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  2. traaki

    [traaki] Coming back down.

    I don't even know what week of the challenge this is. Week....3? One so far. I've been so overwhelmed with just getting back into things. But I commit to going for a walk sometime tomorrow. Probably the afternoon. Achieved! I didn't keep my journal on my trip at all, so I'm going back and filling in the missing details. It's...a lot but I'm doing a good job of it. I had at least two days this way (maybe three?) We don't have any more diet soda at home so I'm not going to buy any and that should make next week easy. Did I spend my Saturday night budgeting? SURE DID. This week is actually better than I realized. I was beating myself up about the workouts but if I actually do walk tomorrow, then things aren't looking too terrible. Phew. What a relief. In general I feel a big sense of "ALL THE STUFF I DIDN'T DO ON VACATION OH NOOOOOOO" crashing down on me but I'm trying to just take deep breaths, not panic about how much time I do/don't have, and keep moving.
  3. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Aramis, I'm curious if your kids sprint off(say in a place like a park) , do you dash after them or tell them to stop running(usually done by elderly caretakers)? I know I can definitely dash after the kids, even if I'm no kind of sprinter. And they usually loose steam within about 400m or so. Kids are generally all enthusiasm, not much on control, so it sort of turns into an impromptu speed interval thing. I can say after my nephew was huffing and puffing, I was still breathing normally. Again I run around for shits and giggles so... Also do you need to tell them to slow down in case they over exert? Personally I think I'd just let my kids run if it were a safe area,with me chasing next to them.
  4. aramis

    aramis becomes Bob the Builder

    Week 3, Saturday (Nov. 16th) Building self-esteem: My "Things done good" list: - got out of bed on first alarm, - morning stretching, - took my vitamins, readied some for A., - made coffee for A. in the morning, - went to see therapist (started doing MMPI-2 test) - on my way back home I did some Christmas gift shopping and some got some groceries, - made napa cabbage salad for family, - ran my 5.25K offroad, - cooked my lunch food for next week's work (stewed cabbage and bell pepper with chicken and buckwheat pancakes) - as I was already doing pancakes, I made some for boys' supper, - did the dishes couple times during cooking, - supper for boys (pancakes with strawberry yogurth), - evening routine - bathroom, beds, story reading and accompanying them till they fall asleep, - tracked all food in app. List of skills/abilities: Building bond: Not much time with boys due to morning trip to psych and shopping, and then lots of time spent in the kitchen. But again, 100% in control. No exercising together. Maybe we will catch up on it today. Building quality time Not much. I was busy, and A slept till 3pm (she was after a nightshift) and then took care of boys so I could cook. Building strength Running day. Ran slower than usual, but I wasn't pushing myself at all. Weather was fine. The result - nice and relaxing run.
  5. Chris Tarly

    Brogo tackles NaNoWriMo, wins, and doesn't die.

    Word Count: 29284 / 50000 I finally got some decent writing in today. Yes. Momentum is key. I hit my mid-week slump and had a helluva time getting going again. Then I had to rally and push myself past my daily goal word count... then got confused because I didn't pass it until midnight and the counter reset. I think managed, so whatever. I've lost my big fluffy word buffer that I had at the beginning. I'll have to keep pushing daily to hit these goals so I don't wind up with a giant backlog and have to use all my T-day weekend break to catch up. I also changed up my writing space. Before I was writing on my couch, very slouchy, and probably terrible for my back and neck. The alternative was to sit at my desk. The downside is that I had an old wooden kitchen chair that was not very comfortable to spend a lot of time sitting on. Today, I went to goodwill and bought a desk chair for $10. It provides the best of both worlds: padding for my ass, and decent lumbar support. Plus, it came with free cat hair... because nobody even tried... $10 woohoo. Not dying: Of course, within an hour of getting the chair situated, I magically tweaked my neck/shoulder muscle... probably because it actually has to work again. After goodwill, I went to the grocery store. I bought English muffins, cheese slices, turkey breakfast sausage, and eggs. I'll be prepping some breakfast sandwiches tomorrow to help my mornings go a little faster. So still dying, but death is not imminent.
  6. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Losing shoes in mud is common OCR problem. This is the reason people often strap the shoe to the foot with silver duct tape (it works, but the idea is debatable solution because loss of traction on mid-foot area) and some trial/ocr shoes have additional pair of shoelace holes closer to ankle, to hold more firmly and prevent this issue.
  7. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Nov. 16th Running 5.25km, 30min 11sec - 5.75 min/km pace Slower again, but still within 6min pace range. I think it's because as soon as I went form "Who took all the air away" state I get at the beginning to "I can do this" mode, I stayed in this comfortable area and didn't push myself. Even long uphills were less tiring (maybe because I wasn't using as much energy overall by running slower). The weather now is funny - one day is 4-5C with wind and rain, and another sunny 15-16. Bit tricky to adapt to. I got lucky - yesterday was warm and wind wasn't too strong. All in all - I got nice and relaxing run. Food: 2610kcal, 164g protein
  8. Today
  9. sarakingdom

