shame because I could've handed some out at dinner on Saturday. I looked up the name change thing with a couple of government agencies and they all have different methods, which is a pain when I'll have to do them all individually. So that'll be a problem for future me. On the other hand, there were some positives on the weekend. Bought myself a rice cooker, which is quite exciting! I made a big batch of curry for my lunches this week, so that'll save me going to the nasty cafeteria all the time. Also on a whim this morning I grabbed some old work pants out of the closet and they fit me! I wonder what else is in there that I've banished for being too small but might fit again.
  20. Harriet

    Respawned: Building the Habit

    Excellent thinking work. Being strong is totally worth it; I think it can make the difference between an old age of fragility and dependence and one of mobility and independence. I'm not sure the 100lb for all four lifts is particularly balanced, though . It would be more usual for your overhead press to be somewhere between 30-50% of your deadlift, depending on your size, sex, and degree of proficiency.
  21. Salinger

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Thanks so much Aramis yes will focus on each task and not get overwhelmed ... Ill wear my Twin Peaks hat when i go out!! hehehe xx Hey thank you man! Good to have you checking on me Ill definitely go for a walk.... it will be good for me, you are right xx
  22. Mr_Willes

    Cheetah takes an opportunity.

    ALL the right reasons!
  23. Mr_Willes

    Illumination: The Protector Rises

    We are slowly completely redoing everything that has to do with finances. Which, in the near future, makes for a total saving each month of about 1/4 of my net salary! And after that we still have some stuff to do. At the moment we are smack in the middle of mortgage talks (which is a fantastic time, cause over here the interest is historically low). After that it will be redoing all insurances. We already did, healthcare, energysavings. I can't wait for the time this will give me some more breathing space. The family is just doing it's usual self, but i have almost stopped buying anything for myself that last 1.5-2 years.
  24. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    I walked around my office area during lunch. In the open carpark, there are some low walls (higher then I'm used to) that can be used to box jump on. I'll need to wear long pants in case of shin incidents. I guess I can do push ups in the stairwell and plank in the stairwell as well. There is not anything I can row from nor hang from(I think even if I could reach the carpark pipes with the help of a stool, it may not support my weight), and I don't see anything in the office to farmers carry. I am also considering doing Vinyasa yoga in the stairwell as strength training.
  25. Mortimer

    My way towards OCR

    I don't know haha. I'm the nub who is trying to learn more about functioning in cold weather while you've probably lived there all your life And tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables according to botanists. Ahhh the contradictions!
  26. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Yup. Should I use only one layer? I thought this works like regular clothing... Haha, we can get -30C on some winter days (but that's extreme and rare). I'd say -10C during the day is considered cold. Walnuts in their shells look like this And the shells are additionally covered by soft tissue which dries as nut matures Shells are thinner but tough much like coconut shell, so you need to either whack it with a hammer or use dedicated tool - the nutcracker. It may be in form of profiled tongs like this or contraption where threaded screw does the squeezing, like this BTW, walnuts aren't nuts if you ask a botanist. They are seeds of a fruit, just like coconut
  27. Mr_Willes

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Getting that walk back in seems like mandatory, what helps me, is promising myself i can do a walk of 3 minutes, but it has to be actually leaving the house and property, at least into the next street. After that i usually end up walking a lot further, it's just getting started. Which goes not for just the physical part of the walk, but also that first walk... I'm gonna be by you mentally today to make sure you do something. (The above actually trumps most scary movies )
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