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  2. Grumble

    StillStar starts

    Welcome to the rebellion! Is this one activity over the course of the challenge or a new activity each week?
  3. RuthixCube

    RuthixCube and the Dirty 30

    The last two days have gone all right, though not as well as I'd have liked. I was pretty mentally drained on Monday after doing allthethings over the weekend. I was looking forward to coming home for a nice quiet Monday night recharge when my roommate springs on me that he's having guests over. Awesome. Normally I don't have a problem with people over, last minute or not, but I was not about it at all that night. It put me in a bad mood and I ended up holing myself up in my room binge watching 'This is Us'. I absolutely could have done some yoga, body weight exercises, etc, but I definitely didn't. I should have journaled too, but that didn't happen either. Wash and repeat for Tuesday as far as not getting these two goals done again. Meh, I'm not happy with myself for letting it slip the first two days of the challenge. No zero days going forward. Period. Last night I met up with my bestie, L, for dinner - we hadn't seen each other in months and it was a much overdue catch up session. We've both been in a bit of a rut life-wise lately, which has made it hard for us to hang out. She told me she is planning to start up game night again on Saturdays, which is something we used to do weekly with a few other friends before she moved into Boston. I'm pretty excited for it to start, and it should be the perfect setting to introduce everyone to BF (henceforth known as Fish, based on a gaming name of his). Plus, I think he'd really enjoy it - he's just as nerdy as we are. L ended up surprising me and paid for dinner as a belated bday treat, which was super sweet of her. After I got home I hopped on the PS4 and played Blackout with Fish, CoD's version of a battle royal like PUBG or Fortnite. We've both become addicted to the game mode, and usually switch off playing solo games when I'm at his place. Once a week or so, we have a virtual 'date night' where we play Blackout as a team in duos. Time always ends up flying by when we do this, and before I knew it the clock read 10:30p. That was that for the night, and I went to bed shortly after. Today didn’t start off completely on the right foot, but it’s not terrible either. I ended up having 3 munchkins from the box in the break room (Wednesday’s are Donut day at the office). I was SUPER hungry for whatever reason and caved. That was around 9a, and it’s the only thing I’ve had all day other than my usual morning cold brew. It’s just about noon now, so I have to start figuring out what I’m going to be having for lunch. After work I’m going to take a few laps around the community to get my fitness goal in, and then I’m headed to Fish’s for the night. We’re going to make chicken fajitas (I thank/blame @Tanktimus the Encourager for that one, I’ve been craving them since catching up on his thread yesterday lol) and then we usually end our nights playing Blackout or watching some TV until bed.
  4. Rookie

    New Thread: Here I go again (But not on my own)

    Oh I like it I definitely will! Seeing the journey is part of the fun
  5. No worries, I appreciate the thought. Being an engineer, I tend to think "Oh it's just math, I can figure this out" about anything involving numbers. That makes me feel better that it terrifies an accountant
  6. This could be a motto for Nerd Fitness as a whole. Just saying...
  7. Elastigirl

    Work hard, play hard

    A garden- how fun! I love gardening. Planting seeds, waiting a bit, and then pretty flowers or tasty veggies reward you (we won't discuss all the gardening failures that can happen)
  8. Rookie

    Flea’s Super Secret Mystery Challenge!

    I still haven't seen any of the Magicians But I recorded it.. hopefully its still there. Then I too could join in lol I tend to not notice things in shows/movies that outrage people though it could also be one of my best friends is actually the most opinionated person ever and hates most things where I am the polar opposite and tend to like most things haha. I hope your brain quieted enough for you to get some sleep. Ex-crush situation just sounds exhausting mentally and emotionally especially when you aren't 100% aware of your feelings. Shithead I would actually have throat punched. Also BOOO LYFT for all the random hang ups and issues there.
  9. Elastigirl

    Yrsadur is gonna kick some ass!

    Congrats on getting a car! And woot for eating out and sticking with your diet- that is hard.
  10. Grumble

    Adam’s First Challenge

    It's like mentioning rings casts some sort of assassin summoning spell.
  11. Grumble

    Silent Falcon's First Challenge

    Having played this game, this sounds like something I would say as a justification in the past. Monday is fair game. However, you specified chocolate as the dessert of choice. If limiting yourself to a single dessert type is going to be unfeasible, then change the parameters of the challenge. Also, (and this hurts my extra sweet soul), maybe eat half the cupcake and split it with someone else? Don't go extra hard on Thursday, just go. Nobody makes every workout every time. You can try going always move your week to the right by a day, so wed, fri, sun, or wed, thurs, sat. or just do thurs and sat. A program is not gospel, you shall not be smote should you lose a day. This is more a mental thing than anything else, but change the vocabulary. It's less of a setback and more of a lesson learned. So you take these lessons and apply this new found knowledge to the next step. You've got this.
  12. Guzzi

    squeakyvalkyrie seeks adventure

    It sure will. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, second only to fat which has 9 kcal/g. When you think that sugar only has 4 kcal/g then it becomes clear why alcohol has such an impact on weight, and cocktails often have sugar in them too in the form of fruit juice. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the sugar in fruit juice is ok because it’s fructose either. Fructose is actually the form of sugar that is really bad for us, it’s just that it’s normally bound up with fibre (when we eat fruit) which slows and reduces how much it is absorbed.
  13. TGP