    Sara Kingdom's All's Fallow Eve Challenge

    Man, this weekend. This is definitely a bit of "the spirit is willing, the flesh and maybe some other stuff is weak". My sleep debt is around 19 hours, but should be coming down. Bits of me ache in a minor way. Not a sick way, just a weary sort of way. (Except my hands, they're really achy. WTF.) I don't really have a headache, but maybe a tiny bit of pressure in the head. I can't think straight, though, and mostly want to do nothing. Like, I'm not even really thinking enough to make simple lists. I think I'm basically eating enough this week. It's hard to tell, given how much I want to do nothing; maybe I'm simply eating enough to max out my capacity for spending time making food. I'm trying to figure out what to fix with all this, and it's kind of a mystery. I have food on the way. That'll probably bring me up to a day's food. I'm planning a hot bath and sleep. Some hydration couldn't hurt; maybe a pot of coffee. Some meditation wouldn't be a bad choice. But I have work I need to do tomorrow, and this brain fog is not awesome, and nor do I have great faith in sleeping it off.
  10. fleaball

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    Also! Christmas shit has been everywhere for two weeks now, and I fucking hate Christmas. So that's not helping my mood at all either. Yay.
  11. Mortimer

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Breakfast today: One five spiced chicken zucchini boat 1.6 cups almond milk with cinnamon Then I ran about 20.8 km with a slight mishap. I ran off road, on a grassy field deliberately just to see how it felt like. Was trying to do a ditch crossing, and didn't expect the grass wasn't hard enough to support me so I sank into a muddy puddle. I pulled my foot out, leaving my shoe behind, then stuck my hand in to pull out my shoe. Then continued running. Broke the run up as after I got soaked, I ran to the nearest train station to wash up a bit and inspect if I got any grazes during the fall. Turns out no, only problem is my shoes and socks are a soggy mess. So kept running back home clocking almost full 21k. Still ran into knee problems at around 18 ish k, I tried deep squatting at traffic lights, it elevates the problem for maybe 500m or so? Also tried butt kicks and hip stretches but doesn't seem to really make it not come. Post run snack : 1 apple 125g blue berries 3 century quail eggs Lunch: 250g French beans 200g smoked salmon 1 eggplant 1 tomato 500g turnip
  12. Grats on the pistol squat! I'm no where close lol.
  13. WhiteGhost

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    I would totally subscribe to that PPV
  14. sarakingdom

    Mistr gets creative

    Sometimes I just need to let the demo flow over me, and then tell my partner I just need to go through it slowly once or twice to feel how it goes.
  15. Jupiter

    Fitnessgurl Returns

    I'm sorry your family member has been sick. Hope they are feeling better. Good luck this week!
  16. fitnessgurl

    The Rangers have Choices [Mini-Challenge]

    Tanked week 3.
  17. fitnessgurl

    Zaethe: Shieldmaiden's Saga [Ch.01]

  18. theRanDMC

    A New Capmaign Has Started

    Thanks for the guidance. I think on a lot of stuff I need to work throu progressions to make them more difficult. I've never been good at pushups and I've always used my height as an excuse for that. I'm going to get better at them and be a stronger, healthier person for it.
  19. fitnessgurl

    Monkey Tamers United

    @Akari You ok? @Xyndjrn How are you doing?
  20. fitnessgurl

    Fitnessgurl Returns

    Further accomplishments this week were derailed by a sick family member; but I'm coming back to CRUSH week 4!
  21. fitnessgurl

    A Sort Of Respawn

    So I tanked the rest of this week. It's unfortunate...but it happens. Being a full-time caregiver to my mom is both physically & mentally draining (mostly mental at this point as she is fairly independent from a physical standpoint)(she has dementia). Anyway, she was sick so it consumed all of my time. This evening I literally crashed. I slept for 2 hours straight. Now I feel great & am ready to pick up my sword & shield & CRUSH week 4.
  22. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet: Now What??

    It has been a crazy week and I haven't been at my greatest. I let work get the better of me; I didn't do much overtime but I did do a lot of late shifts, which really threw me off my groove. Good bits: Got a bunch of Christmas shopping done Smuggled a bunch of craft supplies into work so I can make Husband's gift on the down-low Set up a great budgeting spreadsheet Got my wedding photos back and didn't hate most of them Had a fun time house-hunting yesterday Had a falcon visit our backyard, it's not really relevant to my goals but it was cool Bad bits: Sooo exhausted, no exercise happened all week Ate way too much sugar and feeling a bit icky as a result Woke up at 4am for no reason and couldn't get back to sleep, kinda ruined Friday Never checked in with the forum to get myself the boost I needed So I've been in a bit of a slump but every Monday is a fresh start!
  23. fitnessgurl

    Cultivating Gratitude

  24. fitnessgurl

    Starting 2020 Strong

    @Magdalena Ravenclaw Have you looked into Pilates? I love it! Since you're interested in calisthenics, you may like this as well.
  25. WhiteGhost

    zenLara's journey

    I don't think the claws develop until the 3rd trimester. Hopefully the feels are related to the hormones and that as you progress you will get back to normal
  26. fitnessgurl

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    Hahaha! No. My objective was achieved with your laugh react (although I do think your cooking ideas are fab). Hang in there. Doing the next thing is sometimes the best that you can do. Being a full-time caregiver, I totally get this. I have been derailed this week first by my being sick & then taking care of my mom who also got sick. You do what you can with the energy that you have. You do what you can & sometimes that means one minute at a time. It's ok. Count the small wins...because in the end, they're really not that small if you're in a state of exhaustion.
  27. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Enough: The Protector Rises

    Friend, it's TERRIBLE advice. There is no should in feelings. It's never wrong to feel something. Emotions are not sins. Being is not a sin. Sins are things we do, not things we feel or things we are. The problem is not that you feel the wrong things, its that you think there is a right way and a wrong way to feel. With emotion there is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong. They simply are. Your feelings are always valid, even when they are based on a misconception of what's happening. The first thing that's going to help you is to stop fighting your emotions and give yourself the grace and permission to feel them. The piece of the puzzle is to change the last part to "Whew, okay, what I'm feeling is ______, and that's ok." Stop there. The problem is not the first blank, you're hurting yourself by adding every thing after the first comma. There is no answer to feelings, there is only validation of them. Of course you felt afraid and helpless. It's completely normal to feel that. Your feelings are valid. You're not wrong or bad for not knowing this. It's normal to need to hear it. Sky is a good friend of mine, please don't talk to her that way. You would never do that to anyone else, it's not ok to do it to yourself. Your anger is valid. It's a normal reaction to feeling like you don't have enough money. It's also not wrong to want things. Some things we want we can have, and some things we want we can't have. Wanting them is not the problem. It's what we do when we can't have what we want right away that counts. You have done nothing wrong here. You're not wrong or bad for not knowing this. It's normal to need to hear it. You have had trouble reaching deadlines in the past, it's perfectly normal to be concerned about that now. Beating yourself up for feeling nervous is going to hurt you more than help you. You can channel that anxiety into action, but only if you give yourself permission to feel the anxiety in the first place. You're not wrong or bad for not knowing this. It's normal to need to hear it. Being single when you want to be in a relationship SUUCCKKKKS! Trust me, I know. That negative self talk in quotes is only making it worse. When I was in my BSP (Bitter Single Person) days, there was only one thing that people could say that would actually help. It was "That stinks." For goodness sake, it's NATURAL to want children (And for those reading who feel differently, it's also NATURAL not to want them too). You're not wrong or bad for not knowing this. It's normal to need to hear it.
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