    WolfDreamer Returns to the People

    well, I think I will make one more attachment to the adventurer guild for personal inspiration. you sir are quite the adventurer! I remember looking at the movenat movement last year; really interesting ideas. and I felt inspired by the concept of looking to nature for athletic challenges. I'm not sure I'm ready to so completely shatter HOW I interact with nature. but I love the philosophy! we are far too divorced from the functional fitness of being able to do things in a natural setting. so I'll follow you around some to see how this philosophy holds together.
  14. Moros

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    I agree with anyone else - watching the video, you are 95% there. You are clearly not struggling to hold the weight - it's just the exact balance point you are looking for. You will get it soon!
  15. Interesting take. I get bored just sitting with my food. Bit of a screen addict, I guess. I certainly eat dinners without screens, but breakfast is not that exciting - oats and blueberries. I mean, it's nice, it's just not exciting enough to want to focus on exclusively for ten minutes day after day. I generally pick the same portion every time, so I guess that's one element under control. And when I get a big salad at the place on the way home from the gym, looking at my phone makes me feel less anxious about being out in public. Screens are a bit like a numbing medication, it seems. I think I still enjoy the salad. Certainly, I notice it and put the fork down between bites. Oh, I might go back to it and take a look at the end, then. I'll just skip all the feels.
  16. GoodDoug

    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    I know when I was trying to get my pull-ups I found that I had to go hard for a while and then give it a rest, after a couple days rest, do a test to see how many you can do. When I did that, I would find I had made a breakthrough. Push-ups I could just keep going but pull-ups required that rest to make real progress.
  17. RedStone

    JessFit goes full warrior

    I have a swim suit like this lol but I had to swap the bikini top for a better fit. LOVE all the digs!!!
  18. Elastigirl

    Back to Basics

    I think they just made up that holiday as an excuse to use squirt guns! You get so much done in your workouts, I'm impressed
  19. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Welcome aboard! I think so too - though I guess it's up to each person what the right balance is, but feeling a sense of community and personal connection is definitely important to me and I'll make sure all my future work choices reflect that (I am playing around with the idea of getting certified to teach junior high or high school once I've saved enough that I'd be financially comfortable even with the lower salary that would entail, but that's one of many options with teaching dance near full-time, being a private tutor, and teaching part-time at local colleges also in the mix). Iiiiiinteresting. I actually feel a pretty strong sense of faith, or at least spirituality, and I've found a subsegment of the Catholic rituals (Ignatian / Jesuit spirituality) that overall really resonates with me. I haven't implemented a ton of ritualistic practices from there, but when I do I notice that ritual is a great way to ground myself. But I think what I've noticed, is I haven't consistently associated the rituals of my faith (daily prayer, weekly mass) with refiling my reserves of hope and faith, and as a result I've let them languish because they feel like just another obligation. So this is sort of a renewal of that more fully realized approach - making sure that I make these rituals a part of my life and that my heart is in them (and my mind cleared enough for them) that I can really get the benefit. I also just found* a blog / community / ministry specifically focused on LGBT Catholics written by two gay millennial Catholics like myself, so that's been reaffirming for my faith as well - just knowing there are others like me struggling with the same issues I struggle with is reaffirming to know I'm not alone in my journey. *Or, more precisely, a priest I follow on Facebook posted a link. Same as SF - I'm still very much a work in progress here, but I think it'll be really helpful for my ability to roll with the punches in the future. Quick drive-by update: Hope and water are going well, sleep rituals have gone off the rails. I'm going to make a concerted effort to get that in check starting today by putting the phone in its spot and not letting it move from there once I'm home from practice for the night. But we can turn this around!
  20. Manarelle

    UnquietBones does favors for TomorrowSelf!

    I love all of this. Several years ago, a therapist asked me what it would look like if I treated myself with the same respect I give to others. This is like a beautiful example of that loveliness.
  21. WhiteGhost

    Adam’s First Challenge

    Welcome to the rebellion! How long have you been working with rings? I am thinking about getting some, but haven't pulled the trigger on them yet.
  22. Harriet

    JessFit goes full warrior

    Excellent! Dates are awkward because people are awkward, and on dates there are two people, so it's double the awkwardness. That's my explanation, anyway.
  23. doctorake

    Yrsadur is gonna kick some ass!

    SWEET! I always like Peugeots and wish we could get them here ins the USA.
  24. WhiteGhost

    StillStar starts

    Hey, were the same age Welcome to the rebellion!
  25. RedStone

    RedStone Frees Her Willy

    Totes. And hand lettering conversations with friends has been great. The pages are SUPER weird and I learned calligraphy! (Also since I'm going to the city I might end up at Muji for... reasons...) I love everything about that. So what's in your bujo? What do you tend to use it for? I love seeing what people do! You guys are the best. Love you so <3
